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16535 Eest Main Street 
Rocheater, New York 14809 


Compilation © 1993 University Publications of America. 
All rights reserved. 

C1 Edison fapers 



Thomas E. Jeffrey 
Microfilm Editor 

Gregory Field Mary Ann Hellrigel 
Theresa M. Collins Paul B. Israel 
David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg 
Lisa Gitelman Karen A, Detig 
Leonard DeGraaf Gregory Jankunis 
Dennis D. Madden Douglas G. Tarr 
Reese V. Jenkins 

Director and Editor 

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site 
New Jersey Historical Commission 
Smithsonian Institution 

University Publications of America 
Bethesda, Maryland 

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company. 


Thomas A. Edison Papers 
Rutgers, The State University 
endorsed by 
National Historical Publications and Records Commission 
18 June 1981 

Copyright © 1993 by Rutgers, The State University 
All rights reserved. No part of this publication including any portion of the guide and index or of the microfilm may 
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systems—without written permission of Rutgers, The State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

The original documents in this edition are from the archives at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, 
New Jersey. 

ISBN 0-89093-702-8. 



Reese V. Jenkins 
Director and Editor 

Thomas E. Jeffrey 
Associate Director and Microfilm Editor 

Robert A. Rosenberg 
Managing Editor, Book Edition 

Helen Endick 
Assistant Director for Administration 

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Gregory Field 
Research Associates Lisa Gitelman 
Theresa M. Collins Martha J. King 
David W. Hutchings 
Karen A. Detig Secretary 
Grace Kurkowski 
Intern Student Assistant 

Gregory Jankunis Bethany Jankunis 




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New Jersey ‘ John Maounis 
Francis L, Lawrence Maryanne Gerbauckas 
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Rudolph M. Bell Smithsonian Institution 
New Jersey Historical Commission Bernard Finn 
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James Brittain, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Harvard University 
Neil Harris, University of Chicago 
Thomas Parke Hughes, University of Pennsylvania 
Arthur Link, Princeton University 
Nathan Reingold, Smithsonian Institution 
Robert E. Schofield, Iowa State University 


William C. Hittinger (Chairman), RCA Corporation 
Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey * 
Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation 
Paul J. Christiansen, Charles Edison Fund 
Philip F. Dietz, Westinghouse Electric Corporation 
Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation 
Harold W. Sonn, Public Service Electric and Gas Company 
Morris Tanenbaum, AT&T 



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A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 
available. Every technical 
effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 

Sei Pap arecy treeerseniceutet 





Reel duplication of the whole or of. -. 

any part of this film is prohibited, - : 

In lieu of transcripts, however, 

enlarged photocopies of selected : oe 
items contained on these reels 

_may be made in order to facilitate os : 



The forty volumes in this set contain tissue copies of Edison’s 
correspondence for the period February 1887-August 1899. Although there are 
occasional letters in Edison’s hand, most of Edison’s manuscript 
correspondence is in the hand of Alfred O. Tate, John F. Randolph, or 
Thomas Maguire, acting as his secretary. Similarly, the retained copies of 
Edison’s typewritten letters are frequently signed or initialed by one of his 

Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of Edison’s 
improved phonograph and to legal and financial dealings among the various 
phonograph companies. In addition, there are numerous documents pertaining 
to mining and ore milling and to the operations of Edison’s plant in Ogden, 
N.J. Included also are letters, many addressed to the Edison Machine Works 
and the Edison General Electric Co., regarding Edison’s work on improved 
filaments, meters, and other components of his electric lighting system. Some 
of the documents relate to the business of the Edison Manufacturing Co. and 
to the production and promotion of the Edison-Lalande battery. Other letters 
deal with Edison’s phonoplex system of telegraphy, electric traction systems, 
the mimeograph, and motion pictures. There are many letters addressed to the 
law firm of Dyer & Seely and to Edison’s personal lawyer, Sherburne B. Eaton, 
concerning patent applications, interferences and infringements, and various 
other legal concerns. In addition to the business correspondence, there are 
numerous letters relating to Edison’s personal finances and to family affairs. 

Although the books tend to progress in chronological order, a few books 
contain letters for two discrete time periods. For example, LB-025 covers the 
periods June 1887-January 1888 and August-November 1888. Some of the 
books overlap in their coverage. LB-053, for example, contains letters for a 
two-year period also covered by five other letterbooks. There are no 
letterbooks covering the period June 17, 1892-February 3, 1893. 

Approximately 30 percent of the letters have been filmed. All substantive 
letters pertaining to Edison’s business operations and to his personal affairs 
have been filmed. The following categories of documents have not been filmed: 
routine letters of transmittal or acknowledgement; non-substantive 
correspondence concerning the ordering and shipment of materials; letters 
about routine financial transactions; routine or repetitive responses to letters 
from individuals seeking employment, requesting advice, and offering advice; 

responses to other unsolicited correspondence. In addition, the index at the 
beginning of each book has not been filmed. 

Also not filmed are most letters relating to the phonoplex system, an 
operation in which Edison was only tangentially involved. Most of the 
phonoplex items on the microfilm pertain to operations on the Pennsylvania 
Railroad. For a discussion of the case-study approach used in the selection of 
these documents, see the targets preceding the various "Telegraph - Phonoplex" 
folders in the Document File. 

Although every technical effort has been made to ensure the legibility 
of the documents on the microfilm, most of the books contain some pages that 
are very difficult to read. In LB-029 and LB-030, for example, there are 
numerous letters that are partially or entirely unreadable because of spreading 
or smearing ink. Many of the pages in LB-059 and in subsequent books were 
written in very faint green ink. In addition, there are occasional pages that are 
wrinkled or torn. Letters presenting severe legibility problems have not been 

Copies of outgoing correspondence can also be found in the Document 
File in folders such as "Edison, T.A. - Outgoing Correspondence" and "Edison, 
T.A. - Employment - Outgoing Correspondence." Letters similar to those in 
the General Letterbooks appear in some of the letterbooks in the Company 
Records Series. See, especially, LM-025, Edison Phonoplex System Records; 
LM-245 and LM-247, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works 
Records; LM-306, Edison Manufacturing Co. Records. 

Letterbook, LB-024 

This letterbook covers the period February-June 1887. Many of the letters are by Edison. There is also 
correspondence by Alfred O. Tate, Samuel Insull, and John F, Randolph. Most of Edison’s correspondence 
is in the hand of Tate or Randolph, acting as his secretary. The correspondence relates primarily to Edison’s 
personal dealings. Included are letters concerning the construction and furnishing of Glenmont, Edison’s home 
in Llewellyn Park, and the disposition of Edison's dividend and royalty proceeds to various financial 
institutions, Other letters pertain to Edison’s payments to family members, including a weekly allowance paid 
to Margaret Stilwell, mother of Mary Stilwell Edison. There is also correspondence regarding Edison’s 
objections to unauthorized use of his name for product endorsements. Other material relates to illuminating 
company stock transactions, equipment purchases for the West Orange laboratory, and an agreement between 
Edison and the A.B. Dick Company concerning the autographic press. There are also responses to inquiries 
about the phonograph and about the Edison Ore Milling Company, Ltd. 

Letterbook, LB-025 

This letterbook covers the periods June 1887-January 1888 and August-November 1888. Many of the letters 
are by Edison. There is also correspondence by Alfred O, Tate and John F. Randolph. Included are letters 
relating to phonograph patent applications in the United Kingdom, electric light patents in France and 
Germany, and the marketing of the electric light in Asia. Other letters pertain to the ore separator and to the 
Edison phonoplex system. Included also are Ietters to Samuel Insull about the proper manner of representing 
Edison as a surrogate and correspondence with A. B. Dick regarding an electric pen agreement. 

Letterbook, LB-026 

This letterbook covers the period August 1887-November 1888. Many of the letters are by Edison. There is 
also correspondence by Charles Batchelor, Alfred O. Tate, and John F. Randolph. Included are letters relating 
to ore separator patents in the United Kingdom, phonoplex sales in the United States and the United 
Kingdom, proposed central stations in Japan and Korea, and the international search for sources of bamboo 
for electric light filaments, Other letters pertain to Glenmont and to the construction of the West Orange 
laboratory. Some materialconcerns the finances and operationsof the West Orange laboratory and the various 
Edison companies. 

Letterbook, LB-027 

This letterbook covers the period November 1888-January 1889, Most of the correspondence is by Edison and 
Alfred O. Tate. The letters relate primarily to the phonograph and the talking doll. Other material pertains 
to the construction and furnishing of the West Orange laboratory; the Edison phonoplex system; and the recall 
of Edison’s agent, Osgood S, Wiley, from the United Kingdom. Some letters deal with phonograph company 
stock transactions and with Edison’s financial assistance to his brother, William Pitt. There is also a list of 
Edison Lamp Company stockholders. 

Letterbook, LB-028 

This letterbook covers the period January-April 1889, Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred 
O. Tate. Many of the letters relate to the marketing of the phonograph in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. 
Other material pertains to the production of the perfected phonograph at West Orange, the marketing of the 
talking doll, the establishment of central stations in the United Kingdom and Germany, the Edison phonoplex 
system, and the Edison exhibit at the 1889 Paris Exposition. There are also letters concerning Edison’s efforts 
to obtain British patents for his ore separator and to acquire manufacturing rights to the Lalande battery. 

Letterbook, LB-029 

This letterbook covers the period April-May 1889. There is also one letter from June 1888. Most of the 
correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters pertain to the manufacture and 
marketing of the phonograph and talking doll, Edison’s relations with the Edison Phonograph Toy 
Manufacturing Co., and his suit against Ezra T. Gilliland and John Tomlinson. Other correspondence relates 
to mining and ore milling, the phonoplex system, and the Edison exhibit at the Paris Exposition. There are 
also letters concerning the purchase of equipment and supplies for the West Orange laboratory and the 
exchange of financial notes between Edison and his various companies. 

Letterbook, LB-030 

This letterbook covers the period May-June 1889. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O, 
Tate. Many of the Ietters relate to the manufacture of the phonograph and talking doll and to the formation 
of phonograph sales agencies in the United States and abroad. Included are instructions for operating the 
phonograph and its battery and a draft agreement between Edison and the Edison Phonograph Toy 
Manufacturing Co. There are also letters pertaining to Edison's personal and financial affairs, including the 
purchase of property for his companies and the maintenance of his home and grounds at Fort Myers, Florida. 
Other documents deal with Edison’s phonoplex system and his exhibit at the Paris Exposition. 

Letterbook, LB-031 

This letterbook covers the period June-August 1889. Most of the correspondence is by Edison, Alfred O. Tate, 
and Samuel Insull. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture of the phonograph and talking doll and to 
the promotion of the phonograph in Europe and Asia. There is also correspondence dealing with the 
operations of the Edison Phonograph Works and with production problems at the Edison Lamp Co. Other 
letters pertain to mining and ore milling, Edison’s phonoplex system, and his exhibit at the Paris Exposition. 
Some of the documents concern Edison’s experimental work on electric lighting and the purchase of property 
in Silver Lake, N.J. Of particular interest are two long letters from Insull to Tate, which were written while 
Tate was in Europe. 

Letterbook, LB-032 

This letterbook covers the period August-October 1889, Most of the correspondence is by Charles Batchelor, 
Thomas Maguire, John F. Randolph, and Alfred O. Tate. A few of the letters are by Edison. Many of the 
letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll and to music recordings 
made at the West Orange laboratory. Other letters pertain to mining and ore milling and to Edison's 
phonoplex system. Some of the correspondence deals with the acquisition of property at Silver Lake, N. J. for 
the Edison Manufacturing Co. There are also letters to the firm of Dyer & Seely regarding patents on 
dynamos and other inventions. 

Letterbook LB-033 

This letterbook covers the period October-November 1889. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and 
Alfred O. Tate. Included are letters relating to Edison's exhibit at the Paris Exposition and to the development 
of a new battery for usc with his phonoplex system. Some of the correspondence deals with the operations of 
the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co. and the presentation of phonographs to Mexican President 
Porfirio Diaz and other foreign dignitaries, Other letters pertain to the erection of buildings for the Edison 
Manufacturing Co. at Silver Lake, N.J. There are also letters to the firm of Dyer & Seely regarding 
phonograph and electric light patents for Europe, Latin America, and Australia, Also included is 
correspondence concerning Edison’s stock transfers, his philanthropic contributions, and other financial 

Letterbook, LB-034 

This letterbook covers the period November-December 1889. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and 
Alfred O. Tate. The letters relate primarily to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking 
doll. There are also several items dealing with the technical and commercial development of the Edison- 
Lalande battery. Other documents pertain to mining and ore milling, mimeograph royalties, and the phonoplex 
system. Included also are letters to the firm of Dyer & Seely regarding electric light patents and other patent 
matters and correspondence about Edison exhibits at expositions in the United States and in Europe. 

Letterbook, LB-035 

This letterbook covers the period December 1889-January 1890, Most of the correspondence is by Edison and 
Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking 
doll. There is also correspondence regarding ore milling, the purchase of mining properties, the mimeograph, 
and the phonoplex system. Several of the letters pertain to the use of batteries with the phonograph and 
phonoplex. Some of the documents deal with the payment of Edison’s taxes and other personal and financial 
matters. Included also are letters to the firm of Dyer & Seely about foreign and domestic patents. 

Letterbook, LB-036 

This letterbook covers the period January 1890. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. 
Included are letters relating to the manufacture of the phonograph and talking doll and the marketing of 
phonographs in Japan and China. There is also correspondence regarding electric lighting, ore milling, and 
the purchase of mining properties. Other letters pertain to Edison’s receipt of the Volta Medal and to the fire 
that destroyed the first Pear] Strect central station. A list of stockholders of the Edison Phonograph Works 
appears on page 47, 

Letterbook, LB-037 

This letterbook covers the period January-February 1890. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred 
O. Tate. Many of the documents relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. 
Included are letters about the coin-operated phonograph, a set of directions for using the Edison water-motor 
phonograph, and a phonograph test report. There is also correspondence pertaining to ore milling and the 
purchase of mining properties. Other letters concern Edison’s personal and business finances and his trip to 
North Carolina, In addition, there is a 3-page letter containing a subject-classification list for the filing of 
Edison’s incoming correspondence. 

Letterbook, LB-038 

This letterbook covers the period February-March 1890. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is 
also correspondence by Edison, Charles Batchelor, and John F. Randolph. Many of the letters relate to the 
manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. Included are letters about the coin-operated 
phonograph, the operationsof the Edison Phonograph Works and the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing 
Co., the demonstration of the phonograph in Russia, and the presentation of phonographs to William II, 
Emperor of Germany, and other foreign dignitaries. Other letters pertain to electric lighting, the phonoplex 
system, mining, and ore milling. There are also several long letters written to Edison while he was inspecting 
mines near Charlotte, North Carolina. Beginning on page 330 is a four-page list of experimentalaccounts from 
January to March 1890, 


Letterbook, LB-039 

This letterbook covers the period March-April 1890, Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also 
correspondence by Edison and Charles Batchelor. Many of the documents relate to the manufacture and 
marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. Included are letters about the coin-operated phonograph, the 
operations of the recently organized Edison United Phonograph Co., and a plan to record the voice of British 
Prime Minister William E. Gladstone, Other letters concern the phonoplex system, mining and ore milling, 
electric lighting, and the Edison-Lalande battery. Some of the letters pertain to the stock transactions of the 
various phonograph and electric light companies. Included also are letters to the firm of Dyer & Seely 
regarding patent applications and other patent matters. 

Letterbook, LB-040 

This letterbook covers the period April-May 1890. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also 
correspondence by Edison and John F, Randolph. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing 
of the phonograph and talking doll. Some of the correspondence concerns the promotion of the phonograph 
in Europe, Asia, and South America and the establishmentof a company to sell talking dolls in Europe. Other 
letters pertain to mining and ore milling, electric lighting, and the Edison-Lalande battery. There is also 
correspondence about the 1890 Women’s Exhibition in New York and the payment of the experimental 
accounts of the West Orange laboratory. Beginning on page 188 is a seven-page memorandum about 
experiments conducted at the laboratory for various Edison companies, 

Letterbook, LB-041 

This letterbook covers the period May-June 1890. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. 
Tate, Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. Other 
letters pertain to mining and ore milling, electric lighting, the phonoplex system, the Edison-Lalande battery, 
and electric traction systems. Included also are letters to various Edison companies regarding bills for 
experiments conducted at the West Orange laboratory. There is some material relating to Edison's personal 
finances, including a list of bonds bought through Drexel, Morgan, & Co. 

Letterbook, LB-042 

This letterbook covers the period June-July 1890. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. 
Tate. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. 
Included are letters about the water-motor phonograph, the promotion of the phonograph in Europe, China, 
Japan, and Mexico, and the exhibition of the talking doll at the Minneapolis Industrial Exposition. Other 
letters pertain to electric lighting, mining and ore milling, and electric traction systems, 

Letterbook, LB-043 

This letterbook covers the period July-September 1890. Most of the letters are by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. 
The correspondence relates primarily to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. 
Included are letters pertaining to the operations of the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co., the 
production of phonograph batteries and cabinets, leasing arrangements and royalty payments, and production 
problems with the coin-operated phonograph. Other letters deal with mining and ore milling in Canada and 
at Ogden, N.J.; electric lighting; the mimeograph; the Sims-Edison torpedo; and the Edison-Lalandc battery. 

Letterbook, LB-044 

This letterbook covers the period September-October 1890. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and 
Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking 
doll. Included are numerous letters pertaining to the business of the Edison Phonograph Works, the Edison 
Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co., the Edison United Phonograph Co., and the Automatic Phonograph 

Exhibition Co. There are also documents relating to mining and ore milling, the design of an alternating 
current multipolar dynamo, a new motor for use on electric railways, and the presentation of phonographs to 
European heads of state. Beginning on page 247 is a four-page memorandum regarding the status of 
approximately one hundred Edison patents. 

Letterbook, LB-045 

This letterbook covers the period October-December 1890. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and 
Alfred O, Tate. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking 
doll. Included are numerous letters pertaining to the business of the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing 
Co, and to Edison’s unsuccessful attempt to gain control of that company. There are also many letters 
concerning the affairs of the Edison Phonograph Works and the Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co, In 
addition, there are documents relating to mining and ore milling, mimeograph sales, electric lighting, and 
electric traction systems. Other letters deal with the formation of the Edison Industrial Works and the Swedish 
Edison Company. There are a few letters about Edison's family and his personal affairs, including the terminal 
illness of his brother, William Pitt, and his efforts to rent or sell the laboratory and grounds at Menlo Park. 
Beginning on page 81 is a three-page list of experiments billed against the Edison General Electric Co. for 
the period January-September 1890. 

Letterbook, LB-046 

This letterbook covers the period December 1890-January 1891. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. 
There is also correspondence by Edison, Thomas Maguire, and John F, Randolph. Many of the letters relate 
to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. Included are numerous letters 
pertaining to the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co. and to Edison’s efforts to liquidate that 
company. There is also material concerning the Edison Phonograph Works, the North American Phonograph 
Co., and the Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co. A few letters deal with problems in the production of 
musical records and with Edison’s decision to close the laboratory's music room and discharge its staff. There 
are also documents relating to mining and ore milling and to electric lighting. There are some letters about 
Edison’s family, particularly his father, Samuel, and his brother, William Pitt, who died of cancer in January, 
1891. Other correspondence deals with Edison’s personal finances, including his stockholdings in the Edison 
General Electric Co. and in several railroad companies; his financial relations with George E. Gouraud and 
Jesse Lippincott; and his investment in the magazine, Phonogram. 

Letterbook, LB-047 

This letterbook covers the period January-February 1891. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is 
also correspondence by Edison, John F. Randolph, Charles J. Reed, and E, W. Thomas. Many of the letters 
relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and to legal and financial dealings among the 
various phonograph companies. Some of the legal correspondence concerns the suit brought against Edison 
and the Edison Phonograph Works by the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co. Other letters relate 
to mining and ore milling, electric lighting, electric traction systems, and the Sims-Edison torpedo. There are 
also documents pertaining to experiments conducted at the West Orange laboratory for Edison-affiliated 
companies, including the Edison General Electric Co. and the North American Phonograph Co. Some of the 
letters pertain to patent matters and to Edison’s personal finances; several refer to his trip to Schenectady, 
N.Y. to conduct experiments at the Edison Machine Works. There are also letters about Edison’s family, 
including the death and funeral of his brother, William Pitt, and his efforts to secure a job for his cousin, 
Annie K. Doak. 

Letterbook, LB-048 

This letterbook covers the period February-April 1891. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also 
correspondence by Edison, Thomas Maguire, and John F. Randolph, Many of the letters relate to the 
manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and to legal and financial dealings among the various 
phonograph companies. Some of the legal correspondence concerns the suit brought against Edison and the 
Edison Phonograph Works by the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co. Other letters relate to foreign 
patents, improvements in the incandescent lamp, mining and ore milling, and electric traction systems, There 
are also letters dealing with Edison’s personal finances, including his investment in the local illuminating 
company at Sunbury, Pennsylvania; his financial relations with Jesse Lippincott and Harry M. Livor; and his 
transfer of ownership of the Edison home at Glenmont to his wife, Mina. There are several letters pertaining 
to billing arrangements for experiments conducted at the West Orange laboratory for the Edison General 
Electric Co. There is also correspondence regarding alterations and improvements in the laboratory. 

Letterbook, LB-049 

This letterbook covers the period April-June 1891. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also 
correspondence by Edison, Thomas Maguire, John F. Randolph, and E.W. Thomas. Many of the letters relate 
to Edison's work on an improved phonograph and to legal and financial dealings among the various 
phonograph companies, Some of the legal correspondence concerns the litigation involving Edison, the Edison 
Phonograph Works, and the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co. In addition, there are numerous 
letters pertaining to the business of the New Jersey & Pennsylvania Concentrating Works, including the leasing 
of mining properties and Edison's investments in that company. Included also are documents concerning the 
company's relations with the Edison Phonograph Works, which supplied it with ore-milling machinery and 
equipment. There is also correspondence relating to the Edison Manufacturing Co. at Silver Lake, N.J. and 
to the manufacture and marketing of the improved Edison-Lalande primary battery. Other letters deal with 
electric lighting and with the establishment of billing procedures for experimental work done at the West 
Orange laboratory for the Edison General Electric Co, 

Letterbook, LB-050 

This letterbook covers the period June-August 1891. Most of the letters are by Alfred O, Tate. There is also 
correspondence by Edison and Thomas Maguire. Many of the letters pertain to the manufacture of 
phonographs and cylinder recordings and to Edison’s relations with the North American Phonograph Co. and 
the Edison United Phonograph Co. There are also numerous letters relating to the business of the New Jersey 
& Pennsylvania Concentrating Works, including the leasing of mining properties and production problems at 
the Ogden ore milling plant. Other correspondence deals with the Edison-Lalande battery and strategies for 
marketing the battery in Europe. There are some documents relating to kinetograph experiments, the Edison 
phonoplex system, electric lighting and power, and the mimeograph. Beginning on page 381 is a letter by 
Edison listing recent improvements in the incandescent lamp. Included also are several letters concerning 
Edison’s personal finances and the investments of his father, Samucl. 

Letterbook, LB-051 

This letterbook covers the period August 1891-February 1892. Most of the letters were written by Alfred O. 
Tate from his office at the Edison Building in New York City. Many are addressed to Thomas Maguire, John 
F. Randolph, and other individuals at the West Orange laboratory. Some of the letters for October-December 
were written to Edison while he was inspecting iron mines in western New Jersey. There are also numerous 
confirmations of telephone messages, written on message forms of the Edison General Electric Co. Many of 
the documents relate to the business of the Edison Manufacturing Co. and to the production and promotion 
of the Edison-Lalande battery. There are also numerous letters pertaining to the manufacture and marketing 
of phonographs and cylinder recordings and to legal and financial dealings among the various phonograph 
companies. Some of the legal correspondence concerns the suit brought against Edison and Edison 
Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co. by D. M. Yeomans. Included also are several letters about the 


me pa es 

pee 7 

phonograph exhibit at the Montreal Electrical Exhibition. Beginning on page 779 is a long letter from Tate 
to Edison regarding their plans to take control of the North American Phonograph Co. and to liquidate the 
business of the local phonograph companies, Other documents relate to electric lighting, the Edison phonoplex 
system, and electric traction systems. There are also many letters regarding the settlement of the estate of 
Frank McGowan and the payment of bills for experiments conducted at the West Orange laboratory. Some 
of the documents concern Edison's personal finances, including the liquidation of his stock in the Edison 
General Electric Co. Related documents for this time period can be found in LB-052 through LB-055. 

Letterbook, LB-052 

This letterbook covers the period August-October 1891. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is 
also correspondence by Edison, Thomas Maguire, and John F. Randolph. Many of the letters relate to the 
manufacture and marketing of phonographs and cylinder recordings and to legal and financial dealings among 
the various phonograph companies. Included also are several letters about the phonograph exhibit at the 
Montreal Electrical Exhibition. Some of the correspondence pertains to mining and ore milling and to 
production problems at the New Jersey & Pennsylvania Concentrating Works. Other documents relate to 
electric lighting, the construction of central stations, production problems at the lamp factory, and the effects 
of electrocution on the human body. There are also documents concerning electric traction systems, including 
two cost estimates prepared for Henry Villard, and a few letters about the kinetograph and the Edison- 
Lalande battery. Some of the letters deal with Edison’s liquidation of his stock in the Edison General Electric 
Co, and other personal financial matters. A few pertain to Mina Miller Edison. Related documents for this 
time period can be found in LB-051. 

Letterbook, LB-053 

This letterbook covers the period October 1891-October 1893, Much of the book consists of interoffice 
correspondence involving Edison; his bookkeeper, John F. Randolph; and his private secretary, Alfred O. Tate. 
The letters deal almost entirely with financial matters, There are many letters concerning the personal finances 
of Edison and Mina Miller Edison, including the liquidation of their holdings in the General Electric Co. and 
the sale and purchase of other stocks and bonds. Some of the letters relate to financial aid provided to family 
members, such as Samuel Edison and Margaret Stilwell. Included also are correspondence and other 
documents concerning the costs of experiments, laboratory and company payrolls, Edison’s account with the 
patent firm of Dyer & Scely, and his property at Menlo Park. There are also many routine letters regarding 
Edison’s financial transactions with the German National Bank. Related documents for this time period can 
be found in LB-051 and in LB-054 through LB-058. 

Letterbook, LB-054 

This letterbook covers the period October-December 1891. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate and 
Thomas Maguire. There is also correspondence by Edison. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and 
marketing of phonographs and cylinder recordings. There is considerable discussion of the packaging of 
cylinders. Other letters deal with the development of wire-insulating compounds for the Edison General 
Electric Co, and the ordering of a motor from that company. Included also are financial statements for the 
Edison Manufacturing Co. and numerous letters, many addressed to the firm of Dyer & Seely, regarding 
domestic and foreign patents. In addition, there are letters concerning mining and ore milling, electric traction 
systems, and the testing of storage batteries at the West Orange laboratory. Appearing on pages 578 and 663 
is a list of Edison's inventions for 1891. Related documents for this time period can be found in LB-051 and 

Letterbook, LB-055 

This letterbook covers the period December 1891-March 1892. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. 
There is also correspondence by Edison and Thomas Maguire. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture 
and marketing of phonographs and cylinder recordings and to legal and financial dealings among the various 
phonograph companies, There are several letters pertaining to Edison's loan of $3,500 to the Automatic 
Phonograph Exhibition Co. Other documents deal with mining and ore milling, electric light and power, and 
the kinetograph. Included also are letters about position openings at the West Orange laboratory and about 
the collection and storage of material at the Menlo Park laboratory. There are numerous letters, many 
addressed to Edison’s attorney, Sherburne B. Eaton, regarding patent infringements and other patent matters. 
Beginning on page 89 is a three-page description of Edison's inventions for 1891. Beginning on page 189 is 
a five-page list of requirements for an electric railroad motor. Related documents for this time period can be 
found in LB-051 and LB-053. 

Letterbook, LB-056 

This letterbook covers the period March-June 1892. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also 
correspondence by Edison and Thomas Maguire. Many of the letters relate to the phonograph and to legal 
and financial dealings among the various phonograph companies, Beginning on page 131 is a two-page letter 
from Edison to George E, Gouraud comparing the phonograph business in the United States and Europe and 
alluding to Edison’s takeover of the North American Phonograph Co. There are also letters referring to the 
formation of the General Electric Co. and to Edison’s sale of his stock in the Edison General Electric Co. 
Other documents deal with mining and ore milling, electric motors, and the kinetoscope. There are numerous 
letters to Edison’s attorney, Sherburne B. Eaton, and to the firm of Dyer & Seely regarding patent 
interferences and other litigation in which Edison was involved, as well as additional patent-related matters, 
Included also are letters pertaining to the development of an underground telegraph cable for the Pennsylvania 
Railroad and to the installation of a sprinkler system at the West Orange laboratory. Related documents for 
this time period can be found in LB-053. 

Letterbook, LB-057 

This letterbook covers the period February-August 1893. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is 
also correspondence by Edison and Thomas Maguire. Many of the letters pertain to the business of the Edison 
Manufacturing Co. and to its relations with the General Electric Co, There is also correspondence dealing with 
the affairs of the various phonograph companies. Other letters relate to the development of the kinetograph 
and to Edison’s exhibit at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Included also are letters concerning 
mining and ore milling, batteries and meters, and the phonoplex system. Related documents for this time 
period can be found in LB-053. 

Letterbook, LB-058 

This letterbook covers the period August 1893-March 1894. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and 
Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters deal with the business of the Edison Manufacturing Co. There are also 
numerous letters relating to the affairs of the Edison Phonograph Works and various other phonograph 
companies. Other letters pertain to mining and ore milling, the kinetograph, the mimeograph, electric traction 
systems, and the phonoplex system. Some of the correspondence concerns Edison’s personal finances and his 
relations with the General Electric Co. There are also letters to and about members of Edison's family. 
Beginning on page 576 is a list of officers and directors of the Edison Electric Light Co. of Europe, the 
Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Co., the Edison Phonograph Works, and the North American Phonograph 
Co. Related documents for this time period can be found in LB-053 and LB-059. 

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Letterbook, LB-059 

This letterbook covers the periods October 1893-July 1894 and December 1896-January 1898, There are also 
a few letters for September 1894-April 1895 and for November-December 1895, as well as draft accounts for 
the period April 1894-April 1896. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and John F. Randolph. The letters 
for 1893-1894 deal primarily with Edison’s finances, including the sale of stocks and bonds; the payment of 
money owed to Edison; and the transfer of his Menlo Park property to his daughter, Marion. There are 
occasional references to the impact of the ongoing depression on Edison's business operations, Included also 
are a few letters relating to Edison’s work on the kinetograph and to the legal affairs of the various 
phonograph companies. Appearing on pages 46-48 are letters by Edison resigning his positions as president 
of the North American Phonograph Co. and vice president of the Edison United Phonograph Co. The 
correspondence for 1896-1898 deals primarily with Edison's technical work. There are numerous letters 
relating to Edison’s mining and ore milling operations in Ogden, N.J. Other letters pertain to x-rays, lamp 
filaments, electric meters, the phonograph, the kinetograph, and the phonoplex. There is also correspondence 
about Edison’s stock holdings, his retainer from the General Electric Co., his financial relations with his 
children, the proposed sale of his Fort Myers property, and other financial matters. Some of the letters relate 
to personal matters, such as the celebration of Edison’s fiftieth birthday by the citizens of Port Huron, 
Michigan, and Edison’s involvement in the serial publication of Edison’s Conquest of Mars, by Garrett P. 
Serviss, Related documents for this time period can be found in LB-058 and LB-060 through LB-063. 

* Letterbook, LB-060 

This letterbook covers the period March-April 1894. Most of the correspondence is by Alfred O. Tate. Some 
of the letters relate to Edison’s work on motion picture technology. Other documents pertain to Edison’s 
phonograph and ore milling businesses. There are also a few items concerning his personal finances and his 
property at Menlo Park. One letter refers to Edison’s patent on an electrolytic decomposition process. Related 
documents for this time period can be found in LB-059. 

Letterbook, LB-061 

This letterbook covers the period April 1894-August 1895. Most of the letters are by Edison. There is also 
correspondence by William E. Gilmore and John F. Randolph. Much of the correspondence relates to 
Edison’s phonograph business, Included are numerous references to Edison’s strained relations with the 
Edison United Phonograph Co. and with the North American Phonograph Co., which went into receivership 
in August 1894, Some of the letters deal with the kinetograph, the commercial introduction of the kinetoscope, 
the production of motion pictures, and the publication of William K. L. Dickson's History of the Kinetoscope 
and Kinetograph. Other correspondence relates to the Edison’s ore milling plant at Ogden, N.J. Included also 
are letters pertaining to the management of Edison’s Menlo Park property, the sale of stocks and bonds, and 
other financial matters. There are occasional allusions to the impact of the ongoing depression on Edison’s 
ore milling operations and other activities and to the mortgaging and closing of the West Orange laboratory. 
Other letters refer to family matters, including the health of Edison’s father, Samuel, and the finances of his 
daughter, Marion. Related documents for this time period can be found in LB-059. 

Letterbook, LB-062 

This letterbook covers the period August 1895-December 1896. Most of the letters are by Edison and John 
F, Randolph. There is also correspondence by William E. Gilmore. Some of the correspondence relates to 
Edison’s phonograph business and the operations of the National Phonograph Co., which was organized early 
in 1896. Other letters concern Edison’s ore milling plant at Ogden, N.J. and the financial problems that led 
him to suspend operations for much of 1896. Included also are letters pertaining to the Llewellyn Park 
electrical system, Edison's work on a new lamp filament, his financial relations with the General Electric Co. 
and the Edison Illuminating Co. of New York, and his views on the future of electricity. In addition, there is 
material relating to the exhibition and sale of kinetoscopes, Edison’s X-ray experiments and work on the 
fluoroscope, and the phonoplex system. Some of the letters refer to Edison's financial support of his daughter, 

Marion Edison Oeser, and other family matters. Beginning on page 142 is a two-page statement of Edison's 
financial assets and liabilities, Beginning on page 342 is a five-page formula for manufacturing phonograph 

Letterbook, LB-063 

This letterbook covers the period January 1898-August 1899. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and 
John F, Randolph. Many of the documents relate to mining and ore milling, Included are letters concerning 
Edison’s operations at Ogden, N.J. and the factors that led to the temporary shut down of the plant during 
the winter of 1898-1899; his investment in a dry placer mill near Santa Fe, New Mexico; and the organization 
of the Edison Ore Milling Syndicate, Ltd. Some of the letters pertain to Edison’s work on a compressed air 
reheater and the formation of the Edison Saunders Compressed Air Co. Other letters deal with his plans to 
manufacture Portland cement and the organization of the Edison Portland Cement Co. In addition, there is 
correspondence about electric meters, a process for using coal dust as fuel for steam boilers, the phonograph, 
motion pictures, the fluoroscope, and x-rays, Included also are numerous letters about Edison’s personal 
finances and the financial affairs of his children, Marion, Thomas, and William; proposed business deals with 
Edison’s former associates, Josiah Reiff and Edward H. Johnson; the management of his property at Fort 
Myers, Florida; and his debts to Sigmund Bergmann and to the estate of Robert L. Cutting, Jr. Appearing 
on page 145 is a letter to Samuel Insull about the origin of the phrase "central stations." 

Letterbook, LB-024 

This letterbook covers the period February-June 1887. Many of the 
letters are by Edison. There is also correspondence by Alfred O. Tate, Samuel 
Insull, and John F. Randolph. Most of Edison’s correspondence is in the hand 
of Tate or Randolph, acting as his secretary. The correspondence relates 
primarily to Edison’s personal dealings. Included are letters concerning the 
construction and furnishing of Glenmont, Edison’s home in Llewellyn Park, 
and the disposition of Edison’s dividend and royalty proceeds to various 
financial institutions. Other letters pertain to Edison’s payments to family 
members, including a weekly allowance paid to Margaret Stilwell, mother of 
Mary Stilwell Edison. There is also correspondence regarding Edison’s 
objections to unauthorized use of his name for product endorsements. Other 
material relates to illuminating company stock transactions, equipment 
purchases for the West Orange laboratory, and an agreement between Edison 
and the A.B. Dick Company concerning the autographic press. There are also 
responses to inquiries about the phonograph and about the Edison Ore Milling 
Company, Ltd. The front cover is labeled "General Letter Book," "Feby. 21," 
and "1887." The spine is stamped "Letters." The book contains 497 numbered 
pages and an index. Approximately 30 percent of the book has been filmed. 

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Ae CAA Aevt pork At “ct atte, putas Arle y ion cl js hack) 

va otras wt ch we eet AG ch eee Y aaeas “v? ak) leas ps toned; 
As weal: ec oth, DPV ALES ce pete Cterrenetk, 
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A +4 afte Vis De Le yo war hate eb fatar a wee) 

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On wh Fierar Car a 

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Maane day 

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Mees. pe ee f thowets 

Arelingels 7 eu YoY, bavetrid 


arg: IO» 2:40 % EFL, Aaa cd gefoad, Lictha,, eek ae Mi fiew 

ts Meseharsenrh errel Cunfaerncl perf. 
Barer shea tenes gt ak Eesafr hes he nae. rae Hrclee 
Oru Lt of on be: 
Gaus fy" Baily ps red, herrel Sot. 
: dike, Reak . renee, fey the ol A id Aaaveu. at pearenalleprr ch 

Ow py Ky PL Piierenn j “dk kAhe, with, thle, ant 100, 60 
Que habe. eae be Art, 

Qaw sac S42 Abofirs, ricth, 
SORDM ONS cttig At-vrreccks 4° @a.GQ 

Ce Panis 
D foto Sow) 

4 95.06 
ae Brac. Arne SSO. OG 



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roves: Ge Scheer Ce 
Coles or Ke 

a. wngo Core: OD €tr-2¢, 

* . ‘ Coad Keewtcad, ark 

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FS be g Ai ackiner Sew thor, 
wl oO dss 
ng “Vevre.* (RL thy 4s the ¢ oe 

tate, foanks 
‘ Aj es ode arcGel As oti nrccloA, ol 
Chad Cava hor ren ve 

Lette Cree of 2 pod ‘ 
i SPC? a ‘ ernclcl Ore Yet ody / 4] 
Prey Cert — 

~@ clin, Ral, 

(piles SN Orin ctotyady 


; May 2oth. LH5s7. 

Mrs. S. L. Strong, 

pial Phovenee, Masse 

opal soaLiw,;Dear Maden 3 ~ 

flank misao a. Oe In peply ta your letter of the 24rd of April wldch has 
vant Ponained unansvercd ovdliy vo the absenes of the writer From the 


-I1i2 ageiCity, LC keg to say tiat ihe Kdison Ore Milling Company was orsane 

{oauovo uve J ; ized for the purjuse of conducting curtain experiments in the 
Teoirod avaeeil od oo infeeperation Of doagnetic ores. These experiments are stijfl in pro 

‘ut os ofte od LLiv yout@ress, and the value of the stock of the Comany depends upon the 

goer IIT 

r¥ i 'Posultis whiel: may be obtained after the y are completed. It is 


ithorcfore impossi ble for mo ta say just what the value of “his 


fétock is ab prosont, as you will sve frum the above explanation 

that it devends upon the developments of tho Pitind. 1 think 


Wthat duvine the course of the noxt few months we will be able to 
i auc amore definita statement in rorard to the suecess of experi~ 

frhants which are now in prepress. 


Yours trmiy, 

epen dofeit 

W codatinal eatl 
,OY wll 

eivic 1h 

Vigo nt 

' my absence in PHO 

Totoe dk ved Ya eadd & 

ch you de me yin 

dide gnacotg ts So oe 

Bos idcas in rermard tu ‘bit 

pio the benefit of the youn ee * hoy It wonld piv 
# Kea! ? 

sa ott ie eet oa garth 

ast eccassful 


40 romain, 

Yours: ican a lead . 

liay #6th. 1957. 
Mesars S. P. Hyors & Co. 

50 Madden Lane, 

New York City. 
My Dear Sirte 
XY have your Let ter'of the 18th instant. 

1 appreciate very highly your kind acknolwdgments of my 
labors, end would be glad if it were in my power to grant the ree 
quest that you make of mu in rerard to naming onc of your moveroents 
the "Edison Watch®. 

During the past few years a Rreat MANy AAYKKKRS articles 
have beon placed upon the market, end my nam attached to then by 
unauthorized perties. In suppressing such actions as these i 
have always taken the stond that my. neme is used only in sonnec tion 
with my own inventions. It is neeossary that J should inuintain 
this position owing to the number of people who are qntercestca in 
inventions which 1 have placed upon the market. 

Lt is with mach reprot that I am obliged to refuse your 
request, as I appreciate tho feolings whi ch prompted you to make ite 
It would, however, ba inconsistent with the position which I have 

aidags assumed where my name has been connested with inve nitions 

other than my owe 

Arain thanking, you for the honor which you have paid me, 

‘ ; : N ‘ 

va “pe at Arid Arid 

Jf | 
\ aie 

AAA G Cede en 


j pe Bae een . 

Dos... ag he Moe tegen ( 
Of corre: Py ipa Ma ae | 

vod pnts ae , ; vie on flo 
Ait te canto’ fyi aha 4s Ashigrited A 




Pur yag 


entrees ere ane 


fe eanteane bthwe 

Perc ead 




et” Neen 

Mek aa reeset BE 

ae Ad 


(cy © oe Sores eo Ex 2G J 4 | | . oe A 
Nogakeg et Sonera hoa eG oan 

~ if 
eS A a ead 8, Cn ts 
Ch 2cAe ADs ia ? & 
LD aE E Cyt fo Ydur2 Cbbeq Fo 

fot eg. ta & AGING fogld SY bn Sek ftetente, 
made Mas fa a. Ain forveaennin be MO all 
Pin Wn has ve “trv rl Ad, ard Gt. tnt 

“el: “ UU T mg ne Le, wee e tes LOL bans a2. Lon 

fh toaple off tad i SD erik 
he frt fared a. An Auk Kp RAL pos" 
od hiretlr WR RATA rene Ane 

ch tw fra wre Y hae fu mkt | 

Alain ~ ag K freer * L @ P Gant 

SPE WORE OSPF ode ee RP ere One ne at eet A laa 

June Lath. Lsis7. 

John (. Comlinson Ess, 
“Q Vall Surect, 

Now York. 

licar Sirte 

In reference tu the avtuehed, J beg; to say that 1 have 

eonstilted Nr. Edison, and hue vzhinks that these partics ought to 

bo restrained front using the work "Hleetrio" in. gomection with 

their Fire Extinguisher « He says further that he does not believe 

Shomist naaned Fddison porfect- 

to the effect that a © 


their stuacsent 

ed the inventions 

: Whig is plainly an aitempt to trade upon pre Rdison's 
nare , and he’ is desirous of havirs ie ‘stopped as far as it posse 

ibly can he 

‘ Vvours uroly, 

0.0 Fate, 


June LENT, 

Edison Wachine “orks, he ¥. 

Tear Sirste 

In remard cig the two unpaid vorehara in your favor held 
by the Radisen ELectrie hight Cu. Lo bey ta say that at a meeting 
of tke United Comminy held om yesterday a rasolution was passed 
Lo the offoet what the a ount due the kaison Light Coe by the Manne 
facturing Company was to be paid by a note eiven wu ihe Tormer 
by the Vetter, bearing the endorsement of all the shops, the period 
of whieh L ar. row aware of. Yhe Gignt Comsany wisl therefore, 
rake the nayment at present due yougand ku. ‘Hastings promised to 

adjust the account to aU Ot o he wilh alsa send you a copy of 
the resolution to whieh Lo navn ralerrade 

Yours vxyly, 

one aa ts Se peo ne 
ee ene ll mans. 

Jone Léthe lssi7. 

E. Barr Fsq., 

“Bo Broadway,  (Rours 1'7) 

New Vorke 
Near Sirte 
in roferbnes to your letter of the Vth insrant 1 bes to 
say that L have only installed sufficient power it TiLewullyn Park 
to supply 400 lamns above what i require for my own Ws. J] nave 
promised to fornish hessers Anehineluss * Burke, and as yet I an not 

sure a8 ta the number of Lirhts they will use. tiow rany would you 

I shall be very glad indeed to supply my neighbours with 
Light so Sar as Lhe eapagity of ay plant will permit, ard simply 
Light § f 
churrne therm with the cost of productione Ps 7 
Yours tinlhy,” : 
TO | 



Letterbook, LB-025 

This letterbook covers the periods June 1887-January 1888 and August- 
November 1888. Many of the letters are by Edison. There is also 
correspondence by Alfred O. Tate and John F. Randolph. Included are letters 
relating to phonograph patent applications in the United Kingdom, electric 
light patents in France and Germany, and the marketing of the electric light 
in Asia. Other letters pertain to the ore separator and to the Edison 
phonoplex system. Included also are letters to Samuel Insull about the proper 
manner of representing Edison as a Surrogate and correspondence with A. B. 
Dick regarding an electric pen agreement. The front cover is marked "188[7?]" 
and is labeled "General Letters." The spine is stamped "Letters." The book 
contains 498 numbered pages and an index. There are also numerous groups 
of unnumbered pages inserted into the book between the numbered pages. 
Approximately 30 percent of the book has been filmed. 


Tune isind. 7 

na Mea Eh Thiet a 

Thomas RB. Connery Esq. 

Loration of thu untied Sintes, 

PES Rekery 

Ry Dear lie. Connery te 


euechved jy aur Layser of tow Grd instans wo! 

day, Tone ihe Gee cal hl Grove cons €t @oniuetion «ith tne 

Ore Lildding caching, wae go ou dieve will rake 1% Very reci more 

valuable than i) lus vos uroved ivsel?! wo be, 2 owe Guryee af 

Q couple of anths Yowll be able so give via meed Aefinieg infore 

mation in woard to what these daproverciis and. 

Yours vere weole, 
lp \ f » a 
TG © 

Jono -ord. 7 

H. ih. Ung 


Ste Georvu Horel, 

~Phidaseiohia, 2enna. 
iy Lear Sirte 

hobeg wu sennuvledo. wih whanks raecurp. of tho we ease 


refCrred to adn your Lester of che L4aun ansuant, 

Yours wrmily, 

’ OD 0 OF 

Ne Ne ag porters, 

Seo ey 

= } «18 


| . ee y é 7 7 
LYover ae CY Gola on “yf 

ge | | : 
O ton idx a rh 
Gs arc Ay vou . 

thie On Ctming Le a) L pee 
| Aare Qernh 

yor thor f 

Pa the, Le mes aoa ruikoawd, 

fp by yous sneha wut fra Mt Hr aarel 
Ee heorkhe by 

wey Aft an the Derted ogy anol 
Launch ol Hrd QA dren, 

| 7 gous Aone ob Clasror A. 

7 curv es AOR eke ow 

AA befy w #00 Qeurt 7; Pree Solracr, Ault Les 
A 7 ty LAC r ro. 

. Vie F. Kona ol o 

qu ly Vth. 1687. 

De R,. naka Esqe, 

OFPica of the "Evening Post. 

Cinn. 0. 

Dear Sirt~ 

I have your letter of the 16th ref ronec to Aerial 
Navigation. Hy belief is that this will be ac curiplished by means 
of an inclined plane, the acvaratus being held in ate by power and 
pseopulsion forward obtaincd by falling and rising anal to the wind 
as with birds. i ; 

Yours truly, 

crs a supecior article, scartievisvs in regard wuws.. | 

of course embody dn uhis civenlar. ire Edisun's idea is nos tu 
brangy Gir, personally before your arents wien ALO AN, LHS. ree 
cunt Qeyeiopments roa hor, 

Yours crnly, 

My Dear Mr. Ginknneakte i oe 
hes. Gdisen has noted your ‘he pher of te und 
instant an ruferenec to a gixgulayr whieh vou anne to send 40 your 
ropresenvutives itiveughuns wit Undbcd ie ates, he save thas he 
thinks you had bewwr vonsiuls ke, Jonson in reserd to she wo ming 
OF such no cirevlar, and his oxn Opinion is thot at should be : 
thorousaly ampovsunal in its r@rarks, Ke oirepans by this hab at 
should suove thay Mr, Hdaison hos been employett fur sona time in ine 
proving: Lanps, and in consequence of such \improvunent Certain ree 
sU1Lt6 have heen attained, bui that the uanv facturing Oo should 
simply sey that owing to impravenents which ‘have been Mwte in 

commection etih lans they ore in a posit ion to \ol fer thei customs 

_@78 a superior article, vartienlars in Vegard wy whieh you will 

‘of course enbody in this citenlar, “re Edison's idea is not to 

I . : ; 
bring him personally before your Agents when explaining these re 
B } rh ; a 

cens developments ta them, : . a 

Yours irply, va 

Se ean pare 



Toly Fi, Dey, 

Wa He Dean Paq. 
tL Vork Mocnhers, 
Paponia tn, "oronto, Sanaa. 
MY Doe Deait 

the 2 Ry, Ural to, of mod Lake gs, Chieaco, 

have wviace ma in POCOVORGR ha whe Ar 

Of ole Edt son Sameorraph, whieh is an ins ruinG Por neodie dry: 

Ouvplignwd eupios of Attorraph wribines, ovum wreieh 1 covered 

Vib you shen Lust in Canola, SUates toast fae ule He 
MENG Of VEsyanto hea written 4o enemas dng fur “he General apenes 
for this tuchine, ET ohiyve ro lied svn img thaw 1 do net inuwv hr, 

Mathie noand have adivised tice: tO 8PLiG sooancsaperd to obtaine 

ing a suitable cormeestion “or Ghom in Varonto. @iey will sond you 
LULL intnenngian in ropard to whe work whidi this inst nunert, accom= 
plishes, end i have also as ked thom to Lend yoy 2 samle of the nae 
chine whieh you can use when negotiating with whatever partios you, - 
consider may be suitable, T would sugpest that you see We ngough 
He’ seems to havo a prood connection in Canuwla, and through the mediun 
of his typewriter Agents ourht to be able to deo gmavud work, 

' Tf the A. BR. Dick Coy donti shite in their lectier to you 

WhAt tems they will make for this Canadin business von had bet ter 

RA bine SA mdeen cone Ate hae ee a ee eer . . 

Mr. We 0. Doan, / No. 4, 
ask them to sive fg Ol Sines WELL ae g basis upon 
Which yon YoGbob whose whan FO SEkoet 

4s Cones) 

ey buer a oor yet her 

Malter Lot me knoe fe rive it 4g 

eee ae heen pe ae 



duly Vin. dss, 

A. Ui. Daiek Co. 
Hud Leake She 

Guisese, Lil, 
bear Sirsie- 


Loihhove youve Lotver of anc ith ult. in velerenes to hls 

Fee Geshe of Yoronte, Canada «ho has sppliud Lor a Geneal 
ApSMiy Dur tee scle of the ihipgan Miweoapeiih gn Conada, 


that 2b ean fuitoa tuber eonnestion Por you in 
Toronto than fiat which is offerca:yoii throurhoune mcdium of Mr, 
Duchic¢, i shovld advise you -w write tous vriend is. W. Ue. Duan 
#21 Youl Chombers, Toronto So. forons.a, Wie WALL ot rnee this matter 
of ARGNay Lor yon, and who vill , 1 an sure, do iv satisfactorily. 
In writine him it wonld be wull to send full partioulars ano rey ord 

tothe Himcograph tupewner wiv such s: 

BUGS Of bbe oot whien: is 
performs es may he avedloble, iL you woulda ‘use send. sample . 

of the mechine it would be wcll, } 

Yours truly 

Indy Yt. 1es7, 

Sartiel Insull Esq. 
e-0 Edison Machine Yorks, ! 

Schencetoiy . M, V, 
My Dear Insulate as : 

Mr. Edison his ‘piven me a memorandum of the 
Payments which he has to make in conned tion With the New Laboratory 

ducing the ensuing few months, \ F 

On July the 40th, he has to meet 30,000. aug. %Oth 
$2,000. Aug. Slst, 38,5900. Sept. Itth ‘$4,800. Sept. woth 11,000. 
Oat. LOth $3,000, Nov. loth $ae09, \ > Bheso dates are approximate 

so" far a absolute certainty is eone: wied>, and devend vpen the proe 

visions ‘of the contract with Boildors bdings fulfilled to the 
letter; but in Pinaneine for she paymeytse it Wil-be noc os sary to 

consider them oorrceet. ' Mr. Edis ov has about $9,000. ‘and oan 
probably pret 835,000, more which WALL reet the Lirst two prwyents, 
but after that L believe he is going to louk to you tu furnish ixm 
with money to the axtont of the loan which he maia y av ree enily, a 
je OY 
the amount of which was 1 thin $13,000.00. 
f \ 

Sincerely yours, - a 
/ 7 
fo: ; a a 
1 can) 4) ‘ 

mere gee ae Tne epee + 

July Vth. L&sy. 

Sanuel Insulh Esq. 
and Edisoa Kaghing Works, 
Sehencetady Ne Ye 
Teay Silvie 
: Me. Mdison is amlvised by Dvexol lorgan % Go. that under 
dite of July lst, bis agcomt has beon debited as Lollows! 
interest from hec. SOth Iss to dune S0th 1347 
isl days at 6 per amt on $60,141, 46, balange due on note 

of Sept. Rith, 1asc, $52,060. 70. 


I belicve that you are kocping an aecount of this inter 
est. as it accumtilates. It does not apperr on the booké of this 
office at all. 

Yours truly, 

Snly Woh. lee, 

Charles Franeis Stone Esq. 
Lowrey, Stone & Auarbach, 
15 Eroad St. 
Naw York Cauye 
iy Dear Mr. Stoneie 
L saw fir. Bdison this morning in rePerence LQ 
a set tlenent of your claim against him in the mavter of the Indian 
Ecolonial Hleetrie Light Co. My. Edison says that he vwonld Like 
to make this pasmonrt ain cash Just as $oun as the E@ison Hachine 
Yorks retvirns vo hit the amount which he loaned them, the pure 

tiowlers of whieh 1 axplained orally to you the othur day. 

Sinecrely y ours, 

eee: pee 

Judy Poh. lesz. 

Ny Dear Berpmannt « 

fhave yor letter of the Sbh instant dn rof. 
f ; 

creneée to the Hamsond fypewri tay, You had better send one wt 

‘oO me to Kast Newark, ‘so thot i aan tast itm aapnazty &0., as at 

prescnt Loam woo wteh in she dirk regarding its merits ta erise 

you the Leobter Yuu adusica, If you will hand naa nas chane I 

WiLL tost a4 thorotahly and chen WELL Whak' on waite. 

Yours truly, Net 

, 4 
S. Berememn Esq. ; of 
' , t 
: a wO2 Avonue P, Le 

New Vovrk, 

Ae Kt oly, Conk ep 
Parity, Mira thug 
“U/ (Span heuiny, 
Vee dove \* lich 

paca a Kae esi Ain 
fn fbtirom larg w SSS 7. (Ce 
Ct Mn fH ie Yetify 
Y AAW. Ant Punt, Ler 
sea Aare that CK 
btiuutatPo Of hia -Aew 
2 Mh gat Ufo 
Auough RAK thelr ee He ie 
Poses he, Alta Chet Mec _ 


an an firrtn Guat; v4 
Cntr alin, Cc Cat 
Goa ‘ ae “ye tte t— 
Mbt fer tnrwte . Eo ge. Che tfc ae Arie 

c “4 ea a 
oe oa an ‘G ” fas 6 
LA - wy 1 oD tat ae. sy 
“ : . 

we ae 
“ ered ¥ a 
Pr meee 



( fuby (2/2) as 

aunk go hag 4) adi rhe 4 
Cole. a | 
“hI ha CE: 


AHD: be i Youd AG your 
UAAL. Va beg Ch. Vn 
that J. i‘ 
W Ae a p- Ang Vl Wor 
Shon ave al be A. ue.. rok for 
Aan  #R Clr LPP A, 
Whe Mf AL A a. “Lat Oe. ttl emia 4 
Li: is Rite AVOAAAG eet Pie 
Pow SORT | 

4 Lf / ‘ 
Me Met ise & Che fi “Le Yl. Lee, : 

fucy 7/9 
(0. Kh oO Mines bog, bs buat 

CO Pipe. Mahal 
, LOK i fA ALY. aga Fi 
. (AL. PRS 
Ie. Wt. Aft AMOA 

a 4 ee ee ae ee 

fa vf TO pial aT ey TOA 
Ore og fer. Ka fic he. Ciel hs 
Lemme Crttain.2 au. fbb 
(ntti Attatl Join ta Lia 

Se aan: A Lhe he peak 

— bhi 

YOO re See ae “EG ZZ , Y | 
| Uperrtye ey Mp he 

a. MLW ALAN Ath A LUArrte A2- Ln 

AN ad tlhe f finan £ Ae. filly 
RA bar fark AA AF ws Camrnat 

tLhA nw Mn f BD ar 

2 ? AULD brn Ltn, LT eibs, Oe 


ene ae, Canada, Abn 
Chttute YVinnt AGH. | 
Mr Ce Amy tetas m- oa 


a Yue Sot dp 
“ 0, Al wegp 


Gnd (Upuet G vay Kh th pruante 
am . MA hosforihe yi Wut Lek tn, 

anal At —-¢ 

tw G- eee je Bhanthe, When. SF toll he 
thes un he Aut CAL. f- 

tare. aaa Tabs” 
Ante, pail Keon “ae a OB. said ro 

a aie 
he Clb bu el Cert! 
A 3 Cark Son 

-- yy a 4 a \ / , 
oe C A ‘3 toduconste whey G 
rs MAN AS A fe AGONY CHA Ante Av fer Te/ 

; A rp Y : 
CHL (Genin g A che Mast L. i 
fir telt Ga Crater VA), 7, iain t BOVE : 
Ob fe AA Med, MO bd rein toatl 
form dhe tht Ke Culo Anguetd > 
“Stuth, Ch At Avie Mat Locneng 
Lol te bon Mentintl frr Yun b Mot: _ 

, es a Ai f. 


Co Ain WA 
su ie hy al Ade @ bene. c heen, sf Ms Aart oh chewy rv 

(Aerne C6. backange Mira tal ? 

3 4, ans 7 
LOY. ap - } 
Ye e 

ae Vie 



Z : hae A tf Af lo Appian: fa vir Gist 

f V, 
y he AG Shy lhl Larue AAD WA 

Con. dt cae f 

y, ae fy ‘ 7 ; 
Exe fi A tts te fy Mor MM fa ae Mid loan. ag 
YZ ; Gh 7 y f 

Ae: O Cher pide ak Slateny bi frre: we 


Youre tous huly 2 

eee pone 
: fie “£20 Mba loing AN Conn edts | Keon fe, bs Ae pig 

Mi f Cetin va Meechig Gtr “nin tte tt focal, 


en teees ld BLO boty Sat Used nat atl Piss - TN meets EC8 aR it teare ¥ emit a Aine gage 

C y (CMM St.) 

‘f Vie 
Ab. A. San GAN VIA Via 44/t- 

abies tanttyy ate Zi GE ” aS fA d- te 
thi ene Ae aff the Arn lathe. fem 
Deu liar ki hl, Galen, 

fh Able RY Aclprtea War2 Jaman “lH thip ie Mow. 
inane ae SOMME, tol Gore Gor 

Wisi badcinad ant. NAsee Mate fle eae 
A Mate. Chr habihNhe, Ae Mt oe 
Consnrna unter liry Cantitl viv ro Crurkl 

Mot AM. heater sf. Le Ow Atte tfilr g (rina fro 

he Min torke iia Cone PB, U 

—SPoornal br 

Up Ab tara’ W Mopetfp 

bt lx ie Gare ht 
| < Qu CC. Cr a Mt Mine 
Cl, “EGU Gos Sae'n io, Do Ley pane 

tafe, a i 
OO! Quan Ade hti ds (or. pyr 
Cour Agana af for, Con Lpanila wm Your TAs 
Jo & ue. CG fon bl ale sn Yoanr- Crlmnt- 
pe Lanny Ante: te May egantlog 
loa Con darren e- Mn tatagpa. Arkvan Meifa 

vA tn cf 
° s | on ah fowws ( lxpoumenten Ann 

Jue tuk 4. Cpl lon, hut Me hove té de 
Girt for LAMINA ugk Afptvanuld fame 
Fnate 4 Va ILa bemntute for the fOr 

re torr Pirglr 
/ rad Mibbeian 


July l8th, 1d+7, 

A. Be Dick Go. 

a4 Take St, 

Chicago, 111, 

Dear Sirs:- 

Mr. Edison has sneeceded in his experincnts with Parra 
ffine paper, and BUgeests that you send him some of the paper 
whi cy youn use so that he can paraffine ons side of it and return 
it to you to sew if it is satisfactory, 

Yours truly, 

Joly both, 

to GoRkedad Gy, 

Ta rah csi oue 

WE UN etagh Loto: 


boo sey thew Pon now fidacweg in ebe meshed of Gwiteh arte. 

priek prueusa . Wicd the 
ducabaon of wear Benenth ob crotml ean be dani vis dy 

Vanrtys, oo gttirb- ; 

Indy Qh, LSA 

Bonry ©, 

Prosivenh, ha Ploetrie Stub, 
Poked cen, Md STUArG, 
eer York, 

Hy Dear Biv te 

indehs og for voy leh per of tes Tah instant, supp. 
Victeaayt Lag the reyvditatder vid fo hayes po colved from aha Blectrie 
“lob, ho be oresenk ah thetr nage mooning, Mowsday the 294, inste 
eat Gb Priehton Peach teased, 

Tropret svecedingly that my engacdanont s will not pore 
ohR om $0 take clvantace af theeg {Ov FLouNs invitatiens, but Tf 
hope oat some Coture time te doo cryse lf the pleasure of attending: 
Sone oF vor mest Lous, 

Yours very truly, 

g mere ae 

July oth. 1857. 

A. Be Diek Oo. 
aod Lake St. 
Chieago, Ill, 
Dear Sirste 
I havo your letter of the 1sth-ins tant. 

U think Itold your Nr. Diek whon he was hore that a 
contract had existed betwoon ir. Fai son and the Yestern BRleetric 
people of Chieago in repard to an Flectrie pen, foam hont ing 
up this contragt whic I believe has expired, and as/T ean btain 
the lino neateon whigh you wish 1 will forward it to you, I do 
not ‘think that I will delay yor more toms eouple of days longer. 
At the same time Twill sem ya copy of tho tna aprecnant together 
wit a receipt for the payments whieh ‘yon havemade on aeecumt of 
panebenanih royalties, 

Yours truly, 

Trt ee Be 

July Sok, IRR7, 

Ne. Panl 0, dyer, 

Poneho Springs, 


My Dear yar te 
Me, Edteen has pead veour letter of fhe 11+h instant 

in roPosense te the mine in which you wish to. interest him. 
Ve has eshed ma he gay te yan that, owing te the larve expe nd Lt. 
UrUS Now Nesessury gonsequent upen the erestion Of his new Labore 
ahory, every cent of his nvatlable money is tiled up, and therefore 
it is imoossibie for him to enter inte the seheme you sun aeet,. 

Tt have sant your letter on te Yr, Tnasvl) at Sehenaetady 
and he will doubtless address you from there as to his wishes in 
the matter, 

Yours sincerwi», 


Faly Aorh, 1857, 

H@sers Pitter, kee & Brown, 
1437 Pennsylvania Avenue, 
Wash tivten oc, 
Gentlemen te 
T httyve your letter at bh 

@ 745h instant in reference to 

ceré ain pronuety whieh Tew, in Square 200 Pieraes St. behkween 
t ' . 

4th and 15th Sipeais, Toheve had # several offers for this 
land gaeh of whieh hag beon unsat is fraetoary, tT shovld be very 

dad to have you make me abid for it, and if tf consider the pries 
whieh vou offer a fair one, T will sell the and, 

Yours truly, 

July 80th, Y 
My Dear Insulls. 
Randatili bolls wo nha your Promised him he could 
have wen doys vaeniion, comencing the ond of ans month, He has 

showh me a letstoy fron YOO his insenias an, Gard bo certain work 

Which you wish porformed fy om this oliee in conneet jon With the an 
laying of tubcs ain New York Cit he OF vourse if Randoljh hes to 
attend io this ait will pe lrmoas iblu Sur him us py QVAY, Lf yon 
desire thaw he shall wehatruse holid. YoU wAMl have ia send 
Some one from your of fiec to wt ene bo the details of sueh ware he 
as you now requadve to bu dunn, — Toean pive tea enews} sve rvise 
ion myomk2e but of corse Tohave mov ¢ ine mysud? to pun around 
and wake payments necessary se. - It is not ‘absolutely Nceansary 
that Randolph shaula fo away, due Toranudind yon of What you told him 
thinking: that prabvably yuu would wish te hake the arraitcu-en whieh 
T'now suprest. : res » oy : 
. Yours trmily, 0 os, 
Samuel iInsnll Hsq. 
- c~O Rdison Mashine Works , 
Schenecetady iy. 
cepa Arment age ee 

July sist. 187, 

RB. OH. Ballard Esq. 

90 South St, 

Piitefield, Mass, j 

Dear Sirte : \ 

ak have your loetter of the 2%th instant. 

the subjoet which you suppres & harlaly admits of sufficient 
disavssion for the production of a iaumpanp article, There is ne 
dont vhatever, that Lightening vods are a  Souree of great protect} 
zon wlun buildings are Proporly equipped vin them. In doing this 
atis necessary only to have motal of good conductivity, and a 
Perfect connect ion with the earth at the bodtom ‘ee the rod, 
If you will refer to a book published by Sir. Waliiam Snow Harris, 
who first intr educea lightening rods’ in the British Navy and Mere 
cantila Marine, you will fina this sibject disonssed at Tongth. 
Rofore ‘the introduction of lightening’ rods in the british Nayy\dis « 
asters at sea were quite frequent, and the subject of protect ing 
thoir ships | ‘rom this elere nt of danger prosentod itself in a vory: 
Scrious light to the British Naval Officers, When aes pede 
posed equipping these ships with Lightening roms, he wag seed 
Blone in the belief, that they sould af Pord proteatton sueh 88 Was 

‘. t 
_ desir od, After a Breat deal cg trouble he svueceeded in erring 

i ¢ . ee rte ec perc gere Be 
: Mane d Gave Ae has She eae ‘ mw 

My. Ballard, ee 7% Ho. a. 

navine them adopted, since which I don't think there has been a 
sinple serious disaster fran Liphtening in the Eritish Navy, whieh 
is conclusive proof ie Harris's theory was corree%. The sane 
apnlies to bnildings or other struetnres of an inflanable nature 
erected on land, aril whm these are properly supplied with a suff- 
iagicnt number of lightening rods dependent upon their size, and the 
extem of rr ound covercd by’ thom, I believe that they are absolute? 
safe from all danpur, 

Yours truly, ° 

saakcteneetintdicas cw HHS 

icine bape ei gee My 


July Rist. lse, 

Ae Be Dick Ca, 

no4& Lake St. 

Chigarmo, 111, 
Near Sirste 
i have your letter OF the Ldih instant, in wPercnee to 

the Autograph evopying Pprecess, ‘this is the old Papyograph process 
Whioh was in vogue in aardly Electric Pen times. it played itself 
ous Lar went of merit, and the Autograph Copying Co. are avidently 
trying to ragivunads the system. 

Hr. Edison aonsiders that this will be a useless 
task on their part, as it is absolutely no good, and docs not bee 
lieve it worth your while to take any notice of it, He has no 
Patents on the system now, so far-as 1 can Learn which vould asse- 
ist you in a le ral contest. 

Yours truly, 


Tuly #let. Les'z, 

woree H, GoulRa Esq. ; oe 

West Tebaenon AGATaINY 

West Lebanon, he. 

Near Sirte 

In rasly to yout ictwar of tag Lséh wmstandy Lobe to say 
that 1 am making substantial diopr ovements at the present time in 
Gonrewsion with uy Phonograph, and in tho course of a couple of 


months XY. wild be Prepared to put this instrument upon’ the market 
and at that time wall be glad tu give you £ull infornation in rom 
fara tovits opa ation, 

The instrurent as he retofore cunstrueted wonla NOt atmit 
of continuous Speech of an hours auration without changing the tin 
foil on the Cylinder, which of eOUrse Ifeans an interruption, 

Yours truly ; 

July vist. Lss7. 

Messrs BE. C. Hazard & Go, 
87 Hudson St, 
Hew Vork, 
Gentlemen « 
In reply t0 your Litter of the loth instant, 1 bey to 
say that tl have known Mr, qudy a number of years, and os far as I] 
am aware he is an enerpetio and reliable mun, 

Yours truly, 

Ph pio 

Pe pines ae gee i 

ae ‘ July wlst. 1ss7, 

Same. Insny7 Mag! i 
a 7 ah 
Fdisen va ching Works, 

Schoneies, ady h, \Ve 
Ne Aig a4 oe esi s 

Enclosea Pl oase find memora nto OF eopcarent between the 

i . % 
Rdign Machine Works an the Detroit Compary, whieh 1 had hr, 

i . 
Edi@n sien as Presidont of the Machine Works, DUrsuant to your 

requast, Mr. Raison aSkea me to say to you’ that he did not wa rt 

any more enaraniecs of this nawwre to be ent era into 5; that he 

thourht the Machine Works Shovld not be as kid to éuarantes thoiy 

Werk beyond the extent of the Perfuc vion of ‘the art. 

Yours tru ys 

| cones ene Tee gape: Aye + 


Yours wrily, 

“duly lat. Lé57, 

MS. We. Price NSQs 

and his phesd resigewe as the place far 
Which he has raade wich yo fer the pr 
i x 

for the Rlegiricel review and London Puninecring, 

Piggtyigal Vevicw, 
AG Park Row. 


no vefur nee to vue Leb ter of the 19th instant, 
1S0N PROPOSES Smuvrday afta snoon al # ofelogk as the tine, 
keeping tho appointment 

cparation of his article 

Yours truly, 

| Prec ibe Toman rere Me 

July 5th. Lis, 

My Dear Insults. 

dn refovenes tu cue urnnexed recoipt and apropos 

in my Letter of sven uate, reparding Mr. Baisons 
Sieymuure, {Po yor ned sevens the same Wasyed in piekineg inarinory 
flaws anoiny reghod of sRiting din rs isspeetion of FYouY own Corre 
Csburiwnea buePors it Bs Pt your of Piee tris MGaipt would perhaps 


Yours sincerely, 

Samvel Insill Esq., 
the Edison Machine Works, 
Schencetady N.Y, 
eae sects cos ie ee 


July 25th, 1887. 
| Yharas A. Edison Esq. 
Llewellyn Park MN. J. 
1 Dear Sirte 
Enelesea 1 bey; to hang you a letter whieh 1 have received 
| . fron Mr. Insvll in reforence uo the manner in whieh 1 sien your 

Nase to Letters. 

The sipnature whieh tre Ingull has roferenca to is as 


- "pollowss 

I also attach a copy of my revly to Nr. Insull, 

1 should Riko to know fran .you if you eonsider this 
Bignature bears any resemblance whatever to your own, of if in 
your opinion, I have mage any a! fort to imitate your autograph in 


As I have statel to Mr. insull that his letter was dictate» 
@d before an audicnee, and he thereby placed it in their power to 

refer to the contents of his letter to me in such manner as they . 

| might choose, 
I consider that this is carrying the friendly war of 

business rolations a littlo too far, and thoughtlessness in rezard 


tothe probable resnlt of such a statement as rr. Insull makes 

ds hardly a sufficient exeuse to juetify him.’ 
| Yours sincorely, 

{ Ro ? ; s Zi we sib ees Cece tees Me 

July 25th. 1887. 

My Dear Insull? 
I have your letter of the 22nd instant in ref'erence 
to Mr. Edison's signature, j . 

L think that you ought to be a little more carefulp in 
writing me letters of this nature. Inthe first place I deny 
absolutely that I made any attempt to imitate Mr. Edisons signature 
or that his name as I wrote it bore any resemblance to his auto- 
graph. It bears about as much FES eMP LANGE KES a landscape pa inting 
does to the Statue of Liberty; they are both works of art, but 
nothing further can be said in regard to them 

I have no doubt that when you wrote this letter you had 
an audience before whom you wished to display your powers of dic~- 
tation and criticissm, and while I have no objection whatever yo 
your posing as my censor for your own gratification, I think you 
should select an issue of a less serious nature than that which 
you manufactured when witing your letter under reply. I believe 
that you are the last person in the world yho would intentionally 
do me a personal injury, but you ought to remember that an affarr 
of this kind can b very easily be distorted and refelcted in an en- 

tirely different light from that in which you yourself intend to 
put it, I shall bring the matter tefore Mr. Edison myself , as 

en ee 

7 Btn 

Mr, Insull, ' Noe we 

1 du not ears to have it retailed to him by a third party in the 
shape of gossip, and such consirretion plaecd upon your remarks 

as in the opinion of sult titted pariy may hirhton their offeat. 

Were it not that © know vou aid this on the spur of the 
moment’, amid without thinking a) Gil of tho possible eonscquences, 
i should eurtatnly greay at very meh nore seriously than 1 insend 

Yours shecercly, 

Samuel Insull Esq. 
The Fdison Machine Works, 

Schenectady N.Y. 

July 88th, hao, 

Varlan H. Unbla rd Esy, 
20 SO. Sh. Pittericld, iuss., 

Tear Tir, Mid te rade 

In vopolky so your letter of the Head inssant, J 
Voxiet th. ay the moment T eannot find time towrite the artiele 
whieh you desire, Tohave however, no objeetions to your publishing, 

my formx JIetior &f it will render you any service, 
J « 

Yours univ, 

Scenes gee ren age My 


July 29th. 1857 , 

Ae Be Dick Co, 

Mhigare, ELL. 

In vefercnec to yous lestor of the Mird instant rerawting 
tic Geaphfone, TLhec ww sa that the nanufeeturere of this in- 
‘Srtr in ace siaply endeavovving, to trade upon the reprtation which 
ha. Tidison cained by the invewsion of his Phonopraph. You will 
obsere that the baw simply turned tha mone "Phonograph" aroond 
in ordi w alwive at "Creaphfone" , hr. Edison is at work nuw 
Upon his Phoneeraph, and in avery os ort tise will plaae upon the 
rarket an instrtent whieh will by Lar excal the anfrinvment above 
wera red tw . As soon us 1¢ is completed, 1 will advise you and 
“ooam aovbtless make suuG arvans unions Lor you +o handle Lt in the 
VIC 8% 

Yours iruly, 

ce 1 semen cpa ee ep lps wee 

vuly 28th. Las7, 

Messrs Noll Prother y 
65 Fifth Aveme, 

New York. 
Pear Sirgt- 

In veferenee to your letter of the 24rd instant, I ber 
to say thah I ® not wish you to plaee Mr. Sullivan's friend as : 
a favor to myself. Lous indebted for y onrkind offer to ao s0, but: 
my interhion was to mention the young mans name on the chance of: 
your requin ng sach serviee as he could render you. To am indcht- 
ed for yor offer but do not wish yuu to inercase your Porce unnece 
essarily.on mg acaount,. 

Yours wruly, 

al — 

July 29th, Las, 

Chorlecs W. Stone eq. 
c-o Lowrey, Stone @ Aucrback, 
41% Broad 2h, 
Yow York. 
Hy’ Rear Sirtpe 
In reforence to your Letter of the 4oth instant, 1 
ber tosay that ZT saw tir. Edison yesterday, and he regrets that an 
error was mde inthe division of tie bonvs fromthe Indian & 
Colonial Co, ft has tied the money up temporarily, but immodiate» 
ly it is released Mr. Fdison will pay you the full amovnt of his 
indebtedness, until whiah time he bogs to ask your kind forbearance, 
I wiliadvise you at the earlicst possible moment as to 
wien this money will bu ready for payment ta you. 


Sane rea rach ae 

‘e anderson ser, 

Geo Vare hep oy day 

eat Ap May 
Note y te 
Sear Sdwe. 
Loheayve yore Los, bee OS Lins Let Stem in “U4 
et TCAs Geen, bs ted a, Bee Gany GF thas se DIDS 
MLR OGTE omy PUSCOSBE, Paid howe MGOkIGd bing 4 

PGE eho Wien Lo cree 
Ploy iss any hest., Iittious Nut Soha wer hoes to ChUAGE Gl Yacciy 
AS Yuu Beene, but onde on: herr, and L believe tiat Lo can abarien 

“SOEUeh wurst Prop. INA SUS Gr aS Para, WY AN Ghe marten, 

Yours triode 7 





“. AMS. Pore 

Cevilur in « 




1G Fer Lacie uf 

peel Oey sipped 

Yau rs 



tht exe stron, oan 

Lishin ld 


Ate, Uh 

PE Ls 

be pada 



eo desov, 

giv th 

cork Ort 

ane Gurnee wey 






Aue. Osh. Peat, 

(Oar GlLitte 

LoGnGlose peri tei was dus OF gone shige lr, Milks an 
hag eco inad. 


» MOU handdy Leto ome hinge af whey Pall ahe bill, 

Shuuld thoy Dove Ys Uowald beaver pine te fCTURG hard: ke 

foms 3 vurk OF aA model of as sunt oy Yous 

Yours urnady ‘ 

a a a 

AMES Ubb, Leese, 

Ae. Daek a; 

wie Taka te 

Dear Sivgt. 

Lohayve four Len CY OL wine Sth of Tely ain reLloreneg 40 
the now Dae curry Wade von have seen, 

! shutld Lite “Uo kMNOW & Lande rOre phous tie Rattury 
Which yor Sends of, Na vou kn. “iat Life ai has, 

and what t pe 
cost is, bout Pop Ane Siig! 

* ALC) oir Chance? 

Ty bat beRy ors go: Mey ado abl yy ht, bot, tio purities 
han@ine it arc very slow, Lowill opity FON ASO Fb jet us 
soon as £ am in & Pustt ion ¢ PLiee it oon vin fur bist < 

Yours trul My 


Chherrau, @ld. 

Jaen Sire ie 

Lohave nob xvecdied Gi -ee.ts wo vera Letter of June svth, 
in eard so 

Seer, Dt qos wibicse toda thus, ob 
Rove becw Look ise: ima she reatier Wht Ta. Moped WAGGA, ANG be 

hav he foes esivcen you tou the effueh that ape Pate is 
epen, md boop ne exunewny a lessee from You stating, dn whaw ow: 

ent yor desire ta acguire rienis undoes this : 

MS li tetiite 

Yorrs 4rudy, 

ree ae cea aiats gas SIS : 

Aup. hh. Loot. 

Yhe “sison ehine Norks, 
Secbaneencog i. Ve 

Tear Sirste 

tev oof Joly avth, J ber te 

In voferongs: tu yuu db 
vat Lo beyo arranged advo ba, indason foe tig povehase Of the Chalk 

Pross, helunming tO Him Whigs 2s now AL your works in cehones 

upgnin an order froin ir. Edison ucddressed 

yf you fesive it Towi 

to yourscolyves for the culivery of inc press tone, t do not wish 

it shipved at the rornont, buy will advise you Later. 


Yours truly, 


Aug. Uth, Lae, 

WY Preson Hieks Meq. 

e-o Rdison Eleeirioe hirnt Co. 
16 Proad 4, 
Mew Your. 

hy Dar Migkste 

dn reply to your Lowber of bre eToh of July, 2 bey 
And tO mes SE Col. Chailee introduced to 

WW tay that Lo woke 

my Friend bye, Prager, v0 Corcan Comsel whose offices is in New 

York, Pr. Frager. is interested in linntine in Corea, arkl he 


oRAT Sy 

han@led eonsider le bes iness Por Us,cand dv might be mutually ad- 

vansearcous if these pentlomen were to neer Gach other. Yoo can ark 

anre this matter with lr. “ate, 

Yurrs troy, 

Ags.  Uthe  Lases'z 
MY “oar tnsvlilte ! 
Tobave «for Lower of he Cth ‘nstant in veSergned 
' * 

to the nanay Which you “randised to deliver to Chapman, 
Limet Patenodor HAS ruoen dings (Nonday) at the office of 
the Unitca Moreaany, and ee Pound atyegr MfFoirs in sueh conmlléion 

that we eonld not ask Liner SQ adVnce you tie 5,000.00 whieh vou 

Wanted to make UP the fdeoune OF The nute You desire to obnaa n. 
rae | 

Rererann haa WUSh rendered tice a wiih for OLN, 0006 tarul reynGsted 

a note for it weday, and as every Abem uf the bill was new tO the 
' t 

Officers of the United! Compony raters wore ina state of cConfisign 

50 we simply took a node ‘ov the aseunt whieh Stogd on uhoir buuks 
! / 

in yous favor, viz, This I delivered to Chapwoeur, ox~ 


Plaining ta him thas, ‘hy on hat been mistaken ag the usoern, of > 
Paper whieh yYou"eould \obtain by to-day, Ke said it was all righi 

but tit he-would Like \to Reb sore more of in, and U fold him it 

Was DOSS ible that W, could give tin 54,000, jee THIS Wack. He 
MOOLA Likd to have this by Priday at latest. Lf you can hurry Lore | 
ward your | shipwant and bills sy as tu ret them vuuthered, t will . : | 
obtain thel Paper and deliver it ty Chapinan fur you, You will rae” io | 
ceive thar! pracecds of the note now in his hands the day after : 
tonmor ray; in aceordance witis iy solormram, Loam nolding she vouch. | | 
er for fipratinve when you cone to town. i i : 

Yours arniy, 

_7Samue | ‘Insmtl Esq., 
i % 

H A 


ec rtes eae pata 

hepicd Har acekt Esa] 
: hes aaa | he. ¢. 

Draw Lave , i 
Re, a. hos ee Jarw 3 of bh. OS be nek re Me 
ae bey, /2. va enak Acces a 

‘ti ba pt ety eat oe 
ger moh atl 

nek oe 

beg Is ada 
rE oth. ie th aucl c, 

et vbhad rhein ff Athvuuch 4 Prme 7, Wawshos 

athe, arg Ou 
Av Cio. A uel aome/ avrurhy woth tae imaleel one wi) 
lo attach to La vnree cls che yf" GEL thevk; al lok 

ces htkr wae mek Aacaveel 

CUA er Y hae ch pian ee é 
bt hl dehiced and ot AAR attr, are’ J Coulee “eo eS 
o ts 37's h Lhih, ond 

“anidh ih (cone vz, ff of Chak, J Feel wi 
Vay ie eu atte ar sewel: Lh ? fact th wake fey 
iby ae Cr 

ce da 4, af Ee ge etek Towke gue ie 
tured thew J Zack fo Fw Tole, bas nb. Go A a 

to butt Pascthure aeesmhk wtlickh sae nek av ants 
Rlevhe. ow A, belem Aa to Pry Ehud Aerrew aA, Gc 
o* the Uatenstch schaen : . 

war accel Les 

iss / 2 raw Labbe gor PO ae 
t ‘he Aha. iy” an the, Pbiidia foe, aes 
Ley Aart matin or the betters Luk the. foe od ig 

ee the Phrites ae kel 
nbls co oniacabe.” ae oH pore Presa terran 

“wh fo fiv t Att: Lph 7987 aancy one que 4 hub 
podgs eee Gd Hen. 5 ar ge 

Qtervee, U neturrecly g aficke) 
Ko Peed Re eovulol Atal har) 

he ce Aes & 

hal. nok MHL cle cl Ay th : : 

oe onoty/ ‘ 

Bre cre haw PRP Eh fry & 2ee. Crk 
a Pay Ares 

frhw a Cnrrototah, 

Ang 3 7 

a eg 


TAA 4 


A Aiuto 2 

vet at 

Crnchach Glen Elite Loli 
16 road Lbieh, feu Forks 


sar a 


g oe : . 
Fhe pe cfoccsin. vf basting, CL te 

VELIOI a “ a 
WaALawey 7O Le, 

: or Brana nepadly, Ba ESS oT ee 
: . Neveu Ty by, Worth, RP. hs e 

ig AA, 
rhe Qbare fy he, ltanrenra, 



cenhivir, fp tracy, tak 

urn I ie 
eee ee or . “y Pha, 

sre Ff Fie ov Liat 

Phifr keh faba aw bane! oo 
AD ea PAS) 


J bhink AN La. fede p> crackle tA, ah 4 Aezak, tA ; 

Male gay, vrtntii P ray be obte, 4 joie yom c 

Pfu ons ws Cops Progruttes bn Aer, ee 
Ly. aroula, | be innpractit cable, fev me ts cones 

autbhy yen Asgused Te dibs tay Le chins tan, fran, ar 

oy ene 78 w the augA, SLAC enacts sal ter fy 
#8 Cheforecl) AAA. lia wr kh, rh 

+ Ana 

Oy appa hy | ie lettin Ary. the ne Lg saa, 

WA Obits hobmotagy 


Deas Le LE RON Det Ce as ne 

August é0th, 

My. Samuel Tnsull, 
Seerctary % Treas. of the Tdison Machine Yorks, 

Schenectady, Now York. 

Dear Sirt 
Haye vo soi 4 check. $0 TW. Andrew Holly, Wo. LLL 
Broadway, Now York 3 for fyas.42 ? Chis mmtileman is ir. Pdison's 
lete Architeet, and the umount tamtioned is uae him for services | 

rendered up to the time of his having ceased to be connectod with 

the wow. 

Th the office here thore is "250. due for vent, which 
aucht, 40 ba puid. oT an amemaing from the Lamp Factory, from time 
to time, certain agnaLi amounts which seem fo ie te hoe hardy. vrrth 
troubling yan about, andan sharegdiag than against “ir. Fiaison's ace 
count. TP you wish it, 1 ean pay this ancunt, $250, for vent, put 

T do not care to make the payment without firsts consulting you, 

Whe: vou were horn ur Sumida’ last, did you have «a talk 

with Mr. Rdison in recard to finances in crmoction with his TLabor= 

atory ? Tt look to me as thous he was going to require ao pod 

deal. more monoy than was ab first anticipated, 

Yours traby, 

Sept, Ls, 
As Be hiok, Esqe, 
wo4 Lake Strees, 



My Rear. Sirs- 

I was sorry not to have seen you apain before you 
left New York, In regard 40 Phonosravt, Jl will advise you just as 
soon as Nr, Edison is ready to place tie instrument on the market. 
No “aePinite action has been taken in repard to United Company ab 
yot. Something will probably come up ut our noxt meoting which 
will decide the matter one way or the other und I will advise you 
of tha result, I have a letter from my frichd Nean, of Toronto, 
this morning, in which he states he ‘has reccived a letter from you | 
addressed to mysclf. ‘d presume you are undar the impresaion that 

I had gone <o Canada, but my trip has been de layed and I 6arinot 

“pet away for three weeks yet. I have asked ean to sem your 

Letter on to me here, 

Yours truly, 


Sept. Ieth,. 

The Globe Machine Co., 
$5 Broadway, 

Gentleman te 

‘In. reference +0 your inquiry of the 46th ult. 

i aa at present enrared. in improving isy Phonomraph so as no in- 

eregase its conrercial velue, fhe machine as forverly construeted 

is mage by Hoessrs., Birdman 4: Cov, No. etd Avenue B., New Vork, Prom 

whom you can proeure one if you do not wish to wait a month or two 

for the isprovod instroment ebove referred to. 

ln regard 40 the Plectric Pen, 1 nave not one at hand at the 

moment with whieh t eonld supply you, but &f you are in a horry 

foro rvoduplicating apparatus to serd to your frionds in South 

america, I would sugpest that you insveut my Mimeopraph, which can‘ 

bo" seen in operation ut No. 14 Ney Struet. This is the most * 

rocent improvemens in the way of reduplicating mactiines, and it is’ 

possible that it mipht suit you better ‘than the Eloctrie Pen, ae 

; é ; 
the address abovo indicated you will be furhished with all infor- 

mation in rogard to prices 4c. 

“Yours truly,’ 

Sept. 14, 

Robert Orimshaw, Esq., 
President, American Institute, 
New York. 

“Dear Sipri-« 

In reference to your letter of the lath of 
Aupust asking me to furnish a paper on sore industrial topie, 
t would say that at present my time is too fully occupied witn 
the ereesion of my naw Laboratory to comply with your. request. 
In the course of a fow months Io may bo do something of 
this kind. 

Yours tly, 



Sept. Le, Ls 76! 

Prof. Eavin J. ‘Houston, 
: Philadelphia, 


Near Sirt- 

In-veference to your letter of tho va instant, I cane 
not at tha moment name a day upon whieh the paper I referred to can 
be vomletod, It will depend altogeter upon how work on wy new 


. laborntory prosresses during; the next month or “two. If 1 can 

: 5 
find vime to contribute thts paper I will be happy to do so, but it 

is ‘contingent upon the solipaudion oF ny ny buildings, as until 
they ara finished my time will be wholly taken up with work oon-': 
nected with t hem, 2 | 

Yours. truly, 
mp fh 
7 OG 


Mr. A. D. Inman, 


Toihave your inguiry of the Slst ult. My 

Phonograph will repeat words sv as to be understood, ami 1 have 

@ number of patents on the invention. At prosent lo am enpared 

in improving the machine so as to ‘increaso its usefulness. 


Yours, tly, 

T Ae 

Mrs MM Knickerbooker, 




In reference to your lettor of aupust 15th, 

you can use any portion of the current which you may desira for 

whe induetion coil that you desire tu insert. in the incandescent 

electric Light, 

Yours truly, 

ie ms 

with the same, 

Yours iroly, 

Sept. lx, 1s87. 

We H. Wahl, Bsq., 
Chairman, Teeture Comittee, Franklin Institute, 
Philadelphia, Pa, 

Ly Dear Sirt~ 

I have your letser of the sa of Sept., and am also 
q . 

in receipt of a communication from Prof, Houston, who asks me te 

name a day when the paper L referred to in a previous letter will 

be completed, 1 have roplicd to Prof. houston to the. effeat that 


af" ean Lind tiny to complete such a paper I shall be very happy 
40"send it forward, but that the writing of same will depend upon 
“hy new Laboratory being finished anring the next month or two. 
Until this latter work is verfected my ‘time will’ bo wholly ceanpied 
With the same, 

Yours wrely, 

The -apparatus 


New York, Sept. 14, 1887, 

Cano, Ritchie Co., W. Va. 
Yours truly, 


is based upon the heating and. cooling of iron -to increase and di- 

Near S 
Principle which 1 employ is not thermo 

minish its magnetism. - 

New York, Sept. 14, 1587. 

W. &E. Connor, Esq., 
71 Broadway, 


My Dear Siri- 

‘ In reference to your letter of the lst tet oie 
Edison asks me to an that he will be pleased to have bho Dukeor 
Marlborough visit his Laboratory at any time corivenient to the ; 
latter. At present Mr. Edison's experimental work je bela “sane 
ducted at his factoryin Hafrison, NN. J., as his new Laboratory 

is Orange is not yet completed. If you eee make aii appoint~ 

ment you can name any day either this or next week, excepting Sat 


Yours ‘truly, 


Geo. H. Robie, Rsq., 

"The Climatologist," 

GLL No. Calvert St.;° Baltimore, Ma. 

Dear. Sirt- 

I am in receipt of your note without date in regard 
to contributions for your journal. I ain erecting a new Laboratory 
at Orange, N. J., and for the next few months my time will be 
wholly taken up with the work of getting it in running order. 
After that, however, 1 may be able to avail myself of your sug- 


Yours truly, 

I will be ready to supply. 

Yours truly, 


“Cason, Morris Go., Texas, 
Iam in receipt of your letter of the 25th of August 


these in three or four months, and would suggest that you ¢ anmuni ~ 

asking for prices on Olock Phonograph. 
cate. with me again at the end of that time, 

D. Av Russell, Esq., 

Dear Sir 

Board of 

Sept. 14, 1887, 
Edson, of the N. Y. 





Yours truly, 

you can obtain it from any druggist. 

In reply to your letter of the 1zth inst. I beg to. 


You might communicate with him, or if you simply require 

1065 St. Mark's Ave., 
say that Il am not the Inventor of the disinfectant you refer to. 

I believe it was invented by Dr 

Dear Madam 
bromine water, 


pita retinas enna raeinnnen rentinnatetnCtimetettteateieltt trout pe emremnamsn ntti etna Ans Arena Ai an I EA TS 

New York, Sept. 15, 1887. 

Ae De Elbers, Esq., 

172 Hudson St., 

Hoboken, N..J. 

Dear Siri~ 

I am in receipt of your letter ofthe 1$th inst enclo- 
sing copy of a paper written by yourself on the manbracwire be re- 
fined slag. I should be glad to have you serd mea few samnlea’ 
of porous cells, which 1 require for ras purposes in may 
Laboratory. You can number these so ‘het I. can refer intelligently 
to whichever one gives the best result. 

Yours truly 


aap os 
wah ve ¥ 


WO oY 



rar 3 
SVONG Ee Ophir. 



a2 vy 
Cf . 


Ie aes M1 

1g ne 






Winsor Ho 


Oehobwe sy 

Desens Daeg 
Tome in raecdp sof vem Latta 
enetosing pn oobippesys faa ane af 

are hee kee a) “a steno wed by chee orb oovppatass 


VOM FO hve Babson eri 


ONY sereyh didi 

tay on Yoyalay neces ho Mae Lace 


Boer, GY SOU Ghoul hayes tried on dowdy aslno vedios 
of the reeeips of She above deagse oF osand you fhe gooa bes 

and conyratuiota ospon She atteeess witeh cen hove wade 

QYpaking of 

tho Tinndgeaphe oT heave seen popa osempo as af 

ork par fonsed by. your naw typo wreitar At toabmont, ond they arc: 


Yours Sruly, 


snes nig amis acta 

Jone ge 
a Fede y 
Reara wef Tw 

we Melb oorig untont ton 

hig deprortions, hia te comdd pater 

ia) By ree 

Ghepretoeal dy mn mony rho Moye pan 

MR oseeoy reahor Nan 4 © Capen’ 

propose dn yews Laer vrrter 

, ; 
Vha ag over anwtens 

herd aM Aber s 
new baboratery ha will tum ob oe naber of good thing 

11 mon vou. to place thoamon the morkow 

withrows dotbt av 
Yours tyeuly, 










BAe gs 









erpipmemrenim ate sis 










ih, pacar 




tata 0 

vir bas 

. eee gta 
thay CEPA me dD, 







axp le 

ned bo von by bolo ona thie 



Ley i 





erin ti a as Ee 

Oeteobar Ls, 

Mas Grace, Me Wke of Harlbomayn, 
Heovoort Housay,.. 

i Naw York ity 


foe a 



your nto of the 15th 

2 Convertors -Aie¢h you speek of pracnat 3 uo owwychara, 

: oe PT Aen ae BE Sag 4 Sia oe ae 
%, Dt. as ‘soon as Tt wat into my naw habornlowy, which will 


beoshont the lot of Noventbor, To spy “eing to: hdd neyarnd of 

2 of 4 ‘ 7 : 
thar ant operite shar in eennention va th oy elortirie vailvoad a 

Crane TP at that tine giriute in Ayad on, 7 

thbso machines 47 

edt to here you acne over ant san 
nyt also inspagt my Davo votory. 

Raliaving it may interest you to she ony Ganbend Station 

“he, Naw York, To taka planta in melesing anote to 
? , oa | : it 

tHe Sup 't., who will. yiva von any infomation you may desive. 

Yours truly, 

po) Tht J 






obay 1, 1 


Yours + 








Tne as, 


A a cE ee oe eT ERE noe ns . tem 
otiane, eetas eacticdnerinerintamesinetnc ener arn ant ie Omi canna ht a A an Seetrec 





New York, Octe 5, 1887. 
In. reference to your letter of Sept. 19th 

shape early enough to be available for your 

Those Ae Edison.” 

S ea 

Yours truly, 

stating that space is ready for my immediate Cocupation at your 

Exhibition building, I regret to say it will be altogether im- 
practicable for me to utilize space thus set part, as I cannot 









Gentlemen %t- 
get my exhibit in 


Charles Wraneis Stone, Msq., 
LS Sroad St. (uidig 
; Haw York 


raforanaa to your Lotto Selo ainstent 

That not nas 

Laethon un neeaunt of the isan 

Shwe on ‘isbtriturbion. 



Tohava arr nodowith the “dison 


sou their note for Se, C00, and haya tosday 
find owt Pe hee will anedboen: noche 

the S24.583-dne you.on final distrinugyi one fropy 

hin in a day or so. M% is possible that Tomay see hin porsonell ¥ 
voeno troy, when Twill arrange the mattor.without further corrose 
; Ab te ‘5 me avetet ba be x. ‘ 


Yours tends 0. . 

(Signed) — Ae Oc Tate. 



rad te neat 



Those Ae Edison, 








Tn reply 
am not 


Maa Ln. 



onlietine exp oriments dn can 







for tha usa o 


Y % 
Pan tarant 



Bary > 


hes “ 
% . 
Be ort “3 
gS + 
oe Le 



Nove 4, 87. 

Pear Pentoni- 


\ f 
Your note of Oet, Livh to me, mdison in renard 

to estimates for the Pnakor Sahib, of horri, has rumained UnansWor— 

_ ad owing, to my absence in Canada. 

1 belicve the territury, proyerly belurnrs to the Indian and 
Colonial Company, pnt £% would take so lune to Ret any definite 
information from tram that probably the best thing, you can dois 
to sell the dynamos at United H'L'ts. Co's List prices, and 
tho the Future for 8 setilement with thuse Wnose nerritory Wwe in- 


Yours truly, 


cree ee err 


Hovember 4, 


Stansbury Norse, Fsq., ; 
na? West ldgoth Ssraes, 
New York. 


Tam in receivt of your letser of Och. ast, 

in reference to your duplicatine press, and enclosinr, a letter 
from myself under date of Oat, Le, dss, ondorsin the above as 
a foud thine 

Hy patent on the reduplicating process in question is now 
controlled by the A. 8. Diek Co., pod Lake Street, .Chicafo, to 
whom 1 have referred your communication. L would suppest that you 
write to therm, yenladningy anaes. y whas you desire’ to accomplish. 
They have been very suceessful in ‘merchandising tho Edison Minco- 

praph (by which naine my invension is now known), and you will find 

them ready ta listen to uny suerestions bearing upon improvement § 

or extondad use. 

Yours: truly, 

Noevomber 4, las’. 

Chas. Francis Stone, Esq., 
15 Broad Stren, 

In reference to your note of Oct. cath, asking 
me what progress 1 have made with Colunial natter, I beg to say 

that l have just returned from Ounada and find a letter Lrom lr, 

Insull, asking me. about certain leral expenses which Ir. Edison 

incurred on your account and which are to be duductsed LCrom the 
ameun, a6 present standing to your eredit. 1 roplied to Hr. Insull 
last night, and L beliove a soptlement will bu made immediately 

in the manner already arranged for, 

Yours wrnly, 


Movonbur 4, 

Nol, Goorse FF. fonraud, 
Little Merlo, Upper Norwood, 
Surroy, Eneland, 

Near Sirte 

Tam in receipt of a letter from my patent 
awtorneys, hessrs, Dyer & Seely, under date of Oetuber 4184,57, 
stating that thoy have reports as to all European countries, exe 


sapt Spain, a6 to the telephone patent, including tie phonopgragh, 

and that it appears to be still in foree in Bougiom, France, Gere 

many, italy, Russia and Norway, 

Yours trivly, 


Mrs. H, H, Robinson, : 
10 Stirling 5t,,, 

Watcrtown,nN. Y, 

Dear Madam: 


in refeyenca to your note of Oct. KOth, 1 

ber to say that the person who is endeavoring to merchandise wator- 

Proof parments in your town pun the 

Statement that. thoyernbody aun 
invention of mine is mak inp: 

an unauthorizgud use of my name. 

know nothing whatever abouts 

\ ry r r 
the parments in question, and 1 am 
indebted to you Por havang piven tie an opportimity to deny my cone 
2 f : 4 

nection with them in any way whatsoever, 

‘ Vours truly, 


Dee fete etme ee St a 


/ Aachom Gila 
C : ’ | 

’ 6.58 


ef os ; _, . 
Mean dio: a 

hhpe nok be, Vian igh 1offi7? 
tatticen, bet 8/70 
Ai tren Sar tt/77 } - 
If 1 ln (hangenit) Jom 9179! 




ely dear MWh duow : sad | 

I. rwulearturusr rte Copy 
of OM foun Qe inpaiee “Ob Aye Vv ie 6 

hath 7 Binet, ord a eof y of Ayre Mer 

ee . ary: Ae tine f- LALA tnveo whith, 
Servet at pret ok, bre lw Beveneehon 
" the wheeler. he th nea aff heed fir Murs : 
Arran fotos, tweet AY? Sh Rede SG, 
Thee havebro to 4 Ue Ja Doe 
Caces foerewnriocrne-. G fun SAN ec, Chim a 
Yo FO wut Wo. FY — 7 . 
Gree Mo. & 6 Core cu Mba Anfn outs 
> AA0insws Yr AAA MML Conn ning hnph “bn, 
 Methrot rk weorracng , Marferrg tre 
Eur rf—thy WWI, Vises aed rf 
he Cave 5 - Gace t-of—w : frre 

an Ore 
AAV Gf AMA te. tte be - bix_ehp itm 

MOL ge by lang tendo wey 

JF a 
Sele De eure Stating Goof 
og > Clewe utes fur CS Diana Lot 
= t& afply « uy Uli. frlal Uw. Sark 
eterav Ce wns f. pte (111 8. te 
th oA tw deed Crp unl ts Ah clot 

| tf he eppleertan | ts - Che Cate of 
fku f. nti). _con- Cos hg ew os Aertel 
a Vt Co HK. at » _frahene Thy bw lke Sane 

Case Aad. bun GLEE a Keit, OU that” 
Seek. Crecso Were LUne peek Str fit 

bebo - thy OCS fe plivl -W parla i an 
a fee offe eid by, f lear ae Sfrtint, 
CU ¢ ti OW the AL oK 
0 Mar bl 165 Myre ts, Bie 

Aneta Cons tw Se ja urn 
eg, A) Attu. ‘ 
Sr rou © onwinel awe 
Cnt. Loran OCrvrrg fre 
Coun turte You age As font 


; Fs ° heh Anka An frrniibanr 
© aur Craw hero ~ Oe’ 
‘ te tern tte ke Spin Levan G Ay 
° fr aw atti ho tare of-thy © 
and Plsonrs 2A ee AN Sette, y 
tn, Cael prea Rrery- ba wren Cuts nfurrenrtons 
+ Wirt the Len ren thal notte 
r) Calcd _ uprow th Hoe deny Cain OF hrok 
6 wil print cothorn, lev Ob GLA. 
6 of bitline Sf 0A prs treh vr 
© rm frennoils iv Cy Murtid lets 
Ot Pthartin the hife ofany duck 
* patiats when oftarna” 
OV aro abt i dma Qu” wher 
Kew hare Ae a COE) Yoel fy | 
KVoteeth ateo tr furs 

be apply fore firtits vn art Wray 


LU Caw 

Qua Lo, ff, ; Cah. Hoar farts 
Pow ~“Vrtrrr of em 

mae hows ae Worwv0d-, 

‘ Ow te Od by pea! & 
a G. rs ape e oleae opel a Sf otrily 


Se rere . 
MO Ata , Met ZL, rrp, Shunt 
sy faa Ass HAR wre na Pedy 
he fereithe; rthinwee Awe 
gies Brwmittih ovr takin, Lo | 
: tll ee Loe Crete = 
- fo Comes fionr dire fy Lat : 
Aa ntttirs Kove. Quarngh Lr ght 
Aft bs ware. a few Core 
Shaoud FF Che fr ts Ms 
ane ~nbFt vtA-bety vor feria h 

AAI eet bi pintinnee, 
ssuenee ora, t bj 

etug?!/ we 
at Ed ~ 

boot ’te gi é So sada th, aa i eg 
oe Kite cha fo, My. har, cohort rot, a 
| teary, ba AA ae ath 
ean tows oe - - 
fo _ oe (Matarte Ba purr aad ety dene npeasac parks 

sie Wee uw Aart 7% A 10K AA aarbrek: Af 147 
a of - ye red wee 



tay AAR Af: fee Lt AAD AMGAAD ZBL o-bg ot 

Abd aft peta tp ww 

Rwye, tensed tlta- aa te PP bart G/en, fr Bee Ana fis Ov eanans 

wre (ie frcetbanan wre that-- | ae fad nade 

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ae bieaitip-ns fore hp natin AN 

sar thee ZINA nite oy 

thes play Aa. hace v 

Sherk. rw, Cora rttiaeds 

J het Apene Crum Aiate 


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A Crare &H avd, £4. 

biwe Dovel hay at thu Wwe 

Per nels La1end at Yaad heater net mrake. Sr afgeee. wee y } 

Che abyetinf sarhiscelr parle Afr 

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awe Weer Aah. O-Y a y. ye he 

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AAS ee / Cuen wa va at tA. 

Avent a 
pee oes hestaeangon thet Shad ether -biw. fo, sae 7. 

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day eee p mete ences Fa 
ty. AYOL ne cr “Fetes WALL antabinajrn AB: an; play fev 
2 * fh. €4¢ Coe 

A t wedh Abide Mii patinla ana 
The aS te “8. adhe iad AM AL f, AA E AAA ty. MNRAS 

Ue be 4. EB: Ag ‘det ts thes AAAS youre tes At ‘thai. ios 
aes hy chy Baga, BAAD, | Uuatin gin 4 

AG ates As “Cae Nea an-— 
Ata | “atng hist eT es ie Arner. tt han | Contprnt cn, tad 

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i Ria vy Bye ia CA hee. At Gy, the forasstrrt fesse g 

ad. t Wigan. 9 , 14.0 We’, 
, | y Ly bi . ’ 
Me Nila ire OADEL AA thee reriirtad ba nina 
satel Appl, Yeats sar th, sac tif AAA oh rhage 

ow they! DAA a Aad prew APA aman we 

a fasaviniee, we Aa cfosarcthe pumsivs J : on 
Aaa botiniee say ay tue. ee ppaoed. Gand net, ty haring 

ae) portant 

Ay » POE Ee. vam Ak | the ae prctticadh 

Af hie by, Pe iad's", Bed af tft Joe es Awa? 
t fry eh Mb bodes emer Ay. pscdlil egret ef: 

ih dha 4 Ap! Mh gene of, Cys ‘etal aatiy 

see Cn dia fil Hid i anaithradaprrd Ute be hes ye 


afr Aberin § 

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eeoEP REESE eee —_—  ° on 

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io Op anpader tls * Ahaaae Cg BOM ihe mata frarvageptcr. . 
vis Oe dh teh he desange Aanebe ba, Aufanpandine, 
eyes a C2, A ane ng gd, 09. Atty AREA AMD Oe 
the SY OAR Mowuennd Aa, 6 7 appt fit, psa ote 
oy 2 yj Le bees Befeagl, © xp, AAG AB MAY Vets 
es AX Gerry Rgtar A fue anid RR RM ota GD types 
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HIAAAA Add, frthae atten wre ty HiAs-uhj Charen 
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ALR, , eaisiaeagnateectt Af AGUA4 ate pleg none at ail 

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AOC Ahruterg Aen ate. Ma e- Hey. ro Of: BAY or AM. 
ee Ne Kg OAD /UAKRD wre Aaya wooly, Oply Gan 
Leng 0a Me -shont Aon if AMWy AAA 1 AKA? , OR MD rs 
‘Dea the. wee fo. a On eee FH an FF - oan 

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haar Lg ner’ wor tatirccta of AtAAL ah obs’ qos , 
Brrcwedr Marae. Cre Abr t tree Le af crveerte Vole. 
Coal thaw he DH pat fhe hasttae - peer tae 
fave O64 Roa ae Ob Cee oui tren,” 
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prceietn of a pt ea AH. acgrbeaibiat itt artnet § . 
Gt ee ang RAD) MAME ‘ten, : 
ete ey Aten GE Agor’ Nii Mia 
Cpe a eee Aripnte obo LUPLRAL IM Ye 

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Atha le Alay, 
ur-a-t Otrhag | boy. GARD: but orally _ bay 4 tact f a act 
Crrotremfc «a hx Ry Vi, ArtnD 4 S Sa G8 Cn orden é. 
Chee Aa tte of DAA f Print jes acne i 

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COTA, Aareter : yor, "ets dg Affine! fe~ 

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Cflen AA. red, is ok Otided FMawt, &6, Pe ier, 
Loe te Mm Ort td: Asie teed ene cin teks lion | 
faeces SOOM § pee oie Ay eta An bU0ee he Ki Prey ie 
#7 60 CULE eH prea Ot, | 
ay oe “ae oS 
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Sister GR Ke ok : ; ; i 

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‘Avy Curate AK fo af Atte, bt AY OY 
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the Fed ANB $E TAA AO he 
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be Wath... CLM ir tper Hak fli the Wf t. fat te 
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Cgeran tea MY tre ola 
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Plhrawrtte he _fotlow2 tr pnd” Lou Qard 
Mo wrtTee ALGAE le AA fart | 

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egos Anaburtions anacat be eefrete) 

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the Merce of-breo Kuurder ecdechor ee 
whe the ke fs Prete 0H, worn 

WEEMALANG treo Cto-w Aarne Aw 
ane Arges prrelo-tre9 CAD thurrerighhy 
De Crate - WRAY, 
oe oe polrbry co aot - bo ~upty. G Snch, 
ey “a he One DL ianur, osea 04-109 TAIT cane 
Coe ALE See? pew aw eM wwhhpe> 
Mth of he than Mottin - Wwe deat 
hid oheuti ba'y Method of adyertasyyg 
Yow aa, Ceuta 9d fi pte. 7 Hey hpure, 
the a ffret ¢ Uctisy of CO mace av bia, Fo 
Coreen | eee oka ee Mate - Me 

cokes A Aavoerd Ofer AA a eterore 6 TT 

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hate «4 
yee Cate mistenrten 
ta free Puen a ently Cr oe Mating 
of Dt bp 4>Hte AGA tae faa Le. Pde. 
~ Cong - nar. f) p eg rW fata 
> q _Cpaecane SKF» 
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oe. AZ aa (ta. He Ars 
Wet ‘au athe AS howe iin 
tw he Han ve wer_ nw pur eae 

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ne ager fiird ol fei th; 

(ftov ~ by "Sp Oty ttrrs ome KS ara 

¢ OH Cannes wy) OAL a Cter fe is AN-A_@, 
‘1 ¢ é oft Sip % 9 Fa dk - n aie, 
/# a bMiie ae oleh, S b: a” 2 
reece pig Ebest Mae a 
Ae pee “Yt tae Jet 
\ oe t bare’ CC wn ( fie Ue ae 
ee Cone Hon eae (anon ae ae 
af { tA af C a: / mn Vif, pene 

pag ee ke Lb hut, 

ae , A A K 2 a mtter ae 

f Vis: 3 = P 
fe oh Cog, TERE OEP. 4 


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“Corel of 26600 eget 
note of l arbi, at. tl : 
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as s eos ia a at whe psterers at 


+ 29, 98, 
¥. 6. Nastilngs, Bac, Seety, & Tresuiy., 
Madson Mla aevi a Light Company, 
New YovR City. 

Yaar Sh pre 

Tom vrey mish obliged Yor your ishior af 17th gear 
Ent ing that you would furnish me with copies of aontragus eb igh 
ave missing fro Mr, Fdiwn’s Tilen and to wbies he is » party. 
itnslore herowstn a Liat of sercemonts between Jin, Fdlaon end 
she VInight So. ehich cever . “\.4 Aeaumanss in cust po ee @. te 
OY Ragae eauseets heea heen wade yet woon Me. Pdign me 
thy: Sdght Compeny, dn paniaseaen with otherg, ond are entered ai. 

PAuES 2, b & ve “Miah Eo dgalce to obtain La am ogmprett recom ay 

es ayery Park 

3 "ygreemente wita the Light Company, etd 

sopord of Wis szremente With the Tieht Co, Ju aoagunetion rite 

oRbova, B23 at whieh you havt in your filwa, Wikh you kindly 

samare this Lie with your reeomis eid gsnd me eouies of wiy 

gersencite whieh ave not montionad therein. 

En yous Bethe. ox Ub lpatast you refer ta a Lets oe a 


Pada addressed te HK. PF. Fabhet, dated Sov, isth, Lévs, 

SRG chews 

+ yas 

%, OR ahaves af stoagk to 

fox gertain partion, a 

LRU], netween your fQonwany eb Mr. 

ay ugPeemen, uncer dupe Marah ff, 

Fdigon dn yelaslon to ghe mprakgotnra of Langs. i hava ne Bop Ati 

3 wile wiowiLy eend Chem to me. 

at thasea tre yaperp ad wha yo 

tagerner with thoga asked fo# showes 

Youre vary oraiy, 7 

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SGdeer Tess os 
Hm PATE 5 

“Garrissn, WN. 3. 

Yo wee 4 See anal 7 
5 Us acknowhedge resaipt of you sheok Mo, 255 
elite FG Ren 


ts tio Cyarten PoLiees dn Ay wien? ‘ 
g,in paymens of my galary to Oot. 13, Lee 
” ° ae Ie 

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“ng Spry Seca apie Ants eam A Sari Sib ar game 

Ret. 20, 88, 


Re your note 3! 

" 2, Oy rt Vents : > te 7 : . 4 ry 
4 fen S think it iee¢easnry thes Sou cnonkld Gi ssasy the 

Toy Contrast whit Juae ie. 

£300) on Re SO MWY CNS Yan ¢ mh ft Ghee PaDt ed gay Aywe ae STAN SOTO S | i OG 
; 2bES , 
eed rales NOOB MM ate want, 

in Pogerad to the chee coe yee, Ah one tah of 


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FSOn S pertion a? sia My Pov pis on doneig:y wh bet 
Ao oweosrved Yor you dy oleate ko Aten epee tea wh Lownie 

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Tier vilte * alten hircHidaay and HEEL 

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mrade Jor - oh A Pp ft African 

Sy ee a ae whack. ba. (hannah ) 
Chi Nr. Sat, Co. Atactinn 

Rea cg eae ae 

Cems we? 

Ne "y he (eA. ap mas as 5 arse KA bi cile Ah RD 

A ag oe ub tead tala Ran day ced. thre raf ee ee we 
/ f # . Aan guant- cnrth aA tf Anat 7 tb abe 
Daf aaa ly Ame tind of yw. Bears, knd Crean 

thatallen as (0 0 ects eet Gan gaere one 
vA Fan hbelt a ere af ow facaiats Para fale 

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Gy hea fhe aovk /hqyur >) f thous — Akt xn 
fs y ak eA ara Marte ba 

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4; OF brs fis Me aaa lite 

har fir UA all 
(Forald [fanrd GNI PVR A 
ap pty free (Amn aw prastiannee 
A Poe cae Ld tae. bhwrrnrgiat” Ay ag mele Ae wy rad 

“Ve we orf the Prga pearateal alla ch pees 
OK € ff ve Cad LeADTA baat Bl { arr) puncte Beall Poe 
fire lege, Atk er: i ft tan Cf Aste 
tak fen! Af ll tre AACA, ALO fo AA AKU, f 

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TOAML A ako FE pee 
4 thang out) 
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loaner bs ob Cores (id Ao-0n sp aot” At forebts, 
a’ Cuhifret @. edad off - the eaeat ge RA Ba. wa. 
Vly ot Ne disor. AN: ior of, She. Shear aaar , 

C ies Aga Lowers oO. pg ne (2 Y en 

Aare: 2 OAL WC fhelograph 40 G) VT. hth a. Ga 
BF aed 2 ad Of elt arte ; Is if 7 Z 
Alns Pere. L. brke ated the Kaira 

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filo a 

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‘Kanade dz ani Arab Phy, 

pee ‘Oar found 
9-Atng- RY, 

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| C A MH Gort a 

nen: il: A he ; ow 44 of Gr A. of vue 

tk the a Lon fo thee fole § a pagal | 
y oe am wD Ate 
v2 ea fear: ARO anita, 

| a eget 
Gon fine Ck, fohifiee 
ae led Aw felaksion, —? 

TAR fhe opera 

Myra A oe Sacrciags hte 


a ae 

ee ee 

Hohn Rervey, Bag. , ; 
Weetepy Pabli bh ing % iinpsagser Gov, 

Your Lebiest of B8th ult. haa rereined aunaevarcd 

untsl now ottug to my sbo@nad Trop Orerge, 

To am sorry thot ve have ao aketub of Wr. Paison’s Lif6 whigh 
vO gould eng yous "Raintn onda His Layontionns,? publducets hy 
"aReting & HoCloxé, Chagam, and Tita oF Ubpsiwas Ay Maison, @ edited 
by Cassell, honinn, ef wth very goed and might nervy your yilte 
pong. At pr@agn se We ure ait of Sessa hs of Mp, Radcony meh 
neva ordered a apr Ay Bnd wa Bhs Ma they acme to honed wh fare 

werd you ong. Ye have no phasl plate portrna ye, 

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Sel pte Meawnene yy 
Maem Ro owes iY 

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x baat TS 
7 *: e 
: 305 
RO me ae 0 be Baie ak ween ee RR ee ph Sigh) in cS, soepihaen teh aye, . 
Gey, EE BES 
Vis M. AbYs Weta sire 
i : 
MAPA Lisson, ete, , Pu. 
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che Latter qeubresc mo ub aay Pm vey ty tad ott fee 
whist you reper cere tas de, BA ada war (fe, Bahson 

hp OR VET ce i sob 
yew! he ugens ale. 
AS a oy ver *, aagder eh Sova ag pa yigey * ot “4 . ry 
the plan tas, Tae PUSS OS alg GIG, 4 Ghood om 
ae t aoe t re 

under waAber, Get ond shorae tb 

atia put anen tas tune, Leto % 

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sith a diavhregm, and Pint atretuhal wie sg oan from sadh of 

ene, 2G 


te noimali digphrags esnnse se 

& Ht Ou) 

vibrations thrarh tne’ water se om figtande, 

to vequme hig work in this 

th: oxperimente wisi bs coms 

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“yes eaten by 


ee Spe ais Fes 

wo ee egies ee ee 

Flany Sirte 

fi Ghoorveteagth. ton the gehe ag 

Syaesy doe une dette? 

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» Reo Oho. F 

oh, Potete et 

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oad Witte ta Dade Vo Rorws, dates. Pet. 

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‘arnt get ¢ nis: 

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semi, “hla gpperiytien © 


pent You erews thy 3 oats War, 

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Viwaen for 
Sibrrews Se ee 

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Konno tel: Td TY ay RD 

SER tree re meena tee pee eth stir StAbaGttes cranites oe pee eee B aot ad gs os aa oa . 
= x ere = seas om = Se eee ee neta ee ee ee) rete ses 

“og. tend ot th datemest y P 

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m Peo 

ors Th! Sites 2 SSe ye Sy, 

Meare, Seston ot Meritt spec os 

Lae Siswa li; Street, ty, 
Detroit, Mies, 


J es mm, », : 
Duty Birate rants 

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Sn oat sie AP OL ARN Zne, Yous, Lastex of sth oo 

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mea al GRY 


Sharer this question? 

tre Gozen thiek erMadurany. Tat businees man puts on a 


throw ppeotaedle dawn and dletaten. hon 
he takis it of? and sends 14 to typewriter, shy Cop lon 
off ayiinder, PEwHORINY ROOT aylinger 4eo husintas wan. 
allows wwe of title eylider and yot bu si pag pn FEM OF 
adswetings Roun 4192 

Rsoy me pa stage 
keure Meee 4 

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Sappoat a ten pea tro mashing s ang 

oyl ings, 

tht sylinde: is Aad 

mid tary 

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bist -§ g rear mos carr Ale hee DPatidl 

Cet 2 a 

Ck ke of af “ted: a ‘el 
LO bern ll J 
Ato cd Ke pek. 

Gueloved five hhcrs fx ara 

Sota ni ron eo oe, eo ee eee, 
a Gy Ch: ? SY eg 
ae cee eve ty LOWS fo teats 

| ft rAaChi+ be onse ate Coot hack Mee 

Dre 0 DA ena bie OF haart Bycag 
Yat Aa poppers bre latee 

nA A Maat bepore r gh ea hy 

G57 ann 2a WOW 

A wae, 


fall, ee 

| alre aty | separ DR oatiar bee. | 
| ad fe _ f fsa AS fr linls Or. 
| Cnet | cae f4 Anna £ 4~ aff fier foe 
Co wy lant Ara lrnry meat Otte 

satis be ff 


© Rev of s 

MA, et ony 
FF. (oe WA aed 6ifbdly : 
we. a Gf 
sila 1a. ail a 
tat nh abactat ~ & 
ARGH busts oer 6 Cleneg 
VA fer Caf fic entrar Sane ragy 

"be WEA Ce rore. ey & 

Moyats, Mead & Tayviar z 

Hes 'Surtaha 

S,intonidi movigying you wnat we wud motorist 

PAQUAIO You to wee a BU NES OG prozerky in Boomtleld-sehlea 

ba she 

a Ee 

Vill@, he ma sich Mey Ropers hen giwen US-Relngt suPfietons for 

our purpose, 

Yours gly, 

Privete Secretary, 



Nays 2, 2 

Henry Villard, Eag., 

New York Gity. 

Dear Sir ve 

Irn reterenge to your Letter of 86th ultdinn, 
gueting Trom oablegran whieh you have received from Barlin in 
cegnra tt rise in FRdison ximres, What inventions doe yous Dd ends 

refer tr? 

Thue war loads of urs crom Wisconsin referred to in your 

Lotter wneer reply have not yet reached us. 

Yourta yery truly, 

Kev. KR, da FPessenden, 
The Reatory, 
Ghippryn, Ont., Cansles 

In reference to your Letter of 22d ultine, 

See ee 

ieon asks mo to suy that your son is smeking qood progreas 

nics tair to be, in time, a first alass chert et» 

Yours very teiy, 

‘Potiyatie Secretary. - 

oF ows ? 
Noy. "3;7 ws. 


Mame terrae et 
en'’2. rane gp Derr, 
‘ ‘ : ¢ 
yf A ong Star 
Grerul noley’t . ost: st 29h t 3 
Dntiianssodia, Inde ; Teer, 

7 . . ‘i : d é : 

* “fogs a coe $ rt % ‘ L Hd t t t* ¢@: 
¢ ’ « a4 ) 
f ? sf é ; ey : % s ; 

ti|¢ fy. ao AC 

Pa _ 4 
Deer BA vee 
I naye rercived your ditsar of Slat ult., 
. , ‘ 
enjLocing 2 gommupigutbicn 26 reysad 70 myselr by Sale Gourria 

ent take plengare in replying the game. 
The phonograph iv ig be mor qhands sed “ba $he United Stator 

and Canada by the North fmerdosn Phonograph o., Na. 169 Bryadway, 

Hew York Gitye Thia organization jz a parent conpsny, Bre} bie we 

method in tg form aub-sompanies, granting territers al .vighty to 

vat Saad 

thaliatter, % da not kriow what aomiztion this? Leak ve gy 


ticls are in or whit spportaunity there may "8 for ypu te form a 

gonfestion with tie North Ameria peophar poh T hewp do rvarded 

youl Letter to Myr. decse He Lippincotk, President of the North 


oto ities eomuembente with you 

Area car: Pine 


Sa ee cee ne 

erty 2 Beg 

Yio Baten Lienp Co. . 

; Rarriyon, B. To. 

Ree aha RR eS RTS ESET ae Ae SERS teary Deereemeneeser ee moe 

iz vefernnze to your Letter of Lat inet., acting if 

My. Eaiwn. desires yo to atnd comple hosed altving the Raise n 

lite in. course of sconatriection +o Prof, Rebearis ant otatra, & 

BO: tO say that Mr, Medison has given his assent: 

Ropirta one eampie mué af Laaps, sample hoert of sonstivytion 
me photograrih af the Lata lan from Sinainnatir 


Yours truly. 

Pris cahe Seare tur yo 

Nov, 2, 88, 

Prof. Bo P, Roherts, 
Sipley College, Gorneik University, 

Tthnaea, No Yo 

Deer Sirte 

In reference to your letter of 27th ult., the 
“aiwn Lanyp Company, by requezt of Mr. Fai eon, are sending you 
one guaple ease of Fdizon lamps, one aanple board showing the 

Faison lemp in gouge of eonstiruetion, and a Photograph of the 

mammoth Edigsn lamp which was erected at the Cinoinnati Exposition, 

Yours very ‘tmly, 

Private Secretary, 

‘ . 2 . 

2 ATA en PEROT ee mt 3 Coe faa, 
ETT, RRS EEL ONT a OR RN Le ae qin ceitan ys 
7 APE ER peeves, 

Nov. 2, 68. 

Jesse Hs. Lipoinaett, Meq,, ’ 
Pres't,, North Am. Phohogreph Cos, 

New Fork City. 


Dear Sirt« fo ; 

In, vetTeronge te dive aitadghed corresprndince, “MY, 
Beian vars ma to say that ini ‘agPee tx dy he cylinders sant to 
Boston were caused through oyr heaving samemataered our cappl-iance's 
for mating sane fran the Lobpratory to the Jgibson Phongagranh 
Warkse Wo Sourd it ynecesagzy in.verder to turn out Lear qviane 
titien mw break ina number of new hands, who, ped unfamild x 
with the method failed ‘to ngke the first Lot finished as perfesst 
az thoge which were proviaysly turned ont by onr om mene Xou 
need havs po fear of reaelying defentive eylinders in the Putute. 
we ea Fone ee nateus hy exprasa to Mra -Unae WEIdome, FB: 
State St., Boston, one hex nontpining ‘seven wyliyviers and three 
msi Gal, ‘recoritm, The iene warp rosted haters thoy ‘Ler the 
bavoratorg and Found to he pat iatnatary. We hap# Yhat your 

hos won people wil} ‘pepory promithy ny facile they saxperLenoee 



J. My f 

in eo Neegtion w ith ayh iftien' a. 

ry truly, 

Yours ve 



frivate Sseretery. 

sauna Ge 


Vator wh, Leis, 

Tatil PE AY Madey 
“Mayisteee hrugy 

St Ata Neetave Nae Kanag, 
Mv ab py. We Gey Prehees, 

YT hase sour Deere fe oF Me LH tngeanty ay Sy peiy 

~ de ns a a s 7 ‘h ; * ad = 
‘ghey io ateaya that, Wr, Wily fo wapiiecdeen te mrt 4 , oS 
Hag veya te fig Pocag rer as os oon leer pepe , ; 
eS PE pote at QUAN, Ta VeSnks Yoermee are 
ina wm nageans ef soda, | ag ytiares any sethynaty armencee hoe 

ies lage ss 

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to have our wrk retarded oy farther comprtizica which should not 

I would gall your aviention to the fart rat, srery Tdi son 

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protection afforded hy whe Juve #3 Chink and Japan Ehgul ¢ 12% ae 
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athe Henke , U 5 SMrtey, 

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Tan sanding 


upon whigin Yo have 
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. Yants 

ere Fy 







Letterbook, LB-026 

This letterbook covers the period August 1887-November 1888. Many 
of the letters are by Edison. There is also correspondence by Charles 
Batchelor, Alfred O. Tate, and John F. Randolph. Included are letters relating 
to ore separator patents in the United Kingdom, phonoplex sales in the United 
States and the United Kingdom, proposed central stations in J apan and Korea, 
and the international search for sources of bamboo for electric light filaments. 
Other letters pertain to Glenmont and to the construction of the West Orange 
laboratory. Some material concerns the finances and operations of the West 
Orange laboratory and the various Edison companies. The front cover is 
marked "1887-1888 Indexed." The book contains 482 numbered pages and an 
index. Pages 365-482 are blank. Approximately 30 percent of the book has 
been filmed. 


Baatned Sh 
I Gaw 

Ya tu, of tn 
ge ar 
Mine Poe, 

Mine Aen. AE 

“song Minn Sonate 85h 


nagsr Az 



TUES a oie Sear 

a, Y Wt 106, 

1,2, 9% 8 flow 
as fore 

4, 5, o~ & Gaged 
Mam: He 
NOG= FS Man 

GO® Saloon . 
nr Fas 
Ts “a amteress 
: pat - iy ia 
ree 18-6 an 
——_—$irell { 8° Kacy teflee flanged 
Ae 3 " hens Se Ps 

fer: an 4 es 

Yh HM" tetasutuonsns? Alien, % ie WwW Cine Le vy 
Oaulisned we tusk Khe ‘AG anor: M4 2s Babe 

sth, fllest>. 


i ese 
| 4x6 vp Te le 
i“s ye 9 Mom pps 

Me hugh 469 Ww abet IC bet 
Pras G"7 6 

au luck t Ao 
Qe fF tut b auacds Aft A 

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“4,6. Ge pe then F° 
"5, "6, = Flaged brn. 

Bud if Bute Aulanu Sellen 

Me Beer fafise Hh Quay differ eur 

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> "/ Cocch& trl “73 m Beet ae 
| 44 Ah uas 

tecegh oo Lede Roget, ae awe Sree oh a sas Sin aa attest RA ia sai eet shyt 

ae cant /b- Rae 

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F Gitn 
fuged VW 

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ie ee ta Se Cae | "0-6? Jat vale (lin) 
“2> "xX 6" 46 "/a- 8" Gale vate (2te..) 
*3 = 5" Lhe, , Ou Cull flanged fet F°7 2. - 

“4 = 8" flauged 48° $ Gin 

"S GaH-S “augel Vg aa Yak Calee, 70 +72 gua? 
°6 = S$ clone. “8 able HE flere. 2 
“> 6 fluge fife Ef he thal tty be 
*P =O" flange) Ula Mtiwud frctl 9" &, ane, 

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tolyeke Saws ace 

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: 264A. late, cA eS rhak het bh, 
7 otk rr oterket fier areal’ 
lend PL. " Ye Pa le 
foam. Oeine: os UAW (ene: efnedt) 4d? 
é hie: 4. are. Cee. aad ach the ivi 
Ran tL ie 

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Seen enema oom ne ame nee ae Areata cin Rete et Tts emty ete en tent aly teesemeRMeneci yemerieraet iets eu site 7 

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of he eke 0 bole! aews 
aga Peers ee ee 

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blag Gee. 

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f top s . 

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| A ? - Beek oy OR PL TM aT 
| ROMA ee Aes ann me io 
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d, t; ota, Lt halk Lo Aegan Aplin 
a raft, tut oo ee wet Lb 


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hobt by) oh mince ad we, wit clo 
se ‘j 
ALLS Ley aac / 

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af “ ay S act lh see Cnn. Ay daanrngients, 

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: I% Lan As: 


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se oy 
Ets ¢ Z 7 
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SYtincliteth 6 2 06 
CMLL LA Aad ue rae rae 
i oi “6 £ 
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of ewer ee weiwtge eure se i eae 
‘ ¢ , ey J 
aes Me ae Pn bet ere 
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ve - F rer oa ais 
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% Rive age 32... rere 
akes a . wwe, a 
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ois as ee 
m soy are 
eS Be Boh, >. 
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an Lt LO £2) 

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qery, Bod 

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(ag ee bear Gis ] Zz ger a 
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a7 af - yar g G22. hontai a 

(ihe Orig A fe ee et ) aAyh ir kane ee for 
ai 2 OAL ] lo @é@¢ ts nto oF 
‘i 1,4 ” pu 
Jha a . Veo Kk fer Aan die 
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, oy 7 er” ~ fa te — 
lat, Cand Gwe, mae 5 a 

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Grn, . : Senos ney LO 4 dod a Qh ae 

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eae hoa Od ff ecae i thie &- 
C,. ne Ait Une tn half VK LAL. 
Saad boone, 


/ a 
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on ser > a a) 
a a“) le é 3 h ra pig 
om weap 
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Veh gran, yee 4889 
Oye re Oe 
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hth barvee untheah frowr then frrter ol 
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A besst-Can ee Levies 

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ae sande, Per 4} Arnie. LC 

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Maley . Augeiite MAthr 

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PULA, Pe Cy Lae bt PAD Aag fern 

en’ fe. be tu A. MAHA Shiites anh 

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tork. rd ie Bore LORE, SH. onl te 

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thet leh 
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Ma ntsebily, ee hb: | | 

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han AD | . Sop bapa a ag: yur i fans 
bt te res Lbr4, AE Lary - in le 
ot ban Lene.-9 AAre Uflr- oe Uh) OE. | 
Gon "set * Sousa e poe ot fie 
tee te ie ie oe fF eanm 
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Aves Mew porte (oa fothan 3 4 
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Arthur Lb. 
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he Gare 
WDeav der 

Letterbook, LB-027 

This letterbook covers the period November 1888-January 1889. Most 
of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. The letters relate 
primarily to the phonograph and the talking doll. Other material pertains to 
the construction and furnishing of the West Orange laboratory; the Edison 
phonoplex system; and the recall of Edison’s agent, Osgood S. Wiley, from the 
United Kingdom. Some letters deal with phonograph company stock 
transactions and with Edison’s financial assistance to his brother, William Pitt. 

There is also a list of Edison Lamp Company stockholders. The spine is’ 

stamped "Letters." The book contains 1,006 numbered pages and an index. 
Approximately 30 percent of the book has been filmed. 

sites eee: 



t py 
{ He, 
i thd 

Se nee eT oe 


Pos. kas 
A hartoe w favor, tie 
as Pe a ae, 

LOM Mikey 

: | a) joes 
ett thicenc hia peethe 

AST SEE GAPE so oe ISS pce eg iy eR a SN PATI Toa ER = 
ae Sree enone : Sets RR TAS EPR ERE OZ ARR eee — — 

2s ER S Pe a 

5 eh Tia = SSS = aperiens : 

Mr a ae 8 ai Li Ys 
cs bau sik: 
Me. have € Teoeh yo sour 
in re gad. to Ore MALLing. They wore, of oourse, 
you hag ‘reecivea Mr. Ratean* S letter wander date Dats 25%n, 
hi ch, he. ‘stated. to you that. ne aia not Jodie a a publio oxi tt a 
made ofthe Ora Mit ing pideese: and roy e you. 4 direations: ‘ty Tes 
gard to whet you are: to ao An. the: Hiture an this sonneaa | 
“With: re ferense 4G the anount. P sony wh ich “you art $6. arse 
monthhy fron vr, Dredge, the amounde whieh We mes ptioned 
isthe: . lee RE die tad lays Ly WEEE six igbrdé 8 

anth far salary; 

“Ye, were’ ht as 

“your, favor, 

oy Mro Raisone. 

1A mond 


Loy tea hy 

Lo melowe nerewin 

Sea ob 

_ the Haimn Phonograph Works, for thirty uh 


Nove 4h 5 

nr have: received your etter of 
t6 6th ult. in regard to patente, ma 2 observe thet you “treat Mr. 

“Mardingtisn' & communiaat ion as a “final wetth anent oy the. ‘dtaquesion, 

| Hardinghan is ‘gorrest BO fer tA. 


ne: he Hone, it he: hae not considered the wuple af the Sete, 

4 bah, an wo 

“and kept mé properiy advised in 


Fain 'y Machine Work 

mo RE instant. I transferred One Hurntre? 

‘Yor your infomution I give, below a iigt of the nertifi- 

gates and the amount’ of stout yep resented ‘b3 “secht~ 


iM are 

Ee oe 

WE dni, Zhonagroph 0o., Rakion ae 
He Your AfSies, with ond Pf his 
pirseord there. E have répligd, re 



en Hering mP monsags that 
3 of Lonéon.- I th 

sireaty taxea, oot Dole Eos 

I enolose herewith che 

oo in payment i of interest 

of same -and 

rin be. aoe r 
itues pe neoeasor y 

wk thous 
hes ait 

one to; yaa ta. feo a itt ee 

wwe ay v 

gontract for 


arPanged gon) 43. 

sor phonographss | 

Hr, Eddnon enous i 

rtigleg, en the ground that 

ath thas, df your articded. 

Mia Ecichn my 


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roe Oe ECE fenwok bog A 
ee 4 C AR: cn Cn AO we lon n_ & 

jte OL he pe Se PELE TS ; >» 
Ntrutices wits Ranreaetit 
cw Aheenn ta pr rater 
thyrcth. trerheek Yon Cra Reeth 
Me. | re Ah L te ant tan Boe 
Vy OA peg gees) pencaaes ae 

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EOE, Ce ee Le 

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7. CAL ERE A aaat® Lop grr tse 
4... tk r0oF Got ate te 4ote 

On that ’ ees Sai oy That es 

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aor aa PS — 



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ery Ey, Shine, 
ade 8t., Orange MN. ¢ 

cate, and when that ebus umd: 

polornc4 ta your Tether of Lit: 
ti PHdnagraph Yorks a net ro. 
“Fey Ganeet weooCnargavye Siete 

zhderntieon, Your better” ha: 
Loar tia Phonegrep uy Worhe- 

ure ‘truy, 



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XO: Je ¢ L 2 4 Z Z : 

» At CH FAL ,, oye oy hat Ae, Ban 
of. Mpon a I ee 

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Nfs he piurthle Pou oa 
er ee and beat, Ave 

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OPE. racetak Cs flpaBiet! in MS; 

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Foe lok cnke, Ba, ice? ame 

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“bs é thn Oey srs Fier gett 
Ab frag fee. eee aa ‘poeta ty as or 
Sia oh aetna. At Bo 
> Mere fom cep eS whee Be wi 
Se a Be! 5 fae & aie’ aye Maw = tO 

Ata ee ATs hong foaer- Bearin Mage ds 
SRE ee fe AA eh ook, 

ae WG Say 
| eg Fil adil Py. 
see ae 

Tehe ghaf tt* ft Se fey, PLACA MA a, Cm aoe 
Nea Be Pare) AUF MATL MOA H£0 a. he BA 
pte TArcad- off hn ? 


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ke. se, at Avan lé + 
hye ~ Fh Ph nek nes aren ote 
Sra pg ah = ohana pag 9 Ma 
BB pee Part EBAY _ {an 
AE bm fb omoony 
F bre toree my Ate fe ° 
f eh oe 

paapir, f mgr ra ncaa = a 

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cs { a ‘ sa ; . lea 

law 0 Meth Rae tp CALA: 

ee, ee tag af- y 
Ctaaee. Conte F hy te ow o® prsgonr's 

L him he ELS ObneA- 


eg oe d 2 
: a ¥ 

e7 hk 



Herry Vilgerd, Maa., 


a wie ee 

hi coer Sa wes te slay » WLER te Row raph Pk, 
it aes Ton af ge to Mew York Wee ee 

he 6, Tensin ‘ 2B Me Yeoh Weririts dary 

Nov, 19,65. 

Meyers. Dyer & Beosly, 

Hew Mork City. 

Trager Piss ~ 

“Y return horewith iranch wu Garman pawers of 

cos ge ARE cata 8 2 al hy ur Sdn, 

Bettany ote 
You 2 
o. A ioe er 


2 Ort fs ugar 

5 Mhiowing cablsprmes rayoived 

cet Ne Ye Se. w, 20,55, 

bo. thet ofdetecg Peet Aeedeme 20, Shek 
£ owiiete cor feeunety Af gf, oush Fix 
ae! BE Gres. Wan ofeuptasd co not M4 

old ing trament. 

HOSTING, NET Ton. Noy,. 20,88, 
; Sand good regord irom yordoasls for Mayar™ s, 
hope Sou Neneniper. 

ROuRAUD, NOANAeT, Nov, 21,48. 
Teoritters zit yoru THs all oii dnstrumenta, 
whian sve @aplieet?s af yenits. Do not wait 
for new dnatrumenta. Will expres" mY records 

ata) trtdiutel y, 
Yours _ tre — Te 
ie ’ Lo 

Pare ve 
Ae Neg ot fees 

» Tay te. 

Bees viRoarta Ha iad, 


AN OM Pay 

Derr §irt-e 

Loarvloge horevittih epee a Laster Ynich | haya ad~ 

aengen to Gookes? Manager Pach, with toluctilen te Bh noplex apree~ 

Sompary may “he -pph otha, wo peer? pri ciples, 
alms Ptocrhi ny wgreoumte, To wyaeld vleo have m pre judios, vases 
pare cre yeasts rou, ‘agad int, Peamipthyy the nse of ny 

Ven tluind AD Sas SAN econ 

ise tars oie TY) sages iene 
Ways Vera tia Nye Pigs, unevs mentioned, Ib hye Yefarradg 
UMA S oe comp iiyatiberns. vet a. arise should X 4ytroduge this 
Dmmatien tite my tamed, In deni dag, ma L constantly am, with 
* lurge otanver of pot ented anventions, F4 {5 vere neaessary that 1 
shold mroyive tire moeern of tlaot tnetytione po obtaiy Preng mt 
sngordity fer nue tae6. Mawr st ce Leta pakhoriny fo anges 
: ae 

At soudds “Lay yy 



Nov, 2, %. 


WMA ve 

Lieve bem OA LS copp labios oy coreplay a Nae ty 5 

cond’ alulsi having oral authortt) fom ms Dae WATE oid ale eed US 
po vary materbagd ¥ 6 Demet tes Nemes they fa jt OES pada ty oS 

totiyhiy using ny inventiorms undir sich wortal authori sy 
SY wie aveemeorbeahion cy foretory Left with Mra typed ge yi 
preperky redo yotrs ongata tanding of our arranger, Rowhghe yoga 
we icd anouisn fo Tave Ghtmexeaated and ang cor retinas 

tp we lar osy files. if tity. co mf ucaurd with your cand eF stand ng, 

Towidi jo glad ts aonatear sy mypeotidns Miigh you hewa bo mye Cs 

—s mee 

Yows very traly, ~y 


’ 10 

Nove #1, 48. 

ihe egy te One Fe: +5 Sey Me % 1 te 
Choe Babs, CEP re Gao jae “Vy Same, 


Penndyhvacdia As llroaay 

Palviuslphia, Pr. 


ESBS pees eo eS bee PF 

“Be . . at 
Vito steered to the attached. cbpy of c 1 -ster 
vat Cont, Yaw att pug Petite, Toseat iy Brivets Secoetary 

a ‘ er ee vue ge paonmt to Phones 

mene Le Ak 


uty he went on to Altoone prd ser Wr, Ene. 

ocd tun imym sorreapondenee we hows had wien tir. Poole: 
Yous gastie: af the Phonoplex eontracts te nhish you co... 

1 tho ear es dng yet to reaugnize the validity oF the rewinria 
ad inte de oc tommelty whisiv © om gaits willing to wadve,—end diy 

cretyery Left wit! Mr. Huyehicson, to be forwardad later on t 

noo" areugheRr, Petite, a copy of the apretinenc loom wich. 
(+ setion above referred te mag been expunged, anc alah weer: 
webetial yodinte af tre understanding thet at vrustnt 

ced ot othe cate! fo ane pour Sengany, bet Whinh Rua net yet 


ewes oag pet On dey! J ny MIRE one, 

ve i Oe Ne Aerie. ADS as “8 op yy 

cotique F) facemy, that the o-tent bo reine Rae So. Ti Mtn 

tithes » - oe nee of them enoukd be racerdes da some fauc: ake 

Por, Ub PS ours to me that your Canpany would 9. 4? 

ifs cum Interests vy Dleeing on fesord its right to u:: 

whdgh will ne more valuable to it ag time poes on, 
ioe net insist upon the exeoution of these agreements or 

want of Yaith that any vertnl understending I may nave with you 

ur brahald ¢f yonr Company will be fully carried out; but bocause 

atranganents at this character ata irresular, and ,in my Luslndag i 
DOME BOS ite dlee Bho tetaolishment of gtrh 3 Lh ogee ' 

darren te nels asvenlew 

dant woos cteye ta gtrengther tne paakoton af other ctgqwith shea 2 

ch. lan td Sutere padi fe: whom Doma act lawe Uh 

muewns wh vou adengee,. To permit thea nae ato my Lrerytters 

Meo aatra to tbhbain PrGmst oes a dyed cet. 

go. davaly wolerstand, lead to very verious cOmptinatins: 

night fusnieh sufficient grounds vor som@ one $0 attack my P) 

te the invorntions in question. 
. I would point out that the agreement whieh will be preatntcd 

vo yau makes provision that the inutant your Sergiy otasds to use 

my imvéntior:, oll obligation to mz ia divorr s cic» that be, 

tne agreement ia active only co long ws ec soe cue or des nena tir 








Te Lesraphya 


msplex Syet- 

Yourd vory pgraty, 






Oo ye 

Vattae . 

Ae OF lata, 

2 Mall $t., Nt 



‘ ear Store. 

Noting your 

OL te eau ens Ss y ‘ Sacto 

ak DOr wv dy, y Qyles ores om sawinne ee re * 
i mi : (ee eee rok Tanase ln mefatange 

the matter 

A ne Reb yon) 5 s , 
te 4 sat re “tht tees. vhns of which you spoke yet ys thought pt 

A beh 6a a 4. ALGO : . 
= oe inte FS MGMOSt Of thia kind, ag there clere sayoral 

HONG ntoub Et whiteli Wo Ui tah aye ee ee 


i eat bing oF 

he) ey 

Railroad Company in anv wes, ote ee a, 

Loy net see that thd: out ae eh ee poate. o. 6e 
ba Pa grey oh By art bas ~ . 
i, ae: R 5 F Pe AE OT AS wee 

é nutuslly with yourselves, are nory yiaed “nat there de angh 6 
PN system which cam bf civatitageensly ee pews cds ant buooae.. u 
vent our wiekime to sets 25 oe ne 
4 at . Yes » 
o eevee Mh ere a a De Mm ame: 
a ao roo y e overy We . Bary 
e me PERV £ 2 


le arf 

és fphncee Wire #0 Co 

Ae td Ff 

Muardir ! <2 z se ibid aisle gee MELA ap “ 

teen 19 Bie ak fpr see 
spatmedgeres tt 
Cane ngenint seca 

SI errr A a eS a De, 


4 wiabe ae, 7 YOR ae, 

Ces & ‘ > 
Tamiami stetyi, ob woos og ne i 
Wap Reds 8s pee wR s Sele at . cd a + ; yes | n 
Wor ab Pore Gap Pi ae Ve jecgieciy Ye 5 
- ‘i 

yf owsie sation and operation Cs 0. tt a fe 

co $9) peesive any one wham you rene te Lo 

esting und best toms at the factory wilh be 



Nov. 22, 3a. 
drion Singing Society, , 

Saenger Hallo, ed chin: 
Nevark, No ve aes F, 

f jytas 

Pear Sir pee 
Your. Letter of recent date has been duly 

reeaived. Mr. Edison will be very pleased to aee the mambers 

* of your Sooiety at the Laboratory on Sunday, December 2d, any 
time after two o'alock po m If it would we convenient, we 
Would hike oy much to have a donble sola martet visit UB bee 
fore Nee. 2id., in order that we might hive a emall trial before 
teidng the ehote ehorpus. We wild eend you Bons ime next wae 
* reser of gasoon whish wilh sadnit she members of your Sogioty 
to the Laboratory. Kindly let wa know the nonver of gantlemen 
yee oxpest, cone here and we will issue passes in accordante thare-= 

wi tho 

‘ . “APY DCTs T— | 
{ . 

Re ree Sac vate 

SW OSMAS ede a Oth dasvante 2 avteer 

| SE MERI OT Seca, oh Rae PAGEL vO OM Mie BOrge Carncan / 
i a 
ji es Sa hoe Wint GAM uoen whdwk Mm, Kadaon, Miro Gillie / 
; me Ry els Bry lit ; 

wots were to gathar at tno Latorae 

Weary o fe VRE vie Pe Mor, Lagtuse Pines the dete af this gone 

Persitay ae gy cone 

Me FE Geos On Res WE & wubsequent ‘intarad as 


Bue Tote Oey he Gta ay Uh any ef June, Yo think 

teeter, ks avpeura from hig Letter that 

wehhavaing aneh om Loterview touk slugs 

ity Ms 

Ta the doy be fara, ww Rhea efttect thon 


GIN PSRs we oa 
GUMMY PSR Ses trek wet eu E 

Ch Bowe Car saying tho Laberatory, 


An re gerd to the better phish you ageat Mr, Lathrop, sddresss4 

to She Star offies, Tom yeige mutt that he did not reaaivs it, 

Your very truly, 


' lew London, Nov, 18, 1888. 

aa Ree ne Tn eeee reas 

My Near Tate, = : 
This moming brought me your letter of yesterday, 
the 17th, .asking if I can fix a certain date in June ~ the day 
when I.¥as at the Laboratory and talked with you at length about 
the. “drop ‘nickeal® or’amuscas:t® phonograph; and hen TomLineon, 
Gillilend ant Lippineott wero ghostted vith Mr. Edison. By ree 
“ference to bills and other papers, I am able to fix the date almost 
-oxedtly.: I was in New-York-only twiee in June. The firat time 
/ Wag~from June 6th to.June léth;’ and the 24 time was June 224 and 
. dune 33d, . Thisznecond time I went out to the Laboratory and say 
Rdison for a few’minutes, That was tha cecasion when he told ne 
“there was to be a aonferenca with Tomlinson, Gilliland and Lippin~ 
aott the next day . oo «© eo OY perhaps he told me tha conferenye 
‘was to be later in that. seme day. I think I ran out to the Lab, 
again that arme day, or the next, Loping to see T.,.G.. md Edizon 
together, tut they were then buay with the conferenge and I did 
not’ see my of them. oo oo « »o I did not go to the lab. agsin 
‘until the other day (Oqt. 20th). ’ Now this June 22a or 2%4 
may . the date you are leoking for; tt it is not the time I had 
. the long talk with you, which you refer to, while waiting for 
Edison to get through with 1T,,@. and Lippincott. That time was 
during the previous visit, between June 6th end June 13th. I fine 
thet I. wrote to Mrs. Lathrop from the Glenham.on the morning of 
June loth. ¢ o © o o ok had beénh expecting @ d@spateh from you 
‘about meating with Edion, G. &T., mt as it did't come, I paid 
my hotel bill. and. liegt on the 25th. I find a despatch from you 
dated June 14th, and sent to the Glenhom. . . . » As this ia dated 
the dey after I left it must haye pean sent on to mé by mail from 
‘he Glenheam. All this fixes the time when I was at the Lab. and 
talked with you; for I remember I stayed in No Yo only a couple 

. Of days, after that, waiting to hear further from you. As you may 
recall I was urging that the parties in interest to the Amusement 
.' 60. ‘should. meet and consult; end'as they were all.on the grout 
‘then, I wanted a time fixed for such consultation. After a long 
" While Edimn,-T.,. G.-and Lippincott came out. Fdison said he’ 
 woukd, consult at any time when G:°& T. would. o +... o gould not 
> €8¢ euything arranged, ‘co I left:on an understaniing with you that 
. you Would ‘let. me: now at the Glenham az soon as a consultation 
~ Cauld be had... After waiting tw ‘days in.N. ¥., I) becam® convinced 
- that ¢, ana tT. were nof going to ‘allow any consultation to take 
. Plaae,.and so I den Deck to New London on the 13th. ‘This makes it 
elmost::cortain that the day’ when 'I was at.the Lab. was Monday, 
 JMNe1ath, (I think the tanferende with Lippincott that day was 
-.-Shefirst one that had beemheld} The later time was Friday 
‘areeah T oGANORL Map gat oe the On one of Moen anys 
the aay when Thad the tate a os G and Le; mut that was not 

| the time was before or arter 

Signed)G. P. Lathrop. 

oe oe : ‘ “ co coe ae 3 : 2 
you are’ trying to place may ‘possitly be that one of June 224 or 

June 250. Arcee | 

you, » « « You asking me whether 
June 28th makes me think. that the date 

iz . 124 

"vawmia Ro Upton, Kqo» 

Naryocar | 

4th watermece te Articole 4 of the revi sed sontrnat 

betweer tha Fdiaon Flectrig Light Goo of Furope L't’do, the Gla, 

Sontiner: tule Edison and Thomas A. Fdieon, I find that the follerine 

PRET eio ke tt ee vesveat to the pees .4 wiagdh Mey Fdison is 

io offer to the Tis, Gontinentske Fdisongs= 


ro Ecison wndertakes to offer to ths Cha, “ontinentead 
Maser. bn the sovnbittbes in whieh £t has the right tw 

worse, Ostenss of new inventions which he may meke ree’ 
isting to Ghecerd+ Light wna * * * canaries hoy ao” 
Yel 2 VSWET,™ ‘ 
Fe. rw see how Yr, Raison’ s Pyro-"agnabis donerator in 
soverad wy this provision. The sontract states very slesrly that 
Mr. Fdiaon ia to offer hia inventtona relating to the tren omisgss on 

O° s0tive power. The Pyru-Magnetia machine is a Cer gnc oF 

editine power, If Mr. Fadi won had taken out patents on ay meta o + 

taneni tic Sawer, £& wo.wld soma under YAM proviuion of Artislha ¢ 

wit INOWE Aeree 

Wee Bo LO ok eet Oa 

“tage, 2 sane 

wvsee Feet Bp Frere iy COnpany 

+4 cander the above er wena’, , 

Do you consider this a fely Point for ernunen tF 

Yours very vrakyy | 

meme Ry 

BO Rhy 

"| 28 Gover yrnan + 
tO and ontsi 8G r it 

Menleo,  s0neteaion ewyer BM Wyyte and 

wore d nery, 

\ ied ry aryh! lve te the Phone evap 
LOGE WADI Wa dpve 

aeis Goverment 

Yours traly, 


Nove ai, 88. 

Thorman B. Connery, Esq., 

Ante renter ne ttn negate serene ta ee 

Dear Siri- 

With reference to the foint Letter trom Gol. Georga F. 

Gourmid and myself addressed to you, relating to an apreamnent 

which, upon certain conditions, we propose entering into, regare : 
ding the introdwation of the phenograpi: into Mexiso &o., and in 

which joint letter the following statement ia made: - 

"The price for ahl phoriographs supplied to the Company 
during continuance of agreement not to exceed the aalda 
gum of Fifty Dollara por instrument &e, &c." 

it ig intended that the amount named ~ Fifty Dollars - shall sover. 

eertain supplies whioh will be furnished with each phonoyraph, 

Theee supplies are as Lollowe:- 

(1) Phonograph Battery. 
(2) RBattary Cord. ‘ . 
(3) Six Cylinders for Receiving Records. 
(4) One False Shell, | 
: (5) One Frxtra Transmitter. 
: {6} One Speaking Tubs. 
(7) One Idstening Tae. 
' (8} One 041 Gan. 
(9). One Scraw. Driver. : 

Youra truil 



+ fe od 
vege ad 

est randar 

Nove cl, 88. 

R, Somnery nag bagoame assoc rated 

ting vhoenegrar ks 

roconerntian with Mr, 

yourg very truly, 

a a oper aiess ge ieee eh, 


Nowy, 02, 38. 

Col. George BE, Gourand, 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 
Surrey, England. 

Denar Siz ite 

I have received your Letter of 7th instant, in 
regard to Ore Milling, and asking me the extent to which you 
should honor Mr, Wiley's drafts. In relation to the former, 1 
have to suy that I eent Mr. Wiley to England for the speci fie pur- 
ions of showing my Ore Milling process to Mre Dredge end any 
friends whom that. gentlemn might fevire te have see it. I did 
not autieipate: prepare cr Wisk for a public exhibition of the 
procens. The arrangonents vhiah were entered upon to show ‘this 
process at the Cryatal veldse were entirely out of accord with my 
(aend rea ond with ‘the understanding that had with Mr, - Wiley": 8 
mpeenens who, on whelf of Mr. Dredge, ae me .to send the man 
chine +o: Fnghend. Unie I an indebted to you for the interest 

which you have displayed and your aeons of assi stance, and also 

for your kindness to Mr, Wiley, I am ‘not at present prepared to 
depart from the original underatanding which I hed qs “to “the extent 

ii | 






Go Eo Go (2) 

to which thé Ore Milking prooecas was to be oxhibitee abv wtio aad 

I desiren tu .wake e& publia @xhibition, I am ontistied that no 


better arrangenente Lmsid have been mete than those whish you vege 
about te perfect st vine Srystal Pukace, FF have witten poeh Mrs 

Dredge and Mr. Wikey, wlth the wiae of aorresting the misunder+ 

etunding with bas tocumred, ami the matter has doubtless by thin 


tima aemmed ite original shene. 

Im vageri to Me CuLsy'e usaien, T bows akveady mate an 


arrangement (26% 0000 ns rr a vebeiled information 

2 er 

regarding Me, "io wahoo y. fue cia ha. ae Bho. wilh hener 

My, Wirey’ x arenes Suma oe a to woe te. It be hard? y 
worth Phila te pote 7 Pea net tag 




Nov, RA, 88, 

pear Nr, hredge,~ 

There seems to have heen a little misunder- 
stending nz to the object 1 had ‘in. view when I gent Mr. Wiley to 
England with the Ore MAdLing machine. The arrangements whieh 
were: ontercd inte for making an exhibit at the Crystal Palage 
were not at abl in accord with the understanding .I had with itr. 
@, MN. Wiley. %I% was not. my intention to make any public exhindition 
ot the process, “Bit te-have BS shown to youresns, and only ‘meh | 
friends of: yours ap you might deaire to hava nee it. I mets to 
Mr. Osgood wiley apart : tec weeks “agp, telling his that, 1 aid not 
wish to have the machine oxhipited at the Oryated” Polaae, and in- 
perust ne him to oonsalt you with regerd to where you wi oh, Ane 

exhibit jon w ne made for the: pend fit ‘of. yourself and. your ‘felenda 

Mr», wiley was instructed farther | by me net to. open the wxte gon= 

taining the mao hinery until 1 gave the word that certain matters, 

portaining to pat onte sunioh : ‘pre: not now in proper. shape ,hed been 

eajusted, As soon Bs the obsataste in this canneation hag been 

removed I will advise Mr, Wiley ané nlao yourself. Meanwhile, 






t prenie you wiki arrange facilities i exhibiting the machin 

in acvordands With my ori ginal. anieratanding with Mr. Wo Ny Wiley. 

T Sigreee starter 

q Yours very truly, 

sag o 
3 : 

Ce , 3 2 tas Ene bie ee 

James reign, Fage, 
35 & 36 Bedford St., Strand, 

Londen “lo Ce, Englands 

Novw.- 23, BS, 

Mr. Jo 8. Everee?, ; 
Orange, Ne J.~ 

Dear Sirte 

I have another letter from In, Holly. He asks fpr 

the depth frem the undoeraide of fionr beans to the top of cone 
erete foundations, a that by comparing thia with the original 
grade in his office, the extn number of brick oan be ascertained. 
Please furnish me with a plan, showing méagnremente in aqcordemnce 

With the my in whigh you olsim the foundations wore laia, Ifyou 

ecennot firnish these mtasurementa, van you indiqate the points 
where the foundations are stapped? Please let me hear from ym, 

so I can comnunteata with Mr. Holly, 

Yours trndy 

Nov, 23, 88 

My Doser Insukl, > 

A&% the end of Necember I am going to close out 
the Laboratury books for. the yaar 1888, and before that time 
arrives I want to have our records as complete ag possible. 

Ag you know, wa have never had on our hooka a record Of the 
40en nigh Mr, Faizon made to the Fdison Machine Works and thé 
various transactions with Drexel, Morgan & Co. in conne stioz 
with thie loa. AL thin appears on the books of the Machine 

Works, end It wish you would kindly atnd me a treacript of the 

gama as goon we poauloie, 

Yours very +muy 

Samugi Insvll, Baq-s 

Bohénectaty, N.Y. 

Noy, 25, 88. 

Westman Furnace Company, 
33 Bragd Street, 

New York Oity. 

Dear Sirm 

I beg to acknowledge. receipt of Qertifiaate No. 37 

for twenty. why paid shares of the Capital Stock of the Weatman 

Furnig# °° sa, im my name, under date 1oth day of November, 1Le8e.. 

Yourg. tra 

Nove 24, 38. 
Mr, Gastave Stromberg, Sec’y., 
Westman Furnace Company, 
33 Bruad St., Ne Yo Gity. 


Néar Sirte 

What Was the sibseription prices to the stooy of the 
Westman Furnace Co.? I refer to ‘the stoak Which has heen tagsced 
%o Mr.. Edison. . 

Yours truly, 

ee ee 

Nove 2, 88 

My Deer Ineuli,~ 

In regard to firvanciak gondition of the 

Yetison Phonograrn Yorke. I have srranged with Mr. Ediaon to 

hr > enema Logn, to earry them trough the period that inter- 

cape aeewean the commencement of manufacture and the produe- 

tion of comrheted innehinese I estimate that the morty so to 

“sit gmount to about twonty. thousand dollars. Mr. 


“otany, cuct wet d@eaire to disturb his depcalt of Drexel, Margin o+ 
ea8e  geeganary for me to consider the emount of 
faG.{ ) r% Toh She Machine Yorka owes Mr. Edison on those +o 
moter megh wert for you. 42 you cannot give ue gash gon~ 
vememiyv, i ont ase they Féisen Machine Worss notea. Can you 

let me . she Latéer within three or four days? 

Sanuet saseih, Baqo» 

ie Day Sue, 



YT. Gity. _ 

preesEMT LER OTE ae re 
woe oy COASTS : 

Novo af, 88, 

fear Mr, Lewis,« Be 
Im rePorence to your letter of 234 inatant, | : 
Tt have written Mr, Lathrop agnin,: and. will hav# a reply from. | 
him in a day or two, Tam following up every clue gonrtcted 
with the Sapol¢ tree® interviay, and as soon as L have any | ws 

definite information I wilk write you, .- 4 

Bo Ho Lewis,’ Esq , 
1.20 Brogerey, 

Wan York Citys 



Nove 24 BR, 

My Dear Lathrop,- 

In furthers rerereng¢ to youre letter Of Ltn 
dnotent, 4% ie pretty clearky proven that Mr, iippinestt sapmnt 
joncay of June Lith in Wadhiagwr: returning to New. York on the 
sennineor Ticed ay, June Lith, oo that 1% ie not posaible you 
ean be righ when you utate that Mr, Lippineott wes at Mre Kdie 
gun's Tabiratory on June Lith. You fin the dute as the Lith by 
stating that you lett on the 13th for home, and that it Was, two 

vo bad betn at the Laboratory. The question is, 

i% HOt Inve been one day. after you hed uatn at the Laborue 
wee Yay ae New Lowton? This would iasrntify 
Bae ny Bai mee Gappingote was oh the Laboratory as the Leth. 
Ioan sorry 46 treubhe sou ao much in rogerd to this matter, bet 
ih ty rite diego tent to Mr. Hdison. 

Yours very truly 

Geo, Parsons Lathon, Ege 


jar, Frenk Wo Meore, 
; " a 


My Dear Sirte 

Yo wre endeavoring to fin o day in the hatter 

poy of May or the oariy pert of June inst whom serteain bupincas 

was tramagcted @% this Laborutory. I renésmner that on the dey — 

daa ~~ 

pew erected to 9 e.ffieitrt® kwight te cheers the forms of 


toys Lotte Towight logate the duy which I anu try 

ibe aste sh 

by sagerseinivg TOR tou Then werk 

dm questisn. Wiki you 

as gaiakly as poaelhig. 

t a ft 

Cova: Soraezh. 

Livtacm the wakle ed the #a.2n Phonegvaph Works boa not 
i , 

Leitpowathers ebent tha’ inaide of are puildings. Io hawe Tighe 

be kind ereugh to give m? this information 


Novo aA aw 

Grange, No we 


‘ 4 

ing, to plac, 





at tha Phe 

‘greph 7a Zz, eid tics by ubloukating the progreas which WHS 
ee nes. f eae s BORE Uy FS i 
mete, QR vod triag a2 wihnin two or three day er of the date 



Aten i, ah x i Se, A 

5d Ww, £ 
tb COCF 0K CG 7 

laa di | TF jae HG ayer 

ee = oe ee ree, Os AMADA 
tL, wage 2S AAAMAS 7 
a (a ANE Tae.) fur oh’ me CORA OT . 

eae cree pur 

ohh AAA ACLERS vy ’ Leeder 26, 
jp Aw 





Ree een 


Foto! er 


Fae ROMER Ee cee ne mie me 

bie ve finrte Sanh hw 

LU u Ako ele Ate 
hr Lad Aascey 

= “fe (A AA A 
—_—— ua 
0 in “2 DALAL ty. ALF 

C. Lae. oy. 4-0 

a ats A her . 


Nov. 26, 84, 

Cy He. Mamas, Buqy, Baitor & Purtinher, 
Satorday-Ren ing Speetatar, 

Mimnewpoliz, Minn. 

In referenae to your latter of 17th instant, addranged 
toMy. Ediecn, I peg to inform ‘you that the anne has been referred 
to the Rtison United MYL" gs Co., No, 85 Fifth Avenue, Now York 
City, “hteh has charge of the mer chandi gir of’ syidinees oO nnty= 
tee-with- the Edison Fleetric Lieht yeh. ch a0 Men, Rsbens Ses 

E notioe in yaur artisle on ‘Mr. Edison that you refer to his 
fashor-we.taving died in 1884, This is a mistake, Mr. Edison*s 
tether ig-not. dead; an the contrary, he is a vigorous old man, 

‘3ery moh «Live, Aint reeides at Port Huron, Michigan. , i 

Yours very truly, 



Nov. 26, 
Neawits, “danen W% Green & Cs., 

Priladalphia, Pa, 

Dear Siraie- - 

Referring to the Mydrakie Pruns thet you imported 
Zor Us, the -gyhinger of rich wae found +0 be defeqtive, Have 
you heurd arything rearntly from the Sacieve Gerevoixze in rognud 
$o thé wrought ipan -oytinder whieh thay were % «nd UA to ree 
place the impareegt Cue? Wg seqt you the necessary measureménts 
for thin of Septamber Sth Last. We sant to use thia press, wit, 
caxnnvt gpa“ paree2:-we ee myplied witha o/flinder, “Please YP 

what “Wilf teen. to hasten she délivery of seme mid tet us know vhen 

we-may tepant it. 
Yours very tnily, 

a er ETE ENTER. - Sa 

Compagnie Continentaie Ediaon, 

Pari A, France, 

Dear Sirg:. 

Your letter of Ogtoper 16th last, addresaeg 
Edison Fleetria Light Co, 

to The 
of Rurope, L't? Ae, in relation to two 

Prenah patents whieh were - ‘eran ted me in the year 1887,- namely, 

No. 167662, under date Daeachoe L?th, 1887, and Set 69, under 

‘dat® November 22, 1887, tae “been referred to me for reply. 

The firet of these patents relates to ineandescent lanpa, be used in series with ‘One another and to enploy 

ourren te or high tension, ‘hen Lemp» are Used in this way, ir 

the filament of a lamp breaka, 
high tension 

am sre is umelly syEmed by the 
eu¥rent aoross the woken Pilament, whieh ae wil, 

if Zt is not cheekea or broken, continue down the wires into the 

ieap, ‘through. the glass ond fown into the sogket, and so dear oy 

notconly the lamp and ita 20 oket, but the sontintity of the 

os renner 

(2) 171 

QO. Ge Be 
‘ a ‘ 

series circuit sna extingaich all the other tampa in sehen. Tha ea 

opjest of the imvertion govered by the patent: Jphove mee [oon 

is, to provide a simple and effective form of out-cut for inc 

hich wilt be operst ed by sn arg it nett, 

’ deacent eLeadrir: ‘Vaonp es 

aghorteairoult or out, aut the Lamp ana siaintsin the eit 

“an pevbes with it. 
‘dn devise “by Pro guring 

go 35 “to 
Yow ‘Company cat optatn 8 

.quit of the Lanps- 
sopy of mY 

ompie te ddaoription of th 

more ry 
perhape you have al reed y done. 

That your 

French patents which 
_ Company were rot notified that. this potent nadpeen teken out 
It was not offered w 

was simply the regi% of an. over si ght 
to use th? in- 

pe ces ae ey 

any one OLAS, por aid any one aak for pormisss>n 
eles ogourred vw wing the matter 

yantion in ‘Branve, and nothing 
sire ‘to. acquire, the 

x. will prepare a ‘ghakement, of 


to -ny atbontion. If you de patent, sould 
be giad to Learn your wishes, wren * 


expen spe Phe sonnestea a 

ok TreLaheR, e wotaasy 
_pebneee ote. Conti~ 

to the ssorié patent, “wht 

| With get 
te 4 of the Dantrast of 

November 8, 1280, 
of Suvepe Bt’ te api mxselt, 


nenvele Bat mn, the Bai wn Ko Lt.e Wo 9 

‘yends 68 foliows?~ 

"Mr. Raison undertakes to.offerto the Compas agri e- Sontdn en~ 
: tele Edison ain the qountyd 66 in whieh it has ths 
> WOXK oe inventions which he 
tating * end to the 

sce hight 

Go Co E, 

The invention soverod by the patent Last referred wo, rev 

latea to engines or prize. motern, it ia purely a generator oF 

motive paver, The gantract above referred to provides thas : 
shal} Gi'frer ta tne Gia, Continentale Baison my invents . aig 

: sons ¥S~ 
lating te the transmisyion of motive power, and 5° - 
. fc fe is spparen® 
Vhat you have sonceived a mistaken iden that 

/ “thi.g Last patent 
Covers & method of trenamiasion. I yor -. 

‘a wh12 obtain & cory of 
this pater, you wiki find that it Co. = 

2 trans’ 
; : Om not, yelate to the 
mission of motive power, and ‘he : 

4refore + ena py the 
treaty of the. Sth of Novembe> , : 

48 0% gow 
r, 1988, 

Be wu, 

Yeu ; 
“ae very truly 

‘BhnmnacaX ° 

Nov. 26, 88, 

Dr, A. Hartsutr, 

| : Fort Hanilton, fl. Y. Haroor. 

D@ar: Sir te 

I tg-to inform you thet Ihave this day sent 

to Mr, Frank Wiipple, Attarmoy cab » Port Huron, “‘Migh., my cheek 

for $650.00, dram to your ‘order, the sae peing it payment. of 

~ interest “due on’ the MoAviy note “ahd mortgoge nbw held by yoursels, 

iri accordance with statdheht renderea Mr. W, 2, Bdkwon by Mr. 

Frank Whipple, 

“Youre “very “truly, 


Nov. 26, 85, 

Frark Whipple, "aq-, 
Port Humn, Mich. 

In referengs to yow' Letter unier date 15th 

ulter addressed | to Mr. W. P. Edison, in regard to the McAvoy note 

and mort gage now held by wr, Hertsutt, which has been. referred to 

me, I beg to enclose herewith cheek for Six Hundred ad Fifty 

Dollars, drawn to the order of “A. Hartwuff, -in- payment of the 
Xindl y 

interest duc on the note and mortgage abbve referred %. 

aeknowledge receipt of some, und oblige 
Yours truly, 

aH ’ 
4 Shh dwar 

or  —: 

‘My Dear Pités~ 

' $650.00, drawn to the order of A, Hartsufr, the same being in 

“hela ‘by. the latter gontleren. 

- Nov, 26, 88, 

I beg to inform you that I have this day sent 

to Mr. Frank Whipple, Port Huron, Mich., Mr. Edigon'’s cheok for 

paymert of the intereat due on the McAvoy note and mortgafe now 

Yqursa yery truly, 

W, Pe Fdiaon, Fsqo, 
Port Huron, Mich. 

Noy, 27, 88. 

My Dear Insulls- 
We made some experiments recently with an iron 
ore that war sent us: from Allentown, Pa., by Mr. Ho Ke. Hartzell, 
Samoles were sent him of the results which we obtained, and he 
now writes us under date 24th instant, to the effect that the 
‘ remit of consentratigg his ore has been satisfactory, end wishes 
to know upon What basis he. oan obtain a concentrator. Mr. Edison 
aueeeta that the machine and appliances be furnished at cost, and 
R royalty charged of 15 cents por. ton. of ‘gonoentrate g. For your 
Snfornation L may say that, other concentrators can be obtained, 
: more. particularly the Conkling process, ata royalty to the iueea 
ef about. six cénta per ton, od ‘the question may be asked, why we 
should be paid 15 cents per ton. In replying to this qiestion 
we can say that our machine will Jette qnnes units more iron in 

concentrates than any other machine. As iron ia salable at ten 

eants per unit, this shows up: 30 céntes per ton in favor of our 
machine imnodievely. The great output of Mr, Edison's process 

mUuat al aD te donsidered, together with the tact that there ate 

no wearing parte, end the maghine requires very Little attention 

and. small anount of power, Mr. Edison states that he can furn ish 

aman to instruct Mr. Hartzell’s engineer, I have not written 

Mr. Hartzell, and will do nothing further until I hear from you. 

Yours very truly, 

Samuel Ingakl, Eaqo, 

19 Dey Street, 

‘New York City. 



Nov. 27, 88, 

RK, He. Holly, Eyq., 
112 Brondway, 
Now York (lity. 


Dear Sirs- 

In referenve to your letter of 224 instant, if we 
were aple at the present time, without a great deal of expense, to 
obtain the measurements from the underside of floor peameto the 
top of sonsrete foundationg we oouid readily ealoulate the extra 
number of brick, The footings are several feet below the groung 
level, and to obtain these measurements ‘would HeapaertRle digging 
a trench a ground the milding. . The inspector who ‘had ‘charge of 
that work. at the time the extra rier were put. in the foundations 
mot have kent a record of the number of prick "ned, 43 he cere 
tainly ant loipated sortifying Mr Everett ' 5 Les ‘oe extra, end 
wate not have trusted zo ae ene a matter to guess wrk, nor 
woud he ‘have alt owed it to become, ngess sary to trench the buil- 
ding sinsequently in order to “gheck Mr. Everett’ 8 bili. Kindly 

look into this mabter further and ndvise'us of the reault, 

Yours very. traly, 

Tr re rene eee 

Novo 27, 1634. 

My Denr Puaseki,e : 

I have besm espeating to htar from you cin 
regard to thé dute thish you have sollested relative to Lene in 
Orange. Can not you aend me a ecry of your note a? 

i wi at present tngaged tu a aapute with Mro de Bo FBvarett, | 
the acntracter the did ths brigh work in sounestion with this 

Laboratory, He alainn tnet there were 52,000 extra briek put 

inte the Pounduticus, oviige ta ita having been naaessary to go 

deapar thun vag ealled for in the oviginai pian, lz order to 

etTike wo geou Pounination, We gumot get at the meagurencnte 
Without digeing a trench alh sround the muilding, Whish me@ms mam 
expens4 of three or four hundred dollars. Mr. Taft, the echi- 
tect win wugeneded. Mr. Hokly, wilh only certify to about 26,000 
extve brisk, stating thie Intter number to be a Liberal compu- 

tation. Everett io very persistent in his slaim, md I went to do 

mim justice. ‘I am thorefore aseking information wherever I: think 

it san bo “obtnined. Everett atated that you were on the wrk 

Jo A; Ky { 2 ) 

Waen these extra prick were Amid, ond at is hin apinion that 

you have a regard of the mambar a 
'Pleage Look through your hooks and give me any information 

that you think would be of use-to me tn aettling this matter, 

Yours very truly, 

Janes A. Ruagakh, Faq, 

217 W, S3a St., No ¥o City. 


7 “9 
heutid ih 


Epos A-q 
Usfer. Antin. ‘Lewes 

WNeort) & 

ben nion OF$) ) 

Clear dere / ipecne Art Oh Arr ate ; Gla» 

--  Ofreadh Aaa mes AGS. of ABPAAANSD. He MY, 
te. Op smpncbeun 7 he Ctra AB sae ae 
Ara BL perzcrcertke ce are b, AMD whet get D 
Ae Ang ttt Ay aha A Ahoake, 
Liens day eerr ng sd 2102 Bbrmntoned 

Nov. 80, BR, 

Col, Goo. Fy daaraud, 

Litwsle Merto, Unper Nerves d, 
Sacvey, Enghotd. 

Poenghess cercewith guoy of «1 Letter thieh I huw ray la, 

Sron Prov, Geo, Fo Becker, Pret vent of the University of Pennayle 

wanda, ii regard te ths expedition widen was aont cat to Anayrda 

bro ths Univeraley ov Perris exnda, i008 Mnich sn order w obtain 

the obfsak Miowdew, ce; 

from: the Tusk sn Geveregenat Pi 
Evanting tht righs i expisce. It appears thet the Sultan of 

Turkey, gind Cre tems Vigder are vory amioua to obtain 1 yphona~ 

Graph, axel RY the inatcmnents wera oreamted to them, 14 would 

enable inis expedition ts ge. m firman from the Sulteun,. I shoutd 
Like very ausiat this expedition in the way indicated, and 
have thovght you might vourselht Leok favorably yoon it froma bue | 
aintus point of view. Loom prepared to. send tw phon ahaa 4 

hanizemely sonstraeted and properky Lettered, for oresentation ty 

the 513 tan and too Grund Vizier. shee ty seid tu expert ta bye 

Gel. G. ¥, Ge 

se atvaohed of the Sultan's Palace in the operation or the 

y the expenses and wages of 

akin, oF, Af you rte 

stmae th 

ine drbviaes. that you wilt pa 
to wirkey. and bao Ag, 

nian hs 
this axpitet from Aueri o® 
yor gould keer Trinh “in hond on 

if tay proposition i: ao otpranit.. 
a ‘aprop> 

qairt his earviaesy, 
esip? of this Letter, 

Upon re 
oTURKEY. ” if you de yok whieh 

plaasé cable me the word 

it, oabls the word “SULXAN. ® 

Yours very tray 


Nov. 36, BB. 

Mr. Jno, Birkinbine, 
25 N. E. City Hall Sq., N. Juniper Ste, 
Philadelphia, FP a 

Dear Sirt- 
In referenee to your jetter of 17th instant regarding 
a sample of magnetite, you can havea this aenple ‘gent ofr is ma at ae 
onoe. XY will trent it heree pe 
L have received a note from the Agsgociation of Cnarooal 
Lron Workers, stating the number of poragna wo heve ai ghitied 
their intention of visiting the Laboratory on thur sday, Deo. 6th. 

1 am arranging trensportat ion &a, 

Yours. truly, 



pre = 


Nov. 30,88, 

Bioakford, Pade. . 
30 Fulton Market, 

Fugena (bo 
No Ye City. 

the shove address one pail 

Year Sirt~ 
: WiLL you kindly send me to 

d Carp. I desire to stock my pond. 
alg loned. 

five cents in at amps 

Yours truly, 

? Noy, 30,88. 

Mx. John Edison, ~ 
Glinton Falls, Minne 

My Deur Sirt-* , . 
-In reference to your Letter Ei t A 

mich pleasure in enclosing nerewith Mr. Edison 8 ty 

Doliars. Kindy scknowled ge receipt ‘of same and oblige. 

Yours truly, 

‘ e Fi y a4 
\ ™,, ‘Y / 

\ Neg ge 
Private Seo'Y. 



More (0, FLe 

v, Skat 
fionn Nrauc 1 Esde, 

Aps'os (ar 7 7 1gOl, 
The Bd.son Machines Wo.he, Wy gormsG tly 4 
Near Sirt- , : ‘ 
In refe "s : 
* ,engu ee uf Sov. 20th, we rr ¢ 
ve. gs lating material ics 

PomphnEer 8. VEY » exp 

ot eis 
4 i cat Ode 

Youra truly, 

Po < 
mr, VW. FP It 20% . 
Port RVG. Tian. 
My Dear Piths- ; 
: . I nave & letter this morning from Frank 
acknow Ledsing receipt of "re Raigon's aheck for 4650, 
pet nea py Dre Hart a” 

Whipp Les 
in peyment ‘of interast gue on mortye 

Ova LRU 

Yours truly, 

Messrs. [ves RlakedLee h COe,- 
B04 ProndWay » Ne Yo OLtye 

Tye Fai on ' 
The toy i 
Toy M'f'B- Goce . | 
fer youe ! 

pear Sirs?= © Moe 
Your Letter of 26th inat« addressed +o 
me for yopLy > 

yeferred %o 
e Kdigon Phonograph 

phonograrh Co.* nas peen. 
to which I peg to re 

‘phonograph ia gontrol Led py Th 

Ho. 35 Milk street, 

‘Mov. 30, 88 

Ne. John Birkinbine, 
a5 N, H, City Hall Sq., N, Juniper St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ihave beon requested by the Babeock & Wilcox 

Compariy to tell you what I think of their hoilera, 

We have perhaps 50,000 horse powsr of this boiler, It ig 

the’ beat boiler God has permitted man yét to makes 

- Yours truly, 

cinicaan SEA 

“Hoy. 80, 85. 

My Deer Mr. Frazar,= 
| doom much obliged for your kind latier of 

| : Hoyempar 229th. 
Xowas pretty ueverely shoken wp, but guagiaineal no serlovs 

. injury and am nov all right again, 

, Youra very truly, 
Satan ss ot 
wae ae a: ; 
iit oh 
wo ol OD ine tee ME 

ee cremate 

_aEverewt Frazer, Waq., 


124 Water St., 

Me. Ye ity. 

Neo. 1, BS. 

Mr. Philip S. Dyer, Agent, 
7 Rue Ae Lompereur, 
Ant @rp, Belgiuna. 

Dear Sirt+ 

is L veg to noknowledge reaeipt of your letter Nov. 16%h, 
notifying me that the Microscope and four extras were being packed 
and would be shipped at onseé. ‘thanking you for ‘the trougle 
which you hive token in this mat ter 

Iam, youre very traly, 

(| Deeo L, 88. 

| My Dear Lathrop, = 
your Letter of November 

It wii 

ZT am mien obliged: for 

| abth, re data of Lippincott 'u visit to the Laporatory.. . 

~%3 tq fix the days 

: aeaies up mverially in our ef toy 

Yours very tiwly, 

Las Gao, Parsonn Lathrop, Eeqe. 
| New London, Conn. 

‘you have paid me, end alco to caugratulate you upon the succens 

Nov, 30, 88, 

We. EH. Hidden, Faq, 
26 Orlaans Street, . 
Newrrk, Ns. J. 

My Dear Sir: ~ 

I aa in reveipt of your Letter of 15th instant, 
enolosing an extract from “The Amerigan Journal of Seience, " 
embodying your articie on-% new mineral whieh you have discovered 

and nemed "Edisonite.” 
I send you this istter in acknowledgement of the aompl iment 

Which has ottended your investigations. 

Yourg very truly, 

Rov, 90, 38, 

We BE Hidden, Faq, 


20 Ovleans Stxrear, 
Newark, Ne J. 

kn Durtther revferenre te your letter of Lith instant, 
tows unabie at the yvresens. moment to offer you permanen®% emplcy= 

mint, but Lena pive you nn 

hie woadawh sowke oemapy vous time 
for 2 couple at IGNCHS, BS Tne snbary you narat, Bay $p00, 00 per 
morsing dn addition co ciceoh To wondisn alto. you $4.00 per day to. 
BpPPhy On exanesgn. hosudd you Seales to omtetsaln this prOpoe 

Sitio, gorse al aca qm ney AL APN. 
? ¥ 


box. We pay the same, 

shall reaonstmicts for us. “ae 

ee oy Lose. 

Mr, ade y, Lattig, Sup 't, til aarank | 

Tehigh Val? . ,, wa 

no 7 
woe th F wrany Dawe 

Dear Sir: 

In referenge to tha: attached, the condensers whieh 

you paid $10 for wverg those mace for us by the Edizon Machine 

Works, Schen os tady, No Yo, ov by Te He Bunnell, Ne Y. City - I am 

not sure which, The Muahine Works made a very good sondenser, 

but we did not buy a mffialent namber of them to warrant them 

in continuing the businesa, Bunnell‘: condensers were thoronghl y 

Sad, and therefore OXpanswive at any price, Marshall makes. BN exe 

evllent condenser, which we have no hesitation in recommending, 

and olarges us $12 instoaa et $20, Therefore the bill for recon- 

atrue ting your gonden ser is $2 leas that the price of a new gon 

deneer, the difference juat abott, representing the value: of the 

-that is $20 for. all condensers, whieh Mar~ 
ee ZF ; 

“Yours truly, ~ a. 


eh toa Pe ReIe ne ef: * 
Rae nen p nanneeinrmniaey gp UIT ge 


HL, Biter, Req, 

Us ‘3S. Ansoolation Charcoal Iron Workers, 

Philadelphia, Pa, 

GBs Bare. 

In reference ta your letter af ath mie 

7 swidtesre? 4 Me. Baise a TD wiar sommanioate with you to-morrow 
7 wnoem ing certain arrangements which we are making for the 

Meeptian ‘of the members of your Association, 


| | 

Yours very imly, ao 

Private Sceratary, 


Sylveater Paxter, Esqo, 
hedgewood Terrace, Murray Ste, 
. Maiden, Mass. 

Deer Sirs- 
In veference 64 your 2etter 
gay that Nre Edison jg atill working &tb 

ting certaiz details in conneaticn aitn 

Des. 3, 88. 

of S0th ult-, 1 neg %0 

the phonograpn, perfece 

tno transmitting sa Fee 

geiving of sound. Our phone gragh fagtery ie wrking Of, me 

hag turned Out 4 Lerge manger of: ali parte, excepting the reo 

- ceiver and qranagaitcer, We aapest whet 

Mr, Edigon whtt pomish 

models for the Latevar within threo wocke’ time, when their mame 

facture wilh be jngrediavtelry corms ea, 

md wey eborthy trere- 

after we widl be ape to asgemble machines. Mr, Rdisor bre bene 

in mind hie promise to furnish the Hemenway Archasologiea? Bxp*- 

dition with a mimber of the firet phono, 
Maotory, and aske me % 
Lnatramenta, ax you requent. 

pat youd nate thee Prat runt pefore F 

o say that he will reserwe three of these 

It whit pe qaite inprantieante to 

grapes tummed out of thé 

eariorryn Lett. abt yest 


psgurad that ya wikk not’ be overlooked when yeregeive the tings 

| Lat ef inatsamerta from the fastory. 

ee ee ae 

With relation to the phonograph in Germaty, Cok, Geotye Ee 

Qouraud, Little Mento, Upp or Norwood, Surrey, Yngtand, had son~ 

truk of the pusiness in that country, and all arrangenents for 

| meranmadizing the instruments wuld have to ba made’. throngh him 

Yours very tly, 

Privyeke: Seqtstarye 

Deg, 5, BS, 

Mr. James ¥,. drsham, 

City Raitor, NRW YORK: woRLD, 

My Dear Siri~ 
At the siggestion of Mr. Rosenfeld, I shall be 

nappy to see that you got one of the first Golla wa shell manue 

. fasture in reaiprocation for the king attention you have paid 

Mr, Edigon in the solums of tha WARLD. I eannot, however, BEY. 

at this present moreenh vhen “these idl be aonp Lat ag and on the 

merket, for the invention is st4i2 in process of perfection, £ 

hope, however, to favor you as soon as the first dolla ere ready. 

Very truly yours,” Ma 



Private Sevretary. 

Dece 3, &. 

My Dear Ingall,~ 

" Mr. Fox, on behalf of Mr. Connery, has wreitter 
to say that the hatter te very anxious to get.the provisional 

: contract for Mexiao, whien has rageived the necessary pavlitigaten) 

and also the letter in regard to supplies which ascompany the 


: phonograph, I presume there is no objeetion to giving him these. 


Let ma know immodiately if you want them held for my purpose. 

£ . “~ 
| Yours very traly, (9 J 

Samuel Inesukl, Faq., 
: 19 Dey Street, 
N, Te Gity. 


‘ Geese 4U Apa td (Qurf a 

firekestia en of Wek 13 BK CS 6 

o WA oe a 

me ae ee ae 

No. 5 
No. 17 
No. 18 
No. 19 
No. 20 
No. 22 
No. 25 
No. 27 
No. 28 
No. 21 


Edison Lamp Company 
Distribution of Stock 
Dec. 4th 1888 

William Holzer 3 
Thomas A. Edison 58 
P. S. Dyer 1 
Jno. W. Howell 1 
Rosanna Batchelor 4 
Lucy Upton 1 
R. L. Cutting 5 
F. R. Upton 25 
John W. Lawson 1 
Charles Batchelor _1 
AO Tate 



2h mementos ge messes 

idy Dear Soeiy,- 

t had # sonversation with you tha other aay, in 
regard to an arranganent which would nermit Col. Gouraud to take 
ow patents in short term countries without interforing with U. Ss, 
ptanta, Col. Gouraut has not yet a proper underatmding of the 
fieat of these short term patents on our U. S. patents, snd hr 
either sannet or will not grasp the gibject. We wilh simply have 
+o arrange to take eare of onrselves, md I have, iyararsee; ad~ 
dressed BR Latter to your firma, agking you ta write filly how the 
matter should be arranged. You ought to oubline’a comprehensive 
gystom which Woulka. pvoviad for your being kape petted on alk 
Gouratd’ ys movements with relution to patent ‘matters, go that at 
any ee you would ye in a position te tel Mn. Pdison exeot ly 
now tis patent affairs atand, both in this eountyy sni all other 

countries, If you will surnish me with the details of such a 



system, 1 wilh see that So. geurqua puts hia parts of it dn ope- 

ration and: keeps it up. 

Yours bypy, 

‘Bans 44,985 - 

“ere, Pemererth te Ue, 

| moe Swe Chtye 

* $9th ult 

Hoo wus aati ee 

sevipter o.. Sar ad, 07%.” rep ceserti. te 


geet af Piastuos Pucci fet me ST. 
Xtese to themk you fo: +h «oa. - 0. ¢ de aon you have 

wfeswes mae thr. tiie rater ARAL 

Teg. 5, 88. 

Vol, George Fe Gouraud, 
LittLe Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Surrey, Fnualnnd 

Dear Siw te 
In referenga wo oyu Latter of Sa ULt., Mr, 

Kai gos iv making 8 phonggroph one-eighth tne eine of thr regular 

maghine, &t wiil he complete in every raguedt, Wa will send you 

a photograph in o wee% ar Tt 6 

Sours very traby—ee” 

Private Sdcretury- 



Dea. 5, 88, 

R, W, Raymond, Ksaq., 
Ses'y., Aim. Institute. of Mining Engineers, 

P. 0. Box 224, New York City. 

Dear Sirt- 

Mr, Beadieon eaksa ma to say in reply to your letter of 
lst instant that he will be very glad to entertain the members of 
your institute at hia Lehorutory on Fenrmary 20th, in the way you 
exppente A paper on Mr. FRdison'a Ore Milling process will he 

! Pig oh 
prepared, to be res? on that day, and the, machine will pe in run- 
ning order, #0 that the mombers may witness a practical tent. 
Mr, Fdison aske me to say further that ne wilt be very glad 
to heaone a seine of your institute, 
I will communicate with you later in regard to tne detnils of 
the errangeie mt which we will meke for transpertation &c. 


Yours truly, 

Priyate Searetary. 


Nec, 5, 1883. 

Je iH, Vasl, Feq., Gen’. Sup'to, 
Ediwn Flectric Light Company, 
New Yark City, 

Doar Sir ite 

In reference to your Letter of lst instant, 
enclosing copy of a gommunication from Lookport, Ne Yos ae ing as 
to the durability of copper wire for are Light circuits. 3 My 
opinion is, that if the are piveant is a continous one, the 
copper itself will last indefinitely. If alternating currents 
are used, it will probably pecome rotten, by reason of ov ystali-~ 

zavion, in a few years. 

Yours very truly, 

Dede i, as, 

Vine He Wiley, Fsq., 
LS Astor Place, 
New York Gity, 

My Dear Sirt. 
I have your letter of 3d instant, enclosing order 
from your biwther, 0. 8, Wiley,, for $25.08, I note your request 
that we make this amount $28, and enclose herewith Mr. Rdieo n'a 
cheek for the Latter aun, which kindly acknowledge. 
I am going to see you the first time L un in New York. I 

have not been in the city for several days, 

Youra traly, _ 

Private Sea'y, 


Dee, 6, 88, 

Mr, Edison,- 

In reference to the attached, Messrs. 
Seeger and Guernsey are iaeving an Freyolopaedia of the Mama- 
factures and Prodicts of the United Staten, They want 2 rors 
you am article on the late advances made in atectrian aclence. 
This could be written if you desire. It should geal with the 
podved progress of clactrical matters, and need not refer 
specifisally to your own inventions. I mention this, because 

they want the article to appear above your signature, 
; oO 



Fdwin M, Fox, BEV. s 
. 140 Noasor St., 
New York City, 

Dear Sir: - 
in reference to your letter of Let instant to Mr. 

Edison, L encloss herewith a letter under fate Nov. 2Lst,88, ade 

dressed to Thomes 5, Sormmery, Eage, in relution to the parts wich 

aré 4o accompany orsh phonograph shipped to Mexigo, Dales epte 

clogs the joint letter from Col. Gourpud aid Mr. Edison, addressadg 
ly ere), hack 
to ¥ a, updy which we havenplacse SLL neceasery anvetfigatus. 

The day after you were inet a the Laboratory, L wrote to 


Patent attorneys for certified aopics oF all patents iagied up 45 

that time, and these they nave preoured, During the paat werk 

ten new patents have heen issued, sopien of which we of? COU? se 

mat obtain, and -¢iieh I have niready. order eds and Wihl navise you 

wh they come to hand. I also enelose copy of s letver from 

Senor Luis Mendez, under date Sat, 15, 1888, addressed to Gol. 

Youraud, together with a trae: ation of the decree of President 

Diaz, issued on Sept, 29th, G8. Wi2L yeu ne xine egoush to show 


if fy 

} BE. M. P. (2 i : 

f ; 
t: these to Mr, Connery and ask him to explain the gignifisance of bs 

the grant Iy you sonaider ax personal interview desirable, X , | 
Will ba glad to meet yourself and Mr, Connery at your o2fies any 
it | afternoon you may name. he 

I omitted to state ahove that I also ensloved a latter ad~ 

dressed to Senor Don Lie Louis Meniez by Mr. Hdison, uRking that 

gentleman tu ao~operats with Mr. Gonnary iu sCanection with the 

introduction of the phonograph. 

In relation to the dimensionn, weight «ce, of the boxes in i 

Which phonographs wilh be packed, I am obtaining the information 

from the Fdison Phonograph Works, Wa carmmot state aa yet wh ab 
the cost of the various supplies which mre to be herewfter fur- 

nished will be. 

Youre truly, 

Pyriyate Sea'ye 

| _@ 

John MW, Turner, Fage. 
A2O% Broaiway, 

New Yous Cotye 

eartres oi far say, teat ne ul kk be 

jnetant, am is 


phragad to here you creme te the Danporeory way aty ners 


rare) ¢ 

oxeeptiimgs Sunday. wie Paw y 

3 who mgienh anc 

Wangemonn, Yo ned grt? Oo a Phi this PRONG i 





Yes, 6 

Pelee nos rearived yours Letter of 


fimegats tre ayia 

Ser nl ary « 


eee en en 

Nee, G, 84, 

Mr, Frank Wy Honre, 
Si Cong Staeet, 

Ora rte, o. 

Nanny Sirs 
Law foblved for your ragant Letter in regard to the 
time when you covmiennut WORK on the LonaMap AT RUN aIMEA Are 
yor sure thay the date which vou haye mpantianed le serriut Yesut 
: eontrn. nec kded that the first peynaat wie to be made you when 
the walla vere ready. for tha floor poms. I fina that this pay~ 
ment Wag made on the Tth of June, whigh leads me to think apt 
you mant have atarted carlter than the 28th day of Mere There ore 
other gireunstances aluo which indicate that work nad. progrésuad 
to f& greater extent than would appear from your atat emant, by the 
tet dayof June. LE will pe very meh indebted for any further 

informatitn you aan give me. 

Yours truly, 

Petvate Sare axe 


Utes 7, SB 

Marry Mili are 

Sopy Phonogreun Agteam moa uy qotiaw_t- 

. NM. €? j. Ag. orant his» " ae a Gare ne: : ata, Cc. he 7 
Brews v, Gage Ac Oke v1 and others ° tea 6th dar af i) ore 


\y ( ¥ % uvt roeee, say three ¢alr pages, Fou: 7 Vict euttty 

i ts Agreowert tes % 7 eR be Dh ah lay, Clee 
Ww dated 28th day o Ge: - ~, 238%, 

al (A)Asency Contract net, BE, T, Gillitana and Edison Phonograph Go., 
af NS dated 28th day of Octoper, 1887, (You can wet this: from the 
: PRonG. "G. - innate book’. 

: Ny (oo, aevecutat het. Te. A. Edison and Edison Phono, Works, dutod 
wx Eth May, 1888. 

wy. 6}, Agreement bot. T, A. Faison and Jesse I, Lippings st, dated 
; 28th day of June, 1888, 

\_-7¢7). Agreement bet. Boor on Phono, Coe me? Uios. ae Raison, dated oo 
17th July, 1885, : 

(8). Agreement het. Jesso H, Lippincott and North Am. Phono. Go. — 
“ dated July L8th, 1888, 

7 (9) Agreemant het. T, A, Edison, No. Am. Phono. -Go, and Teas Hy ws 
Lippineott, dated Ist day of Aumist, L888. 

¥ 7 0) Agra@ment bet, Nos Ams Phono, Go., Jesse H. Lippinsott and 
_ Edison Phono. Works, dated Augs 1, 1888. esses Sal 


¢ } r . 
Vv 7 (41) Copy minutes of Phono. Co’ Directors! meeting, cancelling Sateesit 
| Gilliland's Ageroy contract, 

Y got Agreonent bet. Edison Phono, Co. and T, Ay Fdison, dateg 9 ———"- 

| Sept. lth, 88. 

_ @ as iy 
i Be 

(13) Letter of Thar, A. Faison to Jegne He Lipp ingots, dated 
} /” sent. 28th, BB. 

(14) Agreement of Jesse H,. Lippincott with Gili ilant, ‘dated Ogt. 
gy Sth, 1888, ; 


AS) Bond of Indemnity Jesse He Lippincott to %. A. Rdison, doted WW. 
\4 Oct, Sth, -88. 

-(16) Agreement bet. Ts Ae Edison, Phono, Works, North Ante Phone, 
uy. Co. and Josse H. Lippincott, danted Oct, 10th, 1883, 

vy (LT) Letter of T. Ao Fdi@n toa Jesse Hy Lipp ineott, dated Ost. 
lath, 1888, , 


(18) Agreemant T, A. Edison, Fai on Phonoe. Go., Phono. Works, 

C7” |X No» Am. Phono, Co. and Jesse H. Lippincott, dated 12th day of 
[~ Octoner, 1888. : 

(19) Agreement Jesse H, lhippinaott, No, Am. Phono. Co. and T, A, 
Y Baten, dated 30th day of October, 1888. — : 



% After you have copied all the Phonograph contracts, then 
copy Major Raton's report thereon. 

Mr, §E, Maybridge, 

\ University of Pennaylvania, 
wy Philadelpnin, Pa. 

ke Ny Dear Sir: ~ 

Ioan very much oblié 

; ged for the selegtion of plates 
of ANIMAL LOCOMOTION which you mad 

5 @ for me.. I enelose herewith 
e my sheck for 3100 to cover she coat of sane f ;, 2 
‘ thn a Ayan, fox Yer Lawn oN keer 4 fatourk tana atidiud 

Sait ut de he cee aad Shas Yours truly, 


Dea. 7, 88, 

Sanwel Insull, Faq., 
19 Dey St., N. Yo City. 

* Dear Sirt- 

in reference to your Letter of 8th inatant, I eent 
Mr. Connery yesterday the papers he anked for, in relation to 
Mexieo, . 

Yours. truly ; 



f cot 

Me Dear Wiss Mow,» 

i te ryydor te dt, as be ua yer has time ta write 

te omueatl merredtiy fen 

hogy ot. Seda th 

moth he 

hewerar, kook Pfarimrd Le eet iy 

Weeks Be 

Privute S.cvetaerye 

Mion Mane 1. Meyer, / 
4531. Viata Ave, 
St. Woula, Mo. 


hae reecived some CUNY A ER OY, 

SMohy te lh, va be newer jing 

t os 

Phat are Learning to talk and 

Videh we ar ane thee leaped tu have ready for Santa Glaug at 

toll when that tise 

. Mise BOR, Boeock, 

N. and 

Lemel W. Serreli, Fsq., 
"140 Nassau St., 
N, Y. Qity. 

Dear Sirt~ 

In reference ta your-lettor of 6th inatant, I heg to 

say “that Ihave had no advice from the Western Union.Telagraph 
Gompany in regard %® Sextuple interference, without whieh I db 

not gare to take any action in the matter. 

Yours traly, 

pe ee 

My Dear Inaull,- 

I have a big pill againet the Edison Phonograph 
Company for experimenta up to the 28th day of dune last. Mr, 
Rdison's contract with thia Company provides that he hall ba 
reinturaed for the coet of his eicpaviwente: in consideration of 
his assigning to them his patents on ths phonerraph., Hea has madé 
some assignnents ( 1 ax not aure that these assignments are om 
plete, but it la iiisnted that they shall ne made av), and i 
think that wa showld have a meeting of the Direatoxa of the Faison 
Phonograph Co. and aua the bill, which anounts to $25,046.54. 

Do you sae any chiestion to do ing this? 

Yourg very wrulys 

SermeL Insull, Raq, 
19 Dey S8t., MN. Ya, ‘Gity. 


Scaneen eel 


bee. 7, 88. 

Menara, Dyer & Seely, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirst~ 

I enclose herewlth Mr. Fdison's eheck for One Thou-~ 
sand dollars, as an advance on foreign Ore Milling patents, which 
you are nhbout to take out, I will make you a further advanee of 

91,000 later . on, 

“ 4) 

Des, 3, 88, 

Mr, Gustave Stromberg, Sac'y., 

Westman Furnace Company, 

$1-46 Broad Ste, Ne Xe Gity. 

My Dear Siri- 

In reference to your Letter of 26th ult., the 

following is a‘liat of payments rade wy Mr, Rdison on aecount 

of Westman Furnace Qo. stoeki- 

August 7th $200, 00 
Sept. 26th 400,00 
Net, 20th 400,00 
Nov, 16%h 400,00 

$1,400.00 — 

‘Yours traly, 

Private Secret gy» 


Nee, 8, LESS. 

We J. Jenke, Neq., at 
Fdiwn Fleectris Lt. “o., Standardizing Pureau, 
Mew York ity. 

ThKovareies ta vour Lotter of 3d instant, wean: 
Wowhe at PreAets « GQrowe anv price for the aires, bat hope to 
do so at an enrly dato, The following are, however, the terms 
on Whioh Mr. Rdisom says he will furnish the four reagents? - 
ist. Separately in neat etopperea hbettles, with the shemical 
formula cast into the glasa. 

No. 1, Pure Soneentrated Ammonia Water in a 2 oz. hottle 40,34 

No. 2, Pure Anmonia Sulphide, in a 1 oz, hottle 0,50 
No. &. 1/2 og, Pure Nitrate of Silver in cryatals 
inal oz, hottle 1,00 
No. 4. 1 og. Pure Sulph. Cyanide of Potash in erystals 
in 1 @® norttie 0.80 

Or the four bottles together in a anall wooden portable box 
; $4,680 


2 OUP Ss bo 

PFO ort 

seas YP? Seerve tery. 



_ Gonpany to hold the dolls huek tor the Raster trade. 

“Unable to get pi! ready for Chr igtme 8, 

Nag, 10,88, 

Messrs. “arene A Cre, 
Mr, P, Xx, Klein, Ie. ‘ Ses OV ie 

New York City, 

Dear Sivi- 

Lohave your Letter of 8th instant enciosing sommanni-~ 

gation from Mr, lL. GO, Lingoln, Woonsoaket, R. I., in regard to 

phonograph dolls. On Saturday Last ¢ miled a latter to Mr, 

Lingoln, explaining the situation "ak regards dolla, and re ferriyys 

him to the Edison Phonograph toy H'f'e, Gow, No, 95 Milk Street, 

Boston, Mags. I understand that it in the intention of this 

[They were 


as ‘Me, Fale has only 
jus completed his experimanta. 


Yours ti at a 

Private Seuretary, 

Nece 10,88. 

frandis BR. Upton, Fade, 
the Baian Lamp Co., 

Harrleon, Ne J. 

My Dear Sird- 

IT anelore herewith eopy of a letter whieh i have 
ree'd. from Gie. Gontinentalé Faison, dated 27th Nov., 1898, in 
reply ta ours of Nove. l2th, 88, inquiring as to the union between 
the Gis. Continentale Ertison and the Swan Conpanieas You wilt 
nota their refusal to furnish ug with a copy of the contract 
which they have entered inte with the tie Generale dea Lanes. 

3 he ye mot rg@iied to this aawmmication. Have you my syyed~ 

tions t¢ make 

Yours truly, 


Nee LO, Sh. 
Prarcis RK, Upton, Ray., 
The Fdicsy: Lanp Go., 

Harrigon, No J, 

“Dear Strt- 

Mr,e Fdisen nag received your letter umier dete sh 
instant, ratative to vending a phonograph. te France, to anani¢s 
the Pounder of. the order of the: Littic Sistere of the Poor to 

' regord ‘4 nbenede te the members of her order in this country. 
‘Chere atésino -somplete phonegraphs at.yiregant which sould & 
‘ ‘s¥ailapla fer this parporé, but soon ag the fucgtery gone 
menaen’ to tury anit cnagniaen in. quantity, Mr, FRdieon wh ike be vers 
pleaned to “do Yea you request, 

4 x : Powe, 8 F tree Vary wuly yours, 7 

LPyiv atu: Sacratany. 


Does 15, 83.0 

Mr, Hamilton, 
o/o Col. Geo, FE, Gourma, 
hittle Manis, Upper Norwood, Surrey, 

My Dear Sirs~ 
The. sylindern of Atto rrey Gen“1, Yabater to Mire 

¥dison arrived hares. in a broken condition, ALL the cy Linders 

which we sent you wrapped up in excelsior® and gawdunt had resords — 

on them, and Mr, Fdjeon fears thst. you have mistaken them for 
plank cylinders. . He hua .requeated we ta write and ask you to 
hove all. ayituders ehieh_arenant fron Englant to the Lehoratory 
packed in excelsior anf ‘savjust, az that seons to be the only 

way in which they will. reach wg in. goon condition. Ne packed tw 
eylindera in exceisior. and aawdi st the other dsy, threw thet ous . 
ofa three story window and ‘ioked them arount: for tw hours 
without prouking Bane « Ye. sent ‘you on Saturday last 30 cylinders, 
and wih express you: another iot ‘An Ps fem days. eee ne 

Very uly yours, 

A. Thed. %, Wenger. 



ae re ae 


A, Bo Diek, Fagec 

Nese 26, 88. 

354 jiexe Streat, 

Chicago, Lt. 

Dear Sirt- 
In rete 

-gondaating exps riments on 

have 8 machine ready wit 

In regard to p 

ready before Faster. We 

for the Chris tmaa trade, 

experiments in time. 

rencs %9 your 

nin he, time whisk. 

honoprap hn aorts, 

Letter of 1s% inatent, Tan 

a typerwriter, yut do not shank, bo os 

you Nance 

45. 1 6s not tnink these wiki dS 
had hoped to have them on the market 
put found it impozeible to finign the 

Yours wal yy) WA 

nr & 
’ Ly ot 3 
: We 3 . 
wl fee 4 fiw : 
pe L U 



Dege 10, Be ' 
My. Ho Ae Maclean, | 
Raison United H'L gw. Soo, 
85 Piftth Avenue, No Yo City. 
Dear Sirt- 
In reference % your note of Sth instant, I find that 
Mr. Faieon has never parted with Bernnada » 
Yours yery truly, 
— 7: 

ie we : 
Private Seuretary. 


Soe oe 




esgr ee 


Dee. 21, 88. 


Dear Mr, « Mallar, =, ure 

Thin wil, dntroduge’ to yea Prof, 1. D. Marks, 
of ‘Philadelphia, whom I suygented to you as a ‘good man to act as 
your teehnival adviser or thief engineer of our ‘RAM, sopaelidated 
Edieon Light Companys Prof, Marke has for years been well known 
in the soientific: world ‘ag one of the facnlty of the University of 
Pennaylvania, At the mormsexit ne is aoting as Supervising Mngineer 
mai Generel Manager of the Tdison Flestrie Light Gas of Phila- 
delphia, which Company, undwr PxoP, Matkea’ soptrviaion, is ergeting 
whet I think may be considered the best Raison Station 20 “fax ao— 

a aL Le with the object of getting the greatest earning onpactty 

our Of. the ‘mnal.en b. pooaihe Anvantnent, Hoping $hat yaa wlll pe 

an favorably inpresaed by Prof. i Marka ‘aa I pave heen 

seth Meee ob renain, youra sinaerely, 
a ae : ah ees TR Tie t whe ME 
voekur paldat af oh 

ve nage = Sey , * 
Swicls GLEN Sten 

decry Villard, Fag. 



‘ re 

Sie ON eas SR SAGO STAIR SINS LAREN stm ee ee 



‘thing for publication, He makes it a rule never to attach his 


Deos 11, 8B. 

Lewia Miller, Fisq., 
Akron, Ondo. 

My Dear Sir:- 
Mr. Hdison hag read the attached correspondence 

and arke me to say in reply that, he does riot care to. write mmy-~ 

name to articles relating to his own work, and it would not ‘be 

POsBible to prepare m article mch as the Seeger and Guernsey - 

people desire, without referring to Nr. Fdison's efforts -in con 

nection with the late advances made:-in- electrical science, 

Very truly. yours, oe ; 

Sar eee 

peewee TTS 

Dewe Ale. Lipp ircott.* 
re pevaraigs to your retters of Btn 4yitbant . 

3 Mr. Raison will ve very glad %o send Mr. Yar. gewann (‘Tre provessor } 
: an exninition 

over to you on the erbernetves of tre 1E8th, to sak @ 

I will nave naira report at your 

nerore the Mendelsgorn Ghibe 

Mr, Naison has just per fen ted 

in regard tO phonograph dois.s, 

at hae yet paen 

fPrivyate 5¢ eresar 

née reel, waien in te only atende’ 3 app aratys th 
eorstruuteca re say? yhat ne sontd £et three dotia out for you 
oy givint piece work tO &. goup Le of mh» Before sayin tO you 
ae fivitely that these cai atten yeaay. | want. to 266 yr. 

how & expect wiki be at tne sanoratery. 40» day + vig Have 
eererut doll ~ere wrich patk very welt, ‘tne trounie with ther ts 
vy gst out of order ¥ery easily I pad. conver ant ios ai th 

Vue Sh 0Y 
new model wrk 3. 

2 wir, Briers the other gey, and ne said that if the 

c meets) waar trey expect of it, ne wiih he yery glad 40 give hig con 

a gent %0 yout naving the darts; put ne 18 afrnid to tet my 9° out 
I think that lL can arrarse 

tho he as not absolutely sure of 
ane will write you furtyer. 

the magber eit, Him gri¢g piternoo™. 


y 3 


Deer Mr. Tipp i neatt,- 

aft fhe wark on your vhonograph gol) 8 vag a 
given oub veatorday, and they will be ready for you yefore i 

oY Chri gtimas. h 

e si 

st As theee will be the first turned out and muy pot De ag . 

ye eomplete in all respects ua those wnich are to be pias ed Tyg 

3 "  manentiy in the hhamndn at the public, We presume thay y a2 #hll 

08 use than simply Yor "family purposene® 


Yours tmly, 

| . ol * .eethe 

Frivate Seepetzary. 

, 378 

Nes. 12, 83, 

Mr, We 5, Lopue, 

v/o Mr. Frank Roes, 

Nat‘), transit Co., 042 Gity, Pa. 

My Dear Sirte. 
fo hiuwe reselved your Letters af LOth inet, 

oe only trosole with the phone rasegter wien you propose . 

da, that it wons work. In the firss place, you diseharge your 
u ooil nefore Shorteagireniting the opposite ones Ln addition 
to thia, LT do now think you CAN ges sattio ient mechanical mova~ 
ment on the top phone diaphragm te wore a repeater without the 

sid of intermediata apparatus. 

or Seccretere 

' Yours truly, 

ae enn tet ete ARR LP 

My Deer Major Raton, - 

Lipave your note of hath factant. in 

regard to phonopreph dolis, It would give me preat pleagare to 

) 4 comply with yotus request were I able te do so, but up to the 

present time Dohave eimphy been vondie ting sentnee eg e an these 

avila and have not burned aut a aonploted machine, Y axpect to 

hove a prvaok ready ir the sourse of a couple of weeks, after which 

i she dokis will be manafseturad in numbers und you wilt hay? ne 

Youre very truly, 

ool RALLY, | 


S, 8B. Baton. 


Nego Li, He, 

The Biivon Lasy Ge. , 

Harrison, Ne J. 

Dear Sirs:- 

c your artreng@nent with Mr. Bdison in regard +5 
the Paris Exposition to the effet that, you pay two-thirds of 
the total expense and Mr. Risen neyo onpeth ira? Or dses thie 
HG end 4/3 axrangement ye fer only to Mr, Hermmer’s aghery, the 
Labenne of the axpenss being met by yourselves? Let me know 
crasthy what the arrengenent iu, ego that we van pill you eorrestly 

with Gch Sxpense an necurulates here, 

Yours truly, 

Deiy ate Seoretarr. 


Deg. 246, 88 

Mr. Guatave Stromberg, 
Weetman Furnase Co., 

3133 Broad Sto, N, ¥, Coty, 

Dear Sirte 

I enolose herewith hr, Edian's ghegqy for Six hundred 
Gollars, in Payment of palsnee due en hig “bseriptlon ta the 
tock of your Company. Pleage aoknowled pe reselpt of same, 

Youre very tm Lys 

Private Secretary, 





Dee, 14, 88, 

Mr, John Birkinbine, 
BON, Ro City Hell Sq., Ne duniper St., ne i 
Philndetphia, Pac “i 

Dear Sirte 

I anclowe herewith Mr, Fdicon’2 cheek to your order 

for $10.50, oovering the 21 siakete to Orange whieh you pirohased 

tor the menbera of the Apsociat ion of Gharcoal Iron Workers on 

the oecadion of theie visit te the hahcorestbory. Kin@ly saeknow- 

ledge reeeipt of same, and oblige 

Yours wmaily, 

Private Sea'y, 







the U, 

re 2 






Wa an ing; 
n Garp, 





~ ot 
Goon i 
ar On 

o ~ 

a z 

oar rr) i < 
Pe 7 

oo &. var 



“Little Mevlo, Upper Marwoor 


Rear Sirie 

Tau in reasipt ef your letter of 22d mite, brome: 
Ac dexigan patants., ohio. matter ig reesivine attention } 
BPTI. You state that you have sent to your Mexisgn « 
Tis Mond 22808 B4 and SS, and I therefore suppose that ta: 
Crates 9] tant Dius, dated the 29th day of Sepienner Laus 
ycrarit year patent, relates to these cases, thown Jo hay, 
nothing mare reliable then inference te go by, ne you have mot 

ye sent my attormys, Dyer and Seely, a List of applications &e,, 
“aden thoy have frequently asked for, ed which I have watso rt~ 
WUeSued yo to sand. Io enbied you thts morning to mail the data 
Lenny, 3. To chmot cunderatund why it has been delay od ao Long 

> & 

Tas gorecsponiones Which wa heve had on tie cuhge 
Genes oltors shigh has bean made ts ass: gi voc t 
igent unilerstanding of the law of the United Stat SB, ck 
Leseabatning to read in sour iether under reply uhea ay. 
“Applications in soort team gsunss 
te the long term uountry patent 
short term gountries i5 meade sit 
tes applic abions. ™ 


r fiseussion of thie mavter I vonsider useles3, and I 
Te gGring to give you in this letter definite and abso / 
tetruathonc, and Io shnii hata vou BtYietly accountahla fo" a 
Seithfil ond rigic adherence to the miles that I desire followed 

LM Virus werk od taking Gih ‘patents. 



basen EE fon moore ar 
cae \ 


England Queensland Tagnania 

Vi gtorta New Zeuxlend New South Wales 
Cape of Yoad Ho pe South Australia Brazil 

2rBtr in Germany Pranee 

Italy Spain Norway 

Sweden Belgium Turkey 

Portugal Mexieo Pern 

Havait Denmark Argentine Repudlig 

For conventanga of refermae 1 will numher the mles by whia’h 
you are to he govemed from thin tine forward, | : 


In gountrier wi rant patents only for fourteen years or 
loner, you may make appiteation for and take out patents az 
soon gg the casss reach your handa, without awaiting any in~ 
structiona frum mo ov my attorneys, Dyer & Seely, I under~ 
stot sich countries ta. be wa follows, though you will, of 
course, gorrect the lint. it any of the gountries named © not 
come under the ahove nate? , 


Queengland Viotorig 
New Zealona New South Wales Cape of dood Hopa 
South Austrakin Brazil, tornany 
| Spain franca Norway 
1 Sweden Bel zium 

‘p atanta. only for + 
fourteen vears,. you are not to make appligations mr ‘amy 
Patenta witit you have been advised by me or my attorney a, 
Dyay and Seely, that the oorresronding United States patents 
have been issued and that thore in ho further Ohjeation to 
your applying for , { n sugh entries, 
The following ig a list ox 4aid gountries ao far indi sated 
by the powers of aubtorney sent me bY You Por Signature: 



Rusal a 

PF QA 418 | 

” To? So yk 

7 fa 
v In gountries whigh grant patents for various terms up to 
5 ~EXEEGtn yeare, you axe not to muka application for or take 
4, oat Rhy PEE without paying the foes for the entire ton 
+ g 'of filtem years, unless you wait until the eorrenpondi ng 
, United Staten patents aré tysued, and you are notivteg py 
a s mt or ny attorneya, Dyer and Seely, ea provided in rake No. 2, 
4 SS Following iv a List of gush edlintries ao tar iniiaated by the 
ii powers of attorney sént mé by you for si gnatture: 

Portugal Turkey: Argentine Repunl ie 
I Augtria Italy) 

(4) Mere ey 

I Full, detailed information must be promptly sent by you to my 
v4 attorneys, Dyer..and Seely, ofall applicutions which you make 
"7 and of ali peténta granted aa the result of your applicationa, 
Ae i desive you to follow both. the spirit andi the letter of 
09 these instructions without any further disqugaion ar son. 
ao tention. 

There fs not the loast doubt that certain of my Us S. patents 
eat corresponding with your gases 84 ond 85, have-heen limited by fees 
ol same of the short term patents which you have tohen aut, but in : fa 
02 ths absence of the information which, according to your letter of ‘| ss cs 
92 FAth November, was to have bean sent st ones, I an iinabie Pid : vas 
#2 to tell whieh of my WU. S. patents have heen ga limited. fa 

A The Mexican patent referred-to' in the oomnéneement of this / 
(g} | : letter may, if regognized hy the payment of the fee due Ps 
wi thervon, dimit others of my U. S. patents, but as I am igno- he / 
rot rant of the gages covered hy this Mexiean patent, IT camot a 
fag maka an investigation and wilt not therefore permit the fee ~ 
dt to bé paid And the patent reeognizéd until I an placed hy “ 
ran you in & position to agrutinize ita effect upon my U. Ss. 
TOY fhatents. ; ; 
a9 < . ? 

ee I will mypelf attend to the taking out of fature patente in 
, | Mexiso. Laat 

Yeu, of course, have not flted appiteations in short term 
a countries in sommection with Cases 86 and 87 and 88. IL aay, 

at dourse, heanuse J inatraated you not to do mm, 

I oa partiqularly desiivous that the weport tor which I ha. 
ty+day eagkled you. will show the xmumbor of years fer which 
fees have been poid in sountries whigh grant patents for 
various teyma up to fifteen years. 

In aonslusion, 1 wish to say that I samot afford to noawe my 
interests in this eountry jeapordized hy your persi stent 
negleet to resognize the way in whieh the law pertsining to 
patents is. interpreted by the Courts of the United States, 
and I shall therefore take full adventae of the right whieh 
is given me under my agreement with you, to daficel the eala 
agreemont, if hy yow ast, the Lives of my Unitea States 
patents are shortened. 

Yours truly, 

ee | Og Si On 



Deo. 17, 88, 


YY, yy, de: Jenka, : 
Rdimwn Fleetrie Light Co,, 
. a New York Gity, 

Dear Sirs 

Mro Rdimn aske me to gay in reply to your letter of 

iSth instant that the phonograph model battery will supply three 

amperes for 16 hours, at a mean preeaure of 1.9 volts. 

Very traly your 

Private Seeratary. 

Oud, Govrdaidia lather addressed te 

VO Muy Bunt 


relation te patonts, 

[Poot DC TO OS 

Yilee, Ioam very 
wa Chit yet few vorr Lettor ac Lath dngtent on the same SibjJegs, 
ta apy Of a csormstinieation under date 15th 

Lath. addres 4 Ul. Goureac pr Mre Rateoue In this letter you 

thet Soh. Gkeicard .+ elven wb 

\uta instructions es to 

e0uuree Whivn he nist mirnausz in the work ‘of taking out patents. 

De you consider that it severa the round fully? Jl should like 

very wash to veceive any mingestions whieh you may comsider de~ 

Bireable to make. 

Cathender Inman Ling: & WVaterproo ting Gov, 
Milica Building, 
New York City. 

Near Sivete 

In reference to your letter of 14th inste, Mr. Kdign 
asks me to say that, ne desires to test your cable and not your 
undergrouryd a at om, You have «a number of underground. systema 
already which will Peenish Mr. Fdiwn with shy data he may re- 
gaive in’youcertion with that claus a? work. What he desires to 
do himvuel? ig to tent yaw eahie. i note that yar have instrae. 

ted your fsstory te send us 2 ezample of about 40 feet. 

Neg, 17, 88. 

My Des Russeli,~ 

The data which Mr. Kdison wanted to obtain 
from you in regard to land has not yet been ree eived. You were 
to have come to the Laboratory several weeks ago, bat have failed 
‘to ao so, Can you not send me a eopy of your notes? It is aise: 
very necessary that you should atbmit whatever infornation you 
have got rebate the claim whieh is made sgainst us by Mr. J. ¥, 

Everett. If I do not get this information very soon, I will 

either have to pay Everett a cleim which we consider very doubt fal 
or go to Court to defend a suit whioh he threatens to bring. If 
yon eennot get aut here, I will gend Mr. Maguire, bay St enographer,.. 
to your house any evening to obtain the data. fox. DAL Te 0 
Attn. oe LARA. . ; 

Yours truly, 

ae i 
= ivate Secret ary. 

Seiaepast eesccie: 


Mr. Jus. As Russet, 
a1? Wy 63d Bos, Ny Yu 



Dees 17, 88, 

Mr. Rob't. G41 lland, 

Adrian, Miche 

Dear Sirt- 

In referenae to your letter of 4th instant, it will 

make great aoniugion in our hooks if the order is sent you on | 

the A. Be Diek Co. tor them to pay you three-tenths of the Mimeo- 

6raph royalties, We will remit ths amount due you in thie con~ 

nection at the seme time that wo receive romittances from the A. 

Be Dick Co, 

Yours truly, 

Private Seqretary. 

ne at te, AR int No 

Doge i”, Le8E, 

My Dear WiLE y= 


I have 9 letter this moming from Mr. Barr, who 
States thet the Seciety of Canadian Engineers are to have a 
meeting at the MaGill College, on January 17th, at whish the Gov. 
General and most of the principai men in Canada will be present. 
Mr. Barr has been asked to firnigh, if possible, a phonograph, to 
be exhibited on that ooaasion, und wants ms to assist him. I have 
replied, saying I woul seo mat gould pe GONE « Meanwhile I will 

nol ae anything bat wait until you come dowm here, when you san 

take vp the matter yotrarly, 

Very truly yours, 

We He Deon, Eaq., 



48 Wellington St. Fest, 

Toronto p Canailas 


Mere Do Barr, 
726 Craig Street, 

Dero 17, G8, 

Montreal, Canadn. 

Baar Sir: ~ 

Coliege on Jenuary_ 17th, 
phonogr ph, 
~ dngat nument for this occasion, 

later on. 

regard to meet ing of the Society ef Gana dian Engin 


I ay in receipt oF your letter of 17th instant, in 

gers at Me@ila 

at wig time you desire to, exhibit a 

I wild see whet ean he done ahout obtaining -an 

end you will be eonmunicated with 



, , Deas. 17, 88, 

Nr, Ra. Be 0! trien, 
Mesara, lowrey, Stone & Aner bach, 
16 Broad 8t.,’N. Ys Oity. 

Dear Sirt-. . a . ee 

In: re ference t6 copies of agreements which you very 

kindly sent mo thé other day, I find that’ tha fret of these is 

dated 9th February, 1882, There appears to-have been prior to 

this date an Agreement executed by. Mre Edison, ae indicated by 

the folloving .cxtragsti- 

OP "AND WHEREAS, the suid Edison has heretofore caused to te 
a? ermted to the parties of the second part, jointly with 
Nate OT himaol?, all righte under sueh letters pat ent whigh may | 
we be onjoyed. in the Islands of Ciba and Porto Rico, under a, 
= gp. egreoment: th it the parties of the seaond part would organize 
se’ & Company &o. © ie 


The parties of the segand pert” re ferred to are, Joae ¥, de 

Navarro; Sroavenor P. Lowrey and Gao. W, Soren. 

i take it that the agreement irdiedted as ‘AbGve isthe fundae 

. ‘a . 

modta dontract ih ecrmevtion With the Spanish’ détaital tuatdoas 
1have no abby bf 1b, afd & thordfore WAH yo WORE" hE ind 

brdngh to Mike dine. day We and Bohd 4b to tm ad yee’ aalLy dotedhs- 
Wiles, Hage than wltty ditihenlatitUN OE ap eN KS, 

Dea. 17, 88. 

My Dear: Ina) ~ 

Here ia a cony of the form of Power of attorney 
which Mr.- Fox has prepared for Mr. Connery. When Mr,” Connery 
was Bua here I 

elusive right: to sel) Phonographs 4 an that .country | fbr a tern oF 

' years, and that he was to file. dertifiad eopiee of our U, 8, pa~ 

tents 88 exhibits. I & not know whether you received the same. 
impression, The feet is, that Mr. donnery is ging: to try and 
obtain from ‘the Government of Mexieo the exelusive privilege of 
putting Phonographe in all or any of the Post Oftices | or Gov't, 
offices of the Republic of Mexico. Ke is not- going to obtain any 
exeluai ve Privileges Wi th relation to Mext can’ territory,, and. wa” 

therefore have, tbo. Proteat oursel ves in the ordinary way by ‘patent y 

‘I have in’ my hands at the Present ‘time certified copies of. ‘all 

pat ents which have been tamed up to dave. tris the. U.- 3,’ in’ obnnea~ 

tion with, the Phonograph, 21 in manber Lv believe: The Wokkoah 


Government requires oortifiad copiee ‘of patente. tbanbd in, ‘other 

plabey a ks bafore 4% wild grunt eee daw sHeHETGtY. att ‘that ib 


s, I. 

s to our patent 

o-send these aopia 
at they 

xy up tO do's iat 
y everything th 

neanessary fo 
and have Him cove 

Mr. Tuis Mendé2, 


1 have not spoken to Mr. Faiaon ahout ghia matter, bab will 
go so af soon as i have an oppor tunitys end memwhi le I wish yo 

3 to the progress of events. 

. Nexry twly / : ee 

to. be posted a 



Dec. 18, 88. 

Messrs. Dyer & Seely, 
40 Yat Street, 

New York City, 

Dear Sirs:- 
In referénce to your letter of 17th instant, regarding 
my old application No, 172, fi1e4 Mareh LOth, 1879, 1 would like 

very omah to keep thia application alive, pat it is not possible 

for me to furnish geeeimens of thd" conduetars, The apparatus 
whish I used for making these conduetors has been dismantled, and 

it would take me several weeks to find it and put it in'shape. 

Yery truly yours, - 



SE We eevee 



o 18, 68, 

Wo Sy Malbory, Sxue, 
Humbolat, Mich. 


Dear Sirt- Ee ae 

have reeeived your letter af 14th instant, ene losing 

b 4 qonmunisation from Mr. C0, Bo Slanp, in regard to Aluminium, 

Af] ? 

Which I return harewith, 1 have shown this aorrespondence to 

: *o Baleon, and he gays tmat shear Aluminiwn would be a great 
thing, Wait there are more than 20 Companies at it already, and 
patents ase suming aut here and in Bagland and on tne Continent 

ut the rates of twenty per week, 



Very truly yours, 

Private Seoretary. 


Mro We H, Meadowers Th 

63 Pisth Avenug, 

“hh me tae 2 ey % 

SaaS a repsy thet his 

aNd (haves yot bing further 

New York 

reng your letter of 

to ne deaired, 

Very traly yours > 

new Seperstor ig 

Dee. 18 88, 



5th instant, and 

nOW parfec ted 


Degs 18, 88. 

Col. George HM. Gouraud, ; 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Surrey, Fnglen de 

Dear Sirt- 
I enelene nerewith two applications for the Agency 
of the Fdigon phonograph in the Hawaiian Islands, one from the 

H..)0 Mawes’ ian Pacifie Gable Go., and the other from Mr, John I. Sabin, 

ar cof San FPrangiseo, Cel. I may say that Mr, Sabin has. already tne 
Tomar Agensy for the phonayrarh on tat Pagifia Coaste All trade with 

JHaweii i? done through Sen Praneiseo, and Mr. Sabin is therefore 


in aipocttion to handle the huisiness in those islands to the beat 

udvantage » 

Yery timly yours, 

. ! 
; Private. Secretary. ‘ {| 

Of e., 


Dees 18, 88. 

461 Broadway, - 
New York City. 

Dear Sirs?- 

When your artiet came to the Laboratory, 10th instant, 
Mr. Edison wae not here, and ag he had forgetzen ta leave word 
with @1y one as to the extent to whieh he desired the: apparatus 
used in killing animals ilinuatrated, we did not know just what 
faagilitien to give your repressntative. Mr. Raison hag been con- 
suited, and if your ertist did not obtain all that -you desired 

during nis last visit, we would be glad to have him aome again, 

when He can make sket chee of -eyerything in cormmection with the 
nbove process, 

Yery truly yours, 

Private Sesretary. 

%. ” Neas 18, 8B. 

itr’, T. J. MeTighe, 
*Weet vical Review, ® 

15 Park Row, No .Yo Citys 

Dear Siri- 

in reference to your Lette’ oF Sth instant, L find 
upon Looking further into the rattet vf phonogrephig alooka, that 
Mr. Bai son wede a contract with & eonsern & rmmber of yeurs 575, 

witeh ig attl2 in force. He is therefore unable to neget inte 

with Mr, Dalaeli. 
Yery wily yours, 

ip eee 

Friyabe Secret oF. 


e. . 

Prof, Davtd PB, Taa4, 

Anhorst U¢hlége Opxervatory, 

(Anhorst, Naas. 

My Dear Sifs~ 

Imm interosted in the whjact of your letter 
° 4 

under date 24th November. If the apparatus nhich you sige sat. 

T shoud provide ia not slhrousonnyly expensisre,. will be very 

glad to make it, You, ef sourse, would have te funish me with 

working dravinge., Férheps you gould send these drawings to me 


Vory tmly yours, 

<a elements eon 

ee) 4? : 
¥ teat 2. AR 

af a 

John Io Sabin, Fage; 

Sen Francisuo, Col, 

When you were last’ at the Laboratory, you asked me 

32 Mr, Bdigon ecule furnish sarbon buttona for the Fdison tole- 

rhoncs whieh era used on the Pacific Coast. Mr. Edison regrets 

that he gannot supply you with these buttone, aa all his machinery 
: t t 


‘or making then hae heen disnmmtlad. 

Very truly yours, 



Meo Sylyve: yey 

a Oy > 

1s Lita Ina, @ 


158 Bi ivay. , N. ¥ 

o Git, 

Ti: voreemes tg vour Latter of LOK, instans, 

howhth Mr itq 

tina's gheeak for Fifuy Nollarg ($50), tr 
SHOE A nlamewe Fage te YOUY Waron ays Mara sas BHrough 

wioislon with Mr, Rai Mn's qurrigre, 

Vary traly yours, 

Privata Sevres tary, 

Neos 19, HB. 

Bol, Jonn A. Gockerill, 
. My. Dear Sirt~ 
Permit me in Justice two 
the writer on your worthy paper who reaimtly wrots the highly 

interesting sketch of "The Talking Newspaper” to congratulate 

the WORLD upon ity brilliant achievement in laying before ‘its 
readers the first acvount of that new venture, Every meil brings 
ta our natice clippings and extracts from the article referred 
tos among the journals reeeived this morning whidh quated your 
story heing the Troy Sentinel, the Troy Press, the Waterbury 
Republican, she Reading (Pa.) Times, the St. Panl Presa, the 

hewi eto, (Me,) Journel, the Alpeny Post, the Burlington Hawkeye, 

the Bellefonte News, the New York Pregs, and o host of others. 

This is tut snother evidenees of the growing progress and popu- 

Vary ‘respect filly yours, 
by ts 
EE cc 
Private soy. 

harity af your wonderful journal. 

: Dees 19, Hee 
Chas. A. Cheever, Rage, 
a 13 Park Row, 
7 New York Gity. 
Bsert j 
ons Dear Sirs. 
Daas Mr. Edison is preparing an exhibit of all his inven- 
oot tions for the Paria Pxehibition of 1889, and desires to show the 
tot Railway Telegraph System, He wishes to know if you can furnish 
“ote him with, Gay, 486 somplote sets of instramants, Our sxhibin iz 
qOH . to be made ae the American section, where a very large specs has 
twed been reserved for us in the most central part. 

Very traly yours, 

best | . pik 

Private Seu'y, 

Dee. 19, av, 

My Dear In atl t- 

dys referee to the attached from Mr, Johnson, 

the tests on the Jamieson. battery were vy 

nly om ieted yesterday 

morning, The data was handed to. Mr. 

Rdign shout ten o'olock, 


very shortly aftorwarde he sew Mr, Janieson, ahd gave him wm noto 

to be handed to-Mr,: Higgins. 

I telegrephea Mr. Higgins yeaterday 

aerning thet the note ‘had been sent to him in the way atated. 

Sanmal Insgli, Ese, 

19 Dey. Ste, XN, XY. 

Dear Mre Wiley:- 

I have your note of 17th inetart : We heve 
made ali arrangements for our exhibit in Paris next year, We 
have pigved a man in charges of the whole thing, and he goes aver 
with one arsistant, and wikl progure any further Qaistange over 


XL yaye: just sent the Following cabliegram ta Mr. Dredge: - 

"Ore Milling mattorm erreanged. You can go ahead. * 

We have fixed up the patent affairs which were delaying us, 
and Mr, Dredga's tests gan now be made as Boor aa they oan get 
the muohinery met up. I sent your brother last night another set 
of plans, p8 those he took with him nare by acsident aestroy eg. 

Yaura truly Be 2 Pa 
" L tip oe 





pie to gonftivm rect 

a or tne ftlowing teleg ron 


rad fy vert th edayie 

dirg up ew compound whieh 
ast att has meshor un ote 

s@ak~Pbaid sempownd asked por Ki 

i nNAG ae sehd sae you at Oranyn? Sarvi . 

we ona arohy a4 femediately. INSULT." 


Yourn tmly,/ 

e 1 
sf H 



Deu. 18, Loss. 

ty Dear Insuil,- 

Retorring to my Letter of 25¢ wlt.e, in which I 

Ore epee ance nec een oes 

eked you to kindly send me a statement or Mr. Fdison's loan to 

the Maghine Works, and the various transactionyg with Drexel, Morgun 

& Ca. connected therewith - all of which appears on the books of 

the Machine Works and of whiuhn we never heave had any record-, 

please inform me when I may expect to receive this, aa I desire Ai 

at the end af the present month to alose ont the Laboratory hooks 
for the yeur 1888, end cannot do so until I ay put in possession 
of the data above referred to, As thé month has only two more 

weeks ta run, kindly give the matter. your prompt attantion, end 

much oblige 

Yours truly, 

Samnei Inaall, Rage 

Neeo 1, BBo 

Ira Mitior, Rede, 
: : Akron, Shids 

My Dear Sirt- 
Letter of 17th instant, and 1 

I have ragoiwen your 

ped through the pupli- 

veg ek, that Mr. Mallory is being enibarras 

"Iron Age* regarding ore mill ings i have taken 

gation in he 

pabligation tee made ane our 

aeons, to | prev ont ‘any eae 

pisness, is: mora thor manly peyeptet re 


Very smly yours, i 
ae SS SS ” 



Drito 22, RS 

Tol, Waorms My, Gourlws, 
Dtaze Merlo 


Vea 3 
ny are te 4 Le Fecper ba va, Thine maie 
eerangener” voun Sanibit af abl my inven: sy which ate to 
be Yine@ed im wn “aa ‘ Me Avery Lares spa e rity 14 
7. ty SE We Pothe Mashine Wovk ied 
Aug enon Gompany, Cin sed poke whist is te he mada vtsi, | 

do Ths moat coms 

at any yo. «itempted. These aertanger 

cs . sige ow 

S) ower. bo orhude the phovoos vhs Lo wilt send imstrewents from 

here for thea purposes ind attend to all the detaiis in sonneetien 

of reraulroke eg Rit 

thovewith. I have placed Mre We J, Hanmer in G HAT ge, and nots 


BG oer Ongares as cetdre together everything whieh we pivpose 

show drys. Ionention this matter to you in ease you may have 

. ede hy 

ere a ger, yeti ‘ > + : 
songitering at exhibit of the phonograph yourself, whi adh, of courses 

ig mot necessary. 

. hats enews Ny oo 
tte. to feta clir ay ae, 

cy Ae - big: 





~sdaAntieayv, N,v. 

Cant as ° 
Druv Sirs. 

réene¢ te your telhonriuea 


ve ay Men 

Re mernt tc he melted and 

sti tei that toe 

Aro voor Letter ev baci in 

taah if wonid not Licrrery 

tee oottes thread. B8eforr 

we seri you 55 Lhe of tn 

Now 626, 

sent you 165 los of a material which sexntaiiit 

vas net supposed te he melted, hut was intense 


and squirtes on sire, Your teleagean of yester 

¥ou nave 


ieee SOA 


S. k. 



widh wend yur some of Pt in the course of Bb WELT © 

Very tremely yours, 


Lenuet YW, Serrali, Esq., 
146 Nassau Streat, 

Rew York Gity. 

Dear Sirs- 

in reference to your Letter of loth instant, Mr, 
Rdaitan has pone ta Akron. Unio, for tne Christmas nojie@ays, 

We will let you knew wher he mets back. 
Yecy vnuly yours, 
Ze Z eae 
PD. Ee 

Private Secretary, 

c.f Bo He Bevis, Harte 
gpton & Tews 

+ Me He . 

p pat RBiways, He %>» Gitye 



! > 
p My Deer Sirt. 

Lo nave re The GG 

ang Gti having been taken vp by the en Was 

iders. Lf Mre Randel ia 

it for the 


the walle 

gowvegt adroith 

ib wonka prise the 

2 Juice This information is 

Not very acyBratss 

Very trmly yours, 

Segre Gat. 

wey pon 
Frenet i; Ry Upsioay. Wey, 
. Tre ee ae Loon Tomy: BS ge. 
AN, N. da. 
4 : ’ 
Tovetarn herewith Letters OF Megors, Starr paye 
MMe eed with vows -9 Baty deuthorth, 
Mr n 2 Datu oe teres the xtatemert p MAA 14, 
Se & Boo as te ot Aarasing oP Tams &ie, hy ne incorrente  Thary 
we Aon AR ta OP Laer at ating ae may fs alse Wee cath 

owe fogher price ly WANA RS" Mi go thee tates ways that var pag 

bedter de nathine 

Mat now ebeut the matter anyway. 

Yary tmiy vy ADs 

wd 4 


Privats Secres arr. : 

< Neo, 28, 88, 

Mr. Henry D. Goodwin, See'y., 
Wiseo ain Phonograph Company, an 
: ‘Milwaukee, Wis, : : & 

Dear S8ir :. 

Your letter of Deg, 20th addressed to Mr, 

Edison ig at hand, 

In regard to the phonograph doll, I beg to refer you to the 

_Bdieon Phonograph Toy M'’t'g. Co., 95 Milk Street, Boston, Mass. 

Por all information soneerning same, 

In referenge to running the phonograph on electrig Light 

cirquits, to do this the motors would have to pe specially woumti. 

There would be no trouble in winding them, however, and when the 

Phonograph is placed upon the market if the publie shoulda demand 
machines that they sould mm on such airqites, we presume that 
they. will be supplied with them, 

Yours traly, j 
Gor ~ 

Private Seqretary. 

he Fiala deen i 

this Sompany. 

Dee. 28, 88, 

Dear Mias Willard, ~ 

In refoerense to your letter of Ostoher 15th 

last addressed to Mrs, Edison, whieh has been referred to us for 

reply, E beg to say that the phonograph in the United States and 

Canada wilh be merohundised by the North Amer{ean Phonograph 

Company, #160 Broadway, New York City, and if you dewiré te pur- 

shase a mechino, it will he necessary for you to do 80 through 

Migs Frances RK, Willard, 
Evanston, Ills, 

Mro He B, Hatohinson, 
Agent, Willian Steam Heating Syaten, 
Qranee, Nf, 


WLLL you plenee anil at your earliest convenience 
t A 
@nd veo our Mr. Foulies. at the Labovatory, in roypare to otean 

heating. i 

fours truly, 

Mrs dogach Woodrn¢?, 

Necr Sirs- 

We wonld se pleased to have you onkl at the Jin 
ard seg our Mr, Foulkes at the earbieut paustsle mowrt 
fo your ateum damper. Sinen ve pave bad thir have we 


naehle too mwa th work, and unless tay kame is veatiiicea sna 
no oe nt otha abe next vow mays we sill ve HOMmpPall ad Ae 
tek cps Poaeothir meskes vor ds, ; : 
SANT s wpr, 

Iwo tel Serums were received by us on 

on feom Mr.’ Me Hy Resenitata, one addressed tr 

Mey Raison and tne atner to myvels, in re iat Aaa to the phonograph 
a lng vnieh have peen promised you. Mr, Rosen*elg'a teleerams , 
Bither guatiy or MGMstly, heave impressed us With the idea ther 

coms der we are neglecting you, Thia Lettor 4 I 

Stan is not the enasa, Mr, Fdison is conducting in the 
Laboratory teas oY Oxperiments with the view of avingine 
Me & tAbLing deh whieh “iLL bear, without injury the troatment 

ThAL We romy axneet it ta receive when it geta into the hands of 

the wmiblie. #a0 phonographta portion of thin dol. is alt right, 

but the detaile of the méeshanism have not vet bean satis fagtor ily 

arrarncede Mr, Kdison has made a munber of modela and is now 

Maing others. A representative of the Raison Phonograph Tox 

MP's. Ga, took thres sample dolls 

s (Crom ths Laboratory to the 

Suncany?s bendquart 

ia Boston the other Quy, ane Sound wheat, 

us power, 

hon WORL which 4 being to Live 

he e590 au Mr. Kdisen gets a moant whiah is 

WLLL be yt in shape amd. sent to yor, 

ate explanation wilt souvinag you of our lésire to 

See Omaonate yer in tha matter, 


a, very truly yours, 

Private Seqretury, 

I ohave your letter of 27th inshant, sale “ing 

eoMmaniaation Cvom Mr, Prazar's verresent atives in gst 


Loettach agony of « letter addressed by Mrs Rdatsor te tics 

Reslin Oorweaccy, srohesting apainst their Making potations 

thsateia Tipttans cacestad 

for Grinsn ond Japari. L- attach 

coy af aur dothear te tae Gite, Gortinentate Raison an the 


°F han verily 

medeous hy the latter Corpany. 

bears Per Tee 
Vee Goth yon 

WGhuswhedgeg our Letter. a.4 if § 

HO ag Mur Ben them within a2 

eaye, Twill wedite tieyy 



dad that My. Brassr nas 

nak eopies of this Corre sporniance. 

very ¢reky yours ‘ 

Privave Sears av ey 

Semel Inviil, Boo, 


Deeg. SL, &R, 

Col. George F, fouraid, 
Litile Menlo, Upper Norvood, 
Surrey, Pngland. 

tf have reaeived from Mr, Dredge a statement of Mr, 
Wiley's account to the Lat of Deaa., in which 1 observe that you 
ara areadited with advaneea to the extent of thirty pounds, I 
have algo reseived your iatter of lsth SHES ss enol asing a statc- 
ment of advanoes made Mr, Wiley to the extent of ninety pounds, 
the Inat advanee having heen made on the Sth of November, Mr, 
Dredge"t account shows a debit against Mr, Wiley of : “4-0-9, mat 
he has not Bi van you credit for the additional sixty pounds. Ye 
have written Mr. Wiley for an explanation, and as som as We yt 
the matter struightened, Will he slud to have you draw for the 

emount which vou heave advanced. 

Yours truly, 

Mre Vo Se Miley, 
the FBirst Avemic Hated, 

Holnoen, hondan, We O,, Frylant. 

Me, Pradge hae uent te Me. Rdicon an secount Por tas 

angce of money whieh the fanner nas made you since you hiys 


Iie. im Tendons L find ture Mr. Dredgoa han advanced you ?iity- 

ponmdis. in asditicn to this, on the same paper is noted an 


aivounae moas vou hy Cal, Gonranud of thirty pomdsa, Me, Dredge 

mekee the uccount wp to the ist of December, By the same miii we 


poeeived Prom Col, Govraid a Letter enelosing a memorandum of 

monn: advanced to vou an Lolhows? 

5 a 
Ngtober Alth 40-O- 
Oatoner Lath 16-90-90 
Setoner ed 30-00-97 
Derover 80% 20+-0-0 
Novewzer %th _20-0..0 

Mr, Dredge trras in spenc 

pears Jo net aggre 

the bet of Dauenmer te the axtunt oF ding 


ageounk, which ghows vou to have sg yabanee 

Piro. Pron Gol, Gourand's statement you should have 

An Awihr a addutioaml slaty peunds, that beings the d4ifferenee 

Cok. Gore 

witch Mre Drodne 

hee vononiet 

and Brae auch 

You by Gok, Goutand in segordanee whit 

Yay ei: Sate nerrh » 

-¥Y ewMiain this uceonnt so that we gon 

w2% Fh ghey: 


Yours 425 

Se avretayy. 

Sa aronet mepreareaaes =r? 










Deemer 4, 

By Cmoet 
Bee (lia sdy 

Samay ftom Sapte LE ter Nowe be ah 

(gr. sa Dew, Lh} tush cage 

Po OMIa & 

PV ap gee 



Sus te sont with Mr, fy 

L588 _ 

A, Hdison from 


Dee, 31, 88, 

Mr, Sameg Dredge, 
35 & 86 Bed ford St., Strand, 
London, We Cy England, 

Dear Sirt- 

Your letter of 2th instant to Mr, Edison haa heen 

rec@ived, snl wa will b® pleased ta accept your draft for 


fix povmate when it comes forward, We 

Gbrerve that the amount 

with which vou credit Goal, Gourand 



advansed by hin to Mr, 

Wiloy to the lst “of 

Dee, is thirty pounds. Gol. Gouraud, writior 

BS under ante 5th Dee. encloses 8 

memorendin of hig adyances tx 

Mro Wiley us follows? ~ : 

Nstoher Lith 20-0-0 

Octoher 13th 10-0~0 | 

Satover 254 ‘R20-0-0 | 

Ostober SOth 20.0.0 | 
at November 8th 20-0-0 | 

It would appear from this that Mr. Wiley has on hand sixty 

pounds more tho is entered upon your statement, 

We have written \ 


‘at we can enter 
: Ae 
nt utyrectiy on our rororda. Rictiee eee 

wh teal! 

Mr, Viloy, 

asking him to explain the Becount, 4h. 


Yery truly yournr, 

Mr, Joseph FH 

Dear Sire 

Fairchild wes Inspector on the Works: during a portion of the time 

- Taft, 

146 Broadway, 

New York City. 

In regard to'the attached correspondence, Harry F, 

that the Daveratory was'in course of eanstruction. 

40 2662 cubic feet of extra trick foundation. 

to the. cubie 

he Le? 


‘Jee te 

‘Loot, ane ‘would make 55,992 extra briok ‘ate ‘the tire 

aeoma impoassibze to get any ac 

Very. truly yours, : 

Nets 32, 88. 

‘He gertifies 

Allowing 21 brick 

+, ihe work » end ni indicates that there were gt ill more. 

eurate information on this gib- 

Mmet do you think of Fairchild‘s certificate? 




J. #,-Howison, Maq., 
57 W. 4th Strent, 
‘Cinceimati, 0. 

Dear Sirt~ 
Your letter of 26th instant to Mr. Fdison in regara to 
‘Paris Exposition has been a eepieea ‘My. Fdison has perfected 
ali his arrangements for axhibiting his inventions, Only two 
men are to be sent fromsAmerica; ‘ali other assi dtance will oe oh Psa <8 

proourvd in Paris, 

Vary truly yours, 

. we 


Deo. 31, 88. 

Mesars, Dyer & Seoly, . 
New York City, 

Dear Sirs3- 
I enclove herewith ‘a letter from Col. Gouraud wie 


date 224 November, ‘in regard to Mexican patenta’ alno a Lotter 
doted sgt. 15th, addressed to Col, seared by Luis Mendes, toe 
gether with copy of a Dowtee ismed by President Diaz under date 
aeth September, 88, granting = 10 year patent “to Mr, Baigon on 
the phonograph and phonograms. 

I gee hy your Letter to me of 27th ieatenk that yon have 
recoived from Gol, Gouraud 2 List of foreign patents, ox the phono- 

graph, which he has applied for eng obtained. I presume that this 

List will inolude the Mexican patent above referred to and , 


‘you have obtained Trom Gol, Gourmd information in re vara tonGases 

ghieh eve covered by thia thentean pebente My idea is that if 

this Mexioan patent 41s going to Limit any impor tant Us Sq patornt, 
we should not recognize ths former by paying the fee of $250 now 
due thereon4 in whien enee it would be desirable to inelLudas in a 

fature patent, AF possible, the material whish 18 govered by th* 

patent that v4 retusstl to réeoprize. You wiki ot gourse kyrow 

what © ts best to do under the a2irmmbtances, When you are 

writ ins Senor Mendez, Lo wish you vwuLe explain to nim the reason: 
why hin goxrespandexes hig Been necleqted. 
Please return Gourmid’s iotter attached when you are through 

with 14. 

Private Secret ary. 



Su Een eee 


Oe ene eee, 

Dea, 31, 88, 

Lb. MoCartney, Faq.e, Sup'’t. of Scheola, 

City of Sioux Falls, Dakota. 

Dear Sirt- 

In reference to your Latter of 20th instant, I beg 
to say that Mr, Faison employe a number of young men in his 
experim@ntal departments, who are graduates of technical schoois. 
There is no vee ancy at prénent to whiah the young man you speak 
of gould be appointed, nor am I able to say when one will ooour. 
If he were-a first class shenist we migtt he able to are room 

for him, What expericnce has ne had in thin direction? 

Yours traly,  - “ft 

KoiCouta Seeret ary. 

Dace $1, 88, 

My Dear Inmll,- 
Meanra, Drexel, Morgan & Co. advise us that the 
interest due on Mr. Rdison's note, $44,165.14, to Nee. Bl, 88, 

184 days, at 6%, is $1,027. 

Yours truly, 

\ yee 
Private Secretary. 

Samuel Insull, Eaqe, 
19 Ney St., New York. 

pons Teton gaeeyaited 
Snatabniedericy shih 

Dene 31, 88. 

S. Ke Dingle, Faq., 
Consolidated Railway Telegraph Co., 

22S Yroadway, New York City. 

Dear Siri~ 


In referenss to your letter of 24th instant, please 
see Mr. We 2, Hammer. shen you gome ta the Leapratory. Mr. Hanmer 

hae sharge of Mr, Fdison's exhibit et the Paris Fxpoaition. 

Youra truly, 

Private Seoretary. 

CE ahaa Fa arg Te 

RB Wletoher Ingals, Maq., 
70 State Street, 

Chisago, Ills. 

Dear Sixt 
In reference to your letter of 19th instant, I ber 

wt? $O say that, Mr. Fdison is experimenting at the. present ime 
.with the phonograph with the view of recording the wiunds pro- 
avced by ‘the heart and lungs. These exper iments are not yet 

finished, tat the indications for a sascesa Ml epnelusion are 

very oncouwruging. 

Yery truly yours, .°. 

John Kraust, 
he Edison Mannings Werk 8, 
Suhensetady, Ne Y. 


"Yo ean make insulatio 

Nesamher SL, 8S, 

n any aonuistendy. Pleane 

Beni Ue sample aF ordinary insulation whish yon 

ge with underwriter wire 

our insuintion same aonsi steney, 
you an be ground uv 


an we will return qManti ty 
The 160 lbs, sant 
Powith spirite turpentine or benzo], 

Janaary 7, 8H. 

Mr, Join Kroensti, 
Rdisor Maghine Works, 
Schenestady, M, 

Deur Sirte 

In regard to the telerrnn which we sent you in re 
gard to insulation, se for ns fo can ones hexwe, the trouble sean a 
to be that you heave nob yet rageived trom the Laboratory a sting ite 
of insulation, whieh, when heated, var ve equirtea an 2 wire, ori 

which si31 souk inte the cotton covering and maintain its tongh- 

a8 When cold. dL wyeierstand that if our men here had a semple 

insultthion whidh you aonaider exsetly right ag regards son~ 

sisteney &eo, they could duplicate it in our compound. | Wo, thoree 
fore, wired you. to send us a quantity of your Ordinary insulation, 
whieh oan be used here as a standard of the qualifications we have 



Tare 2, 18685. 

Friend Brewster, - 
I have received your note of 30th ult. in 
regard to phonogrmh. Mr. Lipp inasoti's address ia No, 160 
Broadway, New York City. He is President of the North American 
Phonograph Co, 
Teli Mrs, Srewster that I have not forgotten,and wi) not 


forget her dolls, Mr. @dison ia raking a rumher of expe irannits, 

with the view of perfeating the meenmmism of these dotle, but 

up to the present time we hava not been anle to Hérmal any Gut, on 

Iohersly think they cen ba ready bherore Faster, lo hope acme 

tine to have tha pleasure of seeing you in Roshester, and wi wing 


you the Sorphiments of the Seasin 

Tl mn, 

Mr, WH. . Brewster, See'y., 

Maiton Fiegtris IL%. Gee, 

Soaheasner, N, Y, 

Tarte 2a, &9, 

Dear Mor, Hartwell,- 

In reference to your Letter of ath ultimo, 

to Mr. Fdison, the lntter being in Akron, Qhio, eannot reply 
pergonally, put I think I ann give you the information you wamt. 
Nr, Lugro hag not invented any battery to run the phonograph, 

L believe that he hus # battery and ‘a motor which the Gyrapho~ 
phons péoplea have used in sonneation with their machine. Mr. 
Faison's mator is perfect, and his new form of battery all that 

can be desired, and no chang? wili he made in either of them 

cannot give you defintte -information-as-to- whon the phonograph 

will ba on tho market.  Yhen you enme to Grange, I will be very 

- glag to. teke you through the phonograph fantory, ‘ena Bhow you 

“hat we are doing there. 

Yours vory truly, 

deape Hy Haréaolh, Faqs, 

| / hi efk ALAA . 
oe Me beiicon Mm 

WH) Ses a Ae 

mead eee, the A ; tn tre pA Or, WA: 
ter) er ETDS Ae Arne 
Ard te he At MCK.: 
BMA Ul anit ator Ahi Aisle, 
LO nerd want aw 4d 

Ophir prance, Whi yu te Z. 

haere A barat LD fe thin aA ke 
LAA AAS Led, ad 0O- TK ALO fAbhe AA, ay 

Co Mee Wh At at hes 7 

ie pte. wath Ane-tree 
AAR vie: A 

ay . ~ se ote a A 

Dale ov anes 





JLONAAAY, « eee 

Athena” of ath Eten 

Wp AAI. he ad 

oO. Co yp CM gp pan 

eae A. eh. Coe tn 

ew wee, Ayn Ateg 

for, Y cit. 4 a etn 

pa An L. 

“ef tt, AL 

Ae 2. : 624 
LK <7 Pa 

a —— 

feats off —4 ths é: IN. ANer er, Whee, 
ete OSbrre [cere gf KE, 



asst AMHaitee W090 ath pres 

Afr COBRA AAA 0-WEF™ br. ihe, 
art_nente Pec, LUl__L, Lets, 


a / 
Ys J f y a te Cotte Pro oF Ir S ee Sa a 
yh i ts ta Af ot. a . thers ABV A“ ence oa 

eee a 

HT - . 

| iA 2 Ve: 

wd woe ie ae ; is a 

at { ses ee nk le ee Sg Ee 

: wan ZH fe DH bz of LAT LLB es j an 

ee i ees 7 ; ” f ee 

—- oe) Meg ? ye o4. 

Za 4 


: ; 

:! é, 


rh a C-k400 inf om Ay the rad, 

f(t ta Thhatalg « SESS gage: aes bait 5 ie apn. ted gy 
ge De gorln ti 1 sedi iat Ene oe eatogath 

— . alt 


Ted & Le Pd lof Cyan 

PAT ae on orgeincr eon 

“ Jmusty 8, 89. 

Frangis. Ro Upton, Eeqe, 
Faison Lamp Company, : ah 
' . Harrison, Ne. J. ‘A 

My Dear Sirs. 

: tn reference to the Ry Laws of the Lamp Company, 
Section 1 of Article ® provides that the annuak meeting of the 
stockholders shall. he held at Harrison, N. J. on the third Monday 
of January in each-and biehg usw Artiole 13 provides that the 
Directors shall meet at Harrison, Ne J. on the third Monday in 
January of each and evary year, ‘At the meeting of the stook- 
holders held 24th day of Jannary, 1888, Section 1 of Article 9 of 
the By Lava war amended to read *On the fourth Tiesday of Jonuary 
of seach aa every year® instead of third Monday, I think the 
intention mst havea peen to pmond aes Artiche 13, in relation to 
the annual méeting of the Dird¢tors, © that the Dirertora wuld 
meet on tho sane day as the stoékholdere, as heretofore, The 
amendment, however, was not made, As it stands now, the Dinreators 
mesting should he ealled for Monday, Jane 2lst, and the Stogk- 
holders mesting for Tnerlay, Tait 224, the former Weing the thire 

Monday of the present month and the Letter the fourth Tuesday. 

pT eae eeane 



F. R. OU, 

i havé not permitted the minutes of the 

Atoekholders' meeting 
hela Rath Tan., 8, 

to bs copied into the minute ook. tno motion 
amonfling See. 1 of Artiele 9 was made by Yourael?, sind it seems 
to me that your inton tion te amend Artig le 1% is s apparent that 
it ought ta he, oubotied in our record of your resolution, and 

avoid the inconvenienne which 7412 otherwise result, 

: Very truly yourn, 


Pra asthe, pov EE; 
J hewsctathy 4. ¢ . 
y os SF corelhers wy sha ch he ose fu 0 628. Sin 
ae Ferns one foc se obicn Bue. Sorceress ee | 

ace he hake, OE tas araarrigy Sa Heb. ‘ 

Iuvithew Ra » tare Bll he anacts, ” 
arveflitle the OU aetth. abice cuneg & po ores 

Ble 20 wg the athacheol, ie? Hine 
Jiataan ve eon as frocerckly rect ee 


Vion gf. ed A 

bag & 
poay 9 
QDeaw der. 

of cechees @ ehech he. over a a7 Se 

the Maser y Ary e seco one , 
Ya Y a frprlor of the ow ford 
2 Aw te al ow Are.t.eiank af the fats of the Oftel 
SF wuthw Pog uke awh he, @rreacla, he pone plate the, 
fie Boot eisrsk aaa” | to Foes tadhh rz Bhat waves 
je Boww jac sd totes gre recenrech - weres, a 
UN f é 
. Places, ong the, atbenhadd, 710 tae falh wad ntierny, cra 
Bwow ase frrwtea pasrchl othe 
wrere Pree 
m anas a. clue es 


w* ed 
al oreene tc 

panei eheaeh, he couse @ 163 "ice 
Ant & halt or acon k of the Ble of the “bofctal 
I nhbaw aett, be mae cane o 6 emeplles 
ta, fall are olawating H gone cradth wn this 
Madera bois ee navi teas jp inscaBla needs. Ga Ab taieek 
ae @cew ae, putte eee obhn a 

Se Seber ea we 
an / Kore hicer aovee_ Re parr icone 
Jit ceave ll oven. ai o 

Pla egr Bhe itached, pacee ph mavd pater 

fe dem ae fireithe and oblaye | 
Pevensie Ze 


a | pore og 
#eo iA ee 
bu Gok, 
Wiaw dew J] 
ry pei Abaely bo. owos s osZ 2 

Sexe, oh Pe aes th. _ ey eee 
PY PP Pepe wt her pnads ~~ & ‘ ut 

anew aw necovedl Gy me. 

Ae Cow ac Some t& P| ve : 

b ati = 


ee ene ent inn ene ST RNP SPECS SESS aha etm aan eo ab Tl 


pee Grange bf 

Sheed we. oe, check ho mas 
2 r es 
we 8 ae ont Bona] Me oS _ eee 
the tafe. 

ie a haley ohne 
mere with te aes _ 

Aow. eae Ah, 44, AT ed erwin & pew erected, 
ryry Ahrd PE re Mme Aevwrw PILE ane 

ecarartied 4 (owns, 
Ae ween ae prvitle jaud t othg. -- 
: ores ie | 


fon ® “ij 
bbe? altel  ¥ 
Gelrain Ah ae af 
enw dix 
nia he past we ae j- «ton Se 
the “apo fea 
eae! *€le hors “be b. ny 

ee a mene fons A 


Tatie 9, S26 
Lewaed We. Serrel), Fsq., 

140 Nassar St., New York City. 

eae Sirie 

In reply to you letter of Sth inat., Mr 
Eagimn desires me te namt January 12th (Saturday), eleven o'giock, 
we tte, ab tht laboratory, 23 the most gonvanlant time and pinas: 
for him ta bagin his sestimony in ths Diokerson inter forende: 

Mr, Chase Batchelor, ¢/o Fdison Phonograph Works, Orange, Ne Je, 

‘aghL be the only witnesse Kindly let mo know if this is sgatis- 

factory, mid oblige 

Youre tmly, 

Private Seoretary« 

Jane 9, BY, 

My Denr Insuli,- 

I notice that certain newspapers have connécted 
my name with an alleged explanation of the scheme of the new 
Fdison Gensral Fleetrie Company. In order that there may he no 
misunders tanding as to how far I am responsible for these reports, 
I wish to inform you that a reporter for some Newark paper, the 
nema of which = sannot now remember, came to the Laporatory one 
day with a report of a aonsolidetion which ino luded the Mach ine 
Works, the Lanp Co., Bergmann & Go., the Light Go., Raison Phono. 
Works and the Edison Laboratory, X did not consider it right to 
have the Phonogra@h Yorks mixed up in the patents and I told the - 
reporter that the Phonograph Works had nothing to do with it, and 
thet Mr, Mdison’s Laboratory was his private property. I wowld 
not give him my information in regard to the reat of his report, 

and mm not reaponsible for any part of it. I want you to under- 

stand thie in case any pergon should mention it to you ‘Crit 
“N ~pfH- ; 
ANAL af -tm.e_ty ah: Bo Yours very 

Sanield Inasvll, sq, 


Tan. 9, 1889, 

Messrs, Dyer & Seely, 

New York ity. Pe ar 


Dear Sirst~ 

I am in reseipt of your letter of 8th instant, in 

regard tw the Mexican patent question, and huve consulted Mr. 

Edison us to the advisability of renogniazing these twa Mexicnn 

patents py the payment of tne Peer die thereon, which, I under- 

stand Pram your Letter, amount to $300. Mr. Fdison thinks. that 

ag the U. S&S, applications whish correspond with thene twa Nexicnr 

coetents are not important, wa may as wall sesure the letter by f 

paying the feces. The esmount should be telegraphed to Mr. Iuis 

Mardes, I noald arvenge to telegraph it, but I think it would he 

vaxy much better to have s£h nusiness of thia kind pass through 

yous hands. I- ao not wish to open up any direct sorre sponds 



te Mro Mendez, Int dcaire t% rondigt aur business with nim 

through yourstives, I will send you a cheadk to-merres on ageount 

of pills of yours whivh we have in the office. You can proqerd 

at one to take out nm tiire® Mexiaun patent, including abl’ the 

U. Se Patents that have been isaned up to the pregent tine, with } 

ths ex ptdion of those embodiad in Sete 84 and B5,- 


Yourg very truly, 

Private Seoretary. 

Tannery fy 89, 

Re Bo Fastean, FE. 

GerfielG Brilding, 

Brookiyn, Ne ¥. 

kelerring to the matter of the installation 

32 1 Ste Johnaland, ahnout which 
you inguiva, Tobe 

wg to say that the sole. and arly representative 

Edison Dight in esnneetion vith that phat is Mr, Joseph 

we, Hearctary of tee Hdinos Maghine Works, No, 10 Dey 

Street, New Vark. fn2 originel installation, and a2 NVC t 

ingrvagen or addition: ta the plant, are under his conteol as 

Asenb Of the Féisen United Marmafacturing Company. 

Yours very. truly, 

Tatts 10, 89. 

Mr. Jot Xreuai, 
Faicon Maahine Works, 
Sohenretady, Ne Yo. 

Dear Sirt- 

. We sont you to-day by express semple of insul ating 
conponnd Ms. 45¢3R. We wauld Like to know in regard to this 
‘samp Les 

‘Be Does it became ibe wa 2% at ordinary Femperaturee? 
be Deas it beaome too britwle ut 42 F., or Lower? 

Co Ta it saffisaiently fire proof? 

We sony any in nwa to this Hample that it sae Bot prove tin 
be ap fire proof an you gould wish, htt we can inprove upon it. 
Xt is very much cshesper than, samphe 420, and very much onnier to 
Max? a 

With reverence to supplying you with G00 Lba, of ingilating 
materinuk, we have not the Pacilities nere for making Mich o lars 
‘qantity in a short time. It would in all probability require 
tvo or three weeks for us to Aunish you with that amount of 
material, Whet wo wish to do in, to strike a eompound that WALD 

maet all yov requiranents, on@ thin give yau ell information. in 


Tv, K, 

remark to making 26, im that yor oan prepers a Mantity at your 

om worke for a thoroughly praqtical test. Thin answers your 

Letrtay oF Btn inst ant o 

Yours very truly, 



Fer _- 

to tnrckeaw Y sad teunth the ru i 
Athache, Qua ewe LAG Cider Ghatire Lghs G # 25:98. 700 
(ESAT AM Hiei hw @. Prensa . 

setae lik eas A 


x Cok. Goorge FB. Gournad, 
y 3 : Little Menia, Upper Norwood, 
-_ Surrey, Fuglands 
= My Dear Sirt- 
» « Y 6 _ilwrate yon 2 few deve ngo, stating that I wan 
~ ~ arranging ic make an axkibition ef the chonegraph at the ooming: 
. < 
rs D- . Paris Bxpesition. Tied ia mind et tho time certain detaila in 
2 . : 
> << 4N ; tad : ’ : ; 
: i < EA eomnection With tnig 4azhibie whigh To owas not quite prepared to 
< expinin, bat wraigh Twill refer to more partieularly in this 
4 ; 
> ~ 
: ; ) uyesint Letter, My you orierly or omy inten- 
: 2s) : Sa 
‘ at 5 -$lon, wan to Yorestlelh) whieh yor might have petn 
“~ aN 
: Los x entering upon in the geese under st od, 
wy < thet considering the extent te whieh my taventions are to he exhi-~ 
; MS ¢ | 
A 3) bited, 1% woult aot be proper to bred the phonograph plaged any- | 
-” “- , : . : 
~ vwhert except within my own cirala, Lohavé not mede any accurate 
calunlation as ta the expense ohich will be inewrred in sonneation i 
; wit’ the phonograph exhibit, ot Lf assume that you will share this 
. anse eyuaily with myself. oY, of course, refer only to the 

phenogvaph exhibit, the to he deriven from shich will 

: “) 
asayuc in your daterert as vell ag-my own, ; 

Yours vyory tris, 

Titre LL, SST 


Thomas Re Lermburd, Bsge, Viea-Pres'te, 

Nerth Amicienn Phonograph Corpany, 

L860 Breadway, New York Gity. 

My Deer Sir:- . 

Il hove reenived vow letter af Rth instant, in 

resgorg to Mr, J. Baliarnce Mr. Balleras ewhi¢ 
and stated thia ne oeeired inntruction in the operation of bre 
I veg not very clearly impressed jn vegard te his 

phonograjy he 23 : 

relations with your Gonpany. You donhthLess understand that it ies 

to veeodive and instruct ay mean whe onre 

ax frit + 

ant hers by your Company, Rith tie 

c a 
; Woltls as txport se Lf yor have retde och ort arvangement ag this 
; : with Mrs Balleran, if yeu will pive im a letter to thet ete } 
4 fast, we will pe very yz: 
t i riging himeehP ovoth fhe ; 
| 2 Ballavius for a Poe poets, fram what he 
: ei anid thah ya tis ta montiloned 

Snare teyve 

Mre Haison, Jan. 11, 1889. 
Mar shalt., who supplies us with aondenserg for 
Phonoplex System, wrote a letter to you the other day, asking for 
a testimonial, Iorepliead, stating that you made it a rale yoyer 
to give letters of that character. He now SEkS mé to give him a 
teatimonial myself, on behalf of the Fai son Phonoplesx Systam or 

Telegrmhy. Is there any Objeation to my doing this? 

Mre ¢, Hutchinson, 
Riisen Machine Works, 
is Dev 3i,, ™ 

Devr Sirt- 
Lo enolose herewith Mr, Fdiam’s rroxy for Ore 

Milling meeting. AP eg 

Yours truly, 



vane 11 ? 89, 

Measrs. Ieonmd & Tzard, ta 
Room 425, Tha Rookery, Z oe 

Shieage, TlLa. 

Near Sirsi- 

In reply to your letter of Ath instant, enslosing 

auta in regarg to life test which is being conducted by the 

Gd. Be & 4. Railway Company upon different makes of ineandescent 

lamps, I snould Like to ye kopt posted from time to ‘time as this 

test propresees. 

Yours very truly, 

CBA - ae ee 
5 ee etd Le. ier ot ba 


Joseph Ansell, Faq., President, 
tT. CG. Sharp, Fsa., Seevetary. 
County Chemberg, Corparation Street, 
Binainghan, England. 

In retarenge to your letter of 18th uit., In 
regard to on Blectrieal and Induatrial Exposition te be neld in 
Bingley Hull, Birminghan, dn Ying the months of August, September, 
and October of ths present year, Hr Faison desires me to gay 
that it would be impractic able fur him to make on @xnibit at 
that time, for the renacn thot veil hiu epparatug is being sent 
to the Paris Fxposi tion. 

Youre very truly, 

i iia. 



Private Sexretary. 

Jane 12 ’ 18s, 

No ons will pe admitted to the store room, @xcept by 

speaial permisaion, and at night, aupplies will ba furnished 

tnrcugh the Night “Yatchmane 

By Order OF 

Sse tinea 

My. John Krausd, 

Edison Machine Worka, 

Schenwtady, Ne Y¥, 

Dear Sirs. 

We aré senfling you to-day. two samples of insulation 

compaund; Nos, 459 ani 440, 

In regard to the farmer, we wish to 

know 4f it is too prittle and if it melts sifficiently, In ragerd 

to No. 440, kindly inform us if £t.3s too- af, and give ua any 

further information in regia te- nither gemple which yon consider 

may be of tise fox our mlidanee. 

Yours truly, 




Raur Si 

I enehoas nerevith iv ehesk for One Tonsand 


($1,00¢), in veymont of 5% asseanmmt on stock of FB, I. 

Kindly asknowLeige receipt, and G5 


Ya nya ser dl np 

Dhow ime 

t, MLCL van very x4 ¥ Tew tee ap 

ty “* yet oa oe 
ise CEN EY wee - 

wish to asker ow nook, sp 

Mrtil these othis Bra Bente rag, 

Dear: Mr. Hartwolt,~ 

I have your letter of Lath inwtant . the 

only description which I have of the phonograph exhibition at the 
cryetal Palace, London, a8 the one iter, up .in the "Illustrated 


Zondon News.“ I em udine you under separate cover a copy of 

thia journal, which I hope will answar your purpone. 

Srivate Sec'y. 

George H. Hartwell, Reqs 
Boston, Mass. 

Jan, 15, 89. 

J, i, Farnham, Msq., Fleetrisian, 
New England telephone & Telegraph Ca., 
50 Pearl St., Boston, Mass. 

Mr. Faison asks me to say in reply te your 

letter of 1st instant that, if the mispended leaden. cables are 

inewlated at the points of support, like an ordinary telegraph 

wire, we know, hoth from experiment. and caleulation, that their 

electrostatic capacity may he inereased as mich as 40% py neing 

buried. underground, the exact amount amending upon the dimen ations 

of the wire and its electrostatic capacity (in water), Ry obe 

taining this, the diameters of ths conduator, the insulated con- 

ductor, and the covered cable, the increds@.oa he caloulated, if 

the average height of suspension above thé ground be given or ag 

guime [. 

If, on the other hand, the aadles are not insulated at the 

points of mipport, but find ground more or lesa through the poles 

and eross arms, then the difference will he very much. less, say 




Jo He Fo 

{ 2) 

only 5%, depending, upon the deyree of grounding made. Of sourse 

with «ood grourd vonnertion ¢ 

Messrs. Dyer & Seely, 

New York (ity. 

Dear Sirs:~ 
; L have rese 
fourth annuity of French 

173216, for whieh I an nmch obliged. 

here would be no difference whatever. 

Yours very tmly, a 
e s fo 2 

‘Trivate Secretary. 


Jan Pe 15, 89. 

ived from you the receinta for the 
Phonoplex Patents. Noa. 173209 and 

Yours twily. - 

Jane 15, 89, 

Messra, Dyer & Seely, 
40 Wall Street; 
New York City. 

Dear Sirs:- 
I veg to acknowledge receipt from you of three 

assignments to the Mdison Phonograph Company, as follawa!- 

1. Assignment by Mr, Fdieon of Patents Nog, 
200521 and 227679, 

2.. Assignment by Mr, Gilliland of Patent No. i 
395640, 4 ; Soy! 

4 <Assignmert hy Mr. Fdison of six Patents 4 ae 
and twenty~soven Applications, some of 2 
which applications have, since the date A 

of signing, become Patents. . 

Yours very truly,” 

Private Séeretary, 

Jan. 15, 89. 

Yaward F. Thompson, *“sa-, 

deekran Street, 

ew York city. 

Tear Sirte 

In referense to your letter of llth instant to: Mr. 
Féie0n, 7 reg to aay that the North American Shacaerant Sompany 
sontrols the merchandising of the phonorraphe houptless the 
reason wey you bade peen unadie to ret & iaehane ig, that our 
fantory has not yet cormenced to sapply the North Am. people 

with phonographs in large numbers. 

Youra very truly,. 

Frivate Secretary. 

Tane 15, 80. 

Sarwel Insull, Fsq., 
Scheneotady, MN. Y. 

My Deer Sire 

I- spoke. ta you the other day about our obtaining 
from the Machine Works, a young man with a frir knowledge of our 
syatem of electric lighting, whom we could break in here as 4 
phonograph expert, with the view of employing him, urmier Messrs. 
Frazer & Go., in Shina and Jepon. Mr. Eaisorn approves of this 
errangement, and says that he will be ready fbr such a man in 
apout three weeks’ time. Meanwhile, will you kindly cast about 
anong your ‘erspployees and select the kina of man you think we will 
pean: Nir, Frazar says ‘that ‘he does not care to anploy a man 
who is married. ‘i should think that some young fellow, about 
twenty-two years old, with good address and good habits, is what. 

we want. 


vane 15, 89, 

ir, denen Dredge, 
$5 4 36 hedford St... Strand, lontion, We 4. 
mane lar de 


{ have recoived all. your recent letters. Your arart 
for @ipghty-seven pounds, four shillings, «ane forward to-day, and 
t had euch vleasure in aceeptine the sane, iounderstand now that 
you. are erecting the Ore Milling machinery at Vantines. Mr, 

Wiley has already acknowle 

recesint of a new set of drawings. 
oom vecyormeh Ghiived tor your kind asmrance in remard to the 
Pranaerenh » f have no details. at present in shape to send yar, 

mt, will take advantage of your offer later on. 

Yours very truly, 

a «of : 3. ih 

, v OA Ad ‘ 
4 UE ti Dy ue 
“if cd ae a ft 

Oe ie 

Tare 15, 89, 

The Rdison United M'f'r. Co., 
65 Fifth Ave., No Yy Citys 

Dear Sirgs- 

We desire to invite your earnest attention to the 
matter of Mr. Barke’s underground installation, which was laid. 
either by yourselves or the Fdison Wiring Co. : The lead covered 
cable which was used hag never, for tnree consecutive days to- 
gether, geared to give uz trounle since the time current wos 
turned into it, end mattera have reached wich a state now, that 
something radical muet he done to improve the aneeent condition 
of affairs. We ara preparing, and will send you in the cour Re 
or 2 Yew deys, a bili for the amount which we have expended in 
maintaining this inetallation, and until: we decide upon some 
retheda of adjuntnent, we think it would be better for all ‘con- 
eerred that you should rot press for a settlement of the amount 
due you by Nr. Burke, of $614.55. You ought to send some one 
out here immediately to.make a thorough investigation, with the 
ata Stance of our Mr. Keimeliy; who will, show.wp a condition of 

afiteirs thet is not very. creditapie to thase who are directly res- 

ponsible for the sare. 

Re Us Mitty Go, (2) 

up Mr. furke's prénises for the Purpose of making repairs, Nia’ 
out door system must now either be properly repaired or we must 
refuse to sipply eurrent from the Laboratory for that. portion of 
his installntion, We have two mén on this vark noW, and we wilt 
keep Mr. Burke's lights ranmning until you have hed mm Opportunity 

ta take action in the matter, 

Yours very tral wy 



Private Sec'y, 


My Dear Professor Barker,» 

4 have received a letter from Col, 
Gourawl, in regard to the proposed presentation to the’ Sultan 

of Turkey, and the Grand Vigier of Tarkey. 

The proposition wich 
Col, Goursnd makes in this: t vrovide the phonographs, at my: 
own expense, and send ther to Fumland: Col. Gouraud will fo rware 

then from there, with an expert, to Gonstantinople, where I pre. 

sume the preaentation would owe made, the phonegrephs to te pres 
sented in the names of mysei?, the University of Menrsylvania and 
Col, Gouraud; all expenzesg in connection with forwarding the 

phonosraphs from London to Turkey, expert's expenses &o. in sone 

nection with the prese mation, to w divided equally hetween (oi, 

Gourend and the Vouiversity of Pennsylvania, Noea this meet with 

your approval? Tf so, kindly advige me, so thot I may take im- 
mediste¢ at@os to get the meshines ready. 

Yours very truly, 

Prof. eo. #. Barker, 

157 ¢ 

Jan, 16, 1889. 

Ny Near Haguire,- ' 


I an in reasipt of your letter of the 14th 
instant. | * 

The kind of a man that ‘ir. Yrazar requires for Shina and 

Japan, is one ‘who has a good knowledge of eleotric lighting in 
general, wiring, dynamo machines &e., in connection with the 
Faison system. We winh to-take a man of this kind and inatmot 
him in the oparation of the phonograph, ite construction &«., and 
‘then he will be a good sllround mar for such countries as are 
represented by Frazar & Ca., and for all classes of eléctriqal 
“work which they engage in there. Has Nr. Gould had an experienaey 
of this nature? I hope that you are meeting with good siqnesd 
in Chicago. “p f 

a | 

Yours very enayf/ 
Ae gf 


wy, Ma Magen; Kaqv, ; : 
Shyla apt , 


Jan. 16, 89, 

Fverétt Prazar, Feqoe, 
124 Water Street, - 
New York (ity. 

1 have consulted Mr. Edison sndMir. Inmil1, “SP ithe } 
Faison Machine Works, in regard to decuring the services of ‘a | 
young man to act as your ‘expert in China and Japan, hn domnvetfon 
with the phonograph. The latter assures me “tivit Ke wI11 heve rio 
dtfficulty im selecting from among his umerour anployees in 
Sehenestady, just the kind of man you want, ‘and he ‘is alraady 
taking steps to do so. I regret to say, however, ‘that Hr. Reison 
will not he able to instruct a man in time to send him by the 
10th of February to China. . this delay is unavoidable oving ta 
the condition of work An our factory, and we must do the beat we 
ean under” the circumstances, You can rest asmred therd will ve 

no more delay than is absolutely nocessary. 

QURMAN QUOTATEONS.. We are taking thie matter up very sarneetly 


and will send you copies of our further 


*. SY . (2) 

¢oxvespondence: in the course of 9 few days. 

i hava experienced considerable difficulty in finding all. 

the ortginel papers. 

Ng vz vate Seoretary-. 


Tans 16, 1889. 

Gol. George F. .douraud, 

Little Menlo, Upper Norwsed, 

Surrey, Fngland. 

Dear Sirie 

I have received your Lotter of 14th ultimo, in regard 

to: proposed ‘présentation to the Suitan of Turkey. I understand 
that I an to provide the phonographs, which will be forwarded to 
you-at London: you ‘are to take charge of them from there and send 
ang, expert, with them to Constantinople, where the prasentation 
Would be made; the exponsely attendant upon forwarting the phono- 
graphs and expert to Gonstantinople and mak ing the presentation, 
to bes divided equally retween yourself and she Usivaraley of 
Pemaylvania; the phonographs to be presented in the nemes of 

myself, the University of ‘Pennsylvania and dol, George F. Gouraud, \ 

Thie arrangement Is entirely satisfactory to me, and when I hear 

from Prof, Barker, to whom fT have written, gommunicating. you 971 
Ye a 

Jan. 16, 89. 

Prof. Wm. Fy Trowbridge, 
Columbia College, 
New York City. 

My Dear Sirte 

I understand that Mr. S. S. “heeler is to he nomi- 

nated as Uhief of the Department of MWlestrical Engineering, whieh 

is to he established ae m asjunet to the Sehool of Miner, ror 

& number of yenrs past < huve baa an opportunity at Observing Mor 


Vheeler’s work in sonnestion with @lecstriant engineering, and I 
“believe him to he thorouchly competent to take stare of this new 

Hepartment of you Golleve. It, thereiore, given me great plea- 

aura. to recormend him very heartily for the position, i 

Yours very truly, 

Prof. William Fu Trowbridge, 

2 Be “ 

Solunhia Jollee, ‘ a 

“Mew York City, 

my Tear Sirte 

I was very nmch pleased to learn tha the Tristeey 
of Columbia College had, at- Teast, desided to establish # Depart- 
nent of Mleetri cal Pngineering, and XI would like to show my paye 
nneetavien of tris movement in aie practical manner. 1 hints 
oscuryred to me that perhaps the best, way in which I conli eo thie. 
‘would te to eatablinsh a Scholarship, to re awarded to the studms 
&ttoining the highest record in vome branch of electrical erutle 
newring to. he designated hy myself. I am entirély unfamiliar 
wiln tha memnexr in which those Scholarships ore® establi shed, and 
act, therefore, unable to give the subjest intelligent consideration. 
if you wilt be good exough to explain the matter fully to me, I 

wi lk consider it further, emt sormunicate with you again. 

Yours very truly, 


hc ho 

Ae Ss * 

Jan. 17, 18He, 

My hear Mr. Johnéon,- 


cecum Fy 

We are endeavoring to get togetner az2 tho 
diplomas and médals awarded Mr. Fafeon at different exhibitions, 
and 1 have besn. advised by Mr. Hanmer, that there was a medal 
awarded Mr. ERison some few years aga at Cincimati, and at the 
time of the awerd tha United States Co. got out an injunation WwW 
prevent the delavaéry of the ‘pRTA, the result af which was thot the 
medal was never received hy Mr, Fdison. Mm. Hanmer telig we that 
4% can be obtained now simply “hy asking for it. Therg is mother 
médek from Australia hich ia around somewherd, and Stern and 
Stiverman- have @ diploma that. belengs- to Mr, Fdison, Mr. Jenks 
wid Mrz Stieringer heve very kindly interested themselves in this 
metter, and Mr, Harmer han megerted that you appoint these gentle- 

mer & donmittee of two, to look up these diplomas and medala, f 

nekfove thet they have already signified their willingness to ‘take 

charge of tha work. \ 

Yours very truly, 




EB, T. Giligland, face, 
L?7-479 Broudway, 
New York Gity. 

We have regeived some correspondence from Mre Ro Sy 

pouglas, of Plymouth, Masa., in regard to some error in poundary . 

Lines between Mr, Eadvon'a Florida property and the edjoining 

property of Hr, Douglas. It appears thst Mr. Douglas wisher to. 

sell hixz préperty, and befors doing 60 desires to adjust my 

error which may exist in the toundary hiner mantiones. to Dete 

lieve tnet you are familiar with this subject, and wish you would 


kindly @iv® ne any information which you may nave that wili as 

me in atreaightenine the matter out. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 




rf Ifee2 

Jan, 17, 89, 
Ae Bo Diek Company, 

152 Like Street : 

Chicago, Tlis, 

Dear Sirgie 

I beg to acknowledre receint of your letter of 15th 

inatant, enclosing New York exchenge for $617,506, the rane neing 

amount of royalty due me on Mimeographe and supplies sold for 

the quarter ending December Si, 1888. 

Yours tral yy 

Jan. 17,89. oe 

WwW, S, Perry, Fsq., Sea'y., 
Fdison Ore Milling Go., L't'd., 
19 Dey St., New York. 

Dear Sir ie 
I m in receipt of your letter of 15th instant, 

notifying me of my election ae a Director of your Conpany, to 

This is to signify my willingness 

serve. for the ensuing: year. 

to serve as ahove. 

Yours truly, 

_- F pe 


Sane 17, 89, 


My Dear MeComet1, - 
in reference to your letter of 16th ingetant, 

the beat way for you to secwe the instruetion which you seek in 

a connegtion with the phonograph at this Laboratory, is to obtain 

a lotter from either the North Am, Phonograph people or an Officer 
if of the sib-Compeny by which’ youl are to be employed. in the fature. 
<4 It is Mr. Fdieon's intontion to instruqt any mé? who are gent over 
, ; 

here by the N. Y, phonograph people, with the view of educating — 

them as experts. The kind of instruction that you want cannot ‘re pas 

obtainsd in the Lecture Room, You want ‘to Bo into the Aseembling: . 

Room at the Phonograph Worka, and become thorough] y familiarized 
‘with the construction of the rhonograph. I do not think you‘had 

an opportunity of feniliarizing yourself with the different parts & r 

whén you were at the Laboratory before, ace 

“Yours very. truly, 

Private Secretary. 

My. Walter J. MaCormell., 

Jane 17, BG 

Mr. G@. cd» Field, Chief Fngineer, 

fhe Mdison United M'i'g., Coe, fo og 

A 4 
65 Fifth Avenue, Ne Y. City. 2 : ; 

> \ : 

B Dear Sirt- ' 

0 Mr, Fdison asks me to acknowledge reseipt of your 

I letter of Mth instant, enclosing copy of report on a test of an 

Af Faison plant #hich you installed at Biffalo, in a large ary goods 

$ store, Mr. Fdivon says that ag soon as he gets through with the 

3 phonograph ha is going to teke a "fresh pull” at electric Lighting, 

A ; ant will then read up, =o an to get himself abreast of current 

is : affairs. 

Yours very truly, ; 

vane 17,89, 

Wmo T. ‘Mottram, Faqe, 
Gilséy House, j ‘ 
N, ¥. City.: a oe, 

Rear Sirt- 

“Mr, Fdieon has received your letter of lth instant, 
and asks me to say in reply, that if you will ovtain mach a oe 
‘monial as you desire from Mr. J, He. Vail, Gen'l. Sup't. Edison 

Blectrie Light Gos, he (Mr. Fdison) will te very glad to. endorse 

Yours very truly, 


Jan, 17, 89. 

Stdrling Silk Mills, 

Storling, Kn 

Year Sirs:~ 

My. Fdison asks me to reply to your letter of 
2$d ult., that sugar can te bleached with electricity, wt that be 

ie not femiliar with any process of electrical refining. 

Yours traly, 

Private Secretary. 


Jan. 17, 89. 


Major S, 3, Faton, 
120 B'way., New York. 

Dear Sir:- 

In reference to the enclosed notice from the Dep ‘t, 
of Taxes and Assessments, informing Mr. Raison thet his pereenal 
entate is assessed at $10,000 in New York Atate, WI11 you kindly 
explain to me what this tax ia based on? Toes it refer to Hr. 
Faison's holdings “in the differant Corvar tes in which he is 


interested and which exist unmler tne trv. af New York State? 

Yours trolly, 2 fs 

2 Pn. 
fy Ta oh 

Private Secretary. 



: Jan. 17, 89. 

R. S. Douglas, Faq., 
P, O Box 397, Plymouth, Maas. 

Dear Sirt- 

. eo 

‘In reference to your correspondence regarding an 

error in boundary lines between your property in Florida and 
‘that of Mr, Fdiygn, I beg to say that 1 am in cormunttation’ with 
Mr. Gilliland on this aubjest, and will write you farther”if the 

course of a few- days. 

Yours trmily, 

Li a 8 

a J 

“Private Secretary, 


iM ue 



= - oy z 7 : wsfadigde Setasiare sin Belg ine cn SSeR a Gs jm ea AE ag tek pa cna en oa ane 

Jan. 17, 889. 

ty Dear Insull,- 

We. have received a letter from the Mdison 

Flectric Illuminating Co. of Hew York, informing Mr, Fdien of 

his election ag a Director, to serve for the enauing year. The 


Secretary. asks Hr. Fdison, in the event of his accepting the po- 

sition, to have at leant ten shates of stock transferred to his 


ilir, Falson'sa) namo. I thought that Mr. Faison already had a 

yuantity of this stock atunding in his name. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 


Ssmuel Insull, Fstqe, 
Sehencetady, WH. Y, 


george 7. Fngbiah, Beae, 

Reeton, MHusse Ta ue 

year Cirse 
In answer 

wii m-nleaned to s86e 

so your Letter of L6th ingt., Mr. 

Jan. 27, 89: 


yar at tho Lahoratory Saturday next; 

Yours tmhy, a 

private see’y. 

Jan. 18, 89. 
American Yateh Tool Qompany, 

Velthan, Mass. 

Dear Sirsi- 

Please senad us by express as soon as possible, one 

of your 86 inch Lathea, with the following attachments! ~ ¢ 

Screw Ontting Attachment, to cut 10 different threads. 
Slide Rest. 
Rack Rest. 

: Inside Gy inding Attachrant, for small holes. 3 . 
Ps, Cutsaide - i oe aa was 
i Half Open Tailatack.ang one Spindle. 4a ' 
Spindle with Dog, extra. al 
Counter 4 Speeda and Drum. ’ FOS 

Chole, Steel, Hardened and Ground True, for-wire. Ls 
Ohusk Face Plate,~2 inch. as 
Ghuek Faoe Plate,-6 inch. 

Chuak Beach, No. 1, fitted to stem. 

Chuck Stems for Reach. : Chucking Re'st. 
Drill Plate on Gentre,-1 inch. OpLong “anle. 
Drill Plate on Centre,-4 insh, Triangular Table. 
Drill Plate on Centre,-V. Large Center. 

We will. extern it a favor if you Will expedite tre shipment of 
this Lathe as rch as possible, as we are mach in needa of it. 

Yours very truly, 



am ; 
Aa || wy Bee IO 


Jan. 18, 89. 

Jol. Gao, FR, Gourand, Jt oe 
Little Menlo, Upper Morwood, eae ig 

Surrey, Frneland. oes 

Denr Sirte \ 
Iowan in receipt of your letter of Sth inetant, in 

regerd to the exhibition of the phonograph at Paris. Your 

understandiny of the matter is quite correct, and Mr. Harmer, 

who will be in Paria in about stx weeks’ time, will have in- 

structions to eonmilt you. in regard to thé phonqrraph, ; 

Yours vory truly, 


ait I 

Me 815 

; - 

Ad a fr pay Aw at paneer 
of Jose eter ke AALAKE , 
YFG TG AC ay — 

“f (a at hes pire “Vos 
a kA wt fee eGe ot 
£. fin &, rat ph Ne 
ft. iz AEE a qv“ tray 


pu fl taeiue 

4 c 3 rn Bra ae if “ an te? 

ep EER (op get any aps 


“ano 19 5 89, awd 

Mr, George SS. Eunz, 

402 Garden St., Hohoken, N. 7. 

direction? WE ie eben : 

Mr. 3atohelor visited the Jawel cuttsig: Works, and we shall, 

tn all probability, give than the ‘work . 

Yours vary truly, 


Jem. 29, 89. 

Flla Farman Pratt, 
efa Ph, Lothrop Cospany, | 

Ywaton, Masa. : 

Mr, Radeon has anked me ‘to thank you, on hiss henal f, 
for the copy: of WEY. AYEKY which you kindly sent nim, sontai nint 
al Fremont, entitled "HO THR 86D NPS ; 

an artinle by Mrs. ener 

aM THE WEST.” Kainaby convey to hrs. gen'l. Fremor*. i 

adv antara of his 


the thanks of Mr, hadeon, who interés taking 

firet concerts of Leisure to read her urticle. 



“regret to state that, 

dans 19, 89, 

Mr, J, H, Vail, Searetary, 

The Assaulstion of Fai wr, T12L, Companies, J 

16 Broad St., New York City. 


Dear Siri. 

in reply to your letter of 2th instant, I 

it wilk he impossibia for me to attens the 
next serml-anmal convertion of the Fdig: Association, to ve 

heli at Kanuag City, Mo. 

Jane 21, S89. 

The disor Machine Vorka, 

Ssheneetady, Ho ¥, 

in view af the feat that Mr, imnanti ia shout to 

© ranagesen’ of Nesara, Sergmani a Ge,,. and wilh not 

jive the whels af his time to Uha caching “ahs, I deatre that 

nis remuneration us Gererul liners should ye 


have arranmed with hin that he skall fore 

gO @L2 interest in 

profits, and that hia salary stalk se at She wats of ten thousand 

dears par amie, 
1: Yours very tmily, Fi : 

vre si dent. 


Jens. 21, 1880, 

Edward 1, Tohnson, Seqo, President, 

Messrs, Yeremann & Company, ee 

‘New York city. | a ‘ 

Dear. Sir? ; | 

Mr. Insull informs me he has had gome denieantien 
with Mr, Rergmahn, during which Mr. ergmanm etated, as he is 
foing to resign his position of Treasurer snd General Manager 
of Sergmann & Co,, he would like action taken in relation to the 
matter as early na. conronient. i would suggest that you vali 
a Board meating of Herma «© Go, forthwith, and, accept Mr, Rerge 
nena resignation, and elect fir, Insull in hia place. “hen Mr, 

Ineuil is elected, ft should like his salury fixed at the rate of 

Ee five thousand dollars per ammum, It is my intention that this 
® amount ahail he taken off the remumeration which he st present 
ves fom The Fdison Machine Yorks as Gen'l. Mayagey-and 

« 3 : 

“ny@tenrer of that donpany. I shall not he able to he present at 

the meeting of Sergnann & Co's Directors, hut this. wiil not be 

ac you can gst & quorunt without me. ir, fIneulis will 


Fou. OT, {2} 
act. for me in any matters in relation to thin subject, 
Yours (ee aaa. 
| “A e 



Jan, BL, 89. 

My Derr ozier,~ 

We are Looking about for some one to fo to 

Shina and Japan with the phonograph. Messrs, Frazer & Con, of 
New York, are Mr. Fai £0n’ 8, agents for the shane mia in these 
countrias, end also represent the Fdimn electric Light, there. 
We want to get for Messrs. Trazar & Co. a young man who. urflere 
stands electric Lighting in general, wiring, dynamos &e., whom 


we oan wreak in as & phonogrsph expert, “who, when he reaches Thine 

will te a good all round man to render aasi stance in conection 
with the various electrical. interests which Messrs. Fragar & [o. 
represent. Your name was mentioned in this connention, and I 

have thought it worth while to. write you and see aif you desire to 

cease the opportunity of handling som foreign msinese, The 

salary would be 8 thovisand, to twélve hundred dollars a year and 

expenses. i 

Yours very ‘truly, 

Pavate Sba'y. 
Mr, 8, Loadev, Ohheagd lade. is 

Tan. Al, 89. 

Francis 2, Upton, Faa., 
Faison Lamp company, 
New York City. 

near Sirt- 

ir, Faison was received stom you a hatch af sorres= 
pondence, in regard to fray Lams, and says that this correspon- 
dence shoulda have been discontinued as goon as os “learned that 
Mr. Pray employed the ‘flashing connec tion with his 
filaments. I would ruggeat if you have wits oxp Laviation t0 make 
Henrwhire © wilh hola tre 

to su, “dison, you do it personaly. 

2orreepondent es 

a a o. Me 
Youses truly, er # Mo 

‘\private Secretary. 



Jan. 21, 89. 

Robert Coddington, Faqs: 
‘44 “roadway, 

New York City. 

W412 you kindly come out to the Lahoratory 

and see us in regard to our steam Heating apparatus. ‘Ye have 

comnenned to heat the muilding by exnaust steam, and we do rot 

seem to set anough heat from it. Ye think that it will ne neces 

‘sary to have a back pressure valve on exhaust. if it isnot 

- eorivenient for you to come out to Drange, please send some one 

, else, competent to arrange the mabber, whisn we would }ike attene 

ded to ag soor, as possible. we Aggie 

Yours very twly, > set 


"Ate, 21, 89. 

dy fear Hamilton,~ 
i eave received your letter of 224 ‘ultima, 
the arrangement’ Which was.made with Gol. Souraud, on your 
hehalf, is, that you ere to reaeive One iundred dollars {$100 ) 
per month, salary, and all your expenses, inoluding Living &q. 

This matter was fully explained to Col, jouraud when he was here, 

and he sccepted the termes. 

My, H, de C. Hamilton, , ‘ 
88 Gloucester. Road, South Kensington, 
London, England. 

hy, ward Teorerd, Fage, 

ron 425, "The Rookery, " 

(hiearo, Ills. 

Deer Sirie 
ar, very much obhised ‘for your letter of 16th inst. 



weptioneally puor tot af 


You muct Nave got Hobe af wm. 
fath ir saadie power de altogether too qreak, MiG | 

Fara e 
the Life is notninys 2 comand on with the Lanps which 1 set up 

nera every day for Lane. 

26 Vest Missauri Avenue, 

- Kanses Gity,. Mo. 

Dear Sire!.. 

Mr. Edison anke me ta gay in reply to your letter ae ft 
~Sth inatant, that he would he very glad te gortritute something & 
orivcinal for your journal were ne possessec of the agquiren€ nts 

neséshary to the make-up of » newanaper writer. Vr, Ralwn has 

never written anything lor the press, snd denlaren that he is 

entirely insepavle af wieldin: a nen in that fashion. 

Your 8 

Jano PL > 89_ 

My Dear Hamittan, = 

ir, Edieon has received your letter af Lsth 

ultima, ‘He saya for you to go ahead and do what Gol, Gourmed . 

requives of you. I have already written you in regard ‘to “artan ae = 

ment which was mate in references to your salary und expensea. 

Mr. He de ‘Ge Hamilton, 
‘82 Gloucester Road, Kensinzton, 
Loncon, Fngland. 

Fats a, 3.88%. 

Everett lyrazar, Faq. , 
124 Water Street, 
hew York Gity, 

My Dear Sirse ; \ 

In reference to your letter of 17th instant, we 
will make arrangements to obtain phonograms from the Japanese 

Minieter and others iy Vasrirgton nefors your expert roea to Chine. 

in all propabibity wo witl reve to send aome one to Washington for 

tne purgese, as thers is no one there to whom we could entrust the 
work . 

In reoard to furnishing you with an axpert, I have disqussed | 
the matter wi th Mr. Faivon, ang ne& says ha dees ndt “think you ‘ean 

obtain the Ghase of man you showkd nave tor a leas sum than One 

Hurdred doliara per month and his expenses. Of course a great 

de@al depends upon the mann who is to ex:ibit these phonographs far 
fi whe ae will Le mmch better te pay a little more and obtain a 
. ene 

therowshdy competent expert, than to put in service a man of ‘int 

pfeary oe 

; Prienhe Seurethry, 

farior qualifications at a emad, 

Yours truly, 

- Jane a, 89. 

Sprague Meatric Reiiway « Mesor los 

a5 OLisexr Stxyeat, BOSTON. Mars. 

Dear Sirs: - 

in reference to your letter of 15th inatant, it is 
Ms, Edison's intention to sell the’ phonograph motor separate from 
tho. phonograph, They willie, in all probability, made ty tne 
Fdison Phonograph “lorke, Oraneze, Meo a. we camiot give you any 
information in repard to price Get.e, as we have just commenced 

manufacture and our'SSta is not complete, We wikk be abla to tell 

you romething more definite in the course of a month, 

Yours very taigg 


My Dear Colonel. Gear sand, ~ 

iowmte you gore Little tine aro, 

enclosing an application from Mr. John i. Sabin, of San Francisen, 
Cal,, for the Agency of the Pphonosraph in the Hawaiian Islands. 
Mr, Sahin and his assosiater have war very minaess hal in the 
formation of a Fhonogreph sanpany for the Pacific Songt, The 
former fools quite confident that he em handle the Phonograph is 
Hawsidea to the very hast kédvantase, and judging trom his work on 
the Padifie Coast, there ta avery reason to velieve that he krowa 
whet he is talking alout. He is anxloun to nerotiate with you, 
and if you feok eo disposed, 2 san have him comioniaase with you 


Youre vary truly, 

val, Geo, %. Gouramid, 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwonsd, 
Sarrey, Frehanad. 


welch nets forth a nunker @ 2 inetrustians in 

Tans 22, 

Meese, Drer & Seely, 

New York Sity 

L enalosre herewith copy of a letter whic we have 

reeoi ved fmm Col, finurand under date Sth instant: alse eopy of a 

Lotter addressed to Col. Gaurand by his Patent agent in Rome, Ttaby 

Sol. Gouraud’s letter to Mr. Edison ie in “UMORIG to Mr. Mad en's 

Letter ef Daa, 15th, a copy of which i sent YOR sore time AIO, wna 
regard tno app Lying i 

Ter and taking. out patents in Fuvopo that we rémire Col, goureud 

te Lfoll ow, Sel, Gonrearg appeare to requirs information in reparcd 
te fuatria, where He mentiong some 8c eit. deat sionn, ttaly, Portu. - | 

gal, Turkey, and the fvpentine Republie. in which sountrieas pe } 

Staten--and the sane thing Le stated py hia Spent in Rome-~tyot 

the proportional taxes sre tiw Only ones which afiert the dare tLon 

t be paid in advance for the fl term 
for which the patent has heen applied for. 

of @ patent: that they mug 

ard thet tho. a@mnual 

taxes Go nor require to be pald for the ow a term, hut naform the 

expiration of sagh year, 

Kindly het us have your opinion of this 

“Prresrondan am 

have net Job MUM ted the matter ta Mry Saison, and do not A 


VG tiurosle & bs ourrta2 

at ois compl esely bhr@shied Our, As Lh Pant 
MDBW, FX thin the best Wey for us 4o handle cot, Gora, Wwonkd 
he to requedy him te co remind directly with Your selves, and to 
SUALG over Nye, Fdi mon? y Signature that he 

must be wuided by 

fastmetions whieh You five. This woulda end 3 three~comeared 
cerrespondense, and render ug less liable to meet wi th trounle 

through cont sion, 

Yours very truly, 4’ 


Jane 22, 1889, 

The Edison Lemp company, 

Harridikro Mm, Ms To 

Bear Sirase 

Ruslored please find letter which & nave received 
tram Prof, Rotarts, of cGernell University, in Which reference 
iz ‘eit to fanple Board showtig the Edison Lamp in course of 
sonstruction, . Vid you promise to send Pra fT, Roberta one of 
these Saxplea toarda? 32 326, you wihl note that te is anxious 

Kin@ly return ‘ret, 

to receive it this month, After pemiusal, 

Poterte’ Letter, é 

Youra very truly, 

Secretary . 

Mr. We de MeGarmci}, 
12 Balawia Streat, 
Heat Orange, Ss de 




Dear 2. 

Replyimy to your Letter of pea instant, they will 

not be ready at the Phonoyxeph Works to instruet men in the 
Assembling Reom for ghowt three weeks. You miyht write pyr Byad 

wt the end of anet time. 

lig We Seely, Niaqe. 


Moasnes, Dyer é Seely, 

New, York City. 

In refarense to your letter of Bist instant, re 

your arrangement with Mr. Edison to give sorm testimony at. the 

Laboratory this wornings Mr, Maraire tLatephoneat you yesterday 

that Thursday world mit Mr. Bid son equally as well, me To wih 
ramind him to-morrow morning of his engagement « 


‘ f | Proxographs Jane 23, 1889. 

Mrehekaa.N. Bell, Fages 
Sap't. Foraign Mails, Pp. O, Nep't., 
Washington, De G. 

Deer Site 
Replying to your Letter af 22a instant, re garding o >, | 

Post Office, for one of my new 

‘ requeat of the Imperial German 
Berlin, A; 

hs, to be exhibited in the German Postal Museum, 


Zl we to say that @e application 

ntative, Col. george 
I rave forwarded to Col. 

should have been made ta my 

Faward Gourand, Little Mania, - | 

Furepean represe 
Upper Horwood, surrey, Fngland. pie 
a sopy of your latter under reply, requesting nim to communi cate j 
etract with the Imperiak German Past Office. | 


Yours very truly, i) 


Nef i AFA e 

. + : 
eae fs xi 
tel Ale 2 sae 


= eeceDMEDMM ee eens 


Jane Ay, 89. 
ity hows Pee fesnay Sarkar, = 

I have your letter of 220 instant, 
T ac veayy sorry that x cannot furnish you with a phanograph at 
“prageme. tha only ones 1 have -ave thase in the: Lesture Room, 
used For ritajeal experimmta, and tha one which I am working on 
myaoLt. We will hwve plenty of phonographa in a couple of weeks, 
when the fantony will he turming thet out in qiantities. xX will 

then bd. very gind tw let you nave ona to axhibit to your frimds. 

Yours very truly 7 

Me oe. 
oat ro) 4, 7 ey ‘ef 
PP AOD, 6 Lh Aah bk 
a ° - rN 
a an ye , cee 
Prof, deo. Fe Wstker, A 

- 3909 Lagagt Strat, 
Priladeiphie, Pa. 

Jane 24, 1889. 

iy Dear Mr, Dradga, + 

T am very mach obliged for your Letter of 
Mth instant, and for your kind offer of assistance, shonld I de-~ 
sire to erect a pavilion at the Parig Fxpori tion. I have sone 
so fe now. that it wilh not ve prac ticahie for me to sfopt your 
SMmsestion, I have arranged for one-sixth of the totel American 
axtdbitorns’ spasn, und I think we can equip thie in such a-‘manner 
aw to obviaty the diffiqulties referred to by your friend M, 


et tl ¢ 
wate £4 Poy i 
Yours very @mly, , 5 rd Ay Ie oda 
ae Yv an fy c yY ae 7 } 
ff on ve LCF 5 
ge Ley od if 
Hr, Wemes Dredge, ; 

45% 46 Yedford St., Strand, 

Londan, WV Ge, Tngland. 3 ae 


Jan. AL, 8% 
ity Dear Mr. Gopnarty,- 

The delay“in supplying you ith wadchines 
for Noxise cas been ceusad by experiments of mine wi th tite view 
of vrenderiag the adjustment of the dneatrumont ‘automtic. I wan- 
not Have your machines ready for at laaat two wodks and pronabiy 
three, Your powers cf attarney have been “cart fied oy all ths 
proper withorities, and you enn have them at any timo. Shall I 

send then tp you oY to Mr. Fort 

Yours very truly, 

ss a an tLbfie AO eres feet nel a a 
Z ‘ coat Uo wee UY 
¢ sess 
eo R 
Thos. B. Connary, Faqe, : i 

Riehmond Hill, he Te 

Tams a4, 89, 

Col, ina. 1, Bourand , 

Little Hento, Upper Norwood, 

Surrey, Fngland, 

Dear Sirte- 

Tam in receint of your letter of 12th instant, in 
regard to ohtaining a phonographie record of the sound of Niagara 
Salis, This ie quite PYactigable, and I would te very glad to 
xouply with your request were it not. thet we are so very. musy, 
The time of aI my. BSkistantea is completely teken up in the 
Teboratory and’ at‘ the Phonogreph Yorkn. In a gouple of months 
‘hen we are settled down to rantine work, I will te very glad to 
cer ome one to Niayura ‘and ebtain the phonograms you now ask 


Yours very trnly, 


Tan, 24, 80. 

My Tear Myr, Haatings ,- 

Mr, Eaizon asks m6 to say in reply ta oe: 
your letter of 2let inatant, that the only photometer he has at | 

the Laboratory ig a inatrument of precision, about the size of 

your dawk, and whieh, of course, is not portable, Mr. Upton . see vies 

ean, 1 think, flirniph you with what you want. 

exh, e Secretary. 

¥. RA. Hastings, Fsqe, 
Hdison Flectris Light Co., 
New York City. 


Van. 24, 1889, 

Pp S$, Sorton, Raa,, ; : 

Beaty. & Troagtr, Chicago Medison Gonpany, 

Shieadgoa, Ji16. 

Deer Sirt. 

Zam in receipt of yaw letter of 19th instant, atuting 

that your Company propases ta mild a new Station for 


whith you desire ta fead from your presant Station desir a 

tight. run. I cannot. understand how you propose te Accomplish thia, 

for the readany that’, urilesa I am mistaken, the heavy Min on both 

Stations will came juat about tho vam time. 

Kindly send. me data 
cahowing the ron of. Yow present Station ata the anticipated’ ¥an a? 
’ thé Station whieh you propose eraoting for reni dere’ Lighting. I 

Will then write yon further an the MLGIGGb. 

Yours very tly, 


Jem. MM ga, 

“rer att Yrazar, Feq, 
124 Water Stroat, 

New York O4ty. 

Dear Sir: 
In reference to your Letter of Lath instant, wherai,, 
you quote M.@xtraat from a somminication Bdcressed to your ag) p 
by your firm'in Japan, aaking to whet extent the Tepanese can 
imitate the Rdison Phonograph, Tl have ai soussed this MEEEED wig 
Mr. Faison, and he aays that it Will be practically imp ass ible 
Tor the Japanese to make phonographa by any method “within the in 
reaeh ap cheaply aa your firm will W able to supply them from 
our factory. the fatune of the instrument is euch ag to ren dtp 

imitation and duplication, under the most Yavorahle etroumttangg. , 

A very Qiffieult matter, and should they succeed, whigh is very 

doubtfel, in imitating the muchanical constuction of the Mchine » 
the amount which it wild enst them ace ontp Ligh 

ba an efficient. warvier asuinst. a 

Yours very truly, 


Jan. 24, 2889. 

Chas. Pranais Stone, Fs 


uA Broad Street, 

‘New York City. 

“a ’ ' 
fear Sirt~ (ce | 
The +wo atdetivne discussed in your Lather of 19th | iu 
‘ Ext 
inntent ere, (1) the payment of Mr. Navnarro's claim for $40,000 | 
in stock of the Faiton Spanish Colonial do. at par, and (2) the . a 

yeyment af this claim dn ntoeck of the Havare.Mectric Light Ca, 
at 59 gonts on the dollar, 

If Mr, Navarra willl acsvept increased stovk of tng Fiion, 

Cnty wedi woh Malle Rerevan, Sathow Jeon LOAD “ 

Spanish Colonial. Qs, at par in settlement of his elaing there is 
no doubt these “dip the best way for us to adjust it. Mr. 
Baiton segrees with pe in thin view ot the matk&er. When 1 sta- 
repted settling “it, Navarve's ¢laint with stock of the Havank Coe, | 
L thought tat perhep rhe would hs willing to take t18 sewé nt 
var, in Which, case the stoak of the Spanish Goloniel do., based i 

4 . G ct LA , . G5 1 
upon your galaulations, wauld ba worth, it not dneréased, 3195 

$e7.50 per shave on inereesed ¢pital. 

per there, ea agains 



However, Uo tars 4% fron: vour letter that Mr. Navarro would 

not ty aliting toa age tb stock of the Havann Company at par, in 

Which wise it ds pre ferabia to iner€asey cup ital oftte Edign 

Srernish Gellonial Compmany.s 

Yoars vary na Ly, 

Jar. 94, 188. 

A firs that oon the Wet of cesee ber Last 

we sreaw au shank Sor 

, to the ordev of Sarah Mevitlaume, The 
ot the only money that we have paid direetly to Ming MeWdiliad, 
ane J presume the only movay mae has received, unless yar yoursel + 
Seve mote paynants to her in sask, af you will kirdlLy lot me ° 

iocoy Wien uiises detilldang®? aswmwst shoukd coconeece. Fo width have 

iz mage wp acd Woshesn drawn fer the balance due hex. 


ans 8%, 89. 


sore fh, Gouvaud, 


ree : ‘ 
tattle jianto, linner Norwood, 

Surrey, Uaghond. 

Dene Girgin 


have receirei the following omotasram fray. Goncep= 
gaons = 

“Oper twenty thounend dokiarn phonograph priviless bike: 

Anowar Snawert Cone epalda:. 

liv, Wy No Stewart, Who sends this eablegram, has represented 

tne Fataon Mlactrie int intesesta in Chile for a nimber of yernrs, 

you Letters of hia iriquiring about the 

ghink that I have send 
therevore, find hin name in your files. 


phonopraph. You mys 
X.cavied you thir morning as follows'- 

epeion offers twenty ¢houssrid dollars 

*Stetart vone 
Wire me decision, 

phonopraph privilers® Chiles 
Fal XII ® - 

ymir casting meapheod sion 
stevare’a address. 

L amagnested: dn ogee you shodld ne 
canfisad no td Mre 

Mours vary my t 


Pn ee ee a a a cewathy RT 


' 7 as . 
| 909 
’ "any, 3, 89 
Rev Layrent Goossen, 
Cxetka den, 

, We Lore dity. 

peyr Sirsi- . 

Ye are Loaking Cor tngtriment mekeed, nh at nme 
Qaqurred to va thar application 3% graquent]y male a your etl sh 
ay peng sged man at ti.4y vharnaten from eiftasant Ruropsan 
awanti lag. Ye 28% empley man pt any nationnl sty, ao Long a9 
wg are, ak ident dn ae ark Fhioh we reqesre nf .than, wad oan 

pier premanant evployment to a.ddsen mechanics who prove satiny 

Tuotory a 

{ogres aery twuly, 



fosae in racedpt a? s Detter Grom Mr. Shenes, 

seaiiver at she PLestris Thiretingting So., to tie after th at 

MY Garnet ypAlisy ay a Director af that Coomerny an the 

ote MW. Sijehey aave that he will tranafer 

soto whieh he Tot, 

ten seaves of nhook, (f atoeeble, dn eechanye Par 71,905 af tie 

S2Rlphe tT pwecsimgs fit this hae tether oa done, 

i a Sache tary. 

meh basail, “eae, 
13 ey Bay 

Jane 24, BE. 

Jogeri Avcell, Mees, President 

T, Go Sharp, Faq, Searetary. 


Proposed “Lertvioal & Endustriak Exhibition, 

Birmingham, Enghands 

Deat Sirsie 

ie ranly te your lestas of Sth instant, I «ii ae 

very glad to permit tha use oF my name #3 a pstiton of the Hite 

tricet and Industrial Exatbition which you propos. holding in 

your city, Y yrerrat that 1 cnarnot make om exhibit of sty oT 

my inventions, for the rernsen that, an 7 prev fously -anvleet cyou, 

all aay aparstbun ls neligy Porkwardeda to Pavts,. 
‘o da 

Yours very tri 

Phasip tar, a Jane 23, 1889, 

Hitnglac Me Yeli, Hsqe, 
Sup't. Foraten Yails, Pe 3, Bep’r., 
Washington, De Os 

Repiying yours No. 84494 Gary, under date tary, 
Anata}, taking for tu2t information reavretines my Phonapley 
ayaten of Tokegraphy, Yor transmission to tier atthorit.ies OY the 

Fontal Adniinistration of Genaany, % take Pléeamre in enslosing 

herewlth «& pamphlet setting forth the vartous uses of &ho py stem, 
weopther vith vopies of jatters fiom certain of ay Lisensens, 
giving Sxpreskiona af opinion gh to Ghe prnetinal narite of the 

sina | | “Al wd 

The Lollorins de a iist showing the parta which sre nécéese 

sery Zor th? oomttete equipment of ane office: 

“£ Phone Receiver (See page 6 of panphiet enciosd), 
4 Tranmottver a : 7 : : ‘ | 
: Maggy coi . B | 
: acta cait : eae . : 

Lt Rasfatance Sox . ee ge <o . * 

2. WbaT Coydanser 
Tt Line Gondénser for simnfing Morse key and welay. 
& tetinz Yattery. 

Lounderystand’ frorc your J etter that thie equipment ia required 
rt use onty in the German lyperiel Postal Jhiseum, for mninition 
qiestioasa, anc Lo will pe indented Lf you w1AL convey my soreinents 
he the amvmen Postal eathoritics, and any that, af after exarninins 

the reports Gnaloaed héevewltn, they aonsideyr i4 derirabke ta ine 


stadia this system of tobenraphy amang thear other exhivite, 1h 

WELL wive ri pTeanra to prasent ahem with the edsplate oaetymennt 
se tne phonoplex térrrtaal stations, wyien will ens nke them to 
omtrete ths sygeern af in prastice. 

ln the issue of tha SOTENTIPIC ABRREGAW for Haveh 24%n, 298s, 

shu Germon Postal authorities ro ter te in theif 1éttar 40 

tabs Sabet 

pourgely, 2y given. a dingram and ezpLenetion of phonoples connec 

HON Bo Should farther infonsation of this nature ve required, I 

will ve vy happy vo supply it. 

Yours very truly, 

: 929 
/ Zo 
PMR. Pen ive i: 

Go Vay Arbok Mth han ae | 

Sp - Roe. 
ay Esha hag 290 t879 

‘ory Ceecuwh, Rane src tb 

hor duy , : A774 3 
ily ar on Paes ai Celebers 
ad see Saal 
40 Aa 
Th 8 45, 2 seas 
auc lice’. bo5.7 = 

, eae Wiclinal fork Rewask 

Fhe G.edhsn 
AL Crow ae ane secniph af amen’ 

Quel he = 
TRAE. re 
J @ | fe 

Vaw PAS 
aS , VR. RS, TS, 
Jeorce Sy. Hortrelt Bago, Me. em - 
& ston, Moats 
. . a “28 . 
c u 
“ ° . WN vw a0 44 
Hy Sear Goer. : 
Sear 2 t 
- pesca See , * Paes 
Mr, Ebon asks wmeato thaik you for your cong‘aty- 
: oo tet er LET a 
bition: a Ofe Tate deed utone He read your article in the AnVER- 

Mi sett presage, 
Teta Qe i ay 
ae. Oat? tow Beorkda, Mr, Rideow nos not yet deoidad whetner 


ne wtih os down: there this year or not. i think that yoursel py 
antl Me, Aaya ORL oe OWite aires Sdnding Mr, Baidon' ly his 

; Bt ANS? calm cn 
Learatory ae tiie Martone Une next 42 wheks, nee ba’ crow a 
“ON Nae - { 
4 hoe 
Saw seg AOATE Gor AKT IG to cone. eae 

fi _— 

Yntrs very tray, 

~ ~ : : : 
Neh aes Te eek = _ ra, 
‘ § : 
SS. . 7 Bxet AL : Q wero. 
‘ ~ 4 &, 
§ \een . . rn r 
4 ar 

Fricaye Sealy. 


My, Dear Sirs ~ 


Jans 28, Vee 

Fo % Mamire, Raa;,; 
The Grand Pacific Hotel ‘ 

Chisago, Ills, 

The two receiving diaphranms referiat < in your 

\ahber of 18% instant have not vat deen recekved at tee Latemge 

By. .fervkaps you had hétter have then tracede 

Nee Bea, 

& WEL. a@nd you a supply of nmiat cal oy) Pods 

Carly. this wee, te was unavoidably delayed in Betting those ow 


Ob YOU, OWins to several murkeny people With wom he had mace 

errangemants ta vinit.ihe Lahoratory (and upon who he wax depen= 

ob, far the neeesuary -adioset vurorda to send yon) havire, Hiespe 

pegrias hhin 

Rares oes 

Jano 28, Bye 

George S, Kingsley, Beg, 


Srango, Nv Jo 

Dear Sire 
T enclose herewith a letter from the Solleetor of 

Taxes tor the township oP “est Orange. WALL you kindly let me 

know if the townshiy af West Oranse has a right to eollect Les 

on overdue amminta. i% geema to me that the Legal rate of 
interest in this Stut2e should sontrol tomsnip as well os personal 

axVaLTsS » 


BR. LS c, 

We Eedsarn Machine “ort a i 

Schenestaiy. No Y, 

Dear Sirs? ~ 

We have received your Lotter of 25th Lagtant 

reuard te samples of insulating compound, Nos. 145, ALE & 450, 

At My, Raisin 

"s request, our Mr. D, T, Marshal: eburted for 

Scheneatady to-dee, to consult with your Mr. Kreusi ir Yepgard to 


Yours trmtly, 

peta erearnoroceery 

Dear Mr, Connery, -~ 

I enclose herewith your Power of Atiorne y 

authorizing you to make eoplisedien te the proper of fi-gi 

Govemment of the Republie of Mexivo, for thea privilege of plneing 

honograpis in the Post Offices or other Government offices in tre 
Gr ay. 


Republic of Mexieo, uron terms to be approved and ravified wy se, 

Yours wery truly, 

ath Miwang 

Thomas B, Connery, Fedo, 

Riehmond Hiki, he Z, 


Tare 28, i889, 

My Dear Lozier,. 

I haves recdiveg Your letter Of 240% instant, : 
Mésars, Frazer ang Company wing in g hurry to Secure tie SOT vines 
of some ong for Ching’ and Japan, 1 WAG obliged to Wake og BELG Eion 
quickly, I have Obtained x young mar from the Nai gon Machine 

Yours very tna) YF Via 

A a 
Mr. Rob't, hozier, - 

c/a Leonant & Tzard, 

Chicago, Ills, 

Jane XB ’ 18395 

My Dect Ward, ~ 
I pave ressived your letter of B&a instant. 
At peenent Tan net avang ony night work, tf you ‘ od 
soma awh to the Laborstory sont Saturday afternopn with your 

Yowjld be very glad to see you, 

‘Yours very tnely, 
t a 
7 a 
: Mre He He Ward 5 fot fee | 
5 = ee ac : 

4 Yea, Union Tele Goss. 
: Now York City. ae 

DENG sae 


roo in 

ho Saws y 


Rredigros, He Gan received a letter Tracy 

ihe. “Mauve, Un whist tha latter aTky what Mro- Ldiiwn proposed te . 

MO ater tie Ges Matt dng yp Leek 

‘seb up in Vertinag! yerocoin 



oe oachire, put 

RG reople to see it, ana have it 


Surgtes,. Bat he avis what Tr» 

SO Ri the vey ef ren hugdwess, Nr, Wihey 
i thas siternogn, met f told him Mre Feat, 

Mii Pr VY OBA OMAR at be ait, net thy 

S ¥ewll wet him suck 

as Ga awe an interview, Meanvhiie 


e peliay ag to the herd dam: 

Wah t yu yk 

‘ahiave thet he bas no sethled 

tte mutter over with him the next 

vime you cons mit here? 

ara’ Yar coming ont again? 

sours, very 

Seoro tary. 


ts state 
ee AREF 

PW Beye Plates y 

Hat oan oFderdn 

Kyreygt ug te pe 
Road oa M ae 

ha ged 
Le beethee » OE ay 

Sb Leber, and f sor 

arcatly geroy 

HWY De tee thane weak 

vee ten Lea. 

SS IPderei awry 

an “ow fa 

a ati: eee tt ypc hie. ape ee 

roeeb Reavawe os utwensian tet 

Jano 2%, 2889, 

My Dom Pros Fa 

VERIO P ust ton, = 
4 hava received your Intter of 17th 

- instant, and am gGinz ta send yon a large dynamo which wild have a 

ez} 4clty of elther 200, 250 or 300 enperes, depending upon the 

stoek or han at my worka iy Scheneatady, 2X em glad t hear of 

the Proprsnas Whisk you wre rok ing at Comell. I will: let you 

snow in a.dny cr two whien of the three machiner mentioned I wi 2 

be thle te dena, Their eapaeity in Lamps is, as you of COW ee 
: * 

know, Goa te the espera TkpRGI bY. 

, Yours very truly, 

Prof, 8. He Thuwstar, ; 
Gernedi University, 
Ithnugz, Ne Ys , 


Qo Sy theeter .Msac, 

tet Seventh Avenve, 

New York Oity. 

In referance, to Mr. Raimn's proposed Sriatarsh 
Would it be prnuctieabie far him to agree to pay three trmnared 
icliarn per y¢ur to Columbia College, instead of mitkinmg an irvest- 
ment whieh would yield that smonnt? Kindly advige me on this 

ypoins as esriy as practicuhle. 

Yousra very trunk 

CA SARC on enamane aeee oe 

2 CBN » iQ. 83, 
Mr, ay re Wyiey 

First Ave, Hotel, 

\ ‘ 
Titan Sipe» 


received your Levver af t%sh 

amatv.,. in POLES to 
ot your acount, 

Which anournts to some Paco, 

oyerd wait 

spa Of gourse 

i%® Whs not POALi bit Lor you ta Fpeand $400 on TA TR» How 

cure’ to fpevire where the money went 


6, but Doan vecy sorry 

she so in esreet aa to pile up so large an indgebtes- 
“i Mi She OL gourse $4 ais entirely dipossible for n@ to keep these 
mak teas Page My 

te T am handling his RST He ee, net ey own, 


Leteer uray raphy you mnke no Wirsesthion in revard to pas 

tes peoney. sayo- 

semmtmiasting your intent ton to reduas 



tell him thet the money 

2 Ocutings 

& coimigsion whieh you 
more diWisnlt for me 

I prepose de ing is this: 

Twill instruct lr. Dredge to pay you four pounds per week, whigh 
‘YOU rust make sufficient for your living expences. This will 

enable re to eredit your account with two pounds per week of the 

amount originally allowed you for expenses. You must not draw 
any of your aslary yourself. I will pay Mrs. Wiley such portion 
of your-salary as you may now determine to give her, and tn? ba- 
“lance will b: credited to your agcount, together with two paind: 
per werk Prom sour expense all ovaANnce. In this way you will in 
time refund the amount of your overdraft. Let me know at onc@ 
how mish we are to pay Mrs. Wiley. I have to-day written Mr. 

Dredre as ta the paymants ne is ta mike you, 


Yours vary truly 

Fane 23, 

Bieviw Treat, Yiage, | : : 

Tae Faison Machine Gockn, 
Tenendetndy, Ws Y. 


adn rervetenze fo the attached patter from Prot, 

Houetben, which kindly yetarn sfter perusal, Mr. Balean anke 


me ta inform you that he deoires to présent Cor fell Univer aity 

with a 206, 250 oy 200 aupere negihine, equording to shich size 

you. ray havé on Mand wt present. Please: Let Mr. Edioon kro 
heer ot YOU cin thrnyyd one ox the fnove waehinos, also th 

camechay.of same as indieated ahoves 

Your's very triiy 


Sig ENGR BREEN oan esaeS 


aten. B2, Sih 

py oh Shy: BiDane 

Pailaselphia, Pa, 

Lo underst 

ang xvom Mry Edison that you sre to prepare 

So he read tafore the Minins Yacineern at 

peox. i wm attending to all the other 

REMAN ZoMen ty Sor fhe véeantion of theta santlemen. Thin latter 

ja ta let you knew that L have that par’. of thealfatr in hand, 

Pann oe ne Daal, | 

Yourte very tid 

Poivate Sesre tery. 

Mew Yark Oty. 

Jigow G 


Limp to acknowledge reeeipt of your Astter of 125th 
inant. omelosing eartafiante for 450 anares of Ndiaoxn Spake gh 

LST sharea; No. 2°84 

Trustec, undes agreem 

3. PR. Toeray, Arsh tut 

Ma issue and distripution of 500 ancvres 

it: wy receipt gor 250 wheres, and aluc ene 

8S seres, tranefer af whian To nave 

Soren ond Stone, in accordance with 

nay Gate May % 

Yours very triuky, 


Jan, 29, 2G8%, 

he eS A 
Woe Gowen Fy Rotten, 

Litera Unni, lipne x Horwood , 

Suerey, Dnrlend, 

Va piwo nirosay wratter ‘you di rasara so My, #. 

Sawart, of “Sacer:ion, Chite. wha enblac aa tna OTN Gay, ostine 

tds. OFO,090 unsh tee tie Phonagravh raighes for thet vOUNtrY., Wey 

hensive your ashlegray of Qhth Laukant, wt Le was tea kncdefinite 
Pek we Fe -obtein & cleex wuteuresen Ung of yeur whahes in ardar to 
semremit them toa Mr. Steuart. We theareore wed you this mornin 

ta nenatiate dirant with Stewart, Concepcion, Thig will avoid 


any coupiiietiangs which might narvise through 9 thirae-vornsred trenas 
Sstian, J have wired Mr, Stewart tw adarsay iis propogitiorn te 

Yours truely, 


Ss 3 ge es tat cement a” 



Hrs se My, Stowrt, 

Gencepedan, Ohth 

Deer iris 

Lote 2a recekpt of the follordo cablenmum aie you 

Vener 49¢0 6? diretanti-~ 

thoweend seliass phonosrapn pwisiless 
Arever jtéwart Gorcens Dore ® 

as tye vieluesc te Which wou-re?er fs in tht bands AP iny 

Agenh, Gol, deote Y. Gourmad, Jsteste Henfo, Upper Nemond, Sarre y, 


Meeigand, — Reve pebies von today oa lollLewsais 

“asareas gouraud, Lorene” 

ig hem you shall conmatnigate wits Gol, otMMA ana mske to 

direst any propoaition th rt *ygtt whet: HS moe} In conn8e tien 
5 : . esas e : 
Phe agviseai So 


vith he phone prapn in chite, ) Somreald hy 
%2 Lib cohd wee od yes ish. yer. 

fF your of fat tne Poqus: tad 

site oO 


SG ee 

: ees, 



+ SSees ise 

(3 de therefore qidte pmbele thet you will tear froe hin wore 

my tole-ray 0° today reache: ym - certealrly tatore you ©6 1G6L98 

ahie Latter, 

be 39 LaSt. 

Mr, dune Creer, 

One infested Pox your letter of 16th dswtant. i 

regret to say thet ii. Viley pas aot eer Vained this ce 


you in the way, he ghmlda. Gat, Gourand aivanced hiv altasethest 

mimoty nourda, ot yidcr = statenent of thirty pounds wes cert to 

you. The 60 poids stands an en. overdraft acsinst Mr. “Lley’s 
J % ¥ 

Bt OUN ln order to reduce thia averdarrit, 1 re ba sea 

the following arYausement? Yen will ua nisi @-ouwca te pey lar, 

“Etey tout pounds per weet:stor his Living emenses. Rhian wilt 
eenuie we to credit nic sucount with tvo pounds per wees out of 

the giv paunis otyinadiy allowad nin for expenees. Taic arranye- 

sot will also allew his acanunt to he credited with a1) of his 

emlary, exe @pting sich portion of the same art ie peid over to his 

wifes ts thig way, the wneunt of hig overdrnit will “e reduced, 

a eerd to Ore Milling Machine which you have set wp, I 

; . ; friends wi i 
gould he gind to have you show it to any of your friends whe 

are interested in the work which if performs, As tO newspaper 

tons. ¥ have no objection to having the machine writter 

gp -y the press. Tou, of course, un@erstand thst the Ore Milling 
athe obua wid: you new hava is not designed or intended far the 

Wodeat er cole ores, Tt is for use only im connection with iron 


wiil sommeunieate with you further in regard to any other 
ALALNEAS eYrransereite whic: Io may wisn to wake. To an not quite: 

prepared toda ac at present. 

. 4 
o +. 2 ™ 6 
eis : 7 
i Pos 
fan. 80, 2889, 
Mu Deer : 
fy Payee: | 
) reference to your letter of Toth instant , 
Mra Siena hea nat ot 

wen thd 3 = iad 
SEVEN tn Subjest mPfieient attert ton to 

Swoerse the plans of "Par Nias 24 ; 
1 3 OF ae laeana River hydraulic funnel, Power 

acd Sawer Company, * nor 

isha asle at the present tine te rele 

ate me Grande ae - ; 
Mes Granication af theee pline as vould se necessary pefore 

to bre enderprica 



Gardinar G, Sima, 

. ‘ ay 7 ee eee eee eET TY 

van. 90, 13889, i 

My Seay Upton} 

Y want to set some information in regard to 

the eontmats whieh have been made on behalf of Hr. Fdison with 

the Cle, Sontinentale Mdigon. ALL the papers ara not in my 

possession: Mr. doster has some of them, and Y tlerefore writs to 
vou, thinking that you will perhaps be able te anawer the qe stion ; 
fonave to ask. in Artiele 4 of the Contract of Sth of November, 

1886, it is provided thet lir, Bdison will offer to the Sie. Conti-~ 

in the countries in whith it has the risky to work 

noytale sé ison, 

the beds patects, paterts of any new inventions Which he may 

ther a delay of 15 deys to declare whether ney 

make ico. ivine 

aeermt the offer or note Le any of the contrac ts provide that 

tinentele Wdiron shall pay the cost of Mr. Ndi- 

ne Compacrde Con 

eonia experime: ta? 

Private Secretary. 

Letterbook, LB-028 

This letterbook covers the period January-April 1889. Most of the 
correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O, Tate. Many of the letters relate 
to the marketing of the phonograph in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. 
Other material pertains to the production of the perfected phonograph at 
West Orange, the marketing of the talking doll, the establishment of central 
stations in the United Kingdom and Germany, the Edison phonoplex system, 
and the Edison exhibit at the 1889 Paris Exposition. There are also letters 
concerning Edison’s efforts to obtain British patents for his ore separator and 
to acquire manufacturing rights to the Lalande battery. The spine is labeled 
"From Jan 30, 1889 To April 8, 1889 No I." and "Letterbook 1889 Jan. 30 
to April 8 G." The book contains 1,002 numbered pages and an index. 
Approximately 40 percent of the book has been filmed. 


<n erie ae ernment 

en na 

‘ e 2 Nee, 

tae Terene2 to the matter af tne aml 
ES RA Ae ire ae RS Tbe, ‘Mmerad Mineargy Gerpany, and your 
Rey eee OM, ath gay gas The guest Gre coe the 

“oar. An addition 

Ow pace. ES Ga ay aarpenk reqreat thet or, Insoll sould 

eh th Bare, Talng dzuire that Mr, Insull Breula -m 

one of tha Kyemties tien fe lonmainata isr, Tnsull be aatige 

OP bat ao ad hance wi ta Practiealiy ovesy bransh of our lighting 

suSsinéss. He, norenver. reanessea my entire confidence, and ig 

on en es 

am QE se aord with my otewa, 

‘ours yery truly, 

er nome een en re 




| a 
wt serra le “ne oe a bad tdea. Yours i a Ved 
‘er Greve cea OC Gite tts é : 

ta bad er. 
Pe 2 A 
GrGre fe 


Fae as 

CY rer 

Jan, 30, Ba, 

Gkhaas. Batchelor, 
The Fdison Phonarreph Works, 

Ormyge, N. 3, 

The following is copy of a letter shich wo have ree'a 

Col. Seorge FR. Goureud, under date Jan. 3a, 1L&89r- 

*L think it right to tell you that the woodwork of eny 
mew Phonogsraphs that you may send me, rust be polished 
fark, teeause all mahogany ofMce furniture in th is country 
49 of that golor. Thin dark effect can se obtained in 
wahogany by fumigating the wood before polishing, and 
this isthe most satisfactory procesa. I should also 
like you to send maghines vith walnut easing, o8 that 
wood i3 largely used here and I believe is eheger than 
mahogany. (Simed) GFN, BF. gourRAup, * 

otvrve Elacks how 
Cseturede tro frexr 

ofa y 4. 
any? ee bie 
LLU GG ees Ge 

. 7 ye 



Pe otra 
ow rn tee eae 

Tan. BG, 89. 

Freneie Ry Upton, Esq... 
The FAitor Lanp oo., 

Barri son, 0 


Dogar Saye. 

Loentlose nerew th ootalis sf 

vecount “A, Cy Vata : 

Ss + jut ro fare te Vs 3 7 art ¢ i 
specina, © Showisy & 'stance cue dr. False: of G6, eLasst. 

Pleace split this amount, and send one note for etch hele 

cf Yhe account to Lhe order cf Thomas A. Eai on, or iF vou pre 

cari: we wil}, of course, raise no avjectiorn, 

we - 

nd tbat this aacount is not to go on your hooks. 

MO nae org LPs ~ “ 7 3 y ¢ 
A®ter you Joo’ ovar the oils, £ want them returned tO mm, BO 

tlhev can he onteres 

red upon tne sprolel set of booka which I keey 

fer the INK vietorv, 

Plenzo let me have these notes © 1 uns 

use trem this week, 


Col. George F, Soursud, 
Litthe Nento, Upper Norwood, 
Sucrey, Fnuglana. 

Daar Sirs 
In view of tie racort decision of the Supreme Caurt 

of the United Stetes, I desire to modify Aule No. $ of my Jatther 

of instimetions to you unier date Dac. 15th, 1888, which wilt 

nov road ag LrolLlawat- 

"In countries wh igh grant patents for various terme w 
‘ies which grant _ patents for various welme Uy 

to fiftem years, Aer Hee wi ‘thout awaiting the issue 
of tha corresponding U, S.-patents make application for 

amd take out fifteen ite patents only, paying the fees 
for the shert terme and making proper provision for tre 
paymens oT subsemuent feea necessary to maintain such 
patente for the fukl term for which they are originally 
Following is » list of such countries: 

Portugal Turkey Austria 
Italy Argentine Republic. . 3 

In your letter to me under date 5th indant, you state that 

the 15 years fees which you paid the Austrian Governnfnt in con- 
nection with Gases 86 and 87 will ve refunded for 14 years with= 

out any prejudicd to the Austrian patents, and as the theinion 




Sit yt 

De a teareenicreentermeneny geen anemone arena 

Sri ee tens amate ADP eteeet nae sates ene demandes, 



Jan. $1, 1889. 

Mr, “Sn, FE Hinkle, 

Fert Myers, Fis, 


aro in reveipt of your Letter of the Ath irstast, 

ALU the work wider ta done or the dart S.mud ke chareed tale to 


4r, Gillite:d wy talk toa me. wha account for werk dy canaeetior 

with our properties should te kapt atparate, the dividing line of 
the property -heine the divinke: line for chareine to either of un 
the work Widen ts cone dt that connection. i Mimloxe herewith as 
your rzequent a check for ®10%, Ihave receiver a sbatemant of 
yomlr acrourt and will write you further as soon a5 it is on my 

Thave a leteer fren Mr. A. A. Gardner, .askint pérviissian to 
use my Air Purip. He nays he down not whan to xemowe the pamp, tak 
to take sine glass jara ta the office tu oxanst Ahern. You. gan 

let him 3o this. 

Yours traly, 

Ter. BL, 1885, 

Mr. J. 8, Skohan, Treasurer, 
Rdiwn TMlectrig Ill. Soe of NM Liss 

16 Sroad St., New York City, 

Deere Siri- 
+ Anelnse herewith an order on Messrs. Tre wal, Noargan 
aid Coomany, for the delivery to you of one tiousand dollars of 
guript of tha “edwon Bleetite [11l. do., which you are to exchanpe 
for ten nivwes of stoak of? that Comeany, to omble re ‘to quality 

as 9. Director. 

Yours very truly, 





Jarre ws . TBSu. 

My Dear MeGowani- 

We have reacived sll your reeent letters, 


T was very much surpricad when fon conmeneed to complain abont 

not Raving received Letters from us. In one of yom ourmunisation 

wich reached us last fall, you atated that you were going off into 

areata eee 

the mountains, on a trip wrieh woulé consume tyo or three months, 
and during which period you wauld se outside of elvilisation. i 
was unaware where you waule turn up again, an&d consequently dia 
not know where to send your mil. In addition to this, Mre Rdison 
had nothing in particrlar to say to yon, and I presumed that the 
general instrmectionsa which were given you when you lett tris ‘gotn- 
try were sufficiait Por yaur puidamee. However, in the Mture I 
will writo you pertodisally und give you the news, as it must 
pretty tough to he sy far away from your friends and heer nothing 
from them. 

We received about a week ayo samples of material, the sarh 

neing the 83 pioeses mentioned in two or three of your letters. Hr. 

Raion has been ao latsy with the phonograph, that he hes not hac an 

opportunity to teat these, antl until he dodge o I cannot say what 


re NsGae ; wie 

his wishes ara in regard to the course which you ure to pursue in 

the future, He promiser me that he will inepeot these senpley 

within a very few daye, 
tT heave not sent the things which yan asked me to arder for 
you, b¢omise it is possible that Mr. Fdiswn may went you to return 
hana irvediately, in which vase they would not have time to reath 
you, Tre instant L know what tir wishes are in this doiniereiot, 
I will vene the thinga cow to you by the fastest routs possipie. 
It is so long singe you left here, that I do not know mere 

to eturt in to maxe you faniliar with contemporary history. I 

will cormenec, however, with electrio lighting interestn. 

RLROTRIC LIGHT, A new corporation aalled the “*Fdisn General 
Pleetric Gorpany,” with Mr. He. Willard and hiz 
friends at its head, has been organized, with capital af twelve 
million collars, to take over the Kdison Flectric Light Qorpany, 
grt the three shoys, which of course ineluden the United Compan y+ 
A lot of fresh capital is to te put into the business, and Ediwn 
Clactric Lighting interests are to te vigorously pushed. IL think 
that the plan of operation is, to go into the larze cities of the 
United States, and instead of soliciting local cap ital for the 
purpose of ereating Central Stations, the Fdion General Flectrio 

Sompany will put the Stations up with its own op ital, “hia aill 

give them hn inmengo nivemtage over the dy gormpotitora, who navo 


BP. McG, Lee 

been made vick in another aAixreation. 1 refer to the recert de~ 

cision of the Supreme Court of the United States, in regard to. 

which I enclose ae newspaper alippings, thot. will explain tha 
effect of thin decision better thar i aw. 

On the first of Fehruary, Hr. ene retires from B3ergmam 
é Company, and Mr, Insull, General Manager and Treasurer of the 
Machine “orks, asatines control of Rersmnrn & Co-, in addition to 

his present work. I think thet Yermsenn ts going to art a now 

factory for the manufacture of gus fixturas. 

PHONOURAFH, last sumer we erected, on property adja ining tne 

Laborgtory, a phonograph factory, which haa ae oa- 

paoity of 206 phonopraphs per day My. Tdison has perfe eted this 

instmment, and the indications are that tha sal es will be very 

Lar 6G In-this connection, I ercloxe a few clipp ings with re- 

lation to a couple of pemtlenan with whose names you are quite eo : 

feniliae. Oe . 

It is not neceanary for me to make- any comment. 

PARIS FXPOSITION, We are making great arrangements ior a display 

of Mr. Kaison's inventions at the coming Paris 
Fxposition. — We are. commencing with his first inventi on and taking 
them right through to the end. It will be the: pest Edison exhinit 

evar made. 

Mr. MeGe oA 

BROAD STREAT, I drop into Na, 16 Brond Streat occasionally 

ana al} your friends ask for you. 

I will write you again as soon as Mr, Fdtwn emkers knowm 
to me his wishes in regard to yourself, und in future I will seng 

you a gencral letter pericdioally, and keep you posted on current 

even ta. YT hope thet you am enjoying goad healths 

In order to relieve your suspénte, I eubled you yesteriny 


ny etree te rete anytime ene 

Jan, SL, 8. 

Col. Georve F, Gourand, 
Little Menlo, Upper lorwoad, 

Surrey, fneland. 



I hey to confirm the following cable grama 

received from yoite 

Jan. 29, 1989. 

“Don*t reply yesterday's cable." 

Jan. 89, LEB9. 

"Request Stewart appoint Tondon Agent to 

In reference to the Latter, I have to-day cabled Mr. Stewart 

in accordance with your request. 

Yours ve truly, 



Ja, 81, 1889. 

Foster Contes, Msq.e, 
Managin; Kditor MAI. AND RXPAESS, 

New Yorn OLtyve 

Dear Siprts 

Mr, Hdiaon has received your letter of 24th 

“hat creat reform in our social, political, re- 

instant, askin 
Lisionus or educational system is most needed, pid wilR aconnre 

ug as a people?” He selects om educational systen, and sug- 

zests manual training in public schools. 

Yours very truly, 

C74. ( bs ee RO 


Jen. #1, 1889, 

Mr. J. A. Sperrye, 
, re O. Box 1944, 
New York City. 

bear Sirte- 

Myr. BPainn has received your letter of 24th instant. 
lie is himsels experimenting on amalgamation, and, therefor@, dots 
no®t wian to have his ideas confused by learning the ideas oF 

Wth relation to Mr. R. V. de Guinon, Mr. Fdison does not 
remember this gentlenien, and tns no recolleation of conversing 
with him in regard to anelgemation. 


Yours very traryy ov 2 

Private Sea'y- 

ger. Jer & 3 

ee oe ee 

t papers. 

mation thar you 

Jane Sy 

wy from Mr, Kennelly, 
ation of Inpvovenmanta in Bleotroiytie 
porpese of enabling you to drav up 

Me, Kerselly will give you any Zu rther infor=- 

way royairs.e 

’ i e <i . 
oe ss peer dates tee rater. Vickey 

oe ers pins esis 6 dewsahs ny ‘erdavetnig or prenrevedi \4 1s 
. i _ 

BS . . ‘ & { é 
feraelerwesy *; by ses mela t. horned. ly tae wiewiv t ae bes 
; ea be. “4? : 9 e } 
elgg we ee Lobe. Meee diy, fines apc’ eaheow “ Heat? le lay 
% Py 

if ee Pig, we) . , 
vk wary dots toe et uvtiy , ney Rie ay sale AL AR b aE torn tC 
be : pacetvik 4 TFA Barve chu é \ ; 

oad dears a ai ae: we ry SMV cele ie or toe Wren tr.v LOAN Rs th, 

ies ate ti Baer teens Wea “y be, en. a ve 4 mn bo wt? gent lec eae 

Any Nase le pv »e a es i ar cr a : : ji ; 
vee : . 

Oe ee ee Sectiats pees, Oat ast dan. 

; ; a ‘ ae 

toe oar oo fue Hy eed ce 

hytl f, ad forte ee’ a ta uabny toe C280 tre HE 
< i J Z . ! 

we ch Le rea ae @iveac se ove wee hey, 
i : 
oo, 2 ‘ 4 4 2 ° 
wdeot Jac es on se ee ad : 
* ? - : 3 . 
vere | tat Keeper ee ss 2. ae delertis . 
! : ‘ - ete } 
wee nme kee ct? apa tet a2 a? cee) pen a ce 
5 4 : : oan . 2 
te fats cf. H are) a San ee ta in I, 4 ihe Jianerwed Le Nae 
: I: 5 ‘ gf 2 ; # 
ree c ces fa Kuo vA A! Ane of toa ae ey der: awl wae oe 
4 . 4 3 : ; 
‘i avid wan fe, be a. : weal é 

Jans “1, 85, 

Leryn Sheet}. 

a 4, 

Tey te yor Fetter of 4d instant, please 

™ih We 0 Latah 9s aeor 63 Roseikie, ani 

we ViJE vive you a i 

Sse igs teas ef ; 3 i 
Buhay _ Aas 2 G66 oar lor, Ceythy 



Saree de 0 e 

Rlovi:: opnbopeas sent you 

tO-dnys = 


G2 yie * 

ALi Yeqeet2 vou appoint Londen Pe ta 


Athens eae Terai retee ci Sew eterteineotreniinat tad Sune 

Atigemtine Fioktr4 oitate Gesell sehe rt, 

Berli n, Germany. 

Hear Sirs. 

this letter, and vould ask you, i? you have not already conn 20 
tO send me an inmedi ste msver, and also ts be king enough to 
furnish me with copies of any @otationes which yOu mey have made 
fom the sale of electric Lighting material in China and Japsne 

The: affeet of your Botion has been most disastrous, remoting in 
our Iosing a vary large contract in one of the prineipat cities ofr 
China, after my agents had spent a great deal of time and money to 
steure it, In fact, Mesars, Frazar & Co. were about to Btoze the. 
cantract, wie information wag received py the partiasg with why 
they wer negotiating, that Edimn Electris Lighting materi az | 
canker te purehased in Germany, and in order to Secure nip yd Yqre 

wads from my azenty and youreelvon, the Mestion o¢ avarding aye 


Ae BB, Ge aoe 

contruct was again opened up and finely: dad in favor of a 

Viveal American Company, who @vtlng fir caciier period or the 

trangactian had been Tottved to retire, wih whowe uystén, is now 

veing instalied. Thus heve you not only istied to derive any 

ypeotniay boaerit ivom the invasion of my teer. tory, tit have 

peen the direst enuns of 2 less to myself and my agents ef Ao 


money vind brebtise. 

While I curnot belilave that after the juet appenul which I 

have made to you, you will santinve to ombarrags mt in thiz 


memer, Io om ot 2 loss to naderstand your dilense. unless it pF 

that you have not recedvea my letter os the Vth of November iket, 

acopy of whieh ig ettached hereto. 

I trust thet you will give this metter your sarly amd earnest 

attention, and meanwhile, I keg to ranain 

Yours very truly, 

i a 
# : 
ae , 
a , 
hoes 7 
ty cd 
t ge a 
¢oDer I. Peageegy 
T englos* aopy af anotern 
MSIE Pr “oot onyy, relative ta vnel ye intertievenes with ose Shina un? 

edits Bhai & Visto dane Heanans. J eve now  ynen ahle te ft 
“he orl alae pepreescey ta Mid gh you bate mentZ Gard, arid Loam at tye 
CDV tee spe moths not sere our beat intarents by & ratareonur 
ub? ther, Ma Lirgt contract cevering Gentany vas mage tith » 
French Syndi cate, which attempted to xp bisinese in dornginy and 
reintain sentrol of the Ole Dautsote Fai wn G2961] schalte fein 

vo the inherent dinlike which these two peoples bear Por erah athe 

the plan nrowvad inoperative and resulted in tie Froneh Oompany 

aacrifieiny its interesta ta Sormnuny simply to aynid wealing with: 
Wen yA Shey Lagked upon as thedr natural encrims, Since that 

tima tha Fdlaon Rlec tric hiahting intereata. tn Sermany have pagnad 
“yveugh a nomber oe? di itferent Stages, and it wonld 2 @ difficult, 
2Po not ienitless tak, te attonpt to elft their verians contracts 

omen 8ffort va usaertein their prawernt logul stata with reepect 

of treke sblhest tinge toMre Paisnye 



fro TF 


x £3, 

be Vrineiple whkhe> ig te drposslble er tim ta Sisputy, 
awplvidch Tove onei Sulieve they wiht tynore, 

TS ow ebiset tainat da ttds wey secompiisied, there js 
panother ohmueth thor wade we cgay renen boesi, hat Dt Deny 

i . 

+ . 
open te ns ustilooure uresest eftorta prove wneuccess mL, 

Twill esll te arranged ton 

Bay 4; telernone. 

Yours very truty, 

rive te Saeretarys 


Wwe are eG 
iki Reb» fava fas oy mapet ons 
) faa ia ele & 

Ma. 'F Bonethy Attra, 

San Fray: 

Psoo, Gab, 

In wooly te your letter a Lath ine 

innit, ib is Sr, 
Fdaifints intention te sall tne phowosraph wmotoy agnarete a rcar tay 

phonograph. At preset, hoawover, 
7 (3 if , 

metson t1, regurd to price &&., as we have just commen a6 minutes» 

ture and our date is not sovplete. Wa will om able to ted yer 


Somethin wore definite in tie coursé of a month or se, 

Yores truly 

3 «(a 

Pahuary 2, Lasa. 

Mm DPiak son,- 

Here is am extract just reotived from a 

letter from Mr. Mallory. The information may be of use to your~ 

“we take the sample to be assayed and put about a table 
spoonfull between two hard wood hoards and rib them well 
tonether so to separate all the particles. (“le ‘Ping ir, 
twenty mesh that a yreat many pieces about 20 have aan- 
sidevahle silioa attached, and the grinding. motion seems 
to separate them); then the product is niftea through a 
60 mesh sereen, mid 160 rerains weinhed out; then it is 
spread very thinly over a paper, and with-a small hand 
magnet which we cover with tisme paper so to: enable me 
to take the iron off exsily, we separate the iron, leavine: 
the dust; the Lron'we spread out and separate two or - 
three times acvordins to the amount of dat and silica. 
enntained and then go over the dust arain to fet the 

iron out (usually find some in the dust), then weigh the 
tron and @int separately ‘and allow for whet is loat, usu- 
ally about two, grains amd get the percentage of each. - The 
iron percentage multiply by 72.40 and’ get the metallic 
iron ~ and umally very rare ~ and tre result can *e 
obtained in ten to fifteen mimites. 3y this we are 
erabled to keep very close track of our work." 

Yours truly, 

TT een rnne = 


Fete 2, 89, 

Somerville P. Tack, Faq, 
Asst. Com,.-General, 
U. S. Commission to the Paris Fxpasition of 1589, 
No. 1 Brondway, New York City. 

In reply to your lotter of 3Lst ultimo to Nr. 

Bdison, in-ragard to an epplicution for allotment af gree fox 

.Fadson's Plectric Pen whinh you have received from Mr. John Ym. 

Godfrey, of Parisz, France, I vag to atate. that we ar® ir com- 
munication with Hr, Godfray, and it will not wo necessary for 

the Commission ta take my notice of his application, 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 


Pehe 4, 

My Buor foe, “ohne, fae ef 
€y ae | 

T pot your note gn regard to Phonopr ap ae 

OL°S end sraved in to Mr. Rdison. He told ine to Riese inetre s. 

tions for tra gel) + be SG prepared Fox you at once, whieh I did, 

Poa they ure now rewsy, At the sane time I telegiminnad the 

WL is Phenograph Toy M°£" 3, Co., Houton, in Mr. Reteon's supe 

ask ire Lor permission to Bive yon thesa mls ior exhibition, 
ai T aepeet an answer from then every ywonent. 

Li resard to the phonograph, Ioana sory that YOu we rods 


fO have ony exhibition of &t to<nisvit, | Ve hava a yumber ef crag 
records for you, and I as afraid that your exhisiti on towndiche 

will take the ede off people's interest se fora these cone alos, 

“aan YT YG hold the rhonograph padi altogether unsik we 

moyvow hight. tuning advantage af the opportunity which will ww 


atrernd you toeniat, to Rhnounge to your awtenae that taemurre yw 

niabt you vii extiibit the phonopraph? Thig would probrbly have 

tre offeot of stringing 2 good anny of thessame Gople hack again, 


whe othervise raule only sthené onse. 

Yours tuly, 

Me Pe tdetioouas, Maqn 

“oar lent we wlan to avais 

aye tat ee 

oe CS aera 

Wo to ead yo ne aohin. 

“ADL gr axidhition of thin wi tout the Tow Py roams 

IY ak oe, 


2th Mon Ot 
¢ « Oho be el hope Ch, 

~ week Phone Amero mat new* 

Segiidee ete 

Fab. 4, 1889, 
RKighurea Me Dyer, Faq, 
Meagrs. Dyer & Snely, 

New York Gity. 

In reply to your letter of Slst ult. to Mr. 
Fdiaon, re armument wefore the Yoard of Bxaminers in Thief of 
the three phonograph cuses which have hean avrevled to them, or 
7th instant, I peg to say that wo will Bave a capable man ready 

to proceed to Washington aon 6th tnstant, und shall instruct him 

to report at the affice of Gearge Vy Dysr, 1904 F. St,., an the 

morniry, of the 7th. ae 

& a, Ritehioc, Fao, 

Ake, ny Ohia, 

Dear Sir? 

Revhytees be your Latter of 20by% Vite, We nove Mattes 

thet the cast of a Vt. empupls of tn ning omt LOC toga ar means 
eaytrates per duy tron anc ora, is [32 0%, Tho aanented te 
per day of raw ore ere PUN throws thie Lustallation, Your ore 

is rigsher then the above, ané 200 tons would give you, say, 175 


tons of concentrates: nence, Fre 506 tone of Sore mr, 
the plent would acet you, rowruly, $85,000, 

I aannot answer your second wiestion very acauretely at 
presem, but ta ive yo some idea, J omit yht gree t from 66 to 
79 cente per ton of ernde ore. 

A plant Mah as you require cauld te ereeted within two 
nonth e. Lam willing tc make 4 contract with your Gonnamy tor 
iron separation, On the same basis as ovr Allentown contract, but 
not until our Mild at Al lentown has run for two an threr AAS S| 
so thet we em get data UNoOn which to puse our calwvintions, iL 

will net deal with any othes parties for Qanadn for ot least a 

couple of months. 


BLtt yor vindiy tat mo knee 

AUT fiat leet dren ar ahyeiud 

Was it sattefactory for stalphoare 

Private Searotary. 

Yours trvly,. 

be ‘ne on tans 8 of = aplcom niece 

Ph, 3, La9, 
Frerett Prazar, Faq, aS” 73 
New York City. 

‘dy Dear Mr. Frazar?~ coe 
. T have’ your note Of 6th instant; ana wit 
be glad te zea. Nr. .Ty00n, tommorrow’ afterncon. 

I think you are. already aware that the “Graphophone. ‘People 

are mek ing etremous efforts in China and Japan to obtedn, gore 

¢Pecions, elving them the exodus ive right 't0 dntroduss tieir ma 
ohines. they, of pourse, wind | pry to exoluae bik Phbhowrap 1 al~ 
together. Weatd it mr be weld 40 let thd Jap ence and Chine se 
officials know hat the Raiown Batre atea Prinogvaph is to be. smt 
to those countries wery shortly? Yoemorrow night we:ere sending 

* youre ‘fan to: Washington, with a Phonogfaph, for the. Purpose of 

giving an. oxhinition, bafore, Atm Orepitsaionors of Sha. Patent Office, 
to overcoue ‘core: -onjeutions wisiohi: have: ‘ween: ret ose a “tbat Dep? 
of: ‘the Government in ‘cumpatton yin: ‘Pitents. I Boppoe: at: would 
be imposatyte for you %o etree in, 0 short: « time: to malize 5 

- ais mn ‘for. Nie: purpose. of. -aieLnte resords ‘ong: eiving ‘an eotri~ 
“ph tion. before ts Japanese ‘ena. chinese ofSipiala?- Ee am. AOL ed sire 

hat af: they: cones dew the. ‘phowograph, na 2pesinl ‘grants wouha? 

veges ii 
wnsv os we a ms 

Fob, 5, XG, 

Mesars. Nyer & Seely, 
: . New York City. 

Dear Sirs:- 

I am very much obliged: for your ester of 4th inst. 
I send you under separate. cover ‘the following speci fidationy o¢ 
Pnglish patents, which are the onvse referred to in the notices vt 
opposition sent ws dy Col. Goursud,: and eopiee of whisk we in 

your pass#anioni + 

42) 1877, Both daly.: Ko. S000; Spesstieetion, of, #, A. Edion. 

*tontrodling py pound “the trensmivsion of. gisatrio gir- 
rents: and the. a ‘pr core sapand ing sounds at 
' 8 distance, ® 

(2) 1886, . Ath: May. Na 50,0097, Spnettiontion of -dapes Tete 
Johnsons  "Inprovenepts in on.wparatie fox ‘Mason atng © 
: ma reprodtw ing: specdh and. other mounts.” : 

(3) 1886,.. ain Mey. Rae S8GL2, . SpwetPivation: of" ‘Jopen Xebe 
. > Johnson: .. Japrevteante' in and: agparaina: for mpretanins 
* pound from Phonogtpaie, aoords.° ; 

(4) 1888, 4th Bay, Nar “B04, “Sheet Pioations of nae Wate 
Johnson: THaprovenents din ond means st apparatos 
- for she ragtetoation of” igpawel: and ote ‘eOtoxts by 

(. meana of peering 

(8) 1897, By Heom ner, “Wmes Ha natos oF Smite: BeAwer 
*Iniproved method Of in’ app argtus “for reporting ard Tee 
producing xpaken ss aut wther movees: al 36 



RAgTbe CE i CRiectee Rearend 

haS “2a 

cla ee cee ace eae ne ee 

torr zune, ath Novander.: No,. 14,042, Sovcit anton of fase 
‘Ree Anders, HYnpreyanimts } in Pimndyran iio apparatus 
Sr. réoordiivg ant epee Wodal and other ha tanta lad 

Tours yety Vly, 

Private Seordtary, 

Febo 5, Laza, 

Mro Ry -So Douglass, 

Po Oo Box 207, Plymouth, Maga. 

D @ar Suir ea 
in fur ther reference $0 my letter 3 Yon o: 
17th ultimo, re Mr, Bdien* B Florida property, ‘the following is 

an “extranet from.a iter which I nere received from. Mra ‘@1Ualana:- 

‘ -  Rephytng. to Your ‘favor of reaent date, banserulne: Plor ida 
property, will say that the propérty of Mr,” Dougiass does -@ 
not 4ajoin that of Mr, ° Rdieon. -This:was fully explained Sau 
to Hro: Thoma, the agent of Mr Douglasa, amd “a. plancag~ oe 

reed upon betweon Mr. Thomae ond myself for: straightening 
out ‘the boundary” Line.* 

ade eT Ss a adc comes 

; Feho 5, 48Bo. 

“Amer ican Wateh Toot Coe, 

Wal. tham, ‘Mazs ° 

Dear Sira!~ 
We are returning you by to-night °s mail, sleeves 
Which cane with the lathe that. we Heceaved eeia you Saturday Last. 
These do not fit: and have a Shake’ of. avout sixty-fourth of m 
inch. We th ink there must have heen a mist ake | in. Sarding us 
; these Sleeves, _a8 they show very bad workmanship. _ be Parta of the 
| machine were ‘madly rusted, for tha’ want of being greased be fore 
shipping; ard we aleo find that the « feather only @ters: quarter 

way into ecoona gear. Is thre any wy in Which We ofan remedy 

thig? Please » advise. us at. once. 
. Yours truly, 


Feb. 6, Lag, 

Ja Ae = py eaten, ERGs, Sea'y., 
Fleotrie: Time Compary, 

#16 Broad St., New York City. . 

I-have your letter of 5sh instant. 
The movement whieh. you refer to will answer ow purpose. sy, 
We will not, however, need a ofrouit breaker, ‘as-we have that 
all complete ‘ana: shell wrk. it with a relay. Oan you supply us 
vith hands for this movement ag follows! hour hand 18 inches 
from sentra to end; minute hand. ‘as inches from centre to ena? 
rr. you cnnrot furnish ‘the hands inmedi ately, send. ‘the movement 
und let thé hanas folhows We. would. like to have the movement 
BRENE at Oran ge not later then 8th: instant, ue that’ We con mount: ; j 

semé in clock dial. Sona” pili. to: Mr, Raison’ p Private Sewretary, 

Yours very truly, Beat , Z FH 

Mre Ae Oo Tate. . 

Régar Williams, Faq, 

©. ange, Node 

Dear Sir te . 
In reply to your letter of 25a ultimo, I 

enclose herewith ten dollara ($10.00), whieh piace sda to the 

fw ‘hich is being raisw:1 .¢ purchase artificial arms for the 

Brodamug boy. 

Yours truly, 

Fe po Ts eee 

ag a 
Phiert , ot. 




ee a eee 

Yeo. “’, 1689. 

Gol. Georg *%, Govrend, 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

: Surrey, Fngland, 

Dear Sir:~ 

I hee to confirm the following cablegrams regeived 

from you and sent by ust- 

GOURAUD NORWOO), Poo. 6, 1889, 
"Btewart cables advine Goareaa powers mailed.* 


London,: Fo. 6, 1889. 
"Shall. I erect Gram machinery? ir obsolete, 
.ghip. tape grams Seamed ately; Gls Tgporatory 
records. When my Z empedt Phonsgrani® 
GOURAUD, “NORWOOD. : 7 Fev. 7, 1889, 
Se ‘Obsolete; sending suppiy. Rdiwn.” 



Febo 8, L589. 

Jo Houd Wrigeh 4, 
M oD. 3, Morgan & a , 


Mo ™.+ 3 Sirte 
. Wie f foe gb fa | NO she uw event, and 
have Mr. Morgan Sign, Which will complete the stockholders of 
The Edison Machine Worka. Mro Insis. «'. oail at y. we ye 

.or the oi ° 5 

y viuly,: 

Fey. 8, 1889. 

Tha North American Phonograph Coo, 
tesa@ H, Lippincott, Fag, Praa't., 

Tou BY Lye, Now Yous. 

‘Yo enclowe herzyx. . ~ 3 for She phomxegvaphy mane 

for yott by hand, amounting to $1,655.64. 

Yours oo 

. 3 ot ats 
LG ch tie thd AUG! 

ae S s 

aot wa 


FN i gmetad F terete BSG ATER Sa SE, 

ae ee nr RR ee ee ee = - ET 

Fabe ‘Sy Be 

Mesprae Tet. Murase & Oy a 

Ne: Yora City, 

Denr Si aie 

IT eseloie herewieh eheok for $44,471.37 te 

imrhject +t 4 peinst the sa. 

wide 7, Gy 

daetentise cha venrees fy 
Chreforve og t antrt.e Gf 

Md. Ae Ate the eae 3 

Ge /Ulmee Gru froin Gre 

La Haar t0ey Co BD pene 

“Po ue S, 1589. 

the Edison United M'f'g. Co., 
Mre Go Jo-Klein, Sup't., New York Gity. 

Dear Sirgai~ 

Tam in receipt of your Letter of 5th instant , in 

tagaré to Mr, 8 }.:°s outside wie iis While Mr. Burke i. teve 

Xieed to accept lead covered wire, he was at the sane time most 

ammefully deceived by those who sold him the material, It nme 

Cosi us oer Keven hundred dot: 4 pairs made on this in- 

stallution, which ts mm offset against the bill owing you now ‘by 

Mr. Barke. Y need not mention (he embarrasaa:! which Mr, Fdiss1 

arnt all of uo have felt at being obliged to nurse with such con~ 

stent. care an Edien plent installed: so near at home. We, of 

sourse, samot aohsaiier tie Fdison Wiring Co. in this matter, as 

you shouldered the sins of that. Company at the same time that you 

assumed their other obligations. I will have. our eleo tricians: make 

an estimate of the cout of eubstituting. Rdiadn'-tubes for this 

underground wiring, and send it to you, and I think that in justice 

to yourselves you showli mike thia change at yous ong se 

My Doar! 

aim Le. ‘TG yOri Bai the dd a sooe Pay, 
sate 130 wh eenmlete your Uiet, qut it is vhe best I can co ot 
Pp. Mm, Diekas “dion to hip woe). 7 Lem: 
P. est 1. cur Ove Miiiing Dep’t., in gormee tion with which 
he is very busily mugaged at *he prasent time, and I qanny : Rs . 
a moff his y © :eng enoligh b> ee ¢ sang views I hope 

to see you next time you come tc Orange. 

Yours very tz 

Ree ae Secretary 


Sinee writiv; *-~ eve I find thay x uve not got a 
photogra 0.8 be place, ‘emda it ‘ia ionoacible for any 
to te. printed before the end of next week. 

Horace Tounamd, Fsq- 


a Dear Inenli 5~ 
- ‘enelase. herewith eopy of a letter ree dyed 
frit Ur. Dredge . +t think’ that Ur. Eaitwn ought, to write: him, 
| sing that he wilh, of course, pear the oxtra expense Mr. Dreage 
speaks of, Dredge seems to me 0. ). Inginuate a desire to. receive 
some asstrarae of this kind, and we of course do not with him te 
spond any of his money, ané thareny: optain a sort of a lien on 
the iiwiness. | 

Yours very truly, 

Gate Secretary. 

Seco Inwili, Req. 


| Behe 0, Sh. 

My Dear Mr. Futert,- . 

I have your tetter of sth inntaint + Y think 
that. some evening nent weok we xh mee oa snore tmp ical ree 
cords in our Lextire Room. I wid let you know 4h time to on~ 

ables you to cam, ont, 

Private Secretar Jo 

Pe a. Hanert, . Ite, Rigo s . 
saad Vout 7Tath Strest, 
ewe York Satys 

nia we IP epi ee mae 

. Fahy. By 2880. 

New York City. 

120 ‘Proaiway, 

Major 8... 8. Baton, 

My Deer, Bir: 

Acknowleiging your letter of Gth instant, I sent 

_you on timradsy last trom Dey St, an order on Sr. Tomlinson, 

signed by me as Secretary of the Rdion Phonograph Conpany, 

td . 

asking him to deliver to you Agréenent of Det. 28th, LB87, be~ 



X also sent you 

Yours t. 

twem Mr. E_ison and the Raison Phonograph Co, 

two. printed poppies. of this gontrae t, 

Hote 9, Ade 

My Deyr Hamiltony-_ 
_ Ewant you to send me at onoe a coupkete Tet 
at aii: the Shonagr ahs and phonograph tot orupl-whieh you took 
with goa -when you went to England, art piso alist of phonographs 
and tiberiat ‘which have been sent to you sinde you have bean in 

London, Mail this to he aa quickly as youden. 

Sire Hs Ae 6. Hamilton 
28 slouceater Road, Kenetaytons | 
Ga re asa Wy 


- Fah, 8, 89. 

My Dear Yorthimcton, « 
t have beer avay nearly all of this wetk, 
* pha“aia not receive your Letter ot tte 6th: Anstant unt aa yesterany. 

“£ wegret very smioh. that ‘we: Ahn anyone date you, . a8 you reiuent, 
Th ae therefore return your note: ‘for $500 and. aheok, for $0, 
I fear I santtot~ere 47 qxyour ove “Mnvitetion. to dine, as I 

“gm go seldom. in tomi in the evenings 

 deotge Yorthingtin, — 
nee Row, R. Ya: 

VAM cree merit etek tenet Pines enna ating li 


Fase i 1889. 

Mro David N. Ropes, 

Grenae, Ne J, 

My Dear Sixt 

Some gentlemen gakbaa here the 2 thet dey, in rae 


gare t placing four or five poles in zront of the Faremd proper- 

ty on BWeomfield Aveo, for the purpose of rurming wires for an 


Remap ee 
Faerie = 

= 7 


tleetria railesy. have lost the uddreas of the gentleman ran 
Presenting tha ‘electric railway in Newark, pat I relieve you are 
. familtar with ‘hig mame, an he itated ne called to see you pefore 
ealling to ber +, | We have ng odvjestion to ‘these poles being 

areged, Wikl you very Ri eincky this information to the 

prope rt norzany 

Yours very truly 

ivate ‘Seqret arye 

Ar ointee sbni ats trie eran wads Semen SP se see aed beg natin 


Mr, @, Frank v 

Noo SO South Pitth Avemue, 

Her Yori City. 

Dear Slyis 

E have rezurned to you the small cabinet whish 
made for me, ne 


the top cracked from:one end to the other, and 


wag not mide aa ordered, If deuired the top made of three pigges, 

grain crossed, You nust heve sed green wood, or it would ant 

havt cracked. Can you remeay this? 

SS ™ = 

Yours very truly, 

FAS BAR AR ciate nin CET 

Aaa se 

Feb. bl, 1889, 

Sal. George F, Souraud, 

tittle Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Surrey, Engl and. 

T em in reeeipt of yaur letter of 26th ult., 

also your aablegram, enking tha probable date whan you my expeet 

a conrignment of phonographs. L yelieva that we can send you a° 

rnamber, I samnot riow say how mony, by the 15th of Maron, ani 

have eo ¥*ired you to-day. 

Yours very wnily, 

Col. Gearge KF. Gouraud, 
Little Henlo, Upyrar Nowaoon, 

Surrey, England. 

Dear Sirve 
I veg to confirm the following cablegrams received 

from you and smt by uate 

Thomas A. Fdison. Feb. 8, 1889, 

*How many phonographs sre you sending.and 
when pure,° 

GOURAUN, NORWOOD. Yeh, 11, 1689. 

“WNareh fifteenth. Faison." 

Febo 12, 1889. 

Fav. 42, 2889. 

Ira Miler, Faqs 

Akron, Obkfo, 

My Dagt Sirt- 

Mr, FRdien has receivsd your letiet af 54h Insts, 
ard hnz signed the aubseription bist of the "Edisop Fron Soncen- 
trating Company,* as indicated, and all the papers tvs ‘been fo 
warded’ to Ey By Mallory, Raltimors, Md., for hie sigmature. 

Fen, 11, 3.889% 

Bo 8. Mallory, Faqes 

Baltimore, Md. 

Hear Sirt~ 

The éndlosed papera werd forwarded to Mr, Rdinon, to 

‘enable him to sign the avbeaription List of the *Edison Iron - 
Concentrating Company, ” which’ he has done. Mr. Ira Witter asks 

- us to forward the pipers to you for your signature. As your 
hame will gumplete thie list, 1 presume you gould return the 

documents to fir, Miller, at Akron, Chia. 

Feb. 11, 1889. 

Hy Ward Loonard, Fsqe, 

Messrs. Leonard & Izard, 

Chisago, lle. 

Dear Sirs 

In reply to. your letter of 2nd. instant, asking whee 

prospest there is of learning anything form a microseopisal ex- 

antnat ion of the. fibaments of the various lamps whish you are 

testing, I do not think you will mucgead in obtaining any impor- 

tant data in that way. 

Beare oreresevereneeneer 

creat tn a aan 


“Feb. ll, 1885. 

My Dear Iingull?~- 
You telephoned me the other day..atout aman 
for Frazar & Co., and mentioned something in regard to Living 
expenses. The arrangement to be made with ‘th? man whom we aend 
out to Frazer & Co. “is, that he will reeaive a atated salary any- 
where up. to $100 a month, and all of his expensee. It, therefore, 
cannot’ be a matter of much interest to the expert what these ex- 
 pensés ere, as he will not have to pay them. Frazer & Co. are 
very wosione to get a good man, and he.ought to be selected this 
week, so that we can get hie down here without any further delay. 

Yours very truly, 


Samuol Insull, Feq., 
19 Ney St., New York. 


“Febs 11, 1889, 

“Mre J. Ne. Fordyee, 
‘Portland -& Willamette Valley R’y. ‘Co., 

Portland, Oregon, 

Dear Sirt- 

In refereme to your letter of 26th ult., I wsg to say 

that. your’ nama was mentioned to Mr. Rdison by Mr. Henry Villard 
in-a note written. by the latter under date 7th Dedember, 1887. 
‘At that tim Mr. K. T,. Gill ilend. was the Sen'l, Agent -for the 
Rdison Phonograph Co., and Mr, Fdieon referred ‘to ‘him your: letttr 
“to Me. ‘Villard, ‘a3 you will see hy copies of.- So memyendrnee -ate 

‘tached hereto. The phonograph, - 9 van we aware, ‘aventdatly 

pasded ‘into the” hends: of the North Ame#toan Phonograph Coe, With 
whose polfey Mire ‘Rdi@n has nothing “whet evér 0 doe ’ “He would 

chave ‘been very glad if those-whn eontril the ‘pdx bhanddiaing éf"the 

Phonograph: had “been able to ac t upon the megestion ‘ahieh he made 

to ‘Hr, ‘Q01241ana in your behalf. 

Feh. 9, sey, 
Samuel Inguti, Rsq., Gen'l, 


‘The’ Edison Machine Vorka, 

Schenectady, N.Y, 

My Dear Sir:~ 

Neto Sapa 

T have to thank yo 

u for your kindness anal prompt 

nesa in shipp ing to Professor thuraton, Cornell Univer sity, a 

Noe 12 dynam, and’ fm aloo indepteda to you for the very ap prop- 
riate note which you sent Prof, 

a ey —— 


Thurston at the san time. 

Yours very truly, 


a Sena 
PS peerS nel 




Mr, T, J, Moliiche, 

Electrical Review, No, Li 

Park Row, 

New York City, 

My Dear Sir. 

In reference to the attachad, ana in reply to your 

letter of 30th ult., Mr. 

Hdison glanced at your patente ond then 

turned them over to our Electrieian, Mr.” 

Kennelly, for a closer 


You will detent Mr. Fdison's anticipations by his 

note on your letter returned herewith, ‘and Mr. Kennelly in hie 

report states that the principle: upon which this invention rests 

has no basis in theory or practise. 

Youre very, 


Mr, ©. Ha Burrell, 

Littwre Falls, N.Y. 

Dex Siri- 

Mr. Edison haa received your letter of 5th instant, 
ang sake me'to aay in reply ak ae would have taken uw sotively 
the Line of experiment whieh you suggest had he not been so buat Ly 
engaged with his phonogriph. He has by no means for gotten the 
matter, and at interval s, when he has an oppor tunity, he maxes 
experiments, tat ‘these, of aonrse, he is unable to pursue with 
any degree of rogal arity at the preset time. Just as ‘soon as. 
the phonograph is out of his hands he will start a Line of experi-~ 

ments in the separation of butter from milk, and follaw them up 


Yours yery tmly 

sans wae ned te tant tena gti tae, 

Feb. 11, 1889. 

Te nny In 

The Edigon Lanp Co., 

‘Harrison, Ne. J, 

Dear Sir site 

In your letter of 9th instant, omelosing 

a three months note to the order of Baker & Co., under date itn 
instant, for $3155.58, you ask ma to huve Mr. Fdison “andorse® 
“the eane, { presume you meant to ask me to have Mr. Edison sign 

this note as President af the Lamp Co., which haa been done md 

the paper rdtumed herewith. 

vate Secretary. 



Feb, 12, lego, 

Mr. Ge Me Jordan, 

Lhisvon, Maino. 

Bear Sip tea 

“ae reply to your lottor or. 4th instant, relum 
‘tive to employnent for yar aon, J ee to say that the young men 
-employad. tr. the Laboratory are mally sYraduates of the various 
Sechnical aschools, who have som knowledge of © leo tri eal matters, 
_ eet who come here to. extend their. knowledage, Wire Rai son does 

mot take approntices at all, 

Yours truly, 

vate Seg retary. 

eet nas einen IP, ane rahe ee: 

_ Feb. 12,°89, 
Mr. John Kruesi, Ass't. Gen'1, Manager, 
The Feleon Machine Work 5, 

Schenectady, N. ¥. 

Dear Sirt- 

Please send us 50 feet of flexible cord, finished 

except the ontside braiding; also 25 feet of flexible cord soaked 
in compound #450 and braided over as when finished, ‘We i: to 
try a conpound in addition to £450 to render it more noninflam- 
mahle. We alno would like you to send un 50- feat ‘of eotton cove~ 
red line wire which has not been soaked in any compdund. We find 
that compound £490 destroys eotton even when Aiasolved in 0.5.2, 
but we have fours’ a way to overome that entirely, and hope to 
make a compound that ean be put on by malting. Please hurry 
forward tho wire, and oblige 

Yours truly, 


a a a ne ee ne 


ahs 2, RO, 

The Fdigon Phonograph Tay Mfg, Ole, 

05 MiL_ Strent, Boston, Maas, 

Taar Sirste 

WAL you very kindly send rie a oteck for the’ amount 
of bible at present in your hands, covering toy phonograph experi- 
mane to the and of December, $2,744.99. If you will matl this to 

me toemorrow (Wodnesdnay}, I rhall be yreatly indebted, 

Yours very traly, 

ig oy EF Ap 

my oO eo te 7 y 
ra ; 4 4 bias wo ae 


“ se ges / 


17) a 

; ge 

4, Seder 


bed Ahi Very Muedy 
é oe 

etieg. Cheek, for 


Y 3 
>) . 
<3 4 

ae reel airy, 


2 LS, 

Fave ia, BQ. 

Mr. Jomes Dredge, 
London, England. 

Nete Sirie~ 

of money expanded on my acemint, amounting tog55-10-0, and notin 
fying me that you would draw for sume. I shell ve: pleased to 
accept this draft when it comes forward. 

L have your Letter of 2nd inste, Boman statenent 


een aes oe 

Yourg truly, 

Vee? a Leora lets 



. ie 
~ “ele 

Feb. 14,89, 
Mesara. fergmann & Se, 
New York City, 

Dear Sirst- 

Plense hurry forward the enclosed order, and mich 


"es 26 4 
“He of rician | 

te beg 


Hy Dear Professor Barker, 


4nStant, 1 enn let youn 



Have you ene any 

of Turkey presentsrions 

Prof. tieo. F. Yarker, 

$909 Loeust St., Phila,, 


In reply to your Letter of 124), 

8 phonosrapkh on tie R2Sth of 

Ben seas 

desisian yet. in re Bre tO sh Subian 

Yourg truly, 

35 PS AOE Sa aL RE 

Pate 34, LEAD 

cas ser 


wipes instaii ation 

be j 

Sees RAS ete Salen Mane tics Ms 
7 if Dteecleg the 


wa oit gould he done at a sont 

wenld pe willing to undertake this 

not axaready 

work, on your ihalgf, at absolute cost, Lf you conour in aur be-~ 

it gheaper than yourselves. Shovild you 

Lief that 

we eg ola 

make un estimate, we wt LL sens 

arty enminaers 

you a plan oF proposed imatabl lation. - 

Feb. L4, 1839, 

My. Near Professor Thurston, ~ 

‘Very many thanks for the soneratue 
lations contained in your Letter of 3d instant. I hops some 
time to have the pleasure of visiting Sorell, put at present my 
experimontal work is in sueh eandition that I eamot name a defi- 

nite date, 

Yours very tmly, 

Prof. R. H, Tharston, 
Cornell University, 

Ithacu, Ne. XY. 

Pop. 1, LEB 

Te Gy Mendenindi, %64.. 

Kost Volvtechnis Inutitust, 

Terra Neate, Inde 

of 164m inch. 

Moe Edivon nua received pou 
and aska me %90 say im raply tyat in ahenrt eix weeks the phonagraph 

wild be introduced into Chink and Japan by our Agents, Mesars- 

Pravgr & fo., Mo. Lu4 Matar St., Naw Cork Oty. This fire has iy 

fat oon rok of the phoncgraph in those eonntries, snd your pigs 
gagtion in vevaré to the Lmperias University WLAL be conveyed %5 

Rurther that ag g00n He? Lye 

shaa, MMM. Faison siks net bn 
burning out phonos;sephs: in MPPLa tenths Lecom aumberes 2, votive 

the presont presstera, he «iti sec what can be dene “Ly remard ta 

Poyrviahing you wit one dor your 

Per. LA. wy. 

Mr. James Dredge, 
$5 & *° caatord Sto, Strand, 

‘honfion, “. G., Pnglende 

Dear Sirs- 

Lam in rageipt of your letter of 25th ultimo, aa 
take plescure in approving all, you have done in comection with 
ore milling. I shall be gled to hawe you draw upon me abt ony 

time for ell expense connected with this installation. 

Yourg yery timly, 

‘sivortar Better, Faq, 

‘J cewood Terraee, Murray ct. 

i < ’ aie 
"ab Aagen, Mars. 

Me. Edison haa reeeived your fotter of sth instent, 
woman te ohtaining a phonographie recora oF the port YW htman. 

ie tet vary mich obliged for your mupggerstion, and ‘Li angeave? 

to curry Lt out. 

ae rtd 

Lerivat e Sagrotary. 


Febe 14, 1889, 

Jesse H. Lippincott, Faqe, 

North Amearioan Phonorraph Co., 

180 Broadway, N.Y. City. 

My Near Sirse- 

In reference to th attached Letter fram tr, 

Sylvester Baxter, Do you wish to act upon this gentleman's 

suggestion, and ohtain a phonogram from the post Whitman? 

Yours tnily, 
feo fad L\ wr) 
AL AG ag / 

lye vy 

fA ste 
Lp A ; 
a o 

Feb. 14, 1889. 

Hrs. J, C. MeIntiro, Sea'y., 
Nadies' Aid Soyiaty, F. Srange Calvary He FE. Chureh, 

Fast Oranga Ne J. 

Dear Madant- 

In referenee to your letter of 7th inatant. to Me 
Faison, will you kindly let me know when the oxhibition referred 

to is to be held. 

Yours very tmily 

VE private 39 eretary. 

ah wsthity 


Febe 15, 89. 

Fdigon Phonograph Toy H'f'r, Co., 

#95 Milk Street, Boston, Nase. 

I heg to acknowlodge, with thanks, recsipt 
of your sheek for $2,644.09, in payment of your Fxperimental nes 

to January lst, 1889. 

Yours very trmly, 

SE SEDO TSE Ae Cot meen emery re a 

“My Dear Sirt- 

Fob. 15, 1830. 

Janes Dredge, Fisqe, 

hondon, Fnglana. 

A draft was nresented here’ this morning, dram st 
three days’ aimrht by Mr, O. 5. “iley, for fifty powds, tr. Wlay 
has not beer authorized by Mr. “dison ta ave Grafta or to obtain 
money in Hr. Mdivon's name in ay manner whatsoever, exeepting 
through yourself, and in aceordanse with the arrangement which we 
have already meade with you for sipplying him with funda The 

Orange National Sank, whieh prevented the draft referred tO, at- 

sured ma that no mmnoay had haven advanced upon the same in London, 
the paper having simply come through here for colleation. Under 
these circumstances I promptly returred it. Of eouwrse if the . 
person through whom thia draft was dram in London had advanced 

the amount of the same, I would-huve accepted the draft and paid 
it, inorder to protest Mr. Rdison'a name; for although Mr. Wiley 
had absolutely no right to take this step, he is in Mr. Fdiaon's 

employ, and therefore in a position to use Mr. Fdigon'’s narie in 

Io De ~2e 

obtaining; money from persons unfamiliar with the extent of his 
authority. Mr. FRdteon will be preativ indented to you if you 
will ascertain whether or not Mr, Viley has oollacted money on 
the draft in qestion,. I have the essurance of the bank atove 
referred ta thet no funds were advanced, wit as wa wish to wm 
absolutely vertain, we wonla like you to investigate the matter, 
and shoul@ you find that Hr. Wiley has received the whole or any 
part of this.anount, and if in yaw judgment the amount so ad~ 
vareed should he prid in erder to protect Mr, Fdi on" s nams, the 
latter wiches you to te good emough to di schar ge the indebtedness, 
and draw upon hin far the amount so disbursed, when you are sene 

ding throufth your next regular draft. 

Yours ‘yery traly fs 

Febe Li, 4a, 

Messrs. S, & J, Davin, 

Arrange, MN, oT, 

Dear Sirsi- 

Iowmt a tinghesn served in the Laboratory, at ong 
o'slngk in the afternoon of Wednesday, 20th instant. i ontisi-~ 
pate about 150 people, mt there muy ve more. I wigh you would 
please register this order, and coominicate with me by te Laphone 
or otherwise in re gard ‘’ dotaiia at sich time as muy bo neargse- 

sary for you to prepare far the occasion. 

Youre very truly, > 

. aX 

&. ae i = 
at Pe * 

Telegram. - Orange, Feb. 15, 1889. 

L. M. Ruben, 

23 Union Square, New York. 

Are you coming to Laboratory with quartette Sunday, and vhat. 

time? Answere 


Mre %» Se “ileys 

'o James Dredge Fsae,» m 
f 35 & 356 Beafora Ste, Strand, London, 


W. Ce, 

Tepe ORT I peg to confirm the following sablegram gent you 

yesterday > ~ 

*see Dredge and come home immedi meDEss 

Yours %1uly, 

Febe 16, 89, 

James Dredge, Faq., 
London, Fngland. 
Dear Sirte 
I beg to confirm the following cablegram sent yon 
"Give Wiley ticket to New York and enough money for 

cu rent expense. Have ordered him home; will send 
another man. FDISON,* : ’ 

Yours truly, ta L if ue 


st Ea IRs a eR aa oe coat ad eta gp ee Fa ait a ME 





My g Fdiroh spkrd me to rafer to yan 
the attaches letter from So Secgmann. Ho says to send nome ons 
in with mw phones uh. Che fisie “es to ues Rak im tue are dasidiute 
Patldang.s f told Bergman's mosgennes thet we veula aonmideata 

with him toemoruiw meornive cy telephone, sad tiet 4 phonograph 

wala be pint ta him saré Rerprern's teLephene manger is 25959, 

pom ee ee es NR I te EEG a 


February 18,° 1889, 

vo Wyo Charman, "sao, 

Tey York Clty, 

Deny Sir in 
In complianga with your request? to be informd 
2B. 4G the candivion et the Tai son Phonogrm@h Worka, i take pleas 
gare in tipnitting the following data, whiten shows “is exact 
standing of thet Sompany at the present time:- 
this Company, whick is centrolled by Mro Edison, possesses — 

the exclusive right to manvPacturo phenographs both for use in 

the United Statex und for export, on a margin of twenty per cent 

(20%) profix. 



We have not undertaken to supply phonographs at any meeifier en : 

prise, wit, on the ecntrary, are enabled under cur contracts to : 

charge ouL our material, Labor and general owenre and then ad 

twenty per cont (20%) of the sama as & manufacturer's provit, thare= 

by neing ubsolute ly ussured of a twenty per cent margin on our. 

‘gutput, We have at the present time firm orders for eighty phono- 

BYG;hs per dey, the margin or momufsasturer’s profit on “hich, as 

explained above, amounts to ntout five hundred dollars ($500) per 

diem, or $150,000 per year. 



se Wy Co mee 
I give you the details of ow" prginesa below- 

Ags 9 t Go 

mushinwes: taols & Plant -~n---+ 0 - SLOG, 498,33 

Palldings, real esatete and )---«--9o- 91,735.15 
fixtures ; 

Material and parte in eres) coe mamene 74,527.00 
6438 of monufse ture 

Sundry Nebtorgn-~ -- ene n ene wees 468,93 

Cash in Bankernnwnne cnn nner erene 6,160.77 
$279, 364.18. 

Lis bilities. 

T, A. Faison, Loanes----0+---— 299,641.75 
Ofange Nat°l, “ernk Logr----------~ — 35,000,006 ‘ 
44,641.75 . 

Rotés iusued for current acgolint gene - 6 - Renn ewe een == 41,520.67 .1 4 

Spen Agcountos. 

: T. Ao Fdion } \ 
Material & Lanor in connegtion: eer ; 
rith work at Laboratory (not OTT eer eerenens it ca 

experimental } : 

Arount Ave for surrent acaWintaren----n-- wenn nwneere 8, 097,85 

He “bee geore. Bo ee ee rn Ee tae Oe EE OO Oe Oy OT OO 10 000. 0 

Hizs, GBF io 

Tha notes which have been issued by vhis Company. to Mr, 
Fdivon, as above, on his Loan Account, the ian from the Orange 

Nationel Berk, and our mortgage, and the amount due Mro Vdieon in 

open ageount, amounting in all to $75,509.84, represent ea floating 

liability, capable of renewal or mibetitution. The emount. due 

Mr, Fdigon in open kecount will not have to ve paid until we de- 

sire to ligtidate it. Our inmediste Wepilities are, therefore, 

reduced to the amount which we owe for notes issued for qurrent 

ageounts, covering # period of three montha: $41,320.67 

and amount aue in open account for gurrent expenses 8,097.85 

Total, $49,418.52, 

and are considerahly more than co ver ed py the velue of our raw 

material, parts manufactured and in proaase. of manufacture, oundary 

debtors and oash in hang, amounting in all to $61,157.70, and 

leaving our machinery, tocis end pleat, buildings, resl extate 

and fixtures, oF $198,206.48, ne an offset against 4 floating 

liability of $75,599.85. 

Rgowipme n te 

Our Works are equipy ed Shroughoue with the Nery. latest and 

mont approved shad saving machinery, our “paildings are new ang 

were pecially designed for. factory purposes: owe mat-adal is all 

freshly purchased, and we can Without any inerease of ou present 

Te He Co hen 

plant turn out one hundred and fifty (150) complete phonographs 

every twenty-four -hours, or about 35,000 to $6,000 of work per 


In Yorming on opinion yau. ntist pene in ming the facts that 
it ia only seven oe sine@ we first preke ground for the foun- 
dations of our present buildings; ani that though the work of 
exploiting the phonograph in this gountry and the rest of the 
world has only just commenced, the people who are pioneering the 
same and for wham we manufactuce have been enabled thus early. to 

absorb over half our present capacity. 

Yours truly, 

Seoretary and Treas’ro 


“My Teor Miro Peatar 
Ywill not ow: in toenug .  sraday, 

try end see yar an Tresdar, 

Ae, Pnalh supe & yon. ran to us, who by te PL 

itog ae “Uthag ulder Mr. Ratehelor, Bie 4 VenM gE he or horn 

Myr. Batcholer will 62 nile ta form an opinion, i AY or Geo. 
itis be prepared to tell you all ahout yor? St pert early 

next week. ane w..t at the aame time complat, alZ nithers now 

pending with relutinn to your hamdling th Phony o> eh in Shina 

are Jnpane 

Youra vory truly, 

2: Gp, = 

se ane ee oD $i 

Privage. Searatarye 


Freratt Frazer, Rayo, 

124 Vator St., Ne Yo : 

Feve 18, 89. 
Wr. Theo. A, Blake, 

Now Heaven, Conn. 

Dear Sirs- 

Se een 

Eo onsg to aonfirm the follaring telepram sent you 






®Ilf you ean et Srusher here hy morning of 29th, we can 
have it cunning for mesting of Fngineers. Answer. 
. A. Faison." 


hE pentane ny 

Yours 4nily, 

a ae ; og ~£ : 
Fark C6 Boise 

Fabs 19, 8yy 



Rao 2h 


an > 


7 Bank Street, 


lew York Gity, 





Faison wo 




vate Searectary, 



in your lettapgof otn 

ones te 


Laer od 






Wie He “iley, Faqe, 

Lo think youn are fanthiar with the arrangement which 
Wa mate olbe Me, Mreden for aayplying your srother with funds, in 
a merier whieh old enable him to cover the overdraft of 3500 

Giacpversd in wis yvoeouns. 4% ths tive this arrangement 

Bomade IT wrete your brother, explaining to him fully what Hre 

Fidiseata winhes were in the matter, and instrueting, nin ap to the 
amounts whieh Mr, Dredan had neen withoriazed to advancet nime In 
the face of thig arrangeaet, and in direct opposition to tr. 
Rdisvon's orders, your ainther mage @ draft updn Mire Fdison for 
Lifies pounds, Whioh has juat been presented for aceetptmec, na 
Whisn we have peonptly returned 

The annoyance Nhish this unanthorized draft has caused Mr. 
Fgison vesgubted in nis telegrighing Mr. Tredge to hand your 
pratior a tieket for New York and suffistent money for miurrent 

epeniwit, and in a.cablagram adiressed to yor bother, ing ruetint 

him ta return howe immediately. 

Ro He “lo 

nm to express Mr. Rdijison's di sapreintment 

at this meavit, ane f you whih gonenr in the bedied thet 
when your hither shoved giens oT tives tu dry the sit ie his iseth 
and elne has sammecsdoan ctl. Mee “higin ta ga hendpa ce Peadar 

and omke dey ny 
win mr Ari oe tb 

Pe opt gout , 


Lhesg ty 

vee thiiyye Lett 4 

yy aomier diss Pia te ratarcy heme, 



Feh, io, Sie 

Me. Philip S$, byer, : 
7 Rte de L'kperemur, 

Antwerp, Belin, 

Year Sirte 
i ober to eanfirm the folowing wnblegram sent you 


5Sae Doctor Leleando, inventaxr Lelande Chaneron B8attery; 
get linoense diring Life American patent for hattery 

for general purposes outside of elestria Lighting, wild 
pay royalty five per cent on cont; dan't care for exe 
‘g@lusive license: only want right to make; no ohjmatiana 
shoving, teleyram to Lelunde. Rntson,? 

Yours, very truly, 


Fe he 19, $9. 

6. Flood Pag, Rea. , 
Sse de Sue Wndited Uy, Ut, Oo, ‘ 
ALvert Mansions, “ietoria St,, LONDON, 

Freda nele 


L ber to sonfirm receipt of the following 

eablegram regeived trom you yeaterdayt~ 
"TJuament Court Appeale unanimously reversed Kay's judg- 

ment, this restoriny your tanp patent giving us absolute 
nonoraly dincandessant Lighting Pngland, FNISVAN.” 

wolen Lo raplied to-day as follows? ~ 


» poading Youster's speech T knew we would got it; 

x fag 
intelleet appears to me gigantia. FDISON,” 


Yours very tmly, 

rete tye ne ack 

‘Feb. 19, 1889, 

Samuel Inaoll, Vieq., Gen'l, Manarer, 

Measrs, “eremann & G0., 292 Ave, BR, 

‘New York Tity, 

The stamp and die referroa to in your letter 
of 14th instant have heen received at the laboratory and placed 

in Mr. Sdison's room. 

Yours very truly, 

ate Secretary, 

Set 20 bony 
amp bf 

Dew hua | 

P bey te emchere gow 

ramnth, whee for $250.°% and | 

Nes in caek ff 13, 2% | | | 

> , Phaw plow aame % “Yy/ | 


Hohty cnr _ 
Fone WtLorrtre 
AO 1-410 
ay rrAat_ : 
f | 

Q. © Pees 



Xx . 

ts Aan 


232 AZ. Any 

a OO i ein en RA eh nen a ET TEE 


ee ha La 

do ojimwi. roecived ym Lewer of 16th inatant, 

Gah t koe Gear. toa Prom tie, Bishop Putnam, in regard to 

Rie) tee meen menitne.s lire vers mien obiiged far this infor. 

mat isn, i be indehbrved if you. will send me my data that 
you rny ohtaein Crom time to time which yoru eonsgider would interest 

mt, 8s loan eoubictin: eqerimets in thie sum direation. 

Youra very traly, 

Chpite, Bsy. 
Take he Oe ee 
tne Peron bng FON, 
Hew Yori: Cit. 

Hore de 

rT ee 


Fehe AG, aD, 

Basers. Drexel, Morgen & Coe, 

Hew York ‘ity. 

Near Sire 
Yo\nwe aseepted a draft for ZATL5=6, made Upon me 
py Heuers. Mackrell, Maton & Gudive, Gf No. 22 Samon Ssreek, 

horton, Be Go, Payable on the 2atn day of the present month at 

the backing honse of Je S. Mergan & Cor, London, Tngtand. Wall 
you very kindly advise your frienés in London to meet this draft, 

ani erarm: seme ta my socount through your ne lLyefic 

Yours very truly, 

Babe 20, 188p, 
Fleetrie Tiras Company, 
Mr. Je Ay Davidson, See’y., 

16 Broad St., New York City. 

With referends to Your letter of 19th inatant, 

we returned you the hands ‘because they were not sulted for the 

movener with which you stpplied us, being much too heavy. We 

ado not think they were ever intended for a movement, gsuiah as ous, 

as they are heavy enowsh for one twenty times as large. If yon 

cannot wipply us with proper hands, we wil make them ourselveg. 

Yourg truly, 

John F Ott, 



Messrs, Tobias & Coe, 2 

49 Beaver St reot., 

New York City. 

Dear Sira:. 

Reforring further: to your Lats 

er of 2lst ultimn, AT) 

‘are returning you by thin m 

ail the sample of Thorit which ym 

’ kinily «ent us, 

Mr, Faison would like to know how much You 

would charge him for 25 Lbs. of this mineral. 

He is desiroun of 
experimenting with it, and the 

Sample you sent him-is too ama tl 

for that purpose, 

Yousrg very truly 

Private Seeretary, 

-Febhe 29, 82. 

Col, George FY Gourand, 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Surray, Tngland.s 

Dear Sirt- — 
I have resetved your letter of the Gth instant., in 
regard to advances which you have made to Mr..0, S, Yiley. You 
have an entirely mistaken iden of this whole tsiness. Mr. Wiley 
vas sent Sy me ta London to ee out sartain definite ins truce’ 
tions which were siven hin before he left New York, in connec tion 
with an arrangerent which I had previously made with Mr. Drege. 
. Mr, Dredge received from one letter, instmoting him in ragatd to 
payments which wore to he mde to Mr. Wiley, on my pehals; and I 
desire to say right here that Mr Dredge has oarried out these 

instructions to the letter, that I have had no misunderstanding 

with him, and that the trouble which has ogcurred has heen en- 
tirely tho fils of Mr, Wiley. A short time after he arrived in 

England I found that he had overdrawn his account some sixty pounds 

Those nixty pounds were advanced to him by you, at the aime time 

nadir Sm hy sg, 

Col. G. F, G, 

that he was receiving money from Ha, Dredge. . Lwrote Mr. Wiley 
for an explanation, and he retwensd a very thin excuse in regard 
to exensos which he had to Arey for cabs on nosount of his being 
unfamilioer with the chs ae of prerre whi ch was really: no expia= 
nation at all. I ther eupon wrote to Mr. Dredge to reduse Mr, 
“iley's allowance to an amount which was quite sufficient for him 

ad Til 
to Live a alia in London, my inte ntion being to credit his 

ac emint with the nalance of his allorance, and thus absorb the 
overdraft re verred to and have him pay back the indebtedness in 
thee mamer. At the same time L notified Mr. Yiley of this ar~ 
rangement. In direct srpoeiien to the instructions given him, 
Mr Wiley drew ani me the other day for fifty pounds, and I 
inmed£ ataly eabled Mr. ‘Dredge to hand this young man a ticcet for 
New York and suffictont money for his current expenses, and cakled 
Wiley to return home at once. 
So far as I wan. tell from this distance, Mr. Wiley sppears ta 
have simply. pan ea wild in London, and us®his connection with my- 
self for the purpose of raising all. the money he 0 ould obtain from 
my friends, Mr, Wiley ‘wee not required to pay out ay money, Cx= 
copting. for his own oxpenses. All other expenses were provided 

for by my arrangement with Mr. Dredge, which was a yery perfect 

one, he being ontirely familiar with my wishes. 

Gol. Go Ko Go 

you not to ‘advene® Mre 

[I wrote yor Bom6e time vo, asking, 

rom your Letter uyger reply, 


| Wiley any money, but 4t appears f 
a him mutther paymerts e 

that he has persiaded you to mak 
aw upon re inmedi ately for th? 

w would be icine anournh to ar 

you have sdaanced in this mamer, 50 that t 

can clost tha matter Uupe 

| ‘fall amount which 

tab Ys 

j Yours very %F 


SA have v4 Un eeevbs 
fe Menge e1U, SEg wee y atnt 

ant “7 eNanrto, 
eee tie tang 
1 hse Ar C4HALh, Sor ae 4 Gael Af frien. 
WIAA FOC =: kernal g- 
Shaws oe SENT eee 
Ap d_ be Feat 


;' WT "bean Be ash 
Lory Pr Oo We rr . 3. TK DAG rif hyp ror 
as; ry Pert ez ms vy vp) rng 

y hes 
ROD ° ¢ Meyeys 2 § 
: 77) hay é car a AF ae pry? IH? 

it ae a" Bl le ie las ee vy 
Diy ey rare way Wr © 
pega “ IVY rnggny 497 9 9 197.4 

PZ vl pcre a> pry ry by ri ph ‘Leow ope 19 

PEI: frp Ary! bovine os + Fp V7 F 
ee ad op POLE) NY 
a eee - ora Ip. 
ie ye “eo ibs Ly 4s mess) pw? >I 

Mr, Digk oo Ny Feymary 21, 1880, 
My, Sames NacNay;  o. hes sent some one hers, 
“ger stand ¢ontaina Titarhun. Mr, MacMaughten tela moe 
‘tanguin Ogg url in orystais, uxid that there js ney cchimnyd e 
sion between this eléniant and +e Aron, We rby2a ike 
to have su.0 of this ora ram through the separate: as sotin af 
gusylblaesto-day if practicable. Perhaps Mr. Bdiaon wuld Like 

to eeanine the coneentyates store Tr, Macleughton is s,ommuni- 

eaten with, 





Behe 21, LASS, 

Mr. Charles H. Hoelvy, 
The Faison Lemp Conpany, 

Harrison, N. J. 

My Dear Sirt- 

In reply to your letter of loth instant, all tho 
exhibitions of the phonograph that are given ave arranged for 
by the North AmerScun Phonopraph Sa., Ko. 160 Broudway, Now York, 

to wWhish you would have te apply for permission to exhihit the 

Phonograph at the ertertaizrmont you refer to, 

Yours very truly, é 

Private Searetary, 

Mv Tear Mr, Fax,- 

Nr. Edison has receivea yow letter of 20th 

instem, an Rave Lor you to came over to the Urborahary any cay 

thit week, evecpeine Sasurday : OF any day next wak gonvenie gt 

to yoursolf, 

Yours very traly, 

ivate Secretary, 

Rdwin M. Fox, Fane, 

140 Nasaau St., New York. 

Mr. Kennelly, ; Fay, 21, 1888, 322 

The arrangement with Mr. MeALlister was made 
Mith Mre Fdigon himself, ani the Latter tells me ttat NeAlLi ater 
agreed to send the views out here ang let them rempin until they 
were examined. io Limit was placed upon the time during which 
we were to keep them. Mr. Fdigon says that i? MeAllister namot 
leave the views in accordance with this niaannened es: wa wihl rae 

turn them all to him at onde. I pave written ne ae il 

advise you as soon ag I reasive a reply, 

Pas, 21, 89. 

: pad, 

tee phen Carwoda, 

Pere. meted 

hes 40 agknovin€ea vagelpt of your Letter of ith 
instent, dno rovnva to Mre Sabine, for which I amomich obligad. 

Yours trniy, 

re oe ae 
i 3 
fe Sa GF, 

ee, phy é 



Fane 21, 396 

Major §, 3, Futon, 

129 Broadway, ek 

New Yorke : ff 

Dear Sirt- ha 
I enclose herewith copy of Mr, Faison's agreement 

with the Phonograph Yorks, under date l4uth May, 1888, and heg te 

eall your attention ta the 4th paragraph thereof, which provides 

for the-assignnant of 58% of the stock-ismied to Mr, Faison under 

the above agreenent to a trustee upon the conditions named. ALL 

this stock has heen issued to Mr, Fai Laie and. I wieh to arrange 

for carrying out the previsien in regard to trust. The Garfiold 

Safe Deposit Co. will be a satisfactory trugtec to Mr, Edison . 

LI will call and see yh about this matter one day this woek, : 

Yours vary truly, 
Space. \ 
a | 
an, } 
ey g . | 
: 7 

Private Secretary. 

¥ rn ee 
cen EE cn gage eee elton 

say thet Wr, Fdiseyn i 

attertion to the 

_ perimerits sctively, 



he 21, 88, 

George J. Northrop, Haq. 
® Les 

206 Fast Ridee Ste, 

Marquette, Mich, 

Near Sirs 

In reply to your letter of 17th instant, I pag +o 
su experimenting dn the direstion thick you 
indicute, but at the present time is no® able to give as mtich 
mhject as he intends doing later on, his time 
being almest exelunively taken up ‘with other matters. He thinks 

that in ahout three months he will he able ta go into these ex~ 

‘Yours very trary, 


Poye Gh, Leis, 

Messrs. Armen 2. 

PRilsdeRhis, Pas 

ve a ~ ao 
Werars meus Fo gsc. cy 

ce reaveivea tha miero phos angtin 


han “amatred Tees yor a longs iim aye? Te thera any hope af 

ATESAED ur atta Le Pindly let ome hers from yan by vetiuen 

math, ank ohbigo 



Ne en ma 


Febo 21, 89, 

Me Villard, Esqo, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirse 

I beg to confirm the receaipt of the following 

telegram ragedved from you to-dayi- 

*“Suggeyt Monday noon my offiee for meeting. * G2 

To whieh I replied as follows; ~ 

“AlL right; ‘will we at your of tice Monday noon, * 

Yours truly, 

; t “ 
op ie we, 
er ie ee 
ef COLE ta FY 


Amfrican “ateh Tork. Ca., 

ted satay EB te 

Bear Tirnte 
We heyy retosnad the apindie of tathea which we se 
eeived from you. “e Syne that it niet a skhinht fLew ank was 

onagh@d on tre. wWhevet puolt A new one and Torword it ta us a8 

shan RS paseihie. 

Yours tiudy, 

“your purpose 


My Taar Yownsend,- 
Lo iswva your heteer of 20¢0h instant. Tome cny 
any Give you Like ard teting hatirep with you, Lf you can wone 
ver lontiy d@a so, let me know 4 eouple af days ahead, so I san 
arrenge to be here, au Mire, Tate and myself would like to have 
you beth Lunch with use 
in regard to extra viewe which you want, the very west I can 
ao ig to--send you blue prints tuken from the negatives. These 
will be mailed tu you this evening. 1 think that they rjil answer 

Yours very tmiy, 

ye “3 

Horase Tomsend, Faq, 

New Yorks 

Ao Bo Tick Company, 

W5R-154 Hace Ste, Thieage, Ills, 

Deer Sirs?- Ni 

i beg to agknowledge receipt of yours of 16th instant, 
anolosing Certificate No. 84 for sixty-six shares of the- vaplitalL 

stock of the A. 3, DICK COMPANY, with puarantae: as agreed, 

Yours very truly, 


Febe 25, 8p, 

Mr. Ts, Morles, 

od < ‘ é. ; 

162. Faiimount Ave., 


Philwielphia, Pa,* 

e ee 
‘: « and 
: Sipe. 
Dear Sir: 5 
With reference ta your 

letter of 19th inatant, we 

van give you zg Ponition in the Laborat 

ory, starting you at $18.00 
es sati wagtory, your 
raised to $21.00 per veer, MOe-« wry 4 
COceKe ann eeediate bey 
Ctee ore He —-fiprle 2 

Yours’ tly, 
a n Pa eal 

per wee, If your work prov salary may he 

¥ a 
we We 

Sharman, Fede, 

SL Nassau Street, 

New York 

Dear Sirte 

I beg to acknowledge receint of yow's of 19th inst., 

enclosing check for $19,529.54, for which please accept thanks. 

Col, juae Fe 

Hove Mena, Ute Qe gs 

Plaasa deliver to hearer the repisterad Letter ree 

ferred te on atteuched notiee, 

Yours truly, 


Behe 2, Bu, 
RF, Me. Fox, Fuge, 
New ¥ork City. 

Dear Sirse 

Y bry 
as followgte *Srakl be at your hanneataucy 
which L replied "Come Theaday: wiki nel be he 

LeLemram OP to-day 
afternoon,” to 
= Mondays? 

te @onPirm reecdot 

Yrs trudy, 

Pen. 21,896 

Addison Royere, , 
Riu “View, Ghester Coo, Pa. 

In reply to yaur Letter of 19th instant, I regret +0 state 

that there is ne posit ion vaeant in Mr, Fdison"s. business .) 

.Whieh yor gould be appointed. 7 
; “7 

Yours trul 

~~ d 

a Feswate Sac'y. 

Joseph Taft, Faqe, 
L468 GSrowiway, 

Now York’ ity. 

My Pear Siri 
What was the result of your investigation of 

Laporatery piiidang in regard tu Fverett's claim? 
B: . 

ivuta Secretary. 

Fob. 25, 1889, 

James Dredge, Faqe, 
45 & 56 Sadford St., Strand, 

London, ". 0., Fngland, 

My Dear Sirt- 

I am very mich obliged for vow kind let see of 

16th instant and for copies of the prospectus of the Grapkephone 


Yours very truly, 

Leek pe Lat RNR DAR Ua tl a Nn : ae 

Pehe 28, BA, 

Mafor 5. 8, Maton, 

120 Sroadway, New York. 

My Dear Sir:- 

in reverence to the enéLosed, Gan we not- gtop the 

use of Mr, Fdison'a name in connection with this belt? I have 

written Mr. J. ‘ieolaon Trask to the effeot that the invention iis 


not Mr, Rdison's, and that the latter will prosecute any one 


using his name improperly. 

Yours very trilyyy” : 
oe tig Ceres e 

EB; ig 

ivate Secratart. 


Febe 25, 39. 

Je Neleaon Trask, Maq., v 

New Salem, Franklin Co., Musa. 

Dea yr Sir i- 

Mr, Fdison in very mach obliged to you for 
having called his ‘attention to the pamphlet issued by FE. Me 
Smoad & Cos, Saratoga Springs, Ne Y., in regard toa Fdison 
Fleetrie belt, This is not an invention of Mr. Fai on, and he 
knoky nothing whatever ahout it. I way add that I have — 
munigated with Mr.Hdison's attarnays, and anked them to take 

eteys to suppress the improper use of Mr. Fdiaon’s neme. 

Yours very truly, 

Pehe 26%, 8 

‘Measrs, Dyer *& Seely, 

Rew York Giby. 

eur Sires~ 
I ansioga herewith a loster which we have reneived 
from dot, fonynvd, under fiate 16%h tnatant, in whielt he at ated 
that certain coumtrics regnire, yy. the ry laws, shat, tho patented. 
apparatus shall, 7 Bhin.a qertain tine, ve manufac tired in the 
country. You are, of caurRa, informed os to the raquirentn ts 
af the different Govermonts in thin respect, and I wit that 
udy world kindly write us a6 early ge pagninte, giving aw. £uil 
aytor mation an ta thet enittee hich wh mist pur sot vith respect of 
matte tine in order to pratont ye various phonegr@ph patents 
ant sovesdt,s ountsies, Kinély roturn Sol. Gourand's letter ‘hin 

you gfe through with ite 

Pehbe 25, 89, 

My Dear Professor Mirkn ye 

X wunt to obtain, if it a6 at alt 
possible, a full set of blue prints of vour Philadelphia Station, 
both of tho building and interior aquipmont. ‘Couta you have these 
made for me und forward than to Orane? Kindly Lat mé hear from 

you at your sonveniensge, 

Yours very truly, 

Prof. Wm. ), Marks, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

The Edison United i 

Dear Sirs: 


this eanle is, that the inal ar, 

time after it ig laid in the gr 

ada that there ia now nos a single 2 

with this outside insta Llation, 

We are sending 

'f'r. Coo, 

New York Citys 

you by sane mail the only sample of 
Burke's anderprouna aahle that we navn, The trouble with 
ion ents ayray’ in avery short 
ound, which you om gee Pr yous 

salves from the different samples that we haw sent vou, i may 

ig be wurning in connest ion. 

The system ia abalutely useless. 

Feb, 25, 89, 

Bhs. AS, 89, 

Prof. R. H, Thurston, 

Sihnicy follege, 

Cornell Univoxait ¥; 

Thhaer, M. Y, 

My Near Sirte 

3 hava you Letter ef loth instant, ons Losi «7 

sehedule of your Spring Inepestion Tner. 

The date speci ties 

Lor vour vinit 

w the luboratory, Wednesday, Meroh 27th, is 
antirely fatiafantory, 

emi we will te plernged to receive the 

young menan that day, 

Yours vory truly, 

Si ge ey 
se a Le Oe, eee a 


Cael aay gage ie 
ee ce 

Fehs 25, 80. 

D. Cameron, *sq., 
192 Mansfield Street, 

Montrenl, Canadae 

Daaysr Sir ie 

I beg 29 acknowledge, With thanks, receipt of 

youre Letter of 13th inwant, informing me that I had been elated 

an Honary Member of the "Canadian Plactrical Society of Montreal,” 
of whioh you are Honorable Secretary. 
Youre very smily, 
a -* ieee 
’ y A Be ye gt 
i . ae eae APA A LL of ey 
[a ° Pee “ ie : 
ee al 

Fel, 26, 1889, 

Wikliam Holzer, Fe.., 

vfo The Ndison Lanp Ose, 

Harrison, “a do ; : 
ae : 
Dear Sirite 7 
I understand thers are a numbor of freight 
ears at Monie Park whieh belong to Mre Rdison. ‘The latter has 
roveived un offer of One Hundred Dollars for these, and he would 
hike you to inspect them, and let us know how many cat's there are 
and if vou sonsider $109 a fair prisa for sene. Kindly giva 
this your prompt ‘attention, ap tha gentlennn who made the shove 
offer praat haw an sarly reply. 
“Yours very truly, 
ar i 
CLO ee 
; Ae | 
-Priwite Sagrdtary. j 
ot { 


Fetes 24, 80a 

Meo Janos .Macarughton, 

248 State Street, 

Albany, No Lo 

We have made a test of your ore, and I am infornftd 
that it works very su@iatestorily, Lat me know when next you a6 
dn the aity, and, if you #111 eome ont, I will arrange to tye 

some put through tor you, and you om take samples for assay. 

Yours very truly, 

pconmesrs evens sy eomeme 

- PePate Aad'y. 

*. galery 

2 ¥ab, 26, 8% 

Mri. Phere Armstrong Cox, 

A'wal ia, Bartholomew Co., Indiss, 

Near Mademi-. | a Yat 
With reference to your letter of loth inst., 

1 regrat to state that Mr. Faison haa not yet perfected hia instru- 

for the relief of the deaf, and it im impossible at thin time to 

state definitely when it wlll be rendy ta % planed upon the 

market. vor soma time past the phonograph —s ahaorbad 60 moh 

of Mr. Rdison's time that his work in other direat ions bas heen 

mote or lets neglentad. “ow, howaver, that the phonogr@h is 

compLated ne will kave on opportunity to take up sie of his other 

experinaite, am one of the tirat upon which ha intends remining 

vigorous work ig the dea? inatrummnt. 

Yours vary truly, 


i er ee 

Private Sa ciwtan x 

Pohe B, 82- 

Mre Chaze Ao Hhoonofield, 
2? Rank Steeet, 

New Yorx Givye 

Derr Siriée . 

Yow letter of 20th inatant is at hard, and I 
WiLL let cv knox one day this weok whether or hot Mr, Edison 

will ucgeDpt your offer of $190 for the 7 freight sara. 

Xoura vary wulr, 

Private .Segretar y. 

hI. . : 

i inetd adi a ta sie Ade nn Avenel ten ad nat tian 

Pabe 25, BD. 

Mre Sohn Kreusi, Asw’t. Gen'l. Harper, 
Tre Enison Machine Worka, 

Schentetady, Ne Ye 

any? Tigra Sirge 

fire yet making up any more of tho large magnets for 

Ore Milling planta? If 60, cleags let om know, os I find that 
our rertheta® have mate amistahe in their cal ctlations. The 

luge unde the, raigne will hewe to be somt two inches longer on 
tach ode, malkitz in ake dhor imhes. analy let me know about, 
this BS Bors 8S yoxabhle, ao F ean renpdy the fenlt. W411 send 

wore €aiet deiaits af coon. | 
Youre very truly, 

va hn ¥Y 0.¢ te 


Fave 25, 1889, 

Dear Mise Locke, 

In reply to your Letter of 25th ‘instant, I 

beg to gay that Hr. Fdiaon has already completed his arrangements 

for representation at tho Paris Expositione You have heen mis~ 

informed as $0 ow employing young, ladies to exhibit the phono~ 

graph there. 

Yours very trnly, 
7 . 

Private Secretarye 

Migs Myrtle Locke, 
c/o Mesurse Geo. Vine Ballou & Coe, 
5 & 7-Wall Sta, Ne Yo Citys 

Ae Theo, FR Van geman ne 


Yours very respeatflly, 

- vO aby ‘eo 
Moog, Koa bob oy 
Lye Heted Mea lA, 
pe WAS Ta ash, 
a ak Ths & em te ‘ 
. {heave just received your telephone PES pert 

to the effet that you ware sot coming out to Orange, ane renret 
very minh that 2 wilh not have tho plengure of entertaining you 
at the Laboratory towday: 

Yowill be at Livervy toerorren (Thursday) until thraé o"elocic 
“Pe me, lao all of Saturday, Maren 26, and if it werelé le gone 

- venient for von ta rin ont on either af thase Gave. Lo owanki us 



very pleusei to have you do soo If, towever, you ub ae Smprace 

ayeyting Moaet levee 
tieanle te coms aut thie week, sny dax next week, most convanicnt 

to yairsei?, is a your dtaposal, IT trust that tosh yoursel? and 
Mr. Kakisi: wilh find it posable to visit the Ueboratery on come 
one af the abevre mnbioned days, when IT sm eure Mr. Edison and 

mysc lf wili Ge very plensed to rresive you und do sll we ean to 
wake your visit a vleasant one, Would it be pousible to bing 

some ane with you to play soc ompaninents? 

Mt at gtnaktreb det nerninanciny catanheent 


wt Me2% 
Awe ot’ | nee re, ef 7 


O Ana 
CO p-w 1m ae “YY Ott wt Ada - HI 

nq Me Frangi.a, Bage, 
726 Craig Strnat, 
Montreal, Canasta. 

Dear Siritan 

tam véry roph obliged for your letter of 23% 
‘invtant, in regard to the Canadian Fle etriant Sai ety. — 

With Yelatien to the ranumMeture of the phonograph, this tp, 
of anund, A matter which directly cancerny the North American 
Phonngraph flan. I yelisve that nome t ime mugt slapse yet nefore 
4% Broomes necensary for us to. manufaa twee phonographs in Canada 
in order to save our patents. I eamot Bay now what arrangement 
will ultimatoly be mee, | 

Yours very truly 

Petco met 

an, 9B, Laie. 

Oberlin Smith, Feq., 

Bridgotan, Ne @ 

My Dear Sirte 
In reply to your letter of 26th instant, % itd 
seo what Mr. Rdison has toa say about the mapnetig aord whigh 

you mantion as soon 42 hs haa sufficient leisnre ta give « Pst 
moments* time to the eubject. He has commonetd a new exper inant 
upon which he is working night and day, and I have great aiffy- 

“culty in getting a L&ttle of his attention on ordinary routing 

matters. I will write yo again as early ag pospidier. 

Yours very truly, 

Fehe 228, 89, 

James MaoNidor, Faq., 
158 Water Street, 
New York City. 

My Dear Sirt- 

Your Letter of 27th inetant to Mre Rdigon has bean 
Vaboivad. The phonoprarh ont sides of the Unitea States and Canada 
ta cant mLLed vy Col, Geo, F. Gourand, upon whose order only ¢an 
we ship phenogrerha to foreign countries. I may say that dol. 
Gouraué et the present tine ia engaged in getting his agencion in 
shape, providing for rapyesentation in the different countrion 
which he controls, and I da not know whether ho woulda be wikling 
te gend a nuchine to Panera, Unless he his a representative in 
that country. We redgeive mimbars of orders for phenggniphs tn 
w sent into bol, Gourand's territory, and are ovligad to reter 
them all to hin, aa he alone enn take sttion on them. Yon can 

commnisate with nda direct. His. atidress is, “Little Menlv, Upper 

Norwood, Surrny, Fngland. * 

Col. Geo. fF, Gouraud , 

Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 
Surrey, Fnglend, 

Dea Sir, 

I hoy 


anes iO COnLipm ‘ths following eeblegram sent you 

"Shipp ed vreadle- machine and thousand blank g 
SweNtY =~ th iv instant. 1 

: “+ "ill send new machines 
Latest inprevemernta earliest PXssibloe date, 

advising definitely when able, EDISON, * 


. Fhe Pas - Feb. 28, 85. 
Gol, Georga Fe Gouraud, 
Littre Menlo, Upper Nortood, 
Surrey, Fnlend, 

Dear Sir?» 

fenelone herewith sopy of your letter to Mr. Vdison 
Without date, ar TAQUS Bt OK. ; 

Yours. truly, 

Poe ee te, aye 

Your Latinr af loth ivsternt. Introd: 

My ear Tosnaend,- 
oe Taller, Roitor ‘So amopol lian Magenin 

duvorvatary thig mortire: by 
NAM» iin ean: hatweah ning 
rived and wag unable to wait for Tne, 
of the Lesture Room and Sal vernome ter 

plegahe dé. Tohave given ther to onr 


Asis Mes, 

€," wos poeasontad at the 
& gantlenain who id not leavo his 

and ten o'nlock, hefore I hat a 

Ke loft the pine prints 

Room,. agking that they he 

Photographer, who will 

4 trons them-ay quickly os he can, ane they will be retamrnedt +o 

the address lef, ny tho gontlLeman alva referred to, 

Your zg vary aroly,; 



Horree Tornsenn, Moq., 

New York Gity. 

he (28, ISHR, 


Bebo 28, 1889. 

Le io Ruben, Rsyo, 

#2 Union Sqo, Naw Yark City. 

Pear Siw ge 
Shave your letter of 27th ing@ant, in regard 
to the agenay of the phonograph for the Kingdom of Denmark. Myre 
Fotayn's Genersi Agent for the phonograph in Europe, is Goloncl 
George Te Gourd, Liste Menlo, Upper Norwood, Surrey, Fnglend, 
who has fail charge of the allotment, of territory in all foreign 
ecmintyiea, ard to whom it would be necessary for you to apy ly for 
an Agency in Denmark, Xo may say that Col. Goursud is acquainted 
with General Chrintensen, whone exgellent letter 1 return here- 
with, ara iC tre. former has not disposed of the territory which 
you aero to secures, I believe that Gen'l. ahh ehensen"s recom 
mt der ien would assed et you greatly in ontaining a favorable hea- 
ving from Gol, Gourand. If also return to you Mro Ghase Fe Tret~ 
bar's letter. 

Yours very trulyf 

_ = et aes 

TT seeping emetic gic 

The Fdison lia Coe, 

Haivison, ", J. 

Near Sirsi- 

Lom in receipt of ymu Letter of 27h instant, in 
record to lr, Riealtan’s account. As all the money which Mrs 
Rigalton has reeeived hus been advanced by yourselves, exoopting 
one or Wo small amounts which we paid him at the cormencement of 
his enpagement; and which have been billed to you, I think it de- 
sirable that you adjust his aceount dirent instead of through me. 

With relation to Mr. Harmington's necount, L ‘eunno*% make at 
appointment for this “sak, ort will do so next week, and wiih 
render you all tht asaistenee I em in atraighten ing the mtter 
Otte : I may any that Mr. Heeley and myself went over Mr. Hanning- 
ton's account very ‘thoroughly at the Tahoratory one Gay, With the 


result that Mr. Hannington's overdrart waa confirmed. 

Fabe 28, Bre 

We W. Jucques, Fe4., 
Fdison Phonograph Toy H'f' ys. Soe, 

QF Halk Ste, Boston, Masse 

Mre Fdiaon nas received your Lewter of 2lst instmt, 
and wishes to know LP yo. mean mavhines tev gabting the tin 
records or fos talking upan tivm? Kindly Let me know thin, und 
the mitter wilh hav jmmediato attertion. 

Wa nota that you hava prepared & mnufneturing contract, 
and Wilh briw, it over ina fev aay for approval. , 

Yours very wuly, 

ah ?, 

: rivate Soa'ye 

wet Fendt te nw i dean . 


Feb. 28, 39. 

My Deg Inall,- 6 
You #111 remomber my hay ing said to yu that ss 

Mire Fdivon wanted to withdraw from the comnection which he has 

established in Pneland with Mr. Dredgo on Ore Milling matters, 

tT had a conversation with Wiley the other day, arnt there is no 

agoubt that ‘you are right in heleving that he wants to get his 

expenses in consideration for my services which he may ronder. 

Whether or not ho will retire from this position and make seme 

kind of & contingent arrangement, I an not prepared w say, hut 

some th ing Should certainly he done at onee, either one way or 

the ot lor, Dredge, as you know, is giving tho matter his atten= 

tion selely on Wiey's aeeonunt, and in the helief that “Whiley is 

at to be furnished by Mr. Rdiaon with an opportunity of making } 

some money. Tt is costing something to muintain the Plant which { 

has hoen crested in Fngland, and until vou take aetion I eaymot 

ew to lr. Dredge’s reamt rere ee setting forth his poe 

sition in the matters 

CHAMBERS! FAGYCLOPAIDIA. At your reqinat, I have not eon 
mmicated with thease seule. I 
think it would bo an excellent idea if we eould arranye to have 
an artiele writton for Mr, Fdison and got him to reviso it for 
this Fneyelopacdia, or, if this is not practicable, we should 
comminivate with Ghambers and advise them, as they will doubtless 

desire to arrange with somehady else for the article. 

. 43 
. Private Secretary 
AA ses ve 

Sarmel Ina1ll, Fseqe,. 
New Yorke 

Hu + 
he tan 

&#! on 
IA /F6 



Ad fO2GH 

2a) 09 ry 

POR Me (8 22a) Ove 
ead, : awe A ee 
Merci pt ate 0g © 

Feb. 24, 89. 


My Dems Myre Pield,- 
Mrre ‘Raigoh has réveived’ your lelter of 27th 
inStant, in regard to endorsing y our’ friend, Mr. Sirdsali. for the 
position of Instrustor in Flectrioity at Columbia Gollege, I ex 
plained to Mr. Bixdsnll this morning that Mr. Fdison had alrendy 
endorsed Mr, So. Se ‘Wheeler for this position wnd had written ‘Bowe 
very aivung lettersto Mr. Wheoler and Prot, Trowbridg te He 
ecamot, the sapene, consi stently ondcorse BRYON? ehee for the same 
position, as such ac tion would simply negative both endorsements, 
mad do neither Mro Wheeler nor your friand, Mr Airdeall, my 
zond o think that Mre Bisdsall understendu Mr. Rdison's po- 

sition thoroughly, as I took pains to explain it very fully to 

Yours very wa, 


Oe se Field, Esqe, 
Hedeon Bleotric 

tae a 

Feb. 28, 1589. 

Hector de Gastro, iaqe, Yicw-Prea't,, 
The Comisreiak Cabla Cormany, 

Naw York ity. 

Year Stri- 

I have veeawmea your, Letter of 25th instant, in regard 
to the "*FKixhibition of the history of retrospective work and of 
anthroyologianl seiences.* I am going to exhibit, in the space 
allotted to me, in the Ameriean section of the Paris Universal 
Fxkibition, # mimher of my perfected phonographs, and also one 
of my old phonographs. The original phonograph is in tho South 
Kensington Museum, together with the first incandescent Lar. 

I wish you vould yindly convey to Col, Laussedat my appreci-~ 
ation of his vory genorous romarks oooernine, myself, and. say to 
him that I will-orrange with my General Agent, Col. Gouraid, who 
has chm go of tha phonograph in Rurope, to supply the oxhibltion 
in which Col. Lmssedat is interested with one af my old forms of 



Yours yery Bis Pata 

Vienne inte meians retensihentane 9 ad ibe 


Feb. 28, 1889. 

My Dear Professor Marks,- 

I am very mich obliged for you letter 
of 27h instant, Ido not wid a complete set of blue pr inta of 
your installation, bit ‘should Like to have about fifteen, covering 
the prineipel varta of your nuiilding and equipment. In order that 
you may understand my request, I will say that I an very desiwus 

of sanisting the efrorts whieh are now being made hy my friends in 

England to advance Gentral Station electric lighting, and the pi ma 
which I have asked you for are to form a part of the dnta which I 
am personally getting togather <5 send across the watere I 

not wish you to do anything which you may consider inaonsi atont, 
but perhaps ym can see your way clear to as3i %. me in thia matter. 
I will, of course, hear any oxpenne which may be incurred. 

Yours vory truly, 

Prof, Vime D. Marks, : 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


March 1, 8% 
Mr. J. 3. Skehan, Sea'y. & Troas'r., 

The Faison Flectyr ig Illuminating “oo of Ne ¥o, 

18 & 18 Broad St., New York Citys 

Near Sirt~ 

I beg to acknowledge receipt of yours of 26th ultimo, 
~nalosings Cortificute No. 2944, for ten shares of the Sapital 

Stook of The Fdison FR. Ill. Co., made out in ry nee, 

Yours very truly, 


ae eee neem 

ements ees ge 

Naren 2, 2A 

Philip % Dyer, Maye, Agent, 
7 Rus de Ueperanr, 

Antwerp, Bl cite, 

Dear Sirte 

i hes to gonfirm the following gablegrans reesived 

from yor ard sent hy mete 

POISON, Orange, Ne Je Febe 22, 1850, 
“Laiande wants one frang sach battery 
litre smacity.s Dy « r.* 

DYRR, ABVERS, . . * _ Marsh 1, 1889, OT 


"Royalty aeked abana; sonkdn’s ooape te: 

with & greater royaity than five emta 1ftre 
eapeacity. Aneertain ensh pries for Ligense 
for alk usex ontside Lighting alao for patent. 


Rai@n.* i 
if rts) 
Yours wory truly, : it 
2 ae pe a 
a r tT 735 atte” m a i 
“ Ge ee ee gt le 
ao f pn Se re ih 
eee ad ma we ALO eat a Bian 
? . File. : : BD geet ig geet OE Ee _ ; | ty 
Rees : is i | 
° Ce . : I i, 


Mareh 2, LSKO, 

Char. %, Bolnzot, Pere, 

0/0 Hee Je He Vail, 16 & 18 road Ste, Tes. 
Now York Citye a 
é ; 
Desr Sirs. ‘ 
T enclose herewith a letter introdneing you te 
Col. Gouraud. ishing you all smeaess 
I am, yours wery 3 

Col. teorge Ty teuraud, 
Faison House, Nortienherland Avene, 

hondon, S “a, Fnglant. 

Near Sirt~ 

At the request of Hr. Faison I beg to introdues toa you 
Mr, Grarles ve Boisot, who represents the Paison Lighting interests 

in the Argentines Repablic, and who has nesn in America purchasing 

materiel fer » large Faison Sentral Station now being nat all ed 

in the @ity of Muenos Airas. Hre Boisot ia rmoh interested in 

caph, and agpreachés you aith thn idea of doing susiness 

Mr. Fdison 

the phonoz 
the aut in the Argentine Republics 
Moigot hes slreudy ost ad- 

in comeection 8 ith 

‘paltewes Shet the -‘gonre ation which Mre 

Lished in that country, his identification with other Fai wn 

attsiremnts are recommendations of a. 

interests and his perasned 
yourself wil 

and hopes that hin interview sith 

very high order, 

result in ratual nonefit. 

Yours vary tru 

Feb, 28, 89. 
Dear Mr, Viltara, + 

In reply to yours of 27th instant, I have no 

objection to youu sending a gratifienation. to my Assistant, who 

exhibited the phonograph. at your party, 

Yours very ternul 
Na Y> 

Nenry ‘illarea, Maye 

March 1, Les. 

» ~Bsqe, 

Nett nennngy 

t a 
24 Lombardy Stret, 
Newhrk, M,Z, 


Dear Sirt- 


i pox ta acknowlddge roeeipt of your eheck for 


y & ‘s 
in payment. tor five cars bought of mo by Mr. Bloanefiel a 




piesa Jt 

Yours very truly, 

March 1, 1889, 
WEE demo Holser, Fosse : 


The Edison Lamp danmany, 

My Tear Sirt- 

In further refarence to the matter of freight card 
at Menlo Park, l-teg to advizs you that Hr, Fdison has disposed 
or five (5) of these +o lr. OG, As Moonefi att, who I urnterstand 
purthased then for Mr. A, Somerville, of Newark, Ne J. =f mens3Oh 

ithie. latter facts in ease the order fnr’ the nats should i) pre- 
sented by Mr. Somerville, in Which event you will know tint it is 
ali right to deliver then to hime 
Thanking you for the tmuble you have taken in this matter 

I ay, yours very truly, 

Yrlvute Searntary. 


Maroh #, 8&9, 

My Dear Hughsnie 

In reply to your is hse 

of 3d inavant, Mro 

Kéfeon met With on accident Fr ich ‘enused hin some temporary dic. 

47O6pa, rt he hug milly reenverad Ywm it, ay you have proba yl, 

already acen ny the pansrs. 

Yours very trul 



Mey Chane , Hurhes, 

BPShomecd Ste, Syraens, Ne Lo 


Mro We My WiLlay, 

15 Ag 

vo Playa, New Yorke 

Ny Peue Sisi~ 

your Latter of lst instans 

why a 
Fhe ey 

very happy to give 2 apsistenes Y ean in emne? tien 

nearing * 

jugt Le phobopruphe of the Laboratory ta rome 

triends of mus, ne returned in time ta lsat 

have theme 

Yours Grn ly, 

Private Secretary. 


they gould be sunsret port 

ing airesed-in bending ts vee phonaprant, Yer #3 DE 

Lhity da piven taer to sesore Sanilier rith the 

Warch 4, 1889. 

Dou! Mr, CShaever,~ 
In reply to your Letter of 28th ultimo, 
remrding phonograph dells, you will have to arrange Yor these 

theeyrh our Soston friends, Messrs. Ainge and Jagques, o8 the 

ax-orimnents condneted here at the Laboratory are for their aecount. 

Yours very truly, 

Go Ae Gheaves, Esge,s 

New York Citys 

: Meroh 4, 1689. 

My Paar Seukell- 
te. Herrington handed oe tho enclogett papers, 

Whioh were given hin by yournelf, and I showed thom to tr, Fdimn. 
“Me, Raison saya thet wi will te very glad to ta one of the General 
- Seemittee, and whll abso srhserihe $250 10 whe fand wideh ta being 
raised for a romumert to OF, XL eanmot tell from theae papers 
whethar tir, Redlaon sheild sign onn of than or not, or to whom he 
ghealé indiaate of fie: Pa) » his willingness to join in the emter- 
priee, tre fe year will adwine moa ag to what da n@cessary to th 

gone, ko will sao that your sngnestions are carried oute 


Yours vary a 
et fe 
Bg oe 

Drivate Sagyetar ye 


F¢ Re Kautis 
¥/o Sha Me 

dis Undten Ha. doe, 
HAW TurH OLty. 


Harsch <, LES. 

Francia Re Upton, Frage, 

Paiaon Lamp Go., Harrison, "7. 

My Dear Sirs- 

In re frenes to vow letter of lst instant, I 
find that 14 will be impossible for me to vinit the Iau Gos 

to-mar tow (Tueaday) morning, te mant voursalfiand lr. Harmington. 

1 have written Mr. Mannington, making an arpointmant for Nedne aday 

morning, ot instmt, md xill on haw! at the Temp Co, on thas 

eay amut Ll 3 40 a. in I hope that this will sult you and thas 

4% wiih not conflict with an of yor arrangements. 

oe ete eee cet tine need aetna SP ene! nema ba tinker mie 8 


Mavah 4, 59. 
Mr, 0, F, tianington, 

af/o Tho Edison Uniten N*t'y, Oo., 
B85 Pitt: Ave., Now York Giny. 

Dear Sirte 

‘Will you please macs Wo. Upton und myself at tne 
hemp Co. on Yednnaday ners, th ingtant, ut Llot a0 Ae me, SHON 
we will go over yaw nocotin,. 

Your wepy 

March 4,86, 3 

My Dear Profesnor Marks,- 

I have to thank you for your kindness 
in preparing the blne prints whi gh J ‘have nuked for, 

Yours TIL 2. oy 
- Se fe 

wie i a Lee : A 


Prof. tm Pp. Marks, 

Philadelphia, Pa - 

Max oh 5, 89, 

Pacific Pronogr apy Company, 

825 Pine Street, San Braneisea, Onl, 

MH ai tinned g DAM 




We beg to ndvise you that on Feb. 20th we shipped to 


yeu, per Volts Fearso Expreas, 1 foot treadle table with. governoy, 

Sond raph boay somple te, with transmitter and raceiver ale one 
EF Gear i , ? 


spageing aid one reget ving tube, and one small flat. oil QBN» 

Yanxva + raly, 


“9. Lion Be Hipnle, 

Myors, Fla. 

Loan very cnoh Ghliged for your letter of 

28th ultimo, 
“FSA you would reamieat the Ansessor to make & division of Mr, 

‘anid’ Ss property ana my own in the future, 

wai ye, 

oo you agcin in regard to the amoke stack. -I wiraeg 
wle Lean Gt $0 hd 

am, but if he wants to buy it 

i% arnt odes wou, 

Youtu very + 

March 5, 89. 
Col. eorge FP, fouraud, 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Surrey, Pngland. 

ct BBO pica ci nineteen OO ca ng 

Dear Sirse~ 
I bo to sonfirm receipt of the following oahlegram 
dated 26th Feh., 1589: - 

Me Uwe 

#1400 © Journal iste meet Phonograph Mansion House ninto 
prteximo; jnaxy-y amp lies.” 

Yours truly, 

Lon 02.49ele 


Marah 5, 89. 
Messrse Coy Tohias & Cor, 7 
49 Beaver Ste, New York Oity. 

Deoy Sirsi« 
ty reply to’ yous letter of 2ne instant, Mre Edison 
‘has decided not to purchase any Thorit ot present, 

Yours truly, 

March 5, 1889¢ ok 

Mre He de Co Hanilton, 
8B Gloucenter Road, hon don, S. We, 

Tngland ° 

My Doar Sirt~ 

in re ference to yor letter of 15th ubtimo, I 

eanled you yesterday af fol lowat- 

*await Hammer's arrival in London two week se Fidison. * 

Mr. Hanmer sails to~«morrow (Medanesdny } on the steamer “Germanic 

for London, and will see you in regard %o exhibiting the “Thorn 

Typ e-sett ing and Pistripating Machine, *. in conjunction with the 
Mr. Hammer has full charge 

phonograph, at 

the Paris Fxpo sition. 

of my exribit at Paris, and if, after invertigating the mtter, 

dens it desirable to grant your vequest, he will do so and ar- 
ranze all the details as to space &c. 

Yours very truly, 

pw oA PO Snort re 
fave charte off ety teh tt ab the, 

Phan caine 
Koueecoe Ae Cree ee Bearer) 

OA: go ft OTD 


0 a té. Ein forsee 
Arun Co @ OAM ASO CH Fag ae 
A Che Phoutg MA 7 i Aon 

wee a eA 


mak ae Yow lations: 
KB Dae, Sihaae Onadeud Att 
et AA ALeteiwe frewe Sstiea 

( ast. 

Uttar! ; 
Vw O¢uecaowrivitth thee totot tambrbe, 

Ane foorwn which YON wet Arnue a aot 

AV AON thin C64. Genre feel Aaue heew <Loe- 

C1rmun vores that SAonot fret able 

Anten Oy dhharte AVA adchtinal th fardHinre, 

ch Marner Will Maw rrpen you 

at thesr of La eh A601 tte for. Haat 

Awsoew of he LAO LACOL whith ca 

Ant Ubtty poet tle Weary CLs 

sceamaatee 6 ny LathstrHs, 

LY nrwbeg or 

a nas 






He Sew 


Nareh a, Bt, 
You #rog 2, lange, 

Scar otin Pret santa, 
Hobeken, So Te 

Sn votebenay ta ytur Jeator of Saye inpeents Rs? See 
Seq sume, To hee te inform you that tha Latter: paktay BPA rae 
wn on the steamer “Germania® for Tondtan, Your lettde Bd ust 
oer h faye nell yeatérdey afteroun, amt no had mt bine “Or Oe 


paniante cian ped pestwonally. the trhter ie useter tha Arpieading, 

that we, Hanmer andorstomt trom Col. Sourand that you apasired 2 
ae him cotetset td encuriae a ponttion tn eoRmedgiden with Mr. 
StF evra oxhdhit at the Parig Pxposition, of whieh ff. Hommar hos 
tavur. XP thie Gupresaton Fg-norregt, Ewontd dtats tiias bbs. 
Rai wns &rranicerkernt ov fot r epresentat in “at Bain wore. er Coed 
mite Cone ano, anh head vou sresndtad in edad Me. Hanmer Kak: 
ort think yoo Wolht Neoo atvaines yow éxfert, we he ia. torch. 
Ta otek Aw omit Hh thy hbo: 4 he “Srthfitien bai ng that Lt adda 

tered waip fo reqithad yw geetee it am Poring 


Frys. Kay Ay Marka, 
Férumn Khoo srie bist Saumayiy, 

oD Sanvon Bt., Phitadsiphias Fe. 

Lo bey to oonfirm the foblowiag keliugramy wnat 47% 

Be omadga rr 

*Huve heen nye all nishy, ard hwlanase of week vide 

Bi in witness ¢band; ma sorry aan't come? 

tours YreLy, 

¢ ao 

Maye h G, 2889, 

Bo So Whecler, Feae, 

323 Seventh Avorruc, 

New York Citys 

My Dem Sirs. 
On 28th Jamary last I wrote you, asking a question 

in regerd to Mr, Edison's Proposed Columbia College Scholarship, 

singe wideh time i heve not heurd [rom you coneeming the matter, 

WALh jou kindly refer te my letter, and send me an anawer to the 

“Qvestion contained there“as soon as possible. 

Hovoh 7, 1889, 
Mite VAST te Alon, 

r fae ‘ 
~ do nat “erat and the hille ler ab hires ws 

PPndae ae aint the ts oe abory , 

COUNT GG my ge ARNE, me 

HPO hs WSs lke aatean om cus More Gime m yack &, My $= 
ia te ard 7 co Me are ee a ms 4 ey t “, ‘, 
wa ato me thy ot Ghat the sprurteae PCPBRDLA geal yae oa de 
WOE Oe tay hae’ eg s roi te tga er we : s 
wh Ontos Anta Me, Rosgeaint, hde cihh ig looper + han wie 
ye . 

OWT > 4 PP Rae yor law ae 

> TAGORMA OF Bor pms oi the 

Sit he pesaana 
“ho erceared thoes 

Geis, VaTerring pavhienlarty ta the month of 

mat. Limes, Locadviss you new ther in ths Tasure wy pare 

aen Uaine = cab on neeount Of tyig Lay 

ratory HILL yt ‘apni ieg 

witha bickee, bea any mY slenatyrea, ant Showing the points be- 
® tie) a] > 1 

Teer whieh ify Anve rendered seiviee, and L wilt nat acaapt any 

idle on ussocmt of the Lahoratoty Wniess they are Becomparried py 

tictets wieh aa l haw referred to, ¢ ering each iten gierred 

MEAN un ae vou. 
Ge ji 3 

Yours truly 

Mareh 7, 1880. 

Francis Ke Upton, sae, 
fg Fdisen Lemn Company, 

Harrison, io Te 

My Doar S$iac- 


ft end.ese hererith nope of a commmicatieon which 

we have just reooived fram the Al2jemeine Flektri qitat s~desell- 

aclo of sleotrie Lighting materia in 

schart, in regard Te the Kose 


China end Japan. T vorv¥ard this to yeu for your infonnations 

Minaly do not take my aotion, in any girection wmrtbsgoover, in 

connection with this mater without first sensniting ne, ‘ns I 

haw a pion Laid for bringing a qortain- influense to Star +nan 

be carried out 2% the moment, nat 

tie Gerins Company 7 high eannot 

Weieh TE hope will prave arfeative whan the time gomes. Meanwhile, 

matbors mist remain exactly as they ere at the present momar te 

Yours very Gruly, 

seer ENA ge et TTY erecinen 
eee ee enc oh Sry ate omg wen uapee 


My Dear Mr. Connery, « 
Mro Fdjvon asks me to thank you fer: your 

kird inquiry of Sd instant regardin, his recent aceident, ‘shich 

Wan peintaL wat rot seriona, Hs has Rly revovered from vhe 

eftestu of it. Me apks me te say further that the delay in sone 

neetion with supptying you with instrunénts fer Mexico hea heen 

abschytely We Rave ono preal many phonopraphs cone 

phlebod, asgeyting the apeetnele pari, for which we have onky just 
ragcived from the manufacturers our apecial tools. In a week or 
wwo we wthi nave plenty of phonogravhs complete, and wiik be able 

to fit you ont. Tire Mdison melizes that you have not been re~ 

fay tebe AetLavs 

Yours yery traly 

Thoge “Bo Connery, Mae, 
Righmond Hill, Tro Te 

March 7, 189, 

I think in the course of a month we 

Wild be called apon to fammish % Phonosrarh Expert for Hoxiee. 
: -~HODee Tei oxpe 

Have you 

TOO Y yuure men ut the Phonograph: Works, one of wom you 

coiled seinet for whois mission? 

Your tioily 

March 7, 1889. 

Moro Ba taholor,e 

In reference wo the attached, the leage 


of the Bloomfield factory mins until the first of May nexte Mie 

Rdieon goes not wish to use the milding after that date, mut in 
the meantime wa are, I presume, responsinle for ite care, The 
leage Was titned over co she Phonograph Werks ot the time Mr. 
Rétson transferred the manufaaeturing buniness to-thom. Would it 
not te well for you to cand a man over to Bloomfield to-take gach 

steps &S are necessary to prevent the destimigtion of the property 

while it remains in our hands? 

George Feo Mung, Baa, 
402 Garden Streot, 

Hoboken, Ne Je 

Dear Sirt- 
in reference to your Lettor of 2hth ultimo, in 
regard to Fluorite cleavages, [ hava no use for such a Large 

Wentity ae you namo, IT would Like to have about 100 Los, of 

the ymterial, ig you gan finish me with that quantity. 
Lo a ae | 
LOA gh tn 02 CANE PAA a, 

Yours yary truly, 

“My Daar Sanhel,-. 

Ioreturn herewith the paver enalo sed with your 

Letter of Sth instant, Mr. Edison naving signed the sam? as you 

requested, Lo peasin: you wild advise me ftir: regarding his 

subseription to the Ohm Momiment Sind. 

Yores very truly, 

_ ate Seer chary. 

Po He Senbet, Faqe, 
0/6 Rdiwn “teetrie LLL. Go., 
ABS Bitth Aves, Ne Yo GitYe 


-gufPiei ent to enable him to answer 

March 7, L889. 


ac Tataen Unitad Wir 'g, Goa, 

65 Fit. Aveo, Mew York Gitye 


Dsar Sire’ - 
Replying to your letter of Sth instant, reg eived 

trom your Mr, “. He Meadowarott, in regetd to a plan for trans~ 

mitting 500 herso power twenty miles bo te delivered in the Som 

utock mines, Hr. Rdian asye tint the gata which you gave ig inc 

your question ippalligont1y. 

He mIpZAsdS that Hr. Nepndoveratt, or some one ol #0, be aanh aver 

neve with Dall infomazion on thia sibjegt, when he will give 

you his views orally. 

Pivube Seerasary- 

My Pear Upton, - 

I received yesterday, under caver LM the 
Lamp Corpany, plang oe, synolfigationy for two pas Parnaces, 
Mro Fdison does not know why these were sent here, mad Ll write 

ou Por un explanation. The specifiestion is signed by Sradley. 
y tog 33 

The envelope wan adéressea to mrselt. 

Dear Mr» ” iilerd,« 

Replying ta your letter of 6th instant, in 
whith wou ask the name of me agent in Germany who is oi thorized 
grecns, 2 ug to say that Col. George Me Gouraud, 

Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, Surrey, England, is my General Agent 

Por atl countries outside the United States and Ganadae It am not 
aware that Got, Goevrand har a rerresentative in Germany as yet, 
put L know that at the present time he is engaged in covering all 

the territory under his direetion. 

Jere Vid, Fsqes 
MaMts Bane, New York Citys 

March 7, 1889. 
Mro A. 3, Uaurense, 
225 Pearl Streat, 

Ten Mork Citys 

Pear Sir te 

In reference? to your letter of Sth inatant, I 

hey to inform you that our Mr, Hanner, who han sharge of Hr, 
Fdison's exhibit at the Parise Fxponition, sailed yesterday on 

the steamer "Germania" for London, and we have no date here from 
Which we could ascertain the length of the nelt that you refer to. 
After My. Hammer's arrival at the other side, he intends to roe 
main in Lonton a tew days hofora procaoding to Paris, ang a sadio 

addressed to him, afo "Gouraud Norwood, *® would reach hin. After 

that his address will pe “Pdigon Exhibit, Machinery Palace, Paris 

Rxpo sition. * 


March 7, 1889. 

Se We Sears, Faqe, 


A 5 
u,“o Mre Ay Cheney, Sup ft. U. 8. Fixe Soe, 

eased ee 

42 Pranklin 54., Boston, Hasse 


Mr, Fdiron bas reeeived your Letter of Sth instant, 
and he hau asked m to exorass his regret at his inability to 
comphy with your request, as ta mking appointment key At pro 
sent he ag warking night and day, and some of Wis experimentaA are 


in sveh a condition that it is impracticable for him to Leave 

them aven for ae short rinko 

Yours truly, 

— .§56 

Varah tT fi 

My Near Profasnyar 

Wer ee 
Mash ay ~ 

ZI hog to adckres ledge roeetpt at yours 

Yue, ciclosing mihl of Smith & armatrong for 20 ylne 

Peintss, while ve are sinmily sending re, Ploasn asaeypt my 

thenka fas the promptnase with wid gh 

yor have my 

remeat in thir COM shione 

Prof, WV, rn. Marks , 
Philadelphia, Pas 

Marph 7, 89. 

Mr. Slareneo Sellegk, 
540 Bilton Ste, Srooklim, MN. ¥. 

Near Sirte 

in rsply ta vour letter of Sth instont, I yer to 

inform you that Mre Bai gna arrangements {pr representation at 
the Paris Pxyposition ara already completed. 

Yours ts 

“deat Rearetary, 


HMarch 7, 1689, 

Nee paee EE 


Profe Ry Ey Tirston, 

Speoeters ees 

Tore bi University, 

symmees ste 

Ithana, MN. Ye 

My Dene Sirs» 

Mra Fdison «shams to thank you for your king 
inquiry of dra. inetant. 
The aceident wetehn vou rofer ts apused Ne, Kaiwn some 

temporary dtsteoen; 1% was patnfid but not serious, and I um 

giad to say that he hea Ally reaenvernd from the aftvets of ide 

Youra very tral fA 
Z +S — 

_PFlvate Sserttary. 

Naren 7, 1889, 

Rear Sirst- 

Under date Naren let you have rendered a y1i211 
aseinat this lahoratory of $9.25, for the use of horses ami car- 
Yiages on dates nama on tne seme. If yor have my record of 
the names of the persons who uned your garriages at these di ft 
ferent timre, Towien vou would submit ‘he same tO nf, 

I beg to ndvise you that hereafter any person using cabs on 
ugcoum of this Lahoratory will te supplied with a ticket hear ine 
my signature, arc we will not. accept bills fer enh hire unless 
you “an produce one af these tiakets for auch item elaimed in 
your akeaomnt, 

Yours trul 




Sanat TS 

f the 14th instant, in 

ntirmetion with resapeet of 

Ba payback ap aie 

“iey countried in this sone 


Ce en, ond, Garredsre, as-not wish yen fa reky upon ma tor the 
Beaty You shuld ohtain asfinite inform tion from your‘agant in 

feeh wronce sy ot what tn rendered thera, and then I can render you 

BUY And ssap as 

DH Je manesnacy., 

tookseres that yau have received notiee from Austria that 

MANURE S MBE Aor ee on Sasa Bl in April next, lait vou fail 

ho stepe bea whah entent if wilh te nocessary for us to garry on 4 

fanutae ire im that sauntry. YL sm informed that the working 

pp iaoees 

anoaliy feonaped for patente in. Turoped: gountriog is almost 
Wrie. ona uaurlly eonpsiate in laving perhaps the of the paten- : 
ted machines rule and operated, end preguring, & aettiNaaw to 

the: arian, cmt Cam net avare whother or not this is the aso, 

MH earvetican diturhs - 

ene aig peas Ort ~ 
“Oe. My ae. ee geeide 

oye Meer ey ea Agu Ahit Aire 

aed. oe of he Orie vege bel 

eu tea COEF: he fracporsute for tbe 
‘“Prawe AU CRe Ns Bbinve Been seMihes £ 

WY nis Uae we” Le Mparce Af 
RAL rhe Aer oat Nieiant a pros & ie 7 


March 8, 80, 

Somervilia p, Trek, Faq., 

Assi st ant Comni séloner-General, 

Wash ington Building, No. 1 Biway., Now York, 

Dear Siw en 

Io have re cived this morning fram you five 
rec@ipte for gasen shipped by me to the Paris Univer gal Expo- 

sition, towhienh are attached hills of 0. J. Mhallar o 80., trans~ 

fer Agente, anounting in all to 310.80, 

W412. you kindly let me 
know if I shoulda send & che 

ck for this amount to Onal lar & To. or 

if I shoula ramit sama to yourself, obliging 

Yours yery trul Ys 


a far ar ed 

tes cae ae cen thne totter neato SP en ieneentnnanenir hte pment ile 


March 8, L88t, 

Somervilla Pe Tuck, Faq, 
Assist mt, Cormissioner-General, 

Wasihingeon Sdg., 1 B'way., New York. 

Dear Sirt- oy ee 
Lam in receipt of your letter of the 6th inotant, 
analosiny invoiaoa in triplicate, for sasa 870, and in whieh yor 
state that the game was forwarded by the S,. 5, GERMANTA. I pre 
sume yo intended to any “S. S, GERMNANIC, * As these matters of 

S:ipment havo all received the attention of my agent, Mrs We de 
Hammer, who himself sailed on the avaaner "aeimanio” the dey in 
fore -yenterday, ant as I am unfamiliar with the details of your 
arrangenents for shipments of material to the Paris Expoati tion, 
riigtt I ask you to kindly explain tw me what constitutes thr error 
in comection with the -swhipmmnt oF ease 270, This will enable we 

‘to sonmunicate intdlligentiy with Mr, Manmer wpon hig arrival on 

ee etnairasen eet 

the other side, ant to“take mek steps as art neosssary tO havo 

the mistake romedaml, 
Koute indy, 7 

we be 

at v 


* Mareh a, BQ. 

Fwerett Frazur, Msqe < 
Lod Vater Strest, 

Neer, York City. 

My Dear Sirs- 
I hog to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 

"th instant, gneloasing three copies of the agreement with Mre 

Ohurchil2, all of which I had Mr. Chirahill execnite, and two copies 

of tt sane I onelose herewith. 
Me. Faison ie satisfied with Hr. Churehili's qualifications, 

and we believe that you have aenured the serieea of d Fhrat elass 

“abll-reund man for your electrical business in China, Japen gd 

-Goretrre I gave Mre Ghurchill one eopy of the agreement above méne 


Yours truly, 


ty i ae . 
LE SEL e, 


Private Sacrefyyys 

we if. 


= SS 

SIT ere 
Lee ——— 

= ee 
Ei Ree aad 

See ene 

Moreh 8, 89 

‘Measrs, Dyer & See ly, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirsie- 

Mr. Fdioon desires you to obtain for him a copy of 

‘the .U.,S. patent covering the Jelande form of battery. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 


a Oe ga 
Saal ad 


March 8, 89. 

Mesara. Dyer & Sealy, 

“New York City. 

Dear Sirus - 

I learn this moming that Mr. Faison hag lost ‘his 
ouse in Canada, with reapest of his lamp patents. In there ay 
appeal from the decision of Sia idteeionae who gave judgment 
in this instance? Or is there any possible way unfer ‘Cana dian 

law of reopening the cae? 

‘Yours truly, 

Oe ane eeanaeere ee 8 
= ot eee 

Private Secretary. 


1k RA a ET eran nd 8 Sapa Hae ea 


Mareh 8, 1889. 

The. Fdison Machine Yorks, 

Scheneatady, Ne Ye 

Dear Sirs:- 

We aro sending you by this mall blue prints of the 
Ore Milling machine as it is to he mde in future. the frame 
ap you know, will be made to suit the partioulur plant or Location 
for which it is intended. Please hear in mind that the mapnot 

ig to have no sharp edycr. Tha edges are to he rounded off thus: 

Pf ltteers 

Yours truly, 

ahoratory of Those Ae Fdison 
ha. F OLS 
“ 7g 

L ee Le 


March 8, 890. 

My Dea Professor Marks, - 

IT hog to confirm the rec sipt of your 

te legran of yestarday as follovsi- 

"Run of last night eight hours was without e 
single aceident or trounle of any sort or 

kind. Vine Dy Marke." 

Yours tywuly, 

COLL A Eo. Bods 

Prof, Yn. D. Marks, ; 

Fdison Fleetric Light So., 

ah on Ce 


Philadelphia, Pa. 

March 8, 89, 

My Dear Professor Marks, 

I beg to confirm the following telegram 
st vou to-dayt. 

“1 congratulate you. ENISOn, « 
to ¥ 

Yours t mily, 



Kom ia Tate ti tea beotrcte 

Fanci takes i inves 


Mereh 9, 89. 

Magoor 5S. 3, Maton, 
120) Brasdway » 

New York Oitye 

My Pear Sirt- 

I want to have a gontrast drawn, on Mr. Pdison's 
pehalf, covering hin atrangement with Nessra, Frazer & Co., Now 
LAA, Water Street, New York City, in regard +o the sale of phono~ 
graphs in China and jeans The principal soins are, (1) That Hi. 

u- Hddison gereos to sapply, Frasar & Co, with phonographs at factory 
price = that is, the same price at which they are delivered to 
the North Am, Phono. fo., plus $10, which. latter amount is a 
fixed profit to Mr. Fdigon. (2) Terma of payment. (4) extent of 

sales. I wild call and see you some time next week and explain 

Yorurs may fing 
ia rhe i Ag : <% 

“Mager Segratary. 



fully to you what is required. 

eae awe Fie 

pees CE eek 

March 9, LaSo, 

Amerdean “atch Tool Company, 

Wehina mm, Mase, 

Dear Sirste 

Shen may we eapnnt 6 veasives the lathe naad whieh 

*@ Sint vow nome & hen nyo ta he renelredt Pieuse turry this 

Torus. a owe naee &t etry wah. 

Yourg teuly, 

Hareh 8, 89, 

Sanniel Insult, ¥sqe, 
Gen'l, Hanaser, 

Tha Faisdn Mashing “orig 
$ c 

pheneetaay, Me Y. 

Dear Sir:. 

In reteranse to the attached Letter from the Chieass 
Faison Company 

‘in vepard to Sxplosions of junetion boxes in the 
undersround syst em 

in Shicaro, ank in reply to your letter of the 

Wh inatant, the only thing I know of whia gh will erp ectually overe 

some these airy aulties, 

is chloroform, {I an quite sure that if 

ahloro forn ip used in the iunetion boxes of the Chicago s 

save as it has boa in the 


New York uptown ai strict, there 

will be no more Lwuble with 


Youwrs very truly, 

March @, 1889, 

Sole Georga FE, Gonraud, 
Nittle Menta, Upper Norwood, 

Surrey, Pnielantte 


i. Franek 2%, Maguire informa me that he wishes to 
negotiate with you in connection with the phonograph in South 

America, and I write vou this letter for the Purpose of informing 

you that Lo have no your nagot iating with Mr, Maguire, 

Yours very truly, 

Marek 9, 80. 

Major S, 3%. Raton, 

220 Riwnye, New York City. 

Dear Sirt~ 

Io helieve shat vou have in your possession the son 
tracts between Col, Geo, F, Gouraud avi Mr, ere I enclose 
herewith sopy of a letter to Sol, Sourend from Mr. Fdisan which 
should be attached to these contracts, as it is really om interpre. 
tation of that portion of the eontracts re ferred to which provides 
that Cole Gourand shall do nothine to imperil or shorten the Lives 
ot Mr. Fdicon's U, S&S. patents on the phonoprap the It hecane neees-~ 
sary for ns to instmet Tol. Gouraud in this mamer, for the rea- 
son that he either sould not or would not comprehend the way in 
whioh the law of this eantry with vespect of patents in interpw- 
ted by the Courts of the United States. The correspondence Leading 

up to the Letters attached is all on file in this offices. I ad 

letters, with the sontracts. 
Yours truly, 

March 9, 1859, 

New York & New Jersey Telephone O60, 

Orange, Me Te 

1 desire to have a long distanes 48 Lephone pai in my 
office at this Laboratory, and a Leep oe from the heboratory toa 
your Fxehunge in Orange, so that I ean get metallie communication 
to Naw York, “ill you please advise m& what it will eost to have 
this done. Io also desire to have a telephone put in my house in 
Lievellyn Park. It might be well for you to send a representative 

up here to see mee 

Private Secretary, 

Mr y Woo B,  %y 

frre Union Hote, ; 

Sea “ark ity. 

Dene Fires 

Loe Late os 

Sk ARS heONi 

received. Tne Latter fur tte Tut Lew teeks hae heen working 

awith soma very important exper nents 

AQ Sort on 

iid taka to avant yor an inverviews Mre 

é Te 

yore rawesh., st 


Réleon resrets thet he cennot eom iy wit 


there ds any iine sen da five von, 

ava! hiwemnteeesn AP stvabetnento tee gcimttns #4 mney ea 

‘March 11, de. 

Heparg, Dyor &® Sanly, 

Nar York city. 

Dea Sorat 

i wrote you gor Yew drys age, aring for ea airy at 

the . Ss Patent covering the Lalande farm of battery. We have 

réevazved a cormmntention which mentions a U. 8B, Patent on this 

buttery, tinder date Marek 20,b, LASK, and mimberad 274110. Hr, 

Kiiseon ig of whe opinion thet thera ion later patent than the 

totter, and desirras you to Lotk inte tha meatier and sort him 

copies of uli ratenta whieh have oan prunted by ow Jovernment 4n| 

the shove connéotion. 

Yourn tauly, 

ww Mota Saqretarye 

Marth 11, 89, 

Hie ONsrood Ae “Wiley, 

I have ree sive your letter of 9th instant, . 
Trier Spgs thine that YOu Bhoula ao, is to aqome to the Lavora= 
tory amd bag ange YOUr ascount.> 

There are aertain expenses which | 
you have incurred. of mato we have no memo rentim, ant this, of 
ganese, inereasey tie amount ‘of your overdraft. aa it atanda on 
our wooks.s To shath Inok zor you some time OMMaST OY (Tuesday), 

and when you come L with ym would sank for Mr, Randolph, who has 

the dttatie of this makter in hand, and who wilt ge thraugh the 

h you, Lor the purpose er ascertaining axactly how it 

abarndn oat progent, 

Yourg very tral Y; 

Marsh AL, 89, 

Somerville P, Tuck, Mag., 

Ansi + Ant~-Comniseioner densral, 

4 Broadway, New York Ofty, 

Desy Sirta 
X am very muh obliged for your kind lettora of tha 

Wh Lustante 

I have comminientéd with my Agent, Mr, Harnist, rom 

gerdin: shipment per S, S, “Germinin,* ard have forwarded to Cy 
To Challar & Coo, Noe 160 Fulton St., New York, aheck toe cover 

thee bhilis for cartage. The ville Loy trueking for pursious 

Fxyosition goods sent to Reramann & O,, The Faison Tramp foe, and 

The Kéicen Machine Works, were vorrently Mi sposed ot. 

Your q vary truly, 

Moreh 12, 89. 
J» trke, Msq., 

Llewellyn Park, New Jersey. 

I enclose herewith a yilt noverins your share of 
expensea in comeation with Light supplied to your house in Lievel~ 
lyn Park from March 2688 to February 1886, »oth inclusive, amomme 
ting to $624,759, The rate, 1 fe cents per ampere hour, is equal 
to gas at about $1.50 per thousand cubie feet, and da calmlated 
to cover Just the actual expense of running aur éneince and Wna~ 
mos for the agcormedntion of those wha Giles tight from the banora~ 


Yours vary 

Marah 12, 1880 

He Ba Auchineloss, Maqe, 

Vlewellyn Park, New Jarseye 

Dear § “i rite 

L-enslose herewith a bill covering your shave 
of expenses in eonneetion with Light app ited £0 yours honwad in 
Llewellyn Park from March 1888 to February 1.889, toth inclusive, 
amounting ta $514.85. The rate, 1 1/2 cents per umpera how, is 
equal to aa at about $1,509 per thousand evbic. feet, and is ante 
aulatzed to cevrer just the actual oxpenne of running, ont er:mines 
und dynomos Lor the acsommodation of those who take Light fror. 
| the Imboratowry. 

Yous very truly, 

Mareh 12, 89, 

My. Dear Sinise, = 
T have your latter of 8th instant, and eam glad 

ta hear af the Great aucaess which has attended tne opening of 

the Philadelphia station. I showld Like very rich to run over, 

AS am Bo. Kusy with my experimental work 4+ is impossible for me 

to get away, Batchelor, too, tanchia bands {full with the phono. 


Yours very a, LF MS 
” e. . wo 
ys : £: 


Gardiner GO, Sims, Faq., 

o/o Fdison Fleetrie light Qo., 
Philadelphia, Pas 

‘ghourht that in tho meantime you might diseharge tha dent, not 


Marah 12, 1860, 

Jenes Dredge, Manq,, 

London, *¥nelande 

Pear Stri~ 

in velavenga to the attuched letter from the London 
Poragis Ndlivery Go., in reeard to an fonourit of ZC AatinA, gue then 
for eonveyins 20 pankayes from Crystal Pat age to Negsyse Vantin 
and Newmry'sa, as per order of 0, 5, Wiley, if the amount is qor= 
veat, Will you kindly pay the bill ani ineloude game in we next, 

eraft on Mr, Rdaisime Iovontld send ramibtance direat, wt have 
2 5 Pennell 
knowing what tho sarte hat Qtén referred ame to us. 

Yours very ul 

Mar eh 12, 1889, 

an NeAlpina, Faq,, 

ty Nontsy, + How York Herald, 

ge York tix Ys 

iy AsCOor dang: with ny Letter 36 

YOU Under dete. 6th 

dustenn, © vollad 

Sain at Mr, 

lndelif tes Baboratory, at the 

Hour reed in my Letaer, wet 


/ Share Was na one ine If you aan 

mee Bn ape aint 

“ment Far we, 

Iwilh go in asain one day this weer, 

Awaitios crows “erky. 

T an, yours very trnly, 

Private Seoretary, 

roe 8 
be” . 4 

Maren 22, 38, 

Mr, Wy J. Hummer, 

Raison Mahihit Machinery Palace, Paria Foposit ion, 

Parvtka, Fronae, 

, Dogr Sirt-- 

L encloge herewith a letter which se have reo'd, 

fyom Somexville ?, 

to “hich dacdnvoiees in triplieate for duse 270, 

Tuck, Assintant Commissioner General, attached 
We have algo 
renaived from Conmisaiones Tuck a conmunieation, im reply to ona 

of ours asking whut constituted the orror in eomaction with the 
Shipment of cnse 270, in whieh he states thet, inasmuch as the 

cane in question wont Larvard by Se S. “sormanie® and has gone to i 

Liverpool inetead of Havre that it will be necessary for you to 

look it ap and not expat to find it with other consignments of 

our godds through the Comutssione I presame that this eave was 
shippee per 5, §S, *dermnio” instead of "derommin® intentionally, | 
aha that yen ste aware you will have to see to ffs being Pirsartad 
to Parig scuPeeL he i also arclows invoide for oane 289, 

Yours Yory triky, 

fag spt PEO A SEES 


ba eo a i assy 
Marah dn, ete 

Commagnin Goaivirentede Tdi son, 
ar dog, Seanse.s 

4. apse tee bf 
e Unameessin, ? 

Y fae won 

Loan yery roel obi 

aoomy uabbosram, mobify ang bs 

ty TIE CE Teg 
ee WLR oe Bealeton Patent, ses 
ov, Genre Novduhe pr, thank gy Jor your 
. Soa SSONU 
Yours very truly, 
ss Lae 
— Fred C0 Meterace 
Leet Le, Geka I Ree 

See adll 

Foyvers of Lith insets, 

H-5, paid by Masses. 3 

6 Sy Morenn 

March 12,92, 


Harrison, Nowe Jersey. 

Dear Sirate- 

L yetnarn herewith note of the Fad son Lamn Co, Ye. 280. 
2 a] 

ae seen Bs 
at Divo morths, fer $1) 552 

¢78, anclosed & ith vourg of 11th inst., 

why os mae 2% - A 5 : 
Which has peen signed by Mr. Fdisgon, as President, 

RI Yours truly, 


Mrrvoh 12, 80. 


My Dear Hori Wor, - 
Ian very mush obliged for your Letter of 

ultimo, enclosing statement of phonograr he, materisls ta. Vag'de 
und yon will please. aeaept. 

by Col. Gourand from thc Laporasory 

my thanks for saree 

Yours very truly, 

Mr. He de CO. Hamilton, 

London, Fngland 


Marah 12, 20. 

My Dear Liver ,~ 

With raferenca ta vor Lotter of &Bth instant, 

Iobeg to inform vai that tho Ore Milling blue prints were fare 

Warded to the Hachine Yorke, Scheneetady, on Friday Last, 

Yours very truly, 

H. id, Tidvor, Fsqe, 

19 Dey Street, New York City, 

Opty fea faa: 

cro nt sess i the emp 
Wow haw ted thi omethed, 7 on ee 

cod rseutls, tracklan ee Pog tai 
| eh We sacaae J rmdlinl uth, the ee 
Faccee ar Jeane re Ze f ee 

Oe ba ate iat ian tenn oe 

Aermanw babiinch (auth 
 heawrqak A. } 

van tae chan ph Kong founth check 

ry] sons ; 

¢ oa Cae ON ae » 

Atnman Igation hl Benak 
hiuwark kh. } 

Dea daw | | | 

: 7 es Jiow Aewith chek ho 2603 

fom fi bhefonnee po hoor Toe 


oa wrth aud ebliocs 
Ronaw QA. Frlea.nx 

Major 5 
My Near 

recthyed Ovo Nee Smead, relatives to aleotrie belt. Lt am ine ° 

@ Lanne 




eo % Batens, 

Lon Beendway, Maw Yothk> 

To ennlos® herewith snotter letter whith we have 

ne think vhah thie main has heen deerivers by the egant 

a him the bole. FT da 


Thradore Pateon, ° 

hh ELhbarvage, Ye had some trorslie of thin kind sefore 

vy Tamlingen smheaeded In manning cow. 

March 14, 89, 

not helieva that theve is gich w 

and an all probability the nero is 

Yours traky, 

Marah 14, $9. 


Yhwe vour Letter af Wath instars, 

EAIba you betorg, is working night ana day 

Gat Bes had hia sherthes: 

hes a4F only onae dnpving the Last. twa waekas 

tT fount veay cre if he wih. be able te see yon this waek, aa ke 

Nou ve finees sever. raqeste of a Like nature rvam a minhar of 

: es 
ota Yelenis, 

You Rintls shen wea ret the note ‘hien DD forwarded 

fos yoasrdoas Tsttse end Lo owilh set veu the ald note, unless 

Yeee Care me mak done 

Mite: Veet lrewster, 
‘gu fouh Thomas Siegk Cov, 
40 Morsay Ste, New vo- 


Maron 14, 89, 

Loyvetuin nresevith Latter to yourself from Genoral 

Remgara, for the past forshight Mre EFdimon hag been working 

nig and aay, When your messnge gaae ovar, in regard to Colonel 
Andvevs, Mro Fdigmn had not his elethes off for nearly a week and 
Wag 96 vharwaghiy exmisted that he did not feel gapabla of entar 

bainine a vigitor, Towrine you this extoanation in ose yon may 


Me Preston Hix, Faas, 
Foiwen Fleatrie Light o., 

36 Broke Sto, New York . 

Sertsta gree eeieeee 2 aad ant eae eo eee ae 

March 14, 39, 

Mro Ro We Fingent, 
Avoh inon, fopekn & Sunta Fa Ry Re, 

Pop ek uw, Mangas. 



Tiger Serie . 


an veoely to yore lntter of Bth instant, I png to say 

that Hre Bdigon im so AGhY oncupied with his experiments he gan- 


not gives porsmnal sttontion ta the mthject, of your aommuication. 

1 think, however, that To ean give you the ipfornation you nsk for. 
tun yenrs ago, in New York Gity, I sav and heard an ele othi- 
2 eee aR you deverine. Vibratory hawers were arranged 

anove ovr delow the strings of the instrument and connec tad 

id to vibrate against the strings whon the keys of the piano 

« eh 
word dapranset, the reunit Reine a tone very mich Like that af an 


ss manu By moving 3 witeh the battery camneation of these arms 

ana theiy mugneta was broken, and the piano gonld then be used in 

the ordinary wanner. 1 peliova sinee that time further experiments 

have heer, saritied on and more perivgt resilts obtulnnad,, I am un~ 
aple to sive you tha nanes of the people interest et an these ox- 

periments, mis you sould doubtless Pind ord all about 1% ty -ad- 

Yours wery erudy, 

aresaing ona af the New York electrigal jotrnaldl 

Marth 14,80. 

Co Fo “himrock, Ms, Vlee-Presidemnt, 
The Riilcn United Manufacturing Co., 


RF Mfth Avenun, New York City. 

feogou 8 nice. Oe Sata 

Eepl IS PIE EE nn 


I oso, «a aaknowlLedgs regeift of your letter of 9th 




instant, in regard to Mr, Aarke's underground installation. In 

iewber tc gua under date Feh, léth, 1 stutad that we heliev od 




thet the work eeald .2 done at a cost not excetding $1,900, whieh 


waa Mro Xannelly's estimate, and XY stated that we would undertake 

the wert in your tehal? ang rond@ bills for the ekast exponditure. 

J @ie not sev, md did not intemi te tmoaly, that we aonld anaamc 

anv “esponsibility whatever in the matter, nor do wo dasirh to 

enter into wig guarantees with reseet of post. The nattor is 

gampiy one af indlragt interast ta 'un, and I want into it thareug- 

24. pliner it befare you in @ praper light., beewine I 

Ry oan Be Fe 

Bne® ven .ché net uliow an injustice to he dong any of yonr qas~ 

han gonsideration I think it would bo very itch 

BT oye 
tonwet, Upen feruh 

une satiuxyagtory 12 ron would have vorr own men do tho works Me 

will We var: vlad to render vou all assiatunce in our Power, art 


Mr, Kennelly has in nie resaeasion data 

that will be very ugeful to 

YOUr enzineara, 

it ongit not to sake lors +9 neike the proposoé 

shang s, and ifvor will 

‘Rend one of your engineers up here im~ 

me&liatkely he can sea Mr, Kemelly and prepare from Plans which the 

latter has a list of material that in required. It woula ne well 

For you to take adv ‘mitage of this favorable weather and 0% the 

Work ay 

ne before Hr, Thurke ca@meness the usual spring: improvements 

on his proporty, 


SE Get ae ey Aa eee = 2 

Mateh 14, LS&6. 

Zo have rour Lettor of the 8th instant, 

Meiers oubiining a proporiiton fr you to make to Barer, 1 

wei stro $0 bngw what otieqt the reaont aegision nf the Paputy 

Commi aaiones of Pat@nas, in gonntetion with Faison law patonts, 

felt, +O have on your businers, Are you ging tO cOntinne your 

‘atenent mylLasionea with Sarr or muat thay gseaga? 

We Ho eur. Fade, 
SZ Wolbirston Ste Mast, 

‘tyvanto, Carnda. 

March 14, 89, 
Mro T. le McAlpine, 

New York Hernlda, New York City. 

Denr Siete. : “Fe 
Penr Sist T have your note of 1th instant, and shal] »e 

* _ a ‘at one : . 
pleaser to antl at Mr. Sadeli tte's Leboratory any day you desir 
Pay 3” 

at, 34 Uh ay avi i , 
rt v @ fo return herewith Mr, Raddliffe'ts Letter enclo Bed with 

Yours tnder renby, 

Yours truly 

March 14, 89, 

fo Heo Bergen, 
“215 West Pratt St., 

Yaltimors, Hide 

tn nnn 

I beg to afvise you that the box of ore referred to | 

in your letter of 14th ultimo was rec eived atthe Lahoratory | | 




Yours + si 

Barah 15 

Col. George Ny Gouraind, 

hiztds Menlo, “pper Norwood, 

Sarrey, Tngland. 

The following Le an extraet from a letter ‘under 
date Feb. Guth, 50, which t have reenived fw tre %, S, Stewart, 

ot Conoeycion, Chiles- 


. 2, 6 « o Xk have arranged with the house of Matthews, Richaris 

sh _& Qos, of BMrningham, Yalpuraiso ond Coneepeian to arrange . a 
are the whole matter with Cole Jouraud, and here alrreugy for~ 

verdad Mil. inst mations end powér#, Gore arliales In the 
Fnglian Tngineer have somemnat frightened cur penpite hore, 
Mitt th® agteed priee will he paid’ when wa set the instru- 
rent; or a suffieient guarantee in cash will te reife in 
Londen if go required, alshough we trint that Sot. Gouraud 
wilk not be go exasting, having confidenos in- the sasinoss. 
The nentiemen here interested ars the “solid sen” of hile, 
nn it has coat wm no amall amount of Lsbor to get them 
interested, havin; to tranalate all of the very meugrn data 
in my possession into Spimishe One waa reemtly Secretary 
of the Treasury, ond another is a son of a ox-Presi dent, 

Ir the instranem ia now ralatively perfect I ean sormand any 
amount of emital, tut I chink it afvisasle to send me bz 
return mail all new data and printed mtser, eo tint I can 
elearly present the qiention, Alao a phonogrem from your~ 
self nnd others whem inateeenit is shippe@ und eiear ine 
sevugeionst for management. » » » vif ym ehip phononreaph, 

ade bint 1% tevin Hsing Lined box mvt that tho eyLindors 

ine mile to atand equator wanther ana packed acéot ding] y.” 







Yours tidy, thks LZ. 


Rareh 15, 1829, 

Mise Heese Glharper, 

USA Bast 94h fr * 

ae . i 
eg Mek Vane dha 


Very rsh pleased “o eee 

SEM tree ney (Saturday) atien. 

. 4 ree re wae x 
HUm wae Leartyars Dae eg 

Bey ot by ind Cuwar to rmyke Your 9 

home outrage SP GF me prasad, trae 

Saheratery on souh USSEB LONE « 

Yours very -tre-wdy, 

, , Pu ed ea ideeceal 
Zs By % 

a eee . ‘ 
The Soaiaty of Tel esreph-Fnsirneers & Blootriaians 

lA Mr yeti 
#4 The. Sans Pua, Vestmingter, London, Tngland. 

Peavy Sirgt- 

Ploase note that Mr. Rdisn's address is "Arango, 

N a eo wy aj $ + 3¢ > ; 
° ey Soo apove, und not MENT PARK, where your reports &a. are 

eemerealiy addvosseg ta 


Youes titaly, 


Privatn Seqretury. 

March U5, 8 

The Faison Linn Coe, 
Harrison, N. d. 
Nem Sirst- 
In reply to yours of lth instant, Nr, Ricalton's 
enaagement has expired, and his salary Should ease. 

. Yours teraly, 

March 35, 89-2 




ee eka ® 
Hy 3 

we 2 

yo 2 Sy 


Yarnh 15, 89. 
Mre T- Ay Yall, Gon't. Sup't,, 
FALLon. Flaatyrig Light Con 

Naw York Sity. 

Near Sirt. 

Please acesps my thanks for the copy of your nae 

itetrnetion beok on operating dynamns in Pai sn eentral stationg 
Which sou kindly nent mes 1 WILL take maugh pleasure Ly patusd pe 

Yours tialy, 

. y 

fe fs 47 2_y? 7 af 
é Fan df,  Gcketsec, ma 
oh a : 
asa ode : 

March 16, 89. 
The Rdison Lamp Co., 

Marrison, MN. 7. 

rpeeea peta 


Dear Sirsi- 

I raturn herewith note ‘lo. 287 of the Ritson Samp o6., 

at. four months, dated Mare 15, Y8EO, for the sum of B34L.92, in 



favor af the Consolidated Fruit Jar So., ¢rcloaed with yours of 

ith instant, duly signed py Mr. Raison, as President. 

Youra trily, 
Leet xy, 2 Private See'y, 



Hargh 18, 89. 

Messrs. Dyer & Seclv 

Naw Yowk tay, 


Totriglose hemiwitn & lettor uddresand to mysel? by 

% ‘ eT si & ; ‘ q 7 7 
fol, fourand vnder date Lith amsite, alaa a Lotter fron Col. Gou~ 
Vang addreased ta pomtseives, whish was forwarded to moa with the 

former. Gol, Gourd states that a-siimple eopy of tne Ameria 

specifiention and che acconpunving Cravings are all that is negos- 

aary Lo erable nim to pst out hig fereimn patentse Will yan kindly 

let me know what, in Mr. Fdison'’s intorests, 18 best to te mne in 

This matter. 

Youru very trdly, 

aot sh 


Private Seeretarye 


Mareh 18, 39+ 

He HW. Uivor, Rane, 
19 Noy Strem, 

ter Yark Citys 

My Year Sirse 
Ian asonding you by thin wakl under another «aver 

gine prints of the fra Milling mnghines Lommy eay that it ia 

wsnal to eregt tho frame work of oa installation of this kind 40 

suit the local conditions which wheres rork ta ta oarvied 


Yours vory truly, 

Priwate Seqratarye 

Mareh 1S, 89. 

Mre Wm. Fe Parsons, Tre, 

LLO Ghambors 54., Maw York oity. 

Loe; to inform you that your Letter of 9th instant 

te Mr, Faison hes been referred to Hessrs. 3eraann “& Cog, Noe 
29R Aves Be, aw York. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 

March 18, 89. 

Messrs. Dyer & Sealy, 

New York ity. 


Rear Sirat ~ 

then may vo oxpect to receive the copy of Us, Se 
Patent covering the Lalande form of hattery which we asked you 
to promre for us Mareh Sth, Hr. Fidison is in a turry for thise 

Yours traly, 

Join I. Seges, Fsqe, 
#en'l, Manager & Vice~Pres't., 
Madison Fleatric Til, Go., New York Citys 

ar Siren 

The letter from President Spencer Trask, of the 
FRdison Flectrie Lllwainating Go, of New York, under date 15th inst. 
adéeessed to vourself, a copy of which was forwarded to me, rogar- 
ding «a contemplated new station in the first district, and soligi- 
tirg explicit. anawern ta a munber of questions for presentation to 

the Canpuny's Sourd of Directors, has brought to my mind a train 

of airemastances which, while never entirely forgotten, have heen 
for a number of years partially obscured by affairs of greater in- 
portance, and reference to tham on my part has been withheld by 
the hope, whieh If have always harbored, that. some day those fa- 
~idiar with the subject and having power to act would revert to 
the period I touch npon an@ cause justice to be done me for “the 

issiatance i at that time voluntarily extended to a Company which 

nfter demonstrating the practisability of my system of underground 

ineandeseent alectric Lighting, was unable to earn an amount maf- 

ficient to cover its Legitimate operating expenses, The probes of 

RLS wpa bees et 

tens - the sane hy the Way who a short while 

WEP Seo Ges yaad tie diseovery af » weak spot in that portion 

By fs eva Grtellect whieh has to deal with cormercial affairs - 

i veak snot in the system known as the First 

Haetwioh. on enka f.noturully felt timid to approach a subject 

eo, lo redo heen in tarcwed Rpon such excellant authority, nature 


wip me to sonsider intelligently, my desire for 

the eyo nw initial electric listing station finally overe 
L wat ST cafex® ‘Ceo ling ane IT set out earnestly upon a vovara oP 

“PY OTL MY ow asnaunt. It took me but a short time to 

“S4ieion thet the entixe fault Lay in the ailrect 

ent of the stations thut the position of Superintendent was 

osespled by an incompetent man, and that g change ensuring a proper 

aiministration of thia of Ciee wonla not only render the station 

sed, f+ suginin 

out would brim, to the stockholders a return for 
the mone they nad invested. q selected a man, had Him placed in 
CHaVse and personally agreed to pay him Ten Thousand Dollars as 
saoy a6 he pl sieceNdan i making the station earn a dividend aP 
ive per gant on $1,900,000,00, The result of this arrangement is 
eupreased ig the report of the Treasurer of the Company under date 
dnity 27th, 1885, an extract from which I grote: 

pleasure in announsing that a quarterly dividend 

of one pear cent, being the first dividend on the Sapital 
atogk of this Company, is payable on August Ist, 1855." 


rio Sa MENUHS, 

chited a detailed report of th 

ay axhipt e 
do expanses of the Company, showing that the 
wy Por tho six monthe ending Junt Oth, LES, 

ve aL L ax pants oP every deserijt ion, 
» Pregident farther stated that. the Com 
: agely free Prom floating dett of. any 
hand, tha debt inet ered in inareasing. the saincity of 

Lan hain heen entire ly paid from eare 
after such payment, and efter the pay- 
far gurrent supplies 

f $19,559.40 



& Mest 
Li ontstanting seesints 
am the aarnings ‘a sum o 

Lieuble to aividendse® 


ace oof T16.548.40 applied es above on dividends was just 

Shon the gmeant (219,000) whieh I had. a fey monthr 


to the man of my selection 

an Tohava in a jo@ilar why re ferred to 

ne presence of some of my good friends, vig won & 

preomisad to seaure on ba foe tats. in 

why ustal ye, out whether they gonsider that 8 self imposed onli = 

Lien, winwed in Ghee sirtethy gonmercial Light whieh Alone ren 

“ae bs visible to thers, presents tee absurd ari appearanse 

so sonsideration, Gr ehather they have simpiy taken ad 

boys aw, forbearance, L eaimot 88¥e I only know that | 

-uay gone towards recornising. the service which 1 

whan tney sorely needed ASHLEE ANGE o 

B time 

Tine and again singe tho odeurrence of the above ovents, I 

heve furnished those who then sat 

in judgment UpOn nm and rendereg 

‘their intellisent, verdiot, with fregh evidence of the utter lack 

Gf the Prormereial™ dev lapme nt oF my character, most notably in 

CommStion with the new lamp. After omerimenting for a year ard 

a half, ut my ow expense, I -presented them with a lanm which on- 
abled shinny ta Obtain titty per gent more light from a given amount 
of power ~ the net resnlt of which so far es I am Personally gon~ 

cemerd being almost the: riination of my herwith from oyarag rk and 
tam fretory. an inuraased east of mnipfactrre ana the TONE quent 
reduction of its éarning caprcity, 

In moantioning these events do not denire in any way to 

Sonvey the impression that I am unwil ting ta render you at the 

present time any assistance which lies in my power, nor do I moan 

vO indieute the dev elopment of 3 purely commercial side to my 

character, Noither go I with to forna appreglation upon thosa 

WhO cannot comprehend an unselfish-action, Hut my time, to myself 

at least, is valuable, and 1 am engaged upon work, whien in my ON 

poor judgment is important, and in laying it aside to give further 

attention to the affairs of vour Company, which I wilt gladly ao 

to any extont cireunstanees may require, I sonsider the Oceasion a 

fitting one to plane on record & few incidents whieh have been 

brought to the sirface of my memory hy your President's letter 

referred to in the domnencement of this communication. 

Youra very truly, 

Sea cca 

epee eS etre 

March 20, 99. 

Se Whood Paye, Msiqes 
The Edison & Swan Uninet Eleetrie Light Coe, 

Bondoan, Fnpland. 

Bag ve 

My Dear Sirt- 
For the purvyoss of convenient referers 4 IL oan, having 

afl Mr. Raison's contracts aopied in conseoutive order, accoreing . 

ta the ir dutes, ond in groups With relation to tha ‘yasiness to 

which they rofer, in a Contrset Bonk, and in seanehing far sertalin 

agraommtn vetween Mr, Fdison pna the old London Raisen Mlentrie 

Light do., I have discovered annut several of thone ave missinge 

It has oooursred to me that eopies of these eantractse are in 

your possorsion, end. i woulda, therefore ask you if you wuld yery 

kindly have duplicates made of any agreements betwaen Mr, Faigon 

and tre old hondon Naieon Mieatric hight ing Coe, alas batween Mre 

Raison and the Faison & Swan United Mlectric Lighting Cov, together 

with copica of any. other eontracts Which directly oF indirdgtly 

tapose an o¥Lligatjon upon Nr. Edison? TI may soy that l mite you 

at Miry Madite's sepeation, end he W112i be gréatly indented for 

ahy tavistonty thioh yout tae badd ttn 4y, the above connest {ons 


I will, of vowree, remit upon advice the amount af my 

Sxpenses which you ara onliped to fneur in complying with my 

Te que st , 

Yours very treahy, 

LO pays 

Private Sesretary, 

i eh 

March 20, 89, 

My Dear He, Dickson, - 

Lo ohave revseived all of ymir reaant letters 
end will vepty more filly to them as soon as I get certain infor- 
mation which I have reached for in several direoticnse - I expeat 
edvice in a day or two relative to the Cutada Consolidated Gold 
Mining, Gow, and if it turns out that they have filed their reports 
for LU88~9, copiss af thean reparts will pa sant mt, ant I will 

forward them to yon. 

Geos Ve Dinkoon, Taqe, 

Ralieville, Int», Canada. 


Messrs. DByar &S ecly, 

New York Gitye 



Seely a few days ago regurding foveipn Gre Mil ee patents, 


wishes, which are that, 

you of 

which relates to golds - 

you t4o mak 

ores, leaving out the gold pr ocess 

March 20, 89. 

Kdieon has read your letter of Akt 

and the writer explained fis views orally to your ir, 


I now. beg to confirm my varbal statenent of Mr, Bdigon'’s 
inasmuch as there is no gold in Norway, 
nomit that portien of your appligation far that counthy 
La fanenh ‘to Germany, Hro Fdison nesires 

e the first alaim, also the claim qovering. oolithic <itron 

Privatc Secretary. 

Mareh 320, 1989. 
Mir, Ne Ga Sprague, Sup't, Tele, . = 

Kansas City, Peo Seott & Memphia Re Re, 

Keaneans City, tt. 

Dear Sir?-~ 

In reply ta your Lettar of 12th instant, I tg to say 
thet it waa through an ovorsiyht tha omission was made of tin 
previsions in your contrantse I have had them souniuien and sipned 
oy Mre Faison, in acsordunes with your wishes, and return them 

herewith for signature on nehalr of your Company. 

Yours truly, 

Pleat risian’ 


March 20, Lak0. 

John Surke, “Usage, 

“Llewailyn Park, Fe 7. 



2 Pens Sirte 
i ot 1 orn plensod to sdvise you that, after some Little 
| fs > 
| ; 
Sy aoepeypendemeds with the Tdisen United Mi f's. Coe, who are the 


eneetardres of the Belson “vine fo. (the latter having installed 

your iyi om Byatem of conductors), they have renova 


aaah fro veur premig@s the whate of your présent underground inatal- 
lution, and snvatitute Raiaon tunes entirely at their own oxpense. 

bas Tne following £8 an oxtrant from 2 Letter that I have. jist roo'd. 


> . i “ " Uni rte, Oneteo 

by rrom the Vics Preahtent er the Faison United H't'’t. Ca. 

5 “You pre right, that I realine she neqsasity of oatis- 

= fying a quotomer and, with that ides in view, hays fore 

warded a sormunisation ta the Fdalaon Machine “ort pn, 

nukirg, titer te sem a competent man -to consult with fr. 
Yormelly with the view of handing us an estimato for the 
underground ¢onduntore regiired to make Nr. ®rke'’s ine 
utallation sutigfantery. nm receipt of their bid youn 

cnn vont aantrad the matter wil) rognive promt attention,” 

guring the past year. 

“an these gubss a Laid, you aan reat asmured that there 

whl ‘es ono ropatition of the mnoyances that hive bed so fraquent 

ta a nals sina ac etccahe et i 


Mareh 29, 1859, 

The Sdison Lan Company, 

Narr ison, Ne Te 

In revly ta your Letter of 18th instant, I peg to 
say that lire Hannington’s expenses for his Inanion trip, anount ing 
to $550, is elmrzeabke aguins’ yourselves and shoule Se nredited 
te his agccaunte The manier in which you indicate it is your ine 
tention to adiust this acecwnt, leaving eB debit agiingt Mit, Mane 

ningsant of $129.50, in correct. 

Yours very truly, 

e. eOs: 


Private SegretAa ry. 

March 20, 89. 

Wing F. Brewster, Fsq., 
3fo Seth Thomas Clack So.,- 

20 Murray St., “Mew York. 

I beg to agsknowledgs receipt of yours of 14th inst. 
to Mr. Edison, eneloning now note. I enciese herewith the two 

old notes relorred ta in your letter weler reply. 

Yours tiuly, 

COP ay 

Private Secretar yo 


Mareh 19, La8sg,. 

Geo He 

Ee Att: 

Clnyeine nti, Sie, 


Su Op ones. 


oo totems Pane caesemeat enters amma Dad ae ‘ 


Tae RWilnen Washi Yorks 

Biscay a4 y 
Soh c went, Neo Ve 

Win relarenue to your Letter of 15th instant, we 

1 3 Y the Pea et epee Aqed ve i * 
wisned the rexperieien: tried a aA method of eoplyins she inme 

thod of sqnisting compound on wires, 

Lted eompovnd a practleable one? 

JUG was nok cineated Sat a gompownd formerly provad ta mw destruge 
tiya or bie cetter senisd venue to bs aa simply teeawe $6 78 ape 
whites Gn ¢ Ai tfereack monnere OQ wiasested the methsd anise as 8 

Lost gannot be mute suftieientisy fad 

Yours vy truky, 


Par Do to Me 

March 21, 89. 

Mr. “Wr. Bo Hinhin, 

Fort Myers, Fla. 

Dear Sirs- Se, 
Xeterring further to your letter of 28th ultimo, anne 
I find that the price in New York of smoke stack such as you 

deserise, is 32,00 per running foot. In determining a prine 

et whien lr, Shuits can have the atack you ean use your own 


Yours very 


March 21, 8% 

Jesse He Lippineott, Meqe, 

160 Sreudway, New York, 

Dee Sirs- 
Selonal Gouraud, Hr. Fdieon'a ugent for the phono- 
gern in foreign countries, has written me, ask ing for vertain 

inforestion regarding yoo American Gempani 


taj Proapeetus 
(3) Copies of amreemeants which are made with . 

docel Sompanies. 

(4) Names af Sommanies. ; 
(44 Territory soverad ty anehe 

(5) Gapital Stock af cach. 

{6} Gonsideretion paid for rights, showing 
amount in gash snd amount in stogk, 

{7} Market value of shares, 

Amraamenta for Lease of phonograph. 

Je He In ; “Re 

There mre propably sone quentions here whieh you way not 

i ; 

He desivs to answer, it Lo give them atl juct as Gal, Gouraug has 
a y ie 2 5 : a “ 
q asked, thinking that you may i ahle to let m pave pers off the 
Bet ee 

informition yor hir. Of sonere what he wants to obtain te some 

standard fron which ta shone his own miinssss 

aty Secretary, 

SR nen g a naar 


Narah 20, Bue 

Dexter Reprnolds, “wae, 

tn whe Fidison Unitad H' e's. 

process, has been 


eaitic a aneteh and anata 

Ste Nee eet: Me ott bey t 
ypertuining te the see ciltiing aching, #laca iii ares tie Haeee 
a a a The coat of eewing the 
sR OP EL aL RN NS a shia powor at the point 
wom. vey desten oo oarske soperttions Zoe with notice that a very 
Shigat shathes G2AE cnwee Covréeiatinn, ar there ara very fev wede 
ny eis be an mend dead, ivouenae iven spnde gontain titeani- 
‘ ein fpom, we scot farrine a anenial divider to separate the 
. ne giege oDtyieds Pe . Pare) Linga. 
Lien aang te wenn yiestion as to the percentage of oxide 
ey se angwer thin r+ eatiafagtorily if we had a 
gf Loor4A ce 20 pounds of vu aron sands to ran through tha 
bt, aaa “ ig working at this Pavora,otye We could then 

gend von garpiee of 

cman Aa AHS Senate ON CURRAN EES final Race, 

eeu Ss meet eda | 

free Msi oasatomals staal 

Merch 21, 89, 
Chicage Faison Gampso: , 

thiegagqgqgo, LUs. 

Dear Sirsie 

Lo have reerived your Letter of Lith instant, in 

regard te using shlarefore: in your junction boxes to prevent ex~ 

sys pict, Bacpaet ne Bonet. ®t ig : ; i ae 
plosteng. You shentd plees in the tattom of each junetion wx ke 

& there ounae bottle of ghlora torm, Leaving the mouth of she 

bottle opene This will form in the box a heavy gas which will 
prevent the ingress oF gases.from the ontside., Chleroform is 
non~inflammable. “Ye use it in the Laboratory here for extingni- 

sings fires whieh some times oeeiuw on our cherinal tuhlease 

Youre very truly, 

Fe Me Douglas 

My Tear Sirte 


you cMmld not disrount the 

a, Mange, President, 
German National Bank, 

Newark, Ny J, 

I received your letter last night, 

the same day with your Cashier, 

Of eourse if you have ag much of 

allows you to carry, 

You have 

Obliged for your kindy 

caused me no innonventenne, 

fairs so promptly, 

March 21, 89, 

stating that 

two Machine Workg notes which I lett 

Mr. Fletcher, 

that paper now as the law 

YOU cannot ahsorh any more of it, 

and I am very much 

ess in informing me of the state of af- 

Yours very truly, 

March 21, L&&9. 

Hy Year Sirt- 

L find that it is impose 

SEES CAT i ae SE i 

edtie for me to rai the ws 

tharefore obliged to say to you that L enn- 

its expense, 

not gontinue your engagement afsor the first day of April next, 

Yours very truly, 

Margh 21, So, 

Witiiam Me Hida any Fay, 

Yeu et ep, Taskson Coe, Ne 


My Tear Sirt~ 

I find that 

£ have to abandon the use of chrome 

batteries, as they are ton unreliahla, I, there fore, will be 

unable to continue 

your present oigegement after the first day 

oY April next, 

Yours very truly, 

March 22, 890 

Keserse Tanes “Yo Guecn & Gre. 

Phitadoelniiia, Pae 

Dear Siraes- 

With referenen to the Zeiss Miero Photo outHt whieh 

we purochused of yor, the plate holders, table &o,. of same rmst 

have bea made of grecn wood, as LHYY are warped amd cracked and 
all mit of shave. Thig is really a Very sarious dofeat, and 

there should certainly he gome raduetion made in tha bilt on 

agconnt of it, Tle €n not Lenk Like paying as minh for & defee- 
tive outfit as we gould ohtain a perfeat one for, and will he 

@lad to near from you on the scbjeet at your earliest ‘qonvenicned, 

Yours very truly, 


Past ea ? 


Mervh #1, Lesa. 

To Vhom Lt May SCanesern, 

I heye during the past few months beeome acquainted with 

Mr. Harald P, Sraw yt, having met him in eomnsaetian 

with eortain experiments whish ne has neem sonmdeting on behal ¢ 

of the enthoritios of tha State of New Yark. 

Siro Srowm igs, in my Opinion, » thoroughly oorpetent Fley- 

t¥ical Fnginear, and all tha reports prepared by him showing 

the results of hia varlots experiments, which have heon brought 

to ry abtention, I hnve found to be naaurate and truthful, 

selina aa 

Cc PESeA CA 2. £4 hots 

Mareh 2.1, 896 

Harotd Po Grown, Midoy 
202 Yast SAth Street, 

Naw York Citys 

liv Dear Sirt~ 
Lyere your letter of L%th instant, and take 

mth plaaswe in enclosing herewith a testimonial signad by 

mysek?, whieh Fo hope will answer your purposes 

Yours wery truly, 

Bont Le. Bolter 

° * 
Bre Sree ere ee 

2 sant fe 

TEURN ore 
PH OEE Le eae sey ge 

etter the ugaad 4 

PSO Thea OI 

Mare 22, 89. 

Mro Wm. #, taylor, 

Pamiuvilvania Re Re Gon, iy 
Altoona, Yas / 
i ; ag 


fear Sirse 

Your Letter of ROth tustant is at hund. On the same 
day L wrote you, in rly to your communication of 17th inthe, 
statine that you need antioipate no delay in the equipment of 
‘your of fiee at ALlereny City, and that we would be in readiness 
to progerd with the wort uvon receipt of notice from yous 

ioam shipping to-day, per Adams Express, a complete set of 

bhonoplex instruments to AllLesheny City, in accordance with ahip- 
ping directions cantained dn your Letter under replye The oute 
sice Jar, porone awd, zines &eo fer battery will go forward to- 
MOY COW» Do vou desire us to mipply you with shromice acid? é 
Ure Lopme. has already heen eorminicated with, and ne will get to 

Allegheny City in time to have the offise in working order hy ist 

of April. ig SE 

Yours vory truly, OLN Hi: 



Sa oho es epee arsieneseaemnsitne une voreeandnat sed aeereenmamnatitie Sasa 


meray ee en yg pee 

March 22, 89, 


FKéewin Me, OR, Mae, 

340 Nassau Streer, 



New York o 

Near Sirte 

In reply to your Saipitwe of 19th instant, 1 her to say 
that Nr. Fdison still controls the phonographic patents as the 
Same are applicable to clocks &0. He has, however, already made 
arrangements with none friends of his for the working ee the samo 
in the United States. 

Yours very truly, 
aaa er NEY 
CLE ca 
a ae 

Private Seoretary : 



March 22, 89. 

We Jo Jenks, Fade, 
Haicon Rleetric Light toe, 

18 & LB Broad Ste, New Yorke 

pear Sirte 
Latter of 16th instante 

Ye are mish obliged for your 
We shall be ready to enat tne nev pattern gines whenever notified 

| to do soe We are procuring & sample of the pure zine 

sond by 

Mesars. ¥aos, Mixter % Heald, of Plymouth, Hasse, to which you 

Letter under reply, and after we 

called our at tention in youw 

have nanelyzed the name, we will report to you as ta ita meritse 

Yours very twuly, 

peeing gee 



'shae , 

hrav ee’ 
Atrmaw hatimdl lank mares «ay 

fesvark hf 

Quant a, 
47 % snchae ge derwith, te followmny 
Bam 6 hanks 24” 
+ Chem hamp @ 320459 
Jota = _F E3827 
one Tr 
Ih 0.4. Claanne 

My Deagr Mr, Drndgei« 

The arrangement which I prepossa carryin 

ouw when To first sent the Orr Milling proeess to Mnglend nas been 

distnurhed te sueh an extent as to rerdar it, impossible for mo to 

ge on “ith the werk in whieh you have assisted se ably and geno 

rovsly, and I. therefore, hasten $0 advise yon of the denision 4 

USL Ree On ‘s toreved upon ome by unforseen sirouwuitaneass 

Whit. DT anow that your friendship for Mr. Wiley ané your 

Gesire to further his interests hava been the primary motives ~av : 


ve~aperation, 2 celiave that your arkion had alao been pttomp- 


Reso. Vout Lindly foesLing towards myself - a Peal ing wWhigh f 

ape tuoi it gad reeiprocate mist heartily, 
The pliant ¢iieh hag been ereeted in the yard of Measrs. | 


Vantin «© Mewyury I now have no use for, ag the one whien I have \ 

sent to Paris will answer every purpose I now have in view, and 1 | 
Bh therefore, going to ask you if you will we kina enoush to have - 

the Fngineer whom you have placed in eyarce of the London instal. 
lation, ‘take the sans dom and box the parts and I will in a few 

jays send you direetions for their disposition. 

J. Nn, mide 

Also, will you be geol enough to draw upon me at aight for 
the full amount af tie expAnse outstariding at present and inaurred 
in complying with the reanest just made of you, 

In eoncinsion lat me thank you armalin for all the onasiatance 
you have rendered ine during the pact six ronthe, and heliewe mt 

Yours very traly, 

“Ae ae wie S 

James Dredge, Fsq., 

Uanaan, Fngland, 


March 25, 89. 
Sele Georrs Ke Gouraud, i 
Hiatie Mente Uprer Norwsod é 
by HOG, : 
Qiypag: ix nt 
evere, Unaslarte 
roe se 8 tr te 

to acknowledge receint of your sable gram 

Of tovcday, 

in Yepard to vour address hnefore 

Franch Aa: 

mn fined Lor Lith of next monthe 

2 IT eye YRatpiptas } Pee tend . 
ae Pave instructed Mr. Hauer by wire not to exhinit 

ec eyon? uotdl otter ven have 

yout Lee tut 
RaPMeP bes go lunes of Latest style phonegraphs, 

the spreataales, and as 

S4prassa time speotactes in ample tims 

X have to-day written Lire Hamner in regard to 

disposs}. for the above purpose. 

March 23, 80, 

Philip S&S. Deer, Rugs, Avent, 
Ko 2a f ov & s& 

Angtverp, “Welmiume 

Nosy Sirse 
1 tof to eonTirm the tollowing eablogram sent you 

tordny $- 

PCL Cake License Sor fual sar Amer iceun 

patent, pavine five contin litre sapacity, an, 

mistentesing ciniraun voyalty tvo thousand 
Aoliars yearly, reserving right mysekf 
alone to cangal any time on three months 
netisce. Edi ao n* 


Yours vory truly, 

March 25, 89, 

Mre Julius Springer, Puthi sher 
Flektrotashniscshe Zeitsehri tk, 

BRerlion, Germany, 

Dear Sirt-+ 
IT find that the fotiowing mmpers of "Flelztroteah~ 
nischo Zeitschrift’ are missing from my files, and I woutd 

mich obliged if yat will mail them to ma at your aarliest con- 


1856 Noe 8 
1887 No's 1, 2, 5 & Be 
18ss to's 5 ant LR, 

Yours very truly, 
. 7 

Seige aaa 


March 25, 89 

Lieutenant John Millis, 

U.S. Army, 

Tomkineville, Me te 

Deer Sirte 

Mr. Edison asks 0 to thank you for your letter af 
Oth instant, ant for aopy of Amul Report of the Light-House 
Bord which you kindly eent him Wa have sent soth of these to, 
our Nre Hammer, who le at preeent in Paris lonking after Nr. 

Fdi son's oxribit at the Exposition trrs. 

Yours very 

Srpsceerais sess teceeracey 



is een 


Al rent 

‘Marah 25, 1889 

Wm, H, Wiley, Heqe, 

15 Astor P1., New Yorks 




Dear § 
I have just resoival a note tram ee brother in re 
gard to date sonoemning the laboratory, Whieh you yourselP wrote 
me for a few days aga. Nearly all oft this week I have been adne 
fined to thar house by sickness, and have been unable to prepars 
any literature for you, and I find that there is not a photo graph 
of any part of the Iaboratary in our possession at prema; ang | 
our photographar is so masy with other work, he carmot got tim te 
print these photographe for a woek or two. I am very worty at 

being unthle to rend’ you the assictence you ask for, wt under 

the ciroumetanees it is not practicable. 

Yours very tralyy 

March 26, 1885. 

“Wo v. Hammer, Bere, 

‘ P a ri B, Frances 
: ( 
: My Dear Sirt} 
on : IT confirm elaewhera my cablsgram 4a you of to-day 's 
ete, instructing; you not %o axhihit She phonograph ta awoke 

until after the Lith of Aprii next, whieh is the date of Colenel 
a 2 Gourgud's lecture before the Trench Acadeny. I have adyised Col. 

* 4 $ Gouraud that weave e number of latest style phonogrupha whieh 

* Bee aempicts excepting. the spoatacias. 1 wild semi these zpeo- 
tacies in time to have them reach you before. the 15th April, and 

I desire ya to plage the michines Wii¢gh you have at Col. Gouraud's 
a : disposal for the purpose of his lecture above referred to, alter 

whieh ne will return the machines to yor ss part of ny Paria ex~ 


Yours very % 

fo # ce 
/ ABA 

March 23, 89. 

Co Je FPieta, Beye, Gentil. Manager, 

; ime 4 
Laminating os, 


Brooklyn, Ne Yo 

i Mig: Geekdad, 

L pave vonr letter of 21st tnstunts Mre Faison 

to endorsoa your application for membership in 

wiLL te vory 

Amoariean Asaociation of Mechanical Engineers. 

Yours yory truly, 
See eae en ere 

Private Secretary. 

Murch 23, 88. 

ne Ameriann Vatet Tey? 


Bt) att * 5 
Me lt yam, Magny 

Weysese fp 24 Pir Cee or ee ‘ 
Fete Abber of ich instant is at han. 

Meoara@ nav oneefsgtly sentariet with the Lathes, We tries 

Vout Geax at Tne spindle mast pave been caused by 2 Maw in 

net Allow wlin agseident to prejudice ua against 

your toots, and whansver we 

anytinog in yam line, your 

Company shali aleavs receive oconsideivation, 


fours very traly, 




we Roman, Raa., Direstone. | 
de Ll eesoutbhiae tr | 
-epauition Universsie, ~ 
“aa = + : . 
Paris, range, : 
: ia; x N 
a ee . 

eived vou Letter of Sa instant, 


yom list of subeer loess 

iniverselle,* which in to be pnhe 


Day an arbisha te vonr publi sation 


eeeyetes vervoopoh that fo fo das 


gabie for bin 

yw rectest. Ne fs a0 aeeply emsrasaed with his 

moa net wire bo per dvernm any literary war, 

Masala FA, NOS 

We Te Martoin, Mey., 

Your fetter of 204% inet,» nddressel te Mesergs 

Phewas 4 Thomas, New Of, hme etn referred to ua , amt in reply 

Tobee to ony thot Mr. Etiaon hea done songiderahle work in cone 

nYotion with the extraction of gold by nin Ore Millim: process, 

ia La not qeite prepared at present to omrket tha mathine, 

Yours truly, 

te. Seorotary. 

Maresh oO, 39, 

Gentory Thih, L199 Ry 25th Ste, 

Herm Slras 
iv reply te yan Setter of 224 instant, 2 59g to say 

onansa t, coppes ovine near Vaod bridge, wt cound 

that. tire 


hein: worked at wis prevent three 

Youre ty 

eeretery e 

pet UR ea sonst cates Ligeia 5 Ss 


BF. So Gorton, Fae, 
The Ulicago Micon See, 

Ghienuan, Tlise 

In raply te your Letter of Alsat instant ta “re Falaon, 
she oviginal artdeie of whish tha clipping encko yed with your otmr 


ginieation in a cepy, appeared in tne NRW YORE WORLD, aryl hears the 


awk of tha “lestinghoasa Sormpany, although they sangoseded in 

aha pavartieoment printed in the “ORLY withont beading fol- : 

lowid hy the three stars thigh usunlly acsompary on revert. sant nt i 
e . , ‘ j 
ot tan, winds The “Vastingieuse people have no spacial facilities 

fomilLimizing themselvas sith Mr, VYilierd’s tasiness, ‘and you 


need place no reliance uncon the report in grastion. 


ty i 
‘(uate Searotarye 


March 25, LRE9. 

a 2 : 
Sharian Sertean, ! 

ram Mito Radivay Tre, 

QaLvimers, Me, 


Lode “Mr, FBadeon your letter to myself under 
cart inetant, la thts ven say that you reociend a commini-~ 

antdern Prom Mr, cillitand casted Nauesher LOth, L8SS, stating that 

tthe rate of Gee per year ner set nmi 

prene Hr» Maanon it 

rs Qyat you wrist ww nistaken. He inforas pr? 

than whet he frst proeupnt tha phonarleag ob he thought that ty.c 


rime al the inetmmiecn werd be about £20 per set, end that 
ginher you or Hee Gilliland wast have received the errencann ime 
prassion tnht this S20 referred w royaltye Mr, Faison suys that 

he never contemplated a rovelty on the iuatraments themeelves, his 

Aeaision in this respeet frem the very outses being to share a 
reyalty of $100 per cirouit, regardless od the number of sets of 
instruments employed in conrées tion with thn same. His oxtieinel 

memormdin to Mr, Rates, outlining a proposition for the Be. & 0., 

seo the fipmra for the phono- 

eee et 

eaten autor! 

mentionsad a royalty, of One Nurdred Dollars per year per airarit, 

Lf vou have any merearende swostantiatire your underatmainy of 

this matter, 

Po nat stad EL uo re er forward me copies of it¢ 
Of gonsae we want to vo whetavar has haan agreed upon, ‘wt your 

impréssisons one Mire Faidsen'’s are not the game. 



My Denar Thomas, ~ 

Replying te your: lettar of 15th instant to Mr. 

Ndlson, Wa ave not wos ing the Ove Milling process in Fngland. 

ddr, Wiley hag returned to Anerica, aid the machine has been taken 
dovn, We have sont a comphets outfit, in emorge of a competent 
men, toa the Peris Exposition, which ‘answers our purpose better 

than a machine in london. 


Mre Ede Ge Thomas, : 
°/o Fo Be Smith, 95 So. List Ste, 
San tose, Salk. 

eC i hearer, hea wMcin memante bem AA 
* eer - os o } 

Mareh 25, 89.0 

dushminbad me ta write ani ask you 
geniding maghines - the class of mar 
treiding the heavy cotton covering, a 

the other day, over a Noe 18 BUG 

an nbeut 200 wey * BYG No. 18 wire 

tn wil Benny fom 

Fen 0892 een eet nay 

Maroh 25, 89. 
Mre Rs T. Copeland, 

40 Gortlandt St., New York. 

Desr BSirt- 

L peg to confirm the following telegram sent you to~day 
*Please hursy grate pars. Urgent. Ae o. 4 a 


Harch 25, 

Horace Tomsend,. Fsqe, 

Bué Weat 153d Ste, Now York ity. 

Dew Sirt~ : 

.Ple 20,86 aoeare to meat your 

polstan Maeisinee® 

of Tuborntory pictures, and thy 


Mareh 25, 89, 
Wastarn Union Tel, On., 

2 ° 

9range We Te 

Dear Sixvat~ : 
L enclose herewLth my chesk for $7,681, in: payment 

of atteahod nibh. Kindly aaknowledse reseipt, and obliga. 

Yours truly, 

March 25, 82. 

Philip S. Dyer, Raq, Apert, 

Rune Sey 4% 4, Antwerp, Belgium 

Degr SLirte 

I hog to confirm foekire of your cable gram of ad 
inste as, follows: ~ ; . Eat 
. "Is Lelande affair finished. Dyer in Paris. NYFR,* 

Youra truly, 

Marah 25, 2Ax9 

MOS pe let % Og geet ws ‘ 
SOG wy Seafowa Mie. Shean, : 

handgen, Wo Ge, Englank f 


ae : 

I have rev@ived your letter af loth instant and 
Nave exmalned the auwapyes siglie sea of the Piret running whieh you 

liling wachines This separation, comated with 

MAGE with vne Ore 
the results vhich we ottain here, is @ very yoor ane, . There are 

& geeat Mey points abaut the Ore Milling prGessa Whisk require 

trea vthenticn of a man thoroughly fanihiay vith its operation. The 

or tne magnot, the podition.of the hopper, and the strenetn 

otis sopveat all haw to he adjusted to the requirements of ai f- 

ferent tinds of ores; am while is is om easy mattor for an expert 

to make res r@yustaents and to instmet others hoy to wake then, 
it laa very intimrious work for snyone who has rot been edugated 

in thie nartieviar branch, “When the maghine is once set Por any : | 

etass of ore, 14 rengins constant, L-sent Mro Wey ty Kigknea for 

the purpose of having him kitoend to these pointy. If You. were th 

Z9 akeuc now ang try and rom the machine without tha assistange of 

trained nite Keng. ap Sere ea de Benes 5 
a area men, yo wanie simply he going over ali the wrk and ene 
covering ali te chetasios whieh Tomas v 

LG farhy stapen of my ccertioenta here, 

for yoo to aperate cv 

Anstallation which vou heave, 

atin ta ees eat ht ytte yess oat at Ti 5%} be 5 
Bnd ae the Pears wapovkusae fevalopmanta, wlth which you are fae 


ay plans, Iowrate you a few daya age Posgr= 

, thet Lo Aesived wan tc 

2 ai HY Y 335 
(Pp the Ore MilLing 

Maroh 25, 1889 
Gol, George Bo Gournud, oA 
. ‘e 
Little Merlo, Upper Norwood, ors 
Surrey, Fngland. f 
. LP y 
EX. aw 

My Near Sirs- 

I navy 


reaeived you Letter of 2nd instant, in 
regerd to sending you soples of specifications and drawings shich 
dee filed in tha United States Patent Office, inatee#da of gonsoli- 
dating a minber of claims as Ras been tha custom of our attorneys 
Mesure Dyer & Sesly. ; 

I hove submitted this matter to Dyer & Seely, also to Hr. 
Veisen. Of eras tne former do not ohjeet to do anything th at. 
will saya you expense, provided they at tne same time are aartying | 
ont an nrrangemen’s wirien has the joint app roval of yourself and 
Mr, Bison. I mention this feet hecause. you sugges ted in your 
letter tras the former might have some personal feeling in the 
matter, rhien ‘I asaure you does not exist. 

Mr. Bdison says there are only a wre cases to w sent you -— 
one is being prepared now ny Dyer & Seely, and the other will te 

ready in a few npnths ~ and these will complete the phondjyayph 

Patents, and asks mo tn Bay to you that as this work 18 8 nharhe 
finished he vould men preter makings no ehunge in our present 

moathads o 

The German powers which yat sent ior Mr, Fdison's ELenatare 

are raturnesd. nerewi th duly’ exeouted, 

Yours very tind Ye 

Ei ae aT cree OS Er Pt 

Mardh 2G, S89.. 

My Dear Hr, Vorityte 
in reply to your latter of Sth instant, ¢ 
bj: om aey that the plans of the Philadelphia Santian Ymehed us 
oniy @ Tew days age. We Pind that v, qomphlete set of drawings 
senristed With this Stetion meons blue prints of akout bOO trae 
cingse EF have to-day written to Sir John Render the Lotter that 
YOR desired sent him. and nuve to-day sont him blue prints of 20 
trecings, and whenever it in necesoary for you to have a further 
supp Ly of these, we will obtain them for you upan heing advised 
of your Wlhahtae 

Yours yerv 

Jcobn Be Vority, Faq, 
Al Ming St.,. Covent tardon, Jiondon, 



Maren 26, 1889 

Pear Sir John te 

ZI send you, Under separate cover, a 
few of the plana of ow nex Philadelphia Central Statione ZL am 
abomliviel: assured this is the proper way a atatian shanid bo 
ereosed wherever wnderground soridue tors on he erployed. J know 
that et presint in Fngland vou have yot the necessary pariien@ntary 
povers, bis as sean as yor have them I shall te pleazed to do any~ 
shia in iy power 40 Rania you to mke eleetrie lighting the sane. 
aingeas in Fngiand ae in this eonntry, and would ‘have ane of my 
ere bay out the underground cable systan for one of your 
gcutionge Ay an unteryround station is acing to ‘te a permanent. 
investment, pat in plenty of sopper, and no matter what the cast 
GF she gonduetars is as leng es they wil pay 15% on the ontlay, 
you: may 3 aertain it wild pays 

Yours very tru 

Siyv John Pender, “o Go Me fos 
Winchester House, Slq Sroad 3t., 
honaon, Fngland 

March 27, 1869 

Your augreetions in veageid 32 the phonograph, 
anbadaud dn your Letter af 20th February, come a Little Latee 

Than vou yee one of Mr. Mdiven’s perfeeted phonographs, you wild 

dataiia gapshlLe of inprovement have eseaned 

ag vou rerfest vaur arrnngoments with Jal. Gouraud 

a phonopraph to. you, Wea ean 


ely ¥ady South A 

Whe OTAEz. 


Mr, Wo No Stewart, 

Goneeveion , Ghile . 

March 28, 

Shauries Relden, Maoo, Gan'h, Sup't, Tabe, 
Baltimore ond Nie Railroad Wa, 

Raltinore, Made 

Mv Deer Sirs~ 

Ioheve siown Mee. Rtigns che correspondenrs endloseg 


“i Gir y our letter ta rma Under date “th inst.e, and he suye that if 
You prefer making a contract on the pasis-of a rayalty pt $29,090, 
per net, per pn, for the use of tha phonop lex system, he will - 
Agree to the arrangement, in view of Mre Gilliland's proposition 
to you under date Neb a Both, L485. It is, of course, iunfler~ 

Stead thet this arrangement is a svecial one and the contract con 

Lidrntial, You have in your posganssion sory of our regular aon 
ttact, and ft would augeest that you change it to conform te our 
iatver ugresmant, or if you prefer, I will have nev contracts proe 

perid in this offiee. 

George F, Yun, Fae 

402 Sarrion Styraet, j 

Dear Siri~ 

Your lettar of 18th instant has heen received, and I 

enclose herewith cheek for $3,50, for 100 pounds of Fluorapay axe 

pressed to the hbohoratory. Mr, Edison asks me to say to you that 

for the next two woes he will be busy night am day, mk afrer é 
thet tims he will te very happy to maxe an appointment to ment 

Yours trly, 

“ = fe e 
fate Sroyvotarye 

Hareh 28, 89. 

My Deer Andrews, + 


md read your Lotter of 34 1 



anc. says that ha eaymeon angwes 4 

Get bars 

YR DPepcuns, 


42ane RY wprer and tin abtay. 

Yours very iUnly 


We Se Andrews, Bane, 
Rooms 5 & 6 Luuber Rxchange, 

Minneapolis, Minne 

Mar@h 28, 89. 

we gy, Amber Selehurs 

Replytmys ta your lettay of 18th instant. Mr Eai gm 

nuowE nothing abonk o preenss for hleachins wood 


Mareh 2A, 

Major Se 3. Frcen, 

New Yorke ‘ 

120 Brow 

My Dear Sire~ 


It hen oeaveread to me thak it wreimd be wohl we 

you iogk into the way in whish the 2tock of the Falaon Phonograph’ 

Works nas been Lawade Moers fa « provielon under tha New Jers oy 

Lows du recerd ta stamping th cartifieates, met Tan net know ix 

thig mpplies to thi steon vf ane Baieon Phonograph Work se The 


copy of the agreements between Mr. Rdison and the Pliage: Phonopra, h 

Works, wnder date Nay 12th, 1586, whieh ia im yor hunds, wiih ex- 

iH plain the arrengenmens onder whien thé stock has heen igaurd.e The 
| . . 
ty, Ndaison, as President, and my sel ?, 

eertifieasas are signed by 

necessary for ne to stamp thay in order 

to protest any of the officers or directors, they are alt available 

ane I wiki take the necessnry stops upon reqgoivims advioe from you, - 

ag requested anovee 


msensernnets Seg” 

March 25, Bg. 

The Nedeon United MPS Coe, 

‘New York City, 

Paar Hhyade 

Io return herewith latter frem Kab't. Deeley & Cnay 
onelosed with latter Lrom-your Mr, Meadoweroft to my sell of 27th 
instant. The only book of insuructions in regard to the cara of 
Plants that I iknow of, is the one issued reeantly by the Engle 
nesrire Department of the Tai@n Fiectriec Light Coe; and T am of 
tha opinion that that in the publication referred to py Nesarge 

Peoley & Coo 

Yours vory trnily, 
ao ot 
L ad 

Private Sterdtaty. 

 s : 

: S71 

nnn oe omen, AOC See 









True Me Tou, More, : 

| ; 

g ieatiaw: Steect, 

Crea, Me Te 
Daan Sirte 
a. oye : sa (ide Yr 4 Y te 
Beowerdy to yoo Letoar af ith instant, 2 bey 
a ely gets fh snatever to Mr, Ricniton 
yh Sr he. a Me : 

Masland Sogisty on tne pergonal ine~ 

regcat journaye My, Diealton'’s address 

Yours treiys 

‘ Private Secretary. 


March 28, 1889. 

hire Me iN, trith, 

3 Dirhax Road, Sparkhill, 

Birmingham, Paigland > 

Terw Siri- 

In renly to you Letter of 27tt.of February to Mrs 

Raison, Lk ten to aay that the ia.ter gAannat nyderstand where Hr. 

a4. Le Unten obtained his tnformtion, in vepard te the invention 

os the quadruplex. ‘The statenont which Wise Hateh has madé 1s 

entirely incorreet.e  Mre Faison is not o Spiritualist, nor toos 

ne ayepathise in any vay with the views oF this class ef peoplas 

te Storetarys 

a ane a 


Be Bete is 

Maren UG, Leta, 

Replyhos to your Lotter of ath instard 

Gorm Tero puryprouc, I 

aE Lae your 

Nemy “iltard, Faqe, 

New York City. 

pS ene eh, 

Hareb ie » Be 

Franeir Re Upton, Maqe, 

The Tdieon Lan Gonvenw, 

Harrigon, Me J. 

“th reverence to your inquiry of 29th inatans, 
ra MeGowan, Iobeg to say that ZI enbled the Latter on the 2st of 
last month to retiwn to New Yorx, ond prenane that he is now on 

his way homo. 

Yours very traly, 

Private Secretaryvs 


Mareh 34, Lesp. 

ison Lame Compuny, ee . Te, 
f . : 
é OSGaoek, 
Harrison. Ny 7, ae mt 
fy . 


Paitth instant, yuoting an extract 

Tar feudah fer haya roagederce 

from Mre Dyer, in re- 

hus oP Mre 

Re Wea orehorions witha shies Gompany, ait wil pe delarod come 

o wt oe: ag BUY MaLbers band, Pov the reason: 
Bey aye as ln “HIgh ns nade with the old Londen Come j 
y fon TP tne seeer ones wi hn 

Fdisn» Swan Coo, are in our pose \ 

iovrote soveral days aga to Maior §. Flood Paps, aaking | 


oY ail eontresss which in eny way impose an obli- 

AAS apan Mae Rdjwn, una I expear tg set fran him a compl ete 

obtain an 
a enon i 
A é dias ‘ H 
PU AON AN cam. 


Care ‘ Boeke ‘S 2 (- 
OPlmran won titi and advises you of the reais 


munigate Shs deets ta Mr. Dusr, 
Yours araly, 

April 1, 1889. 

Mre Charlies Gatchelor, 
Faison Phonograph Works, 

Orange, Neo de 

Near Sirt~ 

I send you herewith for your information copy of Coie 
Gouranda'’s cahlegram received to-day, with Hre Faison 's reply to 


*T, A. Faison, London, via New York, April ist, 1860. 
' Orange, N. T. : 

Very important know the reliable date and number next 
shipment, If not-‘immediate sable Hammer ‘send six from 
Paris, raturnable if necessary. . Am liable heavy dama- 
.gea failure exhibition contract based on dates previons- 
ly given, »esides paying big rent lecture hall whist: 
eamot utilizes. Pi fty-two lectures naoked Aprile 
Grapho very active, but losing. ground daily. Reply 
fully promptly.®. : 

GOURAUD, NORWOGD. © "at “April lst, 18896 
"Positively ship. express ten comp Lete 
machines April tenth ateamer. ENISON.” 

Youta tPuzy, 

Ca a 
ater J 

“Private Seorétatys 

April 4, 1849, 

Gol, Goorge Fe Gouraud, 
Little Nenloa, Ypparx Nornood, 
Surrey, Yogland. 

Lo oteg to confirm she fellowing cablegrais raaeived ue 

2rOy you and asent by usie 

Te As POISON, Apr ii l, 19. 
*“Vary' important know the rotiable date and number 
next shipment. If not inmadiute cable Nanmer send 
six from Parts, roturnnble if necessarys Am liable 
heavy damagea fatlura exhibition eontract, based on 
dates previously given, twaldes paving hig rent lea- 
ture hall whieh camot utilize. Fitty-two leetures 
nooked April. Grapho. very sctive, bat losing ground 
daily. Reply fully promptly.* 

QOURAUD, HORVOOD,. “April lgt, L880, 

"Positively ship express ton somplote maohines 
April tenth ateamor.* 

Youre-very truly, 


oo H af 7 et? Sate ts ‘ | 

Git tug 

fread aah 

ener r 
. tun ckan y ow deunth, 
prlake to oma crue hh auc cbhle ‘ 

San Phe Crvammcan (ie J peer é. S0d.ce 

" hr chin Leeucn a S0O .G6 


a . ° SF3. 33 
Peboh AS 83.33 
Poa. Qa. ce eee 
as Rg ne NR nn RT ee 
a : ; “akee 3 mR. : = oe ‘i 


April ‘thy 89. 

Col, George Me Gourmet, 

LitthLe Menlo, ‘oper orywors r; 

Surray, Vrisde 

Neary Sirte 

Lo have sonfirred tlsewhere my caslegrar. ta you of 
towday’s date, ta the eftent that Loam sending on Satweday next, 

Oth instant, new apeat ales, veceivers and transmitters for two 



phonographs by Contanseau's xpress, addressed to yourself, o/o 
Frengh “nservatoire, Meudon, Pranees 

I havo to-day sedled Mr. fiarmer, ingtructing him to frnish 

me that improved spectacles £c. wili' pe rec'd, 

®. you with tro (2). phonosraphs, to whieh you cun attach the new 
ose ; 
i epectavles and other appliances above referred 40, and I an malhing 
“i Hanilten, in care of yourssif; at the gane address jeudwa, alh 
5 : . 
PsA instrmetions in resard to the operation of this rew epiipmenge A 
£ copy ef thease instrections will st the same time be sent to Myo 
i * . 

oo Hemmer, whom } have requested to render you personal assi stance 

% . ie 

FA & at your lecture hefors the Frangh Institute. ‘r. Hanmer 18 fae 


Z vd miliar, I think, with the operasion of this inproved apeetaeie, and 


ez will, I am eure, do all he nan for you, 



Bas Yours very truly, 


Ap¥tl 2, 1880. 

Vine 7. Hamner, Tidqe, 
Faison Exhibit, Machinéry Palaqe, Fxposition, 

Par ie, france. 

Deer Sirs~ 
i have confirmen elsewhere my cahtenran to you of to~ 

day's dave, instructing you to give Col. Gourand two phonogrephs 

for use in ennnection with his, Leeture pefore the French Insti tite 

on the 15th of April. I norn time ago,. telling you +0. 

lat Col. Gouraxt have any phonogrepks in your po ssessinne He wit 

only he able $e use two of Yau ‘maghines, for the reason that wa 

ean ony and new spegtucies, meeivers and trenamitters for that 

ae pubyoaeq eb 
espectee gle azyT, Pe Lec,g° 

nunhér. Theee 0 forward on Saturday next, 6th inetant, by Cone 

addressed $a Cole Gourand, ofo Mservatoire, 

tanseau’a Express, 
eived at Meue 

Contanseau assess ms 4ynat they will ve rec 
fourraud any assistance 


L wich you te give Col. 

gon in’ amie time. 
pexation of thease improv ed 

oe 4E 

47s Lok Aon, yes 

which you can in conneation with the o 
dliar with the néw spactacle, 


phonogrephs, af J nealieva yau are fan 


yeativm and transmitters. 

Yoirs very truly 
os fA © hg et oN ae 
ete EL eer | FR RT teen 
ane — en ae . 

MP ANISM al & 

Yor}, Gibye 

Deas Sirie 

ative Wag preealiverd 

the Laboratory 

Piense pt ow trouble which you. 

and believe 

pave taken in tiriy matter, 

Yours very tently, 


od ere 

April 2, 1S. 

Mesers, Dyer & Sae 

I engiose herewith copy of a'ietter, under date 224 

March, 1883, which we have received Pram tha G16. Gontinentale 

Faison, veinbiv: te samities sien they huvé paid on the Balgian 

patent, Net 3, dated Plat Noventher, 187%. You xill note that 

tre Compagnie tontinentate Tiison request us to pay over to Hro 

D, Wallerstein, of New York, Por their aogount, $142, Being the 

tho annnitics rofverrnd toe Kindly advise us whan you 

amount of 

with wnle raquest, & 

o trat we may noti Ly +p Giese 

“Gontinensoke Matomne 

Yours vary truly 

on a 

a fxs3 4 : 3 

er, Ve i 3 = oe Pe. ty 
PAayate Secretarys : : 


Avril 2, LgAs. - 
A bere 
: ee 
: OS 
MoFe FG SR th no eH yw . . 

bo properly recorded ds our cviiee 

irktivi vial 


nuusas & grent deal of eonfusicn to ha 

. : cee 7 mises Ase a 
members ef tala Luhbeesatory sonmoting, un imitpendent Line of core 

yegnondere2 on their own acacunte 

Yours truly, 

Private Sectetsrye 



Mro Pe ze ena 

april 2, 1859. 

Ai: weaterial widen ia ohtoined from 

our Store oom, ferousa in tha varies experiments gondugtad ase , 

this haderaicry, is 

Winieh it has, bom ua the! 

material taken Leon 


~ Dame is chargeable 

l6éss tno a dirsat 


‘obtain material . 

proper record hebinds 

earctuia tO 

yvny Por your Gx 

ghoak, i is absolutely 

an 3ce 

qnaryged againes .dach af the experiy 

the Store Reon,  indtoaving what 7... 

aninate Stheewie? i. moans nothi 

tene te Mr. Faisom =? ander stand 

eats ateolins of anything enich 

Yours tray 

eerie Dor 

In croer te keep a proper steqant <P our 

reeossmry for us to have @& menorenis AF 

oh pan. 
nm more oF 

shyt yor 

she Btore Room at night anda do not Leget 3 

Zrian that in itusth vote would Ww Wary 

wou anc 

apeximent$, 80 that we can charge it ont as @hovGe 

Privato Secretarye 


Apr4l 2, 1889. 

ael ae 
Samtel Tnoxll, “sae, 
WQ Day “t., dew York. 
Dear Sivie 
ao liave ym heard anything from Hanmer since he sailed’ 
To ‘you know what arrangement wae rade With him ans to reporting 
1B pYregress at the Mxposition? he onsnt to report to someons ofa 
ons fieially, for the pane tit of all. interested, end if this matter 
isd has not been arransed,. I think it would be ‘desirable to have him 

send Letters to this office. Hindly let ma hear from you, as f 

HBr want to write him. 

Yours vary truly, ~ 
“IF is 
P fe ee 

frivate Secretary. 




thee aesay 

eos = 
tho state af 
+ OR gM Os 

teers Pras vt 
Paes. ae AG 

: -Apeik 3, 1869, 

ve your Lattar 42 24th dnrvtorte 

naop TMiolicepd ds wee st the Yaoreatary yesterday, ana spent 

git, Orth te He is thoronughiy posted 

aflaive there, ond told me tht he intended 

we ocuntiecte There wild be verg Little fire 

thomeegrapha, a3 ar tictary is now in 

itten. the orders wider which we sre tuning ont 

ns rntYisiently Largs minber to cover alk yon 

“Eiors, su hive von neid hava wa anuiaty on tint pointe I. 


dee com bnew poscouskiy inet offaelally) wher we gormence 

Aclivear¥y of rschiness to the Uorth Amertean neopla, 

Yourg very truly, 

Privacs - Sacretary. 

O2 ss, Naq, Gen"le Manager, 

Pe £46 Phono, 

Coo, Sah Pranciase, Sate 



April 3, 1989. 


Voe.c Dot. eee ‘ . Fe 
Reger Bey sae tothe 

Bareiesn, Me ve 

eur Syste 

Sihis of hawratary sgains= 

oosata ca Peroewith 

z Spese dest? for Tacnary and Petruary, 89, 

*No ite Tate spre tal nes 


y e2h and $080.74. Kindly ex- 

seGUAbLAn, respme biwvshy, bo 

whine fhe sak totum tiem task ate YP eurliest conveniend fe 

Yauivs cary trabyy, cen 


Private Secretary 


‘ ast 
baw onk hf. 
Wray dre 
i ey Se7st A, be dusemaated, asad 
i] whe flaw of het whch. « 
ri Arnung due © he 

Se EEE Sitter es 
en —— 
g ae a is oe a 


yerer eaten 


April 8, 1844. 

Mesarse Dyer f2 Meoke 

a 2 rageipt of the 

Losey th aebknoy te 

States patents ranked ta Mra Tidigente 

improvement in Phononraph Reeovaers and 
Reproducerss A April, iss 


Limrevenant in Phonographs % Avr 2, 1889 

Apes lL iBss 

Lean py aay tect 


fet 32}. > 
Phasogram Banks 

fervovenené in Mathes of Mak in Phono~ 

he Method of Mak dus 

2 April, 1886 

ioe an Lluprorertnt in Fhonagrapha, 

os Apr iL LES&. 

Yours vary traty, 

Prtvabes Spo rntarye 

2 Apr la, 1869 

April 6, L8A0. 

Replying to your Letter ,7 tid imotant, Ms 
Edison Wiki not oy: ut the Laboratery for a cane LY of wanke, ond 
X cannot nox make a GeSinite appointrent for. tehenits te maat 

him. Tf you wilz write hirs again st the ey. ation of a forte 

mipht, Twill endeavor to arrange tho rector qsot yon. Eo oresnrn 
herewith Mr, Trenholm'’s letter addressed to vy.-ae elt 
rate Sec retary... 

Dr, Stte Ae Mosan, 

Flectric Club, New York. 

April, 6, L8K9. 

Rr, C. EB, Speirs, 

avo @. Van Noatrani, fog. oe 

aa Marray- Sty, New York. 

Iouar to eonfirm the frilowing telsgram sent yor 

towdnys - 

"Plaase sene at once Sisdemann's Annalen va}une twenty 

five of 1BRH and £11 follawing ones up ta date. * 

Yours troly, ; 


See eas 

Mr, Georee Wy 

knowledge the veaript of Certificates Moe 


Lo bes to fe 

Capital Steck of Tha Sims-FRdison FPleotri¢ 

wS, for ite 

sith your Letter of Gd instante 

Torpedo Garr 

Gput shag 

Bet oi a 


Meas pha a ae ” 
Cuddh aud oblige 

ou Tn 



Apr il 8, 1880. 

ie, treamtuer, 

*& Pennevivania Coneentrating Works, 

19 Ney Ste, New York Gity. 

1 enelose herewith cheek to yow order fer Two 
fhousans Dollars (42,000,009), ming twenty per cert (204) of my 

subserittion to tha Capital’ Stock of the New Jerssy & Pennsylvania 

Sone ntevat ir: “Yorkse Kindly acknowledge receipt of same, and 


Yours very truly, 

Leneere : 2 “Y 
Ve ry ye 
a ay ae 0 Fy 
UD fi not! 
*,) ‘caged Maer! 
<= o> aide Nee 



April 8, 1889. 

L have your letter of 6th instant, in remrd to 

>a winee hb. toe Leboratory for the proteré of your tyriend 

fr, Suber. Hr, Réison nas Just let a 16t of men go from here, 

53.0 opportunity at present, put I will bear the matter 

ane There os od 

in ming und tet you Know whan one onourse 

- “ts 

Yours vary OE, 


Privave ‘Sor atarve 

Snely, "Sdee 



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